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’oops...sorry about that Udaya.
Sir Dwarf, well, I think your daughter is pretty and all…but my tastes run to…’
Notices all the beautiful women looking at him, Lureene, Sasha, Alis, Aerys, Priyya and Udaya…
Passes out due to terminal blood loss.

Ahh, so there you are! Please come back to me...I'll be good, I promise!

Yeah, I have to echo Michael here with the time constraints. I don't make it a practice to drop PbP games usually, but since this one has had a couple of players drop, then I am sorry to say I will drop this game officially too.

As Michael said, you are a great DM, and I really enjoyed taking Fredrik along for the ride. I hope your own Serpent's Skull PbP keeps going strong, and you keep up the great work!

Take care, Navior.

Fredrik stumbles into the mine tunnel, trying to follow Udaya, with Vene close behind him. He curses the lack of light, but still has the presence to keep his voice down. Once again, he wished he had memorized a light spell. Only when Dara's piercing whisper echoes next to him does he realize he has arrived with the others.

Fredrik waits for Dara to sneak off, then he moves off towards the mine entrance. When the guards notice him, he will say, "Hey, I thought I saw something from this way as well, let me go check it out!"

Bluff 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8

"Ok, I can do that. Just give the signal, and I will get this ball rolling, he he."

I was thinking of using Ghost Sound to lure the guards away from the entrance, by casting it on a passageway out of sight. If that does not work, then either Mage Hand, or Silent Image would also work.

Dang, now I gotta play the stud mage now...

This will end well, I am sure, he he.

Freddie looks at Dara, a bemused look in his face, "A dwarf in a mine, what will they think of next, he he. Sounds like a decent plan, except I don't know if they have any prejudices against dwarves. Still, i think its worth the risk. Be careful, Dara."

This may sound like a stupid question, but did we have a plan for actually getting inside the Mine? I don't think these guards will let us waltz in there. I thought we were going to either

1. Wait until nightfall and sneak in, or
2. Try to look for another entrance inside the Mines.

If all else fails, Freddie can use Ghost Sound to lure the guards away from the entrance, if necessary.

Freddie smiles broadly and claps Vene on the shoulder, "Good job, my boy! Now I can work on a group performance for the miners! Who's with me?"

"Yeah, this place gives me the creeps..."

Fredrik's musings are interrupted by the sound of shattering glass. He whirls around, a spell on his lips, but he only sees Venedictus with a stricken look on his face.

He walks over to the cleric, and says to him in a low voice, "Hey, don't let that guy get to you, Vene. Sure there is a lot of ugliness here, but there is also beauty too, if you know where ta look for it. Why, my uncle used ta tell me stories about some of the most beautiful creature he ever met, a golden winged angel, long blonde hair...now I kinda think he's full of crap, but still that is one thing he passed on to me, before my mother and I left....our home and came here."

Fredrik hides any acknowledgement of the groups actions before he replies to Smenk. "Ok, my curiosity is piqued. I am willing to look into this for you, and I believe my companions feel the same way. That said, any additional information you can provide us, like a map of the Dourstone mines, would be greatly appreciated." he makes sure to cover his mouth to hide his smirk.

Sense Motive 1d20 ⇒ 15

"Nice story there, Smenk. Do ya got any proof that this Faceless One is actually behind this cult? And you expect me to believe green worms have anything to do with this?"

Fredrik takes the proffered glass, and takes a sip, "Thanks, but I am dying of curiosity, however, to hear of the reason for this invitataion."

Fort save? he he

"Well, I think it would be rude to keep the good man waiting, right?" Freddie asks as he helps himself to the 'cologne'.

Navior, is Pup all right staying in the stables, or will he be tagging along for this trip?

Fredrik shrugs, "Yeah, I think that would be all right. Mebbe we can work together as a team now, he he."

