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I'm not the first to take a stab at making a Final Fantasy styled dragoon, but I figured I'd try it.

Dragon Knight

Please take a look!

Specifically, can a phantom and spiritualist communicate while the phantom is within the spiritualist's consciousness? For instance, if the phantom has ranks in a knowledge skill and the spiritualist does not, does the phantom need to be physically manifested to make a skill check?

It is a shared consciousness, is it not?


If a character is airwalking and wants to gain / lose altitude, can they jump and "land" on the air? Or jump out of the air to the ground, as a counter?

It seems to me that if it is possible to jump on the air, then you should be able to climb higher with a series of "bunny hops" upward. On one hand, jumping is separate from airwalking, so is not limited to the 45 degree angle, but that somewhat subverts the first paragraph of the spell. Ergo, can you jump on air?


A creature with Grab can grapple at a -20 penalty; if it succeeds then it does not gain the grappled condition. Grapple rules state that when grappled, non-adjacent creatures are moved to adjacent spaces. Can the controlling creature (the one without the grappled condition) then move or 5 ft. step away from the grappled creature, assuming it stays within the controller's reach? Nothing I am seeing currently suggests that it breaks the grapple, though I presume whenever the controller makes a successful grapple check the creatures would be moved adjacent again.

These are potentially useful tactics for White-Haired Witches, who gain a psuedo-Grab, without the -20 on grapple.

I'd appreciate some feedback on this. Thanks!

In reference to the Ranger Combat Styles on page 11 of Inner Sea Combat: If a ranger stops worshiping the deity, and begins worshiping another deity, what happens to the feats already acquired, or the list the ranger can take via combat style?

As far as I know, you cannot switch combat styles without re-training, so in order to switch deities, would you need to retrain the combat style?