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Scintillae wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
Scintillae wrote:
I'll admit that I've been struggling a lot with mine of late as well, and it's been really hard to pinpoint one set reason why.
see above. No wait, not that one, the one above that one.

I'm as all right as I can be. It helps that I don't live near my family or in the (very religious) town I teach because it would get a lot more...noticeable that I've been having issues.

It's a combination of a lot of factors. Politics from the pulpit for one, a doubling-down on traditional gender roles for another (I will not be a stay-at-home mother in either sense of the term, tyvm), trying to navigate an interfaith relationship between two families that have no intention of giving in on the subject of conversion, and the continual unearthing of abuse cover-ups over the past year...

What do you do when something that brought you comfort your entire life fails to live up to the expectations it instilled in you? How do you recover a shattered trust?

With cocaine... I mean music! Yes, go with music.

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*mumbles something about Jack Bruce*

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*mumbles incoherently about love, getting along, and cocaine.*

Makes his guitar gently weep.

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Rawr! wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:

Every movie from That time period had painful juvenile moments, it's how you know what era it's from.

That, and the hair.

And at least one full frontal nudity scene...

And the fact that most of the people involved in the movie were coked up to their eyeballs (at least anecdotally).

It was a wonderful era.

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You knocked me on my knees
You brought me lots of cocaine

Mutters indecipherable forlorn complaints about Disco killing Rock n Roll.

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Sharoth wrote:
I will just nose my way in.

*Mumbles forlornly and incoherently about hearing someone mention cocaine*

Tim Armstrong, Rock God wrote:
Habba wubba fuuuu da na na na

*mumbles quietly and poignantly to himself about cocaine*

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Nigel Tufnel, Guitar Wizard wrote:
Psh, poseur.

You want a row then, you limey bloke!