Fredrik looks over at the uncouth waarrior, and sees (hopes?) he is sincere. Chances are, he wasn't but still he felt obligated to at least give him a chance.

"Well, I hear the venison stew they serve here is melt in your mouth good..."

Venedictus wrote:
Hi, folks. I might be out of commission for a bit. Currently sitting in labour and delivery room while my wife sleeps, so can post for now, but will probably have my head ripped off if I try it a few hours from now.

Bravo! and Congrats! Just be sure to get him started playing PF as soon as he figures out the dice should not be put into his/her mouth!

Girlfriend? She's not my girlfriend...at least not yet....and I told her not to...oh well too late now.

Fredrik gags at the smell of Kullen's breath, and grunts as the beefy finger touches his chest, and fighting back the fear he feels, he retorts, "Well, gee, I feel so much better now! He wants to see us to hire us for some unspecified job, up at his humble abode, where accidents have been known to happen, and people tend to leave there in more pieces than they arrived with!"

He fights back his own anger, When did I get so hot headed, it must be hanging around Bear and Udaya, I guess. "So, Kullen, would you care to offer any guarantees if we go up to visit Smenk, we can return under our own power?"

Sense Motive 1d20 ⇒ 11

Fredrik says drily to the hulking half orc, "Well, a social call. Must have heard about my new gig singing down at the Giant. How nice that he wants me to perform for him....C'mon Kullen, how stupid do you think we are? Tell us the reason why he wants to see us."

For his downtime, Freddie will

  • Return home to his mother, and make sure the payments are all caught up.
  • He will also see about getting a supply of meat for Pup to eat, and also a place out in the stables for him to sleep.
  • Go see Lydia and regale her with tales of the adventures he went through.
  • Hide the box where no one can find it.

  • "Yeah, that is strange, maybe that is something I will ask you to research later, but I suspect my companions want to do..." glancing at Bear and Udaya, "other things. So I shant keep you any longer."

    He bids Allustan a fond farewell, and then the group meets up at the The Able Carter Coaching Inn where they had breakfast earlier.

    Keeping his voice down, he asks, "Well, I hate to ask, but what should our next move be? Seeing that green worm thing at the observatory makes me nervous. Maybe we should check out Mister Smenk mine since there may be some hints why Smenk brought over his friend to town. What do you guys think?"

    "Yeah, Allustan, this is the correct order I saw the glyphs in. I wonder if maybe they were transposed on purpose to hide the true meaning. Anything else you can tell us about these proteans? Would that be the race that destroyed the Wind Dukes, and that Rod of theirs?"

    Work first, then play, he he

    "Yeah, let's see what Allustan has to say about this box here."

    "Sure thing, Udaya. No need to mention it now." Freddie breaks out quill, and paper and sketches the glyphs on the vellum sheets. "That should do it."
    He stows all of the sheets and the box in another pouch, and says, "So, we done here?"

    "My dear Vene, it is not the box that concerns me, it is what is inside the box that scares me. The box that conceals an item radiating a strong magical aura of unknown type. Plus most boxes I have run across are not sealed with melted metal."

    Freddie smirks at Vene, "Well we could certainly try to figure it out on our own, but would that mean us having to open the box? Yes, I think so. That is not something I wish doing at this point in time. Perhaps later, we can risk it. As for Allustan's trustworthiness, he has dealt fairly with us so far...do you have something against wizards in general?"

    Knowledge, Planes 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (3) + 10 = 13

    Fredrik looking over the pewter box, and seeing it sealed, looks nervously at the others. "I don't think it's a good idea to open this, do you?" He picks up the box and stows it in his pack. "I think Allustan should have a look at this."

    "Ok, I suspect the main trap on the sarcophagus is gone, but there are still three other auras there. Be careful, Dara."

    Freddie will scan for magical auras again. Detect Magic

    Assuming Dara or Udaya trigger the statues response...

    Freddie says, "Let me handle this, and he responds in Auran, "Zosiel"

    "Ahh, good to know, thanks, Allustan."

