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@zeroth_hour, 3) you should try it. It got a lot better with the add-on. Less crap drops, and drops that can completly change playstyles.

@bbKabag, I think it has to be your last idea. Anything else wouldn´t work with the already existing chars.

@blog, this sounds so awesome. I just hope it will arrive over here in May, and i don´t have to wait 1 or 2 additional months.

First of, your skill feats are missing.

Secondly, your powers are worded really odd. I know what you want to say, but they sound really odd.

And you have to drop the power feat of your second power. As you worded it, you can recharge a Ranged Weapon if you lost it by taking damage. I can´t believe that is the intention.
(You might want to word it like this: When you play a Weapon with the Ranged trait, you may recharge it instead of discarding it.)

The card list looks good.

As always, i hope this helps.

Looks a lot more in theme than your first version.

And as you said, with 40 points, you might want to buff Dex or Wisdom a bit. Which would give him a kind of Mage/Monk vibe. Would fit the punching with fire part.^^

Now to get to your new powers. For the first you might want to think about restricting the range. Most powers of this style either work only at your location, or only at other location. (I have nothing against all locations, but my chars always tend to be on the powerful side.)

And for your second power, is it intended that you can use it with weapons (if you take the card feats for it)? As it is now, it would work with any Melee weapon and even Longbows.
Part 2 of your second Power: Is there a specific buffing reason you took Arcane -2 instead of just Int (which would be technically exactly the same)?
(Oh, and punching with Fire that isn´t magical in nature but doesn´t burn yourself, that seems kind of odd too.)

As always, i hope this helps.

It looks nice and playable. (Perhaps you might want to add the 2h restriction too.)
In comparison to Seltyiel, i think yours is weaker. Yes, you can get a +1/2 for free, but that is not such a big deal for a combat check. And the point i think it´s weaker is because you have to pay more than Seltyiel to get the big buffs. (But it would be more powerful in the early game because of the easier way to give your weapon the magic trait.)

First advise, keep the numbered bonis behind the skills, it´s easier to read that way.

Secondly, I would change all of your powers slightly.

I would change your first to: If you have a Card with the Armor trait in hand, your Hand Size is increased by 1.
With this you can have 1 free armor in your hand and couldn´t end up with a "theoretical" hand size of 9+. Perhaps upgradable to +1 per armor on a role card.

You should add to your second power that it only works if the Melee check doesn´t have the 2-hand trait. Would fit the theme of a shield bash.

And for your last power, either make it a random card, or drop the power feat for the hand. Beeing able to use the same card every single turn (for free) is really big.
(Oh, and you are missing a power feat.)

These are my 2 cents, and as always, i hope they are helpful.

Why bury the armor? I would use them for the heal, so his blessings are free for explores and buffs.

I think you did formulate the last power of your roles the wrong way around.
As it is now, it changes the top card of your discard into the top card of the blessing discard (which is useless), and not changing the top cards of the blessing discard into the top card of your discard (what i think was intended).

And was it intentional that you can boost Dex and Consti, but not Strength, seems kind of odd to me. (+6 on barriers and +1d12 on combat might be to high, but that can only be figured out by play-testing.)

On last minor thing, i would add "random" to the 1 card you can recharge with a Survival 6 check. That´s more in line with anything else that can heal.
And you might want to think about giving him the option for Weapon Profiency, there aren´t a lot of weapons in the game later on that don´t need it.

I hope this is helpful.

Finally got a bit of time on my hands and thought to chime in a bit, because the only other Lycanthrope Char in this forum i know of, is from me.
And i tested him through the complete adventure (And he was uterly useless in the last Scenario of the last AP.)

Frist to get to something isaic said. The problem with the BotG, there is non, at least in my group nobody had a problem with not banishing BotG.

