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What is the rule for the double damage from rolling a crit in combat in PFS 2nd edition games? I thought the rulebook has you double the amount rolled on the die, but my GM says that the Guide to PFS play states that you roll an extra die and add them together instead. I just read through the 2nd edition guide and see no references to it. I'll go by what the GM asks for, but I'm just curious what the official rule is for when I start GMing some 2nd ed games. Thanks.

Grand Lodge 1/5

I was informed by one of my regular PFS Gm's that my hardcover core rulebook is no longer legal for use in PFS because Paizo made rules updates to the newer softcover edition. I was just wondering if this was true.

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Hello. Is there any way to get access to my old characters from the 152177 PFS number from my account that I had deleted. I see they are still listed on here. I made a new account with the same e-mail as the old one but had to make new characters. The new number is 229985. Is it possible to merge the two numbers into one? Sorry for any trouble. Thanks.