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Quick tip, might be obvious but i kinda overlooked it in the beginning. Cruoromancer has 5HD cap for Animate Dead but the Dhampir FCB adds 1/4th CL for Necromancy, ergo starting from CL 12 (effective CL 15) he can control more HD than Juju Oracle, topping out at 125 vs 120 for the Oracle while still retaining the half Desecrate effect. Only loss is the max hp for zombies, gain is better spell list.

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Hi all,

Quick question, is it possible to take Ancient Lorekeeper archtype and Spirit Guide archtype together?

If so, kindly provide links to relevant rulings.

I'm inclined to say no since they both replace "the bonus skills gained from the Oracle's Mystery" but i'm checking just in case. (table entry on D20pfsrd doesn't indicate the class skill changes so this might have been on purpose?)


I'd like to add the following;

Dhampir (Vetala-Born!) Cruoromancer Wizard specializing in Necromancy (Undead subschool) can be rather nice since;
* +1/4 CL for necro spells (FCB)
* Can Bolster himself (Racial Negative Energy Affinity)
* Even more DC/debuff if required (1st) (LOSE arcane bond though)
* Higher HD bucket, higher animation standard (5th)
* Built in Desecrate effect (50% of normal though) (10th)
* Free scouting through minions (15th)
* Free infusions (20th)

Since the release of the ACG, arcane casters can now heal their undead through Repair Undead(, Mass) (1st/5th lvl resp.) and Dhampirs, as a result, can heal themselves if they are an arcane caster. (Warforged Arcane caster flashbacks ftw)

Thus such a character can effectively mitigate the disparity between Arcane and Divine necromancy to the Channel Energy (Negative, Heal/Damage burst) ability and the +1 HP/HD from Desecrate albeit the Arcane caster has access to Blood Money which allows him to churn out undead without requiring an Onyx mine and a more offensive spell list to back up his necromancy shenanigans.

If needed, Forge Ring => Ring of Inner Fortitude, Major (cost to make 21k) nets him about 2k gp value in Onyx saved per casting combo, if more is needed he just takes more str damage.

Largest drawback of course is that the abhorred party healer can't really patch you up in a pinch unless he has a negative energy spell available.

Furthermore; Experimental Spellcaster for Undeath Word of Power; has there been any more information been made available regarding the creation of variant undead? Since this is a different effect from Animate Dead, most of the boni mentioned above won't apply, so it is yet another bucket to add to right?

So euh, which item does the Arcanist use to replenish his spellslots, Pearls of Power or Runestones of Power?

Regardless, these seem like a big candidate to (re)fuel his Arcane Reservoir in a cost efficient and long term way, especially if you're making them yourself (taking 1 day each).

Seems rather amazing to fuel the Occultist's Summon Monster ability which tops at 9 points per casting, so per 9 consumption of one of these items you'll be gaining an effective 9th level slot and at 4500/9000gp a pop this seems rather overpowering since you'll be able to do it daily...

Of note is that the Consume Spells feature only works with Arcanist spell slots and as such you just can't dip a casting class with the soul purpose of draining those slots each day.

I guess we'll have to wait for a FAQ on the issue but i'm quite sure this won't fly in it's anticipated form...

In any event, Spell Perfection is pretty good on an Elven Arcanist (doubles modifiers to 1 spell) and the requirements are easier to meet due to the Metamagic Knowledge exploit saving you feats. (no Spell perfection is a general feat and not metamagic :()

I'd wish voice my opinion that the spellcasting should be done away with and rolled into the implements from which they are granted (again cutting the duplicates, combining the scaling spells and just adding the remainder) as focus powers, then increasing the mental energy gained to compensate.

I've mulled over this and my feedback is:
Occultist is a nice class that reminds me of Magic of Incarnum and has some nice abilities. But seems to lack a unifying theme.
The Circles are thematic but no abilities build on them and they really serve no use until he can cast planar binding, lesser.
The spellcasting feels tacked on, id consider removing spellcasting ability, cut the spells that are already an implement focus ability (like resist energy, globe of invulnerability, etc), combine the scaling spells (inflict/cure wounds) and remaining spells into further focus abilities for the relevant implements that scale depending on level/invested mental energy and bump up the mental points gained.
Consider renaming 'mental energy' to something like 'focus' and switch int for Con to be more in line with Kineticist.

Buff necromantic servant to just be animate dead, like someone else pointed out, as it is currently worthless.

Only thing iffy is the circle ability, which could be reworked to be an immobile ward that keeps creatures out/in dependong on fpcus invested or occultist level (kinda like 5ft square/focus, standard class dc setting to enter the affected square) could also still be a treated as Magic Circle if you can enclose the to be called creature within.

Result should be a more unique class that can adjust its playstyle on a day to day basis while keeping the recognisable "this implementgroup is this kind of school" feel.

Scorpioni wrote:

Daedalus, if you compare your math to a basic meteor swarm (found by many the weakest of the 9th lvl spells) cast by a sorcerer the amount of damage caused by a kineticist seems a bit lackluster, especially if the sorcerer takes a bloodline which boosts all his dice or all his elemental dice (and while crossblooded exists to combine the two, I'm leaving it out since we don't know what archetypes kinetisist will have). A double blast will do more damage true (especially if you tack on the AOE blast talent) but the sorcerer will do it more than 2 times without going unconscious. When he finally cast his little trick 6 or even 7 times, he'll just say 'oh well' and open up with his 8th lvl spells.