And even if, here is my suggestion for you i used on my Werewolf.
First of, widen the Full Moon Bonus to everything physical, so ever Strength, Dexterity and Constitution check. Makes it a lot better than just combat. And secondly, add a power feat to display a BotG at the start of your turn to get your effect. With that, you don´t have to fanaticly try to keep every BotG in the Blessing deck. And you can buff yourself with a cost, even when the Blessing deck isn´t going your way.
(And of course discarding the displayed BotG at the end of your turn.)

To get to the perception power. I´m with isaic here. Like it is now, it´s to powerful. I wouldn´t throw it out of the window, but i would let it scale with the AP, to simulate that every check to get stuff gets harder in later APs. Something like Perception 4+AP-Number. Than you start at 8 and go up to 10.

On the other hand, the Stealth 8 for extra explore is great in my opinion.

I can´t really say anything to the rest of your powers, because personally i despise to much randomness, so i´m the wrong one to ask here.

And lastly, there was one skill i was really missing for your Lycanthrope, you are an animal, why do you have no Survival?

I hope this helps, and if you want to look at some things i referenced or as inspiration, this would be my Werewolf. (But i think he is more powerful than yours, because he is a Fighter, not a Scavenger.)

Would explain why she has to hunt for men, if no one wants to stay.

I can, but only if that, what is in my mind, is the same you wanted for the power.
Point 1 It shouldn´t be an evade power, but just something that negates damage. Is that the core idea? If the answer is yes, here is my idea.

At any time during your turn, if you would take damage, you may banish ([]bury) a card from your hand to reduce the damage to 0. If you do, reset your hand and end your turn. If this happend in an encounter, treat it as undefeated/unaquired.

If the answer was a No, than i need more infos about the intention.

So, if i understand you right, that is a power that royaly screws everyone over that happen to be at the same location as her. Because she can take the risks without consequences for herself, the rest, not so much. So no one wants to be at the same location as her.

Because of my own intervention, i still think your Ice-block power is to vague.

When exactly in the encounter steps would it trigger?
When encounterd.
Before "before encounter effects" which would be the normal evade timing.
Before the check(s) to defeat.
Could you still trigger it after the checks if you see you couldn´t defeat it?

And if it would be when encountered or anything else before the check. Would this power just put the card back, ignoring everthing else on the card (what i´m pretty sure is your intention), or would it finish everything in the encounter, counting your check as 0 and you just would ignore the damage?.

So my suggestion would be to say that you can only trigger it at the "evade" step in the encounter, that was your intention (i think) and would cut anything out that could result in further questions.

Or you just cut all the crap i said and change your power to.

"At any time during your turn, you may banish ([]bury) a card from your hand to evade your encounter even if it normally couldn´t be evaded. If you do, reset your hand and end your turn."

Wouldn´t really work with the Blessing of Lamashtu, if you already played it for his 2 die power, you would have already buried it, so i think you can´t choose to bury it again. And as far as i read your power, you only can change the bury into a discard if you buried the card by using this power. (It doesn´t explicitly say that, but if thats not the case, nothing would argue against just discarding any card instead of burying it with a Diplomacy roll. And i´m pretty sure that´s not the intention.)

So Blessing of Lamashtu would only work when you just play it for a 1 die boost.

I just realised a question.
What happens when your Ice block power encounters a monster that would deal damage to anyone at your location (the normal way and/or as before the encounter effect)? Do others get hit, or are you blocking it for them.

Your Main Tank role is missing a power feat box.

Do you interact in any way with the burying power of the Blessing of Lamashtu? Seems kind of odd that you don´t.

You might want to make your Elementalist drawing power optional.

[] When you defeat a monster, you may draw a card.

Or you could kill yourself by winning.

1) No, you have to work with your pool.
2) Yes
3) Yes
4) Yes^^
5) Yes
6) Yes
7) Yes

If you want a longer answer, just wait for Hawkmoon.

I would try it with the 8 ([]auto) first.
You can make that roll if you didn´t skilled anything, and if you fully skilled your Dex, your chances are a better than 50%. And trying to get the power feat box would make sense now. (A 10 would be 50/50 if your are fully skilled, and that is in my opinion awful for something you really invested in.)