    Fredrik hands over the agreed sum of coins, waving off the other members protests, "This one is on me." He then pockets the shard.

    Just before he turns to leave, he asks the older wizard, "I am curious, has anyone else been taking a special interest in us?" He indicates the rest of the party.

    Allustan aka Navior wrote:

    I was pretty much assuming that he took a good look at it, so he can remember what it looks like regardless of the roll.

    Allustan listens carefully as Fredrik describes the glyph and then gets Fredrik to draw it for him again. With the drawing of the glyph in his hand, Allustan says, "Wait here a moment." He then gets up and hurries back into his house.

    It's several minutes before he emerges again. "That would be the glyph of Zosiel, one of the warriors present at the battle of Pesh. I'm afraid I don't have much information on him. A fairly high-ranking lieutenant in the Wind Dukes' army. There is a book...now, what was it called? Oh yes, the Chronicle of Chan. It might have more information about Zosiel. I could probably requisition it from the library at Kaer Maga, but I'm afraid it would take time."

    Fredrik bows in respect to the older gentleman, "Hey, this is a big help for us, thanks for your efforts, Allustan. If I need to see that Chronicles of Chan book, I will let you know."

    If Freddie owes him any money for the work, he will pay Allustan now.

    Navior, did Freddie get a close enough look at the glyph in the final chamber, where the statue spoke those words. If so, then he will describe the glyph to Allustan. If not, then he will draw on his eidetic memory [int 20] and describe it from memory.
    INT check, if needed 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 8

    Freddie nods at her, trying to keep the knowledge of her activities out of his eyes. He says tiredly, "Yeah, best to see what he found out, then it's on to the final room."

    Once the team leaves Kullen's, Freddie speaks up, "Mebbe we should camp out tonight, and catch Allustan in the morning. No need to announce our presence just yet."

    Freddie bends over to stroke Pup's hair, trying not to burst out laughing, and murmers, "Who's a good boy, yes you are."

    Freddie responds, "Heh, I suspect he likes to sleep in as much as I do. Best to not disturb him."

    Fredrik snorts in disgust at the lewdness of Kullen, although there was a part of him who could go along with that.

    "It would be more reasuring if you could show your good intentions for us in a more substantial way...words have a tendency to be...mistaken."

    Sense Motive 1d20 ⇒ 13

    Man, some guys just have all the luck... Fredrik thinks to himself.

    "Sorry to interrupt your, umm, date, but we just needed to make sure no promises made before have been...broken"

    Freddie hangs in the middle of the room, to be sure he supports either Dara or Udaya/Bear (who I guess are guarding the rear of the house).

    Man they didn't have teachers who taught this stuff, when I learned this dnd stuff, he he

    boy I am old

    Fredrik listens to the speech given by Bear, and is struck by a sense of kinship with these compatriots. He had never been close to anyone before, due to his upbringing, and he realized he liked being a part of this group. Strange, that it took a lust for gold to bring this about. He discovered then, while Bear was correct in all respect, he finds himself agreeing with his fellow mage for different reasons.


    "Yeah, I think we should stick together, Allustan can wait."

    Freddie glances at Vene, and says quietly, "I guess I know what material mine are made of."

    Freddie can handle the Allustan visit, if the rest of you wantr to taclke the half orc issue.

    Freddie mutters a curse and shoots an irritated glance at Udaya. "Yeah, way to be optimistic there. Shoulda thought of that before we came up here."

    Fredrik nods at the stunningly beautiful warrior, "Yer right, let's back off for now, I think if we return to Allustan, he can shed some light on this mystery. Actually I am supposed to see him today anyway. Unless you want to risk it..."

    Freddie says sharply to Bear, "He said 'Speak my name'. Let me think here..."

    Navior, did Freddie evr learn the name of the main Wind Walker depicted elsewhere in the cairn?

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