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I'm not the first to take a stab at making a Final Fantasy styled dragoon, but I figured I'd try it.

Dragon Knight

Please take a look!

I'm assuming that you lose proficiency with shields. Also add an ability so that lances deal mounted charge damage when you charge, maybe even automatically confirm critical threats made with lances.

Lazaryus wrote:
I'm assuming that you lose proficiency with shields. Also add an ability so that lances deal mounted charge damage when you charge, maybe even automatically confirm critical threats made with lances.

Shields: I can add that line back in. I don't see many people using shields, but several spear weapons will allow the option. Not sure if it's a net gain or not.

Lance damage: I had a line about lances doing triple damage in the Order section (trying to keep good formatting so it is still viable to take the Archetype without the Order and vice-versa). I took it out because every Dragon Knight would use a lance, just like every charging cavalier uses a lance and spirited charge. Damage vs. vanilla cavalier does drop off significantly without it, though, so I'll tack it back on. Right now, it's happens at level 9. I reckon that most Cavs take spirited charge between 5 and 7 depending on race, so that should be fine. I also kept it as tripling for the entire spear group on a charge since the weapon group is pretty tame. It does open some interesting options for Charging Hurlers. That may or may not bite me.

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The language of the 3rd level Dragon Dive ability feels unclear. I suspect you're trying to go for a Spring Attack effect? This feels really out of place. I'd honestly replace this and the 12th level ability with something else. Maybe being able to add the attack roll bonus of charging to damage rolls?

I would have liked to see a bit more mechanics to Dragon Dive so to necessitate jumping or having the high ground.

Here's my take on the ability:

Cyrad wrote:

Dragon Dive (Ex): At 3rd level, a dragon knight can utilize an elevation advantage against foes using dragon dive special attack based on the hunting techniques of true dragons. A dragon knight can perform a dragon dive whenever he attempts an unmounted charge against a creature while having the high ground. In order to gain the high ground against a foe, he may attempt a DC 20 Acrobatics check perform a high jump; this DC doubles for each size category larger the target creature is compared to the dragon knight. The dragon dive charge attack gains a total +5 bonus to attack rolls (instead of +3 for charging with the high ground) and the dragon knight does not take a penalty to AC for charging.

At 6th level, the dragon knight can charge through squares containing allies and ignores difficult terrain when using dragon dive.

At 12th level, the dragon knight gains a fly speed (average maneuverability) equal to his enhancement bonus to land speed while charging with dragon dive. He may use his total bonus in Acrobatics for performing high jumps in place of his total Fly skill bonus when attempting Fly checks during this flight.

At 18th level, the dragon knight gains the benefit of the Impaling Critical feat while performing a charge using dragon dive. He does not need to meet the prerequisites of this feat. When impaling a creature, the dragon knight may choose to skewer the creature into the ground instead of causing them to take additional damage each round. A creature skewered to the ground gains the grappled condition while they are impaled by the weapon.

This replaces cavalier's charge and the bonus feats gained at 6th, 12th, and 18th level.

All in all, I'd say that this archetype gives up more than it gains. The good news is that when you have created something, its easier to add stuff than it is to remove it.

For starters, don't modify the weapon proficiencies. A full-BAB frontline warrior didn't get that way by only practicing with spears. If you want it to use lances and pikes and such, offer an incentive to do so. Don't think that such a badass warrior doesn't know how to axe a monster in half. Alternately, pick a few weapon groups and offer a different incentive for each one. A well-written class should be able to cater to multible concepts.

I like Cryad's version of dragon jump. You should use it. The only amendment to it I would suggest is that instead of a flat +5 to the attack roll, start with the +3 and increase that based on how far over the DC you get. I would make the base DC 15 to gain the +1 for higher ground (with no penalty on a failed check). For each additional size, add something to the DC. Would it be cruel to gains a +2 on the check per size category smaller? For every X by which you exceed the DC, you gain another +1 to the attack roll. With the class's inherant bonus to jumping, at high level he should be reaching larger enemies and bringing the pain on smaller ones. But if you don't want to complicate things, Cyrad's write up is still good.

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Ciaran Barnes, I choose +5 because it matches the math of the original cavalier's charge. Cavalier's charge increases the +2 attack roll bonus for charging to a +4. A Medium cavalier also gains a +1 bonus for having higher ground against Medium and smaller creatures while mounted. Hence, +5 bonus.

Appreciate the responses!

I removed all wording about Proficiency returning it to cavalier default.

On the Dragon Dive:
First of all, yeah, the language could always be tightened up!

It should be noted that I took the baseline for how effective this archetype should be from a cavalier that had the feats Ride-by Attack, Wheeling Charge, and Spirited Charge. Because all cavaliers that charge have those feats (they do!). Since the Dragon Knight is unmounted, I had to bake those in somewhere so it could stay competitive. Hence the wording in the 3rd and 6th levels of Dragon Dive, and the 2nd level order ability are variants of those feats. You can do similar with spring attack wording, but I figured I'd keep it as standardized as I could.

The Dragon Dive / Dragon Jump / Jump Attack is the bread and butter of a Final Fantasy Dragoon, so my philosophy was to make their signature move accessible. AND I desperately want to avoid the schlock that is Branch Pounce. So I'm reticent to place mechanics that require high ground or set DC's. If I require high ground, I'm denying access to the signature move...which is most of the time in practice. There are a lot of low ceilings in the game. If I require an acrobatics DC, it is relatively easy to find a way to blow it out of the water and then you either gain a scaling bonus above the DC or, if it's set, why make it at all if it's automatic success? Ultimately I removed that wording from Dragon Dive entirely and simply declared that it's "acrobatic yadda yadda" opening up the idea of the Dragon Knight leaping horizontally, or off ceilings.

As you point out, the original Cavalier's Charge does grant a bonus of +4 when charging which got left out of my document, so I can add it back in.

Finally, thanks specifically to Cyrad for that effort! The idea of Impaling Critical is interesting. I admit I'm not sure how valuable the current 18th level ability is, so I'll keep that as a possibility.

Keep it coming guys, critiques and counterarguments!

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It should be noted that my version of dragon dive doesn't require a successful Acrobatics check. All that's needed is charging a foe for which you have higher ground against. The Acrobatics check is an option in case you don't have higher ground.

Good to see some free dragoonin' Dragon Knight stuff out there. ;)

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