Weak or Strong really depends on your hand at that time, and luck with the location decks. It might happen that you close the complete scenario in one turn because every henchman and villain where at the top of their location. And with a lot of extra explore cards, you might be able to close more than 1 location in 1 turn. But you have to wait till your role card.
So in my opinion it´s neither to weak nor to strong, it can be both depending on your current hand and the situation.

No, you wouldn´t have to make a choice. The henchmens state that you may immediatly close the location, so it is still part of that encounter.
And one of the golden rules is, finish one thing before you start the next.
So it would be, defeat henchman, try to close the location and then making the acrobatic role to move and continue.
And you might want to buff up the roll a bit, or drop it completely, because as it is now, you will most likely have skilled Dex, because it is your primary combat attribute. So at the time you get to your flight, you will most likely have an acrobatics roll of 1d8+5, so why even roll or put a second power feat in when your minimum roll is already a 6?

First of, you have to many cards, a normal starter deck has 15, yours got 17 cards.

About your first power, seems a little much compared to Seoni. She has a non-restrictive 1d12+2 +1d6, your would be 1d10+1 +1d12. I would suggest turning it down to a d10, not more, because yours is more restrictive.

For your first role power. Make sure to add that you have to at least bury one card. Using it with an empty hand would abuse the power.

About an other power for your items.
You talked about regeneration, so i suggest copying the regeneration power of my Werewolf:
"Once per your turn, you can recharge a card to shuffle one random card from you discard pile into your deck."

Or to simulate flight:
"You may move at the end of your turn. Ignore all movement restrictions."

Would work too. I just wanted to make her choose between keeping a shield for the defence or throwing it for the offence.

Your power works good, and helps cycling.

Another in-theme idea i had was that she really jumps in front of people and tanking the brunt of the attack.

"When a character at your location takes damage, you may redirect all damage to yourself."

Effectivly does almost the same as the first one, and you still can use your armor to reduce damage without it being abstract.

Perhaps adding something like: "If you take more damage than your current hand size, bury the top card of your deck." To not let this power be abused with an empty hand.

It´s a lot more wordier than the not so much flavor version.
But this would be my "official" wording of my suggested power.

You may place an Item card face up as a trap in front of your location. This trap stays at this location until it is activated or picked up again. A location can have a maximum of 1 trap at all times. Anyone at a location with a trap may activate it to reduce the difficulty of his combat check by 1d6 ([]+1)([]+2). An activated trap gets recharged into your deck. If you start your turn at a location with a trap, you may take the Item card back into your hand.

First, you double posted.
Second, your first power should say, "their" discard pile instead of "your" discard pile.
And third, your power says nothing about costing an explore, what do you mean by your last line? (Or do you mean it cost an explore because you have to use a blessing with which you could have explored again?)

I like the new power, it´s like a downgraded version of a power i used for one of my chars.

But it is just an evade, that can even fail, and no option to place it where you want, so i wouldn´t exclude henchman and villain. If you can sweet talk yourself out of tight situations, it should work on them too.

If you just change the "treating it as thought it were evaded" into "shuffle the encountered card back into the location deck it came from", you would have the same effect without any problems with cards that care about evading.

And me again.^^
First of, a power feat to auto recharge items, when you don´t have any, or just can get 1 with a card feat, that doesn´t look useful at all to me.

I would suggest taking that out and slightly changing the last power. I´m thinking about your words, friend to all living things here.

"You may use diplomacy on all checks to defeat or aquire animals. An animal defeated this way gets put on top ([]bottom) of the location deck it came from." (this means if anything got summoned from the box, it goes back to the box.)

So my version is more of an evade, because you like living things, you don´t want to hurt them and persuade them to go away.

You could perhaps think about to make it purely shield based, for thematic reasons. It´s easier to block for someone else with a shield, than with your armor.
I thought about something like this.

"Reveal an Armor with the Shield trait to reduce damage dealt to a character at your location by 1 ([]2)."