I'm fearing a kineticist will unfavorably compare to a blastermage (both sorcerer, wizard and arcanist and even a magus), having lower damage (only even or slightly above by putting yourself into a coma afterwards). All the while a 'real' mage has a much greater toolbox of utility and other effects as they are not restricted by element (or have powers miles away from wild talents).

The ability to use your powers at will is very powerful indeed, but I have yet to encounter a dedicated mage who manages to 'tap out' in the middle of a day. After all what is the use of 'weaker' at will abilities if the other guys always have their 'stronger' abilities when it matters?

I'd say let a pyrokineticist be better at dealing damage than a fire type mage; After all he is even more focused on it than even a fire elemental bloodline sorcerer.
Don't let the aerokinetist just fly (as the spell); make him fly faster than a wizard because after all that's HIS hyperfocus.
A geokineticist should be a veritable mountain of defence, not looking jealously at a wizard that is laughing at him while stacking mirror image (air), fire shield (fire), emergency force sphere (aether) and stoneskin (earth).

EDIT: This is how it FEELS when reading through the playtest and comparing kineticist builds with a variety of builds from other...

Exactly what i realised after hitting submit, while doing the math i was mistakenly thinking snaking form caused your blast to affect the 120 ft but realised my error atbthe last minute so i cut that part.

On topic, indeed, compared to the already thought of as suboptimal blaster wiz, meteor swarm twice a day is not cutting it even close...

Adding a Wall form of twp for area denial seems like a good fit.

Ok, i've read the class and have some points i'd like to make;

Psychic classes:

Like some others i am having difficulty putting Arcane and Divine magic alongside "Psychic" magic, just seems like a placeholder name and somewhat out of place, I'd strongly consider changing it to something else yet make no suggestions in that regard.

Class general:

I'm feeling 'iffy' about the Burn point => character level in nonLethal damage but i'd have to actually try it out before making a solid statement on it. The Infusion Specialization feels more like a primary class feature enabler than an actual (secondary) class feature, as in, without it, most of the primary feature becomes unusable. Which leads me to the "Feel the Burn" ability, while Burn translates in multiples of non lethal damage, this ability refers to Burn as individual points, which seems incoherent with how the tally is kept.
As a result, it might be worth it to jumble words around to come to something that amounts to "You can only Burn if your BurnCap is not exceeded, add 1 Burnpoint per Burn taken, you are have non-lethal damage equal to Kineticist Level times Burnpoints in your BurnCap".

Semantics: Maybe change "Burn" to "Backlash" or something, making it feel less fire specific (btw "feel the burn" comes across a bit...cheesy).

Blast Infusions:

Wall infusion is missing in the Form Infusions :(
This would be a very nice option and possibly a role for the class to fulfill; movement control. Might require more scrutiny since this could be rather powerful, yet if balanced with appropriate Burn costs it might up the utility of the class by leaps and provide diversity instead of "moar blastors".


(assume 18 +2 race, lvl ups in con & +2/+4/+6 enhancement item) Burncap is amount of Burn maximum, BurnRate is Burn per round.
a lvl 1 Kineticist with 20 Consitution has 13 hp and a BurnCap of 8 (8 hp) with Burnrate of 1.
a lvl 5 Kineticist with 22 Consitution has hitpoints between 42 and 70 so about 56 on average and a BurnCap of 9 (45 hp) with Burnrate of 1.
a lvl 10 Kineticist with 26 Consitution has hitpoints between 97 and 160 so about 129 on average and a BurnCap of 11 (165 hp) with Burnrate of 3.
a lvl 15 Kineticist with 28 Consitution has hitpoints between 157 and 255 so about 206 on average and a BurnCap of 12 (180 hp) with Burnrate of 5.
a lvl 20 Kineticist with 30 Consitution has hitpoints between 227 and 360 so about 294 on average and a BurnCap of 13 (260 hp) with Burnrate of 6.

Usually a Kineticist inflicts 8 Burn while using his simple blasts (substance 4 + form 4), with Infusion Specialisation @20 you can reduce both form & substance to 1 each (-3/-3) which gives you a total Burn of 2, Gather energy reduces this to 1 per simple blast or 0 if you only take 4+2 for substance/form (or the reverse).

Highest Possible Burn per round is 8 (form/substance)+2(composite)+1(Aetheric Boost special case)+4 (Blast Twice)+3(quicken)+2(max)+1(empower) =>21
Highest Possible BurnReduction is 6 (infusion spec)+1(composite spec)+1(gather energy)+1(metakinetic) => 9
This leaves 12 points which can never be taken in 1 round. Leaving out the metakinetics apart from the double blast you can shoot a composite blast twice for 6 burn each round, coincidentally the cap.
Highest Blast damage = 20d6+20+con mod (+10) = > 100 on average *2 for the double blast so 200 damage, depending on what form & substance you take this gets pretty powerful but also pretty expensive...
Meaning you can "full out" twice a day and have about 15% effective hp left.