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Welcome to the gameplay thread!

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At long last, greetings everybody, and welcome! I'll have a post or two up here in a little bit going over basics of what I want to accomplish and starting to touch on background for the campaign.

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Discussion thread for PBP Gameday VIII! Beginning August 26th, 2019. Please dot and delete!

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Pact World Warriors (SFS 2-01)! PBP Gameday VIII! Beginning August 26th, 2019. Welcome to the campaign!

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the scenario. Feel free to say hello and decide what characters you'll be playing. So you're all aware and fully warned, this will be my first attempt at PbP GMing. Things might start out a little bit wonky as I get the button pressing order down, so thank you for your patience as we work through that together.

I'm running a face-to-face table of 1-37 in about 30 hours, so I'll hold off on doing the major prep work for this PbP table of 1-36 until probably 54 to 60 hours from now. I've already played this scenario as a player, so I have that advantage for cutting down prep time.

My goal is to start no later than the evening of 13 June in the US, and hopefully before then. Once we get started I'll plan on making a minimum of a post per day and hope you can do the same. If something comes up please let me know; for this scenario I'm not going to be botting or playing for potentially inactive players (largely because I'll have enough to figure out without that) but if needed you can ask one of your fellow PCs to do that if needed.

I'm really looking forward to trying this out with all of you. Thank you, and welcome!

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A question on part of Dreaming of the Future, Starfinder Scenario #1-16:

On page 18, the PCs have the option to turn on theatrical smoke/fog, which "creates cloud that acts as obscuring mist in the lower third of area C1". The problem is, after looking through the Core Rulebook, the Alien Archive, and Pact Worlds, I can't find any reference to obscuring mist in Starfinder. Since I assume this was a carry over from somebody still thinking in Pathfinder language, should this instead reference the spell fog cloud (pg. 356 of the Starfinder CRB), which is virtually identical to the Pathfinder "obscuring mist" spell?

Dark Archive 3/5 5/55/55/5 Venture-Agent, Hawaii—Honolulu aka AFlashInTime

Potential spoilers involving factions in reporting:

When creating a PC or reporting a character that has a faction other than Wayfinders/Aquisitives/Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo)/Exoguardians/Dataphiles, is there any guidance on what to put for the PC's faction? I'm planning on using "none" at this point, since it seems to be the least wrong of the options.