Powerful against stuff like the Enchantress or the Pyro Goblins, but very restrictive. And you have to think about if you want to hit with your shield, or block with it.

How about something similar to your Shamans totem power?
You set up the trap at a location you are at when you set it up. It gives the bonus you mentioned, but is used up after the first use.

That would perfectly fit the theme, but perhaps i would add that you can choose not to spring the trap, if the first monster encountered would be something really weak.
Perhaps even add, that if you start your turn at a location with an unused trap, you can take the card back into your hand.

Village House is in "Here comes the Flood" (even if you play solo), but it´s not in Local Heros.
So it will depend on the luck of the draw.

And you need all the protection you can get, it´s not very likly that you will find and then aquire Father Zantus.

Few questions about your newer version.
First of, is there a possibility to evade and still take damage? I can´t recall any.
And secondly, how does this power interact with Banes that can´t be evaded, because, thematicly, she is sitting in an Ice block, not really evading.

I like this version more. I just would add a "Once per Check" to your shield power.
And the second power is essential the same power as the loot club (forgot the name), if i understood you correctly.

For a WoW priest, one obvious role would be the Shadow priest. Another could focus on buffing or mind-control.

Seems like a very playable character to me.
Just any minor tweak, i would drop one of the weapon check boxes and put it to armors. You are solo and don´t have any means to heal yourself, i think you want more armor.

And a little hint from my side, if you really play him solo, i don´t see any chance that you will succeed at "Here comes the Flood".

Without you giving us the numbers on your attributes, no one will be able to post anything useful.

The card you would banish being basic or not would be redundant at the time you get your role.
Because at that time, you aren´t restricted to basics anymore for filling up holes in your deck.
Arcane + 4d6 might be a bit powerful, but the cost of 1 banish and up to 2 damage are really heavy too.
One idea that popped to my mind would be to choose how heavy you overcharge.

"You may banish a spell to roll your arcane die plus up to 4d6([]+1)([]+2), this counts as playing a spell and has all traits the banished spell had. You take X unpreventable damage before combat, where X is the number of d6 used by this power -1([]-2)."

This lets you choose how hard you want to hit, and how hard the backlash would be. I also tossed the attack trait restriction, because, why would you want to use the power if you could just use the attack spell normaly.

My suggestion would be to drop the ally power to a D4 and only let it work on other, with a discard ([]recharge) option to use it yourself.

You may reveal an ally to add 1d4 ([]+1)([]+2) to an attempted check by another character at your location. Discard ([]recharge) that ally to change "another" into "any".

Not the best worded power i produced, but i think you get what i mean.

And about the skills. I would really drop the melee. If you want a melee weapon, you should try to get a knife or finesse. Small restiction but adds much to the flavor. (Because, who wants to see an assassin with a 2-handed axe?)

About the rest of the skill, i would probably drop the perception completely, cut of one of the dex skills and add a Diplomacy: Charisma +2 because it would be much more in line with someone that uses a lot of allys (like other posters before me already mentioned).

As always, i hope this helps.

First of, this should most likly be moved to the homebrew section.

Now to get to your question, this two threads are the ropes most people in this forum use, it´s nothing official, but it get´s the job done.

Number 1
Number 2

I hope this helps, and have fun building.

Kind of something of both.
It is mostly intuitive with a few ropes you should respect.

This two thread could help you:
Number 1
Number 2

I hope this helps, and have fun building.

The best selling point of summon monster is that you kind of use it like an attack spell, but it hasn´t the attack trait.
So everything that´s immun to magic, because it says, "You can´t play spells with the attack trait" can still be hit by summon monster.

Here are my two cent.

First of, nothing in your kit uses your Constitution. I know it is high because of being a dragonborn, but i wouldn´t put the most skill feats boxes in it if you don´t utilize it in any way. If your Magical Role would cast on Constitution instead of Charisma, it would make more sense why you put so much skill feat boxes there.

