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I'm playing a Inquisitor and I've chosen the 4th level judgment light spell. I got one fellow player who is a undead goblin who can't be healed by sacred means. If I have the healing judgment up and I use the judgment light spell would I heal him or hurt him?

Thanks everybody. Great ideas.

If I have a Ogre who has 29 strength, and has issues with gnomes in which he crushes them and then throws them at his enemies. If a gnome weights about 35 pounds how far can I throw it and how much damage?

First off, I'm a fan of the Character Emporium. My question is this, how did Riko Mycen get the use of a longsword and the Rune domain? Inquisitor's don't get longswords and any deity that I've seen with the Rune domain doesn't have a longsword as a favored weapon.

I must be missing something regarding the feat or the amulet w/ ghost touch.

A ghost touch weapon deals damage normally against incorporeal creatures, regardless of its bonus. An incorporeal creature's 50% reduction in damage from corporeal sources does not apply to attacks made against it with ghost touch weapons. The weapon can be picked up and moved by an incorporeal creature at any time. A manifesting ghost can wield the weapon against corporeal foes. Essentially, a ghost touch weapon counts as both corporeal or incorporeal.

To me the last line says it counts as both. ities/ghost-touch

Thanks DM Blake. Just needed clarification from outside our group. I had a Str of 20 and I've lost 12 points so far. We postponed our game in the middle of a battle so its still possible to lose more. Thanks again.

A small question about ability damage. My character is poisoned and is losing strength fast. One of my fellow players say that if I get under 3 Str he dies. Is this true? I saw something say that at 1 he's unconscious and helpless.

Never mind, just need to be neutral, have a adamantine sword and take the feat improved weapon of the chosen. Done.

Is there a way in the game to craft a witcher sword made of multiple metals? (silver, cold iron & adamantine) Or would that be a DM decision?

Everybody has their own Witcher build. Mine is Alchemist(Internal Alchemist) 10 / Ranger (Infiltrator, Skirmisher & Yokai Hunter) 5 / Inquisitor (Sanctified Slayer / Preacher) 5.

Does anybody know of a Vision build?

Just want to use a common weapon that has good damage and crit. I forgot that elves are proficient with longswords. Thanks.

Does anybody know if there's a deity with the Rune domain & that has longsword as their favored weapon?

Low magic can be fun depending on the setting. The setting that I'm in we call the Greek campaign. It's based on Greek mythology. We've got one barb/cleric, two fighters and one character who's a descendant of Aphrodity. She's the only one who can use magic.