Second, starting with 1 spell when only one of your roles can really cast, that is kind of strange, you force any other build to be messed up with a spell that is a one time use at best. I would cut that to 0 at the start and add an ally or blessing for it.

You should add a cost to your +1d4 combat power. No one can give himself additional power for free. A reveal effect with an appropriate card type would be enough.

Dragon Heritage: Your last power seems kind of redundant. You can already add your trait to your combat check. And i can´t recall any non-combat bane that would be interessted in an elemental trait. (except Miss Foxglove, but she needs divine.)

Mortal Heritage: Again the last power, seems really underwhelming to make a d10 into and d12. My suggestion would be to either let a combat oriented blessing always add a d12 or change "your" Strength check into "a" Strength check.

Magical Heritage: First of, i would make the favorite spell optionals, so that you can choose if you want a spell or weapon.
Adding the magic trait seems redundant too. At that level in the game, all your weapons should be magical, perhaps not the best, but at least magical. So the only option that this would be viable would be by hitting with your bare hands, which is normaly not preferable.
As i said at the start, i think casting on Constitution would be a better option. Because, even if you take all your recharge feats and put everything in Charisma, you still can only recharge spells of AP4 and up with a max roll.

Even if it is mostly critique, i hope it is at least constructive and a little bit helpful for you.

Damn, i totally played that scenario wrong and made it the hardest i ever played.
I read the scenario power as:
"If you fail the check, wipe your hand and draw a new one."
I spent a lot of blessings to not fail that rolls.

And another question, when the Scribbler summons monsters that are basic or elite, do the go back to the box, or get banished into the Void?

6)Now you got me interessted. Which scenarios where they, and what was your team composition? (I haven´t gotten AP5 yet. So please, no major spoilers.)

7)Oh, ok, my bad.

Short notice about point 6 and 7.
6) He would be one of the consistently like Kyra, just with less bonis. So it should be compared to her ability, and i don´t think she would heal herself 12 times in on scenario.

7) You must have remembered the power wrong. You have to discard an item to get the effect. Not just recharge something.

Point 1) i already stated that in an earlier post.

Point 2) Yes, the card stats that you can take better cards upwards of AP3. But to take a card at the end of a scenario, you have to be a card short, and no one else has picked up a card of that type during the scenario. Only if that happens, then you can take from the box what you want. And i don´t know how to get short of weapons to just take them. Normaly you don´t banish them to use them.

Point 3) I never said he was a hulk. Killing machine yes, sensless collaterals, no.

Point 4) Fixed this in an earlier post. And yes, someone could have argued that you auto-succeed at whatever you switch for Consti. Didn´t even come to my mind. Thank you for that.

Point 5) I just started playing Pathfinder RPG after i already build this character, so i can´t say if there is one that can change like that or not. It just fits to a tinkerer for me.

Point 6)I did encounter them, and at the end of every scenario i´m normaly under 5 cards in my draw deck. But needing to heal 12 times in one scenario seems kind of excessive. Because you most likly will not heal for just 1 card every time.

Point 7) Your math seems kind of off here.
Where does the +10 in your calculation come from? He has craft +3, can put a maximum of 2 skill feats in Int, and the ability maxes at +3. That sums up to a 8 for me. So, 4.5+4.5+8=17 and thats weaker than Seonis. Also the average of a D12 is 6.5 not 7.5. And Seoni can get +10 on both of her role cards, so she can get to an average of 20. Even with switching, he can´t get above an average of 19.

The next one got requested, so here she is.

She is, in my personal opinion one of my lesser innovative characters.
She kind of starts as a sorceress in hard mode.

Drasia (Keywords: Female, Dragon, Arcanist)
Strength d4 [][]
Dexterity d6 [][]
Constitution d6 Fortitude +1[][]
Intelligence d12 Arcane +2 Knowledge +2[][][][]
Wisdom d6 [][]
Charisma d8 [][][]

Weapon - [][]
Spells 6 [][]
Armor 1 []
Item 3 [][]
Ally 2 []
Blessings 3 [][]

Hand 5
Profiency [X]Light Armor, [] Heavy Armor

Dragonic Flight: You may move at the end of your turn.
Breath Weapon: You may recharge a card to add 1d4 ([]+1)([]+2) to a combat check at another location.
Arcane Knowledge: You automatically succeed at your check to recharge a spell ([] or item) with the arcane trait.

Adult Dragon:

Hand 5 []6
Profiency [X]Light Armor, [] Heavy Armor

Dragonic Flight: You may move at the end of your turn ([] and/or move another character to the location where you end your turn.
Breath Weapon: You may recharge a card to add 1d4 ([]+1)([]+2)([]+3)([]+4) to a combat check at another location.
Arcane Knowledge: You automatically succeed at your check to recharge a spell ([] or item) with the arcane trait.
[] Scales: You may discard a card to reduce damage dealt to you by 2([]3).
[] Summon Elemental: You may recharge a card with the arcane trait to add 1d4 +1 ([]+2) to your check.

Hand 5 []6 []7
Profiency [X]Light Armor, [] Heavy Armor, [] Weapon

Dragonic Flight: You may move at the end of your turn.
Breath Weapon: You may recharge a card to add 1d4 ([]+1)([]+2) to a combat check at another location.
Arcane Knowledge: You automatically succeed at your check to recharge a spell ([] or item) with the arcane ([] and/or divine) trait.
[] Divine Aptitude: You gain the skill Divine: Intelligence +2.
[] Charming: You gain the skill Diplomacy: Charisma +2.
[] Blessed: When you play a Blessing of Pharasma, you may recharge it ([] or shuffle it into your deck) instead of discarding it.

Her starting kit is a mixed bag of movement support and autorecharge.
She´s not easy to play because she has no reliable source of damage that stays in her hand.
I didn´t add an element to her Breath Weapon because i wasn´t sure with one. So i tried it without one first and it never came up as a hindrence.
Her first role is all about boosting her draconic aspect. Better flight, thick hide, better breath weapon, etc. Iconic dragon stuff.
Her other role is all about flexibility, by having the ability to learn to use heavy armor, weapons and even divine magic.

She has no easy way to evade anything if she gets a bad hand. And before the encounter damage can really ruin her day. I would suggest having at least one of her spells as a Cure, even if she banishes it.
If she got stuck with a real bad had, try to help as much as possible to get a little cycling going.
Drasia, together with Tron, Fenris and the Catburgler are one team.
The rest of my chars form the other team.

Oh, and please don´t say anything about her having 3 starting powers. Almost all of my chars have these to simulate something iconic to their race or profession.

@Calthaer I don´t get the reference.

@gallinule Try him out. Not being able to heal pretty much evens it out, because you almost never have spare resources for any buffs.
I tested him for 3 APs, and i wouldn´t call him too overpowered. Because he is really slow, he don´t has that great of an impact in the long run of the game. From the 8 characters i´ve build, i would only really call one of them overpowered, and Tron is not it.

And i think this is an interessting social experiment. People seem to be much more interessted in an artificial lifeform than in a werewolf.

p.s: Where i´m from it´s a new day. So send me a pm which char you guys want so see next.

The decision how to best use the resources you are given is the main point of his mechanics. Making a choice you don´t have to think at least twice about would defeat that purpose.

And as i said before, Construct as a "power" is the only way to simulate it. And having the argueable weakest skill in the game on auto-success for not being able to be healed, that definitly evens the rest out for me.

How do you just take weapons? I have a hell of a hard time banishing any weapon that came in my possession. And if i´m not short a weapon, i can´t just take one.

And analysing the enemy to be prepared to have the right tools for the job to wreck his face. That says destruction to me. As i said before, he is all about decision, no brainless killing machine. So analysing the enemy to lock onto them fits perfectly for me.

And yes, you could swap Consti as it is now, but why would you want to do that? As i said, intelligent decisions. And that can easily be fixes by excluding Constitution in that power.
[] Reconfigure: At the start of your turn ([] once per turn), you may recharge a card to exchange the dices of two of your Attributes, except Constitution. They stay this way until you use this power again or the end of the scenario.
But your are absolutly right about the complex part of this power.
And why do you think that rerouting his power or reforging his chassis wouldn´t fit to a golem?

If you need to heal yourself more than 12 times in a scenario, what the hell are you doing? I played him till the end of AP3 without a single heal. So it should be possible to stay under 12 times in one scenario.

And about Instable Matter. You completly ignored that Seoni has a D12 and he has a D8(yes you could switch it, put that means you just put two power feats on your role card to get a little bit better than a starting char). She has it from the get go, he only on his role card. So no, it doesn´t hit hard than Seoni.

And as i already said a couple of times, his mechanics are all about carefully managing your resources and second guessing every desicion you make if it really is the most optimal.

If anything of this should sound offensive, i´m apologising for it in advance.

@Vrog Skyreaver We just don´t seem to operate on the same wavelength.
First of, i see Construct more of a racial trait than a power, but this is the only way to simulate it in this game. So actually he just has 2 powers.

Engine of Destruction:
Changing the Arsenal to what you did would make it utterly useless. Because if fully skilled, he could have gotten bows for himself. With a maximum of 8, that wont be happening.
Rolling twice is something bad if you add a lot of dice, so that gets convoluted.
And adding blessing powers to his kit just seems wrong to me. He´s not that religis to get something extra from the gods. He a machine (and i know one could argue that he shouldn´t have blessings then. But having a few blessing and no allys seemed reasinabler to me.)

Using strength for something, and swaping your dice are completly different thing. Because if you swap, you are stuck that way till you can sway again. So much more thought have to go into using it.
And the rest of your suggestion are only resulting in a lot of deck cycling, which he shouldn´t be doing because he is freaking slow.

Thank you for your time and your suggestion anyway, i really like them, they just don´t click with me.

@isaic as i stated in another thread, all my chars a played till the end of AP3. So yes, i tested him.
1) I could have worded that better. What i meant was that Mending (and his own role power) are the only way he can be healed.
2) Yes infinite Consti is powerful, but not having any real option to heal yourself evens it out in my opinion. And i didn´t notice it was 44, i was quite sure that i had given him 42 (with the D8). But you are right, sometimes counting get lost in the process of creating awesomeness.^^
And another thing is, most of the Consti checks are either for Armors, with which he should be good, as he is technically a walking armor. And the other are movement restrictions. And in my eyes, he is a glacier, really slow, but you can´t stop him. So i think it´s really fitting. (The few occasions where a Consti check would prevent damage, he could have used an armor anyway.)
3)Oh yes, he hits like a truck with longbows. The drawback is that he can´t get them himself. And you are right that dropping his Strength to a D10 would be the easiest solution to the 44 problem. I played him like this till now, so i will most likely not change it, but if anyone of you want to try him with a D10 Strength, fell free to go and tell me the results afterward.
4)He is the slowest thing you will ever see. D4 Dex and not much extra explores, and when he extra explores, he will not get that cards back. So yes, he is a mixed bag of extremes.

And about the design work. He is one of my later chars. So i had a bit of practice before him and hammered him out in around 2h.

@Mundobot, i know that Construct are immune to such magic, but that would be in my opinion much to powerful. So i just cut that aspect.

Or, if someone with authority in this forum is willing to take the time and pm me to have a look at my questionable characters, that would be really fine too. So i can get a clear answer of what would be acceptable and what not.
Perhaps hiding questionable content behind a spoiler button with a clear warning lable, or something like that.

That sounds good to me too. My idea with the recharge was partly to not have a easy "run" and partly to give him a little bit more of deck cycling.
So, yeah, i think either recharge after the encounter or discard ([] recharge) after the encounter is a really good way to go.

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