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Quentin Coldwater wrote:

My newest PFS character could use a visual aid.

Malendyl Sarmaris is a human. He has a bright red mohawk, a black eye, and missing some teeth. Despite that, he has a big grin and is usually pretty cheerful. His favourite tactic in combat is the use of dirty tricks, where he pokes people in the eyes, pulls his pants down, kicks them in the groin, and so on. If that doesn't work, he always has a greatsword to fall back on.
I was sort of going for a punk/anarchist vibe with him, but when I described him to someone, he went "oh, so like an American Football player?", and I couldn't really disagree. I always pictured him in raggedy clothes, maybe a greatcoat, and muted leathers. Maybe vaguely piratical, like this, but with a few brightly coloured accessories here and there. He's raised by Gnomes (took it for a trait), hence the chipper attitude and coloured hair.

Thanks a lot!

I happened to finish this fella first! I tend to jump between projects so I don't burn out on one of them. And let me tell you, I had a TON of fun with this guy! It's not the type of design i'd have come up with myself, and that's partially why I had such a blast. A real breath of fresh air. I chose to go for just accenting certain places with colour, to keep both the sketch vibe and the bright red iconic mohawk.



Hello folks! Thank you all for your wellwishes <3
All is well - I'm now home, without permanent damage done.

I want to gauge the general feeling really quick.
Would you guys prefer a painterly style, or a more loose and sketch-like one?

Just as an example, here are two drawings I did last week of my wizard:





Let me know what your preference is for the outcome of your request!

Hey everyone! I will be posting the images here as I finish them. I'm unfortunately, due to some unfortunate things happening, typing this on my phone from a hospital bed (so excuse any typos). Don't get worried, though, i'm mostly okay. Will be going home tomorrow around noon my timezone (I'm in Europe)! And once I am home, i'll gladly post my sketches so far
This whole hospital thing is just a horrible case of bad timing.

Just thought I'd update you all on why this is taking a while. Even if it's not paid work, I still think it's good form to provide an explaination. Thanks again for posting! All these characters seem really interesting.

Hey folks! Thank you for posting! These are all in progress. I'm thumbnailing and doing pose concepts at the moment. Tight sketches will be posted soon, and then updated along the way.

This is still open for anyone else wishing to post!

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Heyhey! I'm a freelance illustrator needing something to spend the next few hours doing. So, if you want, I can draw your character. I'm fairly new to pathfinder myself, but I'd love to learn more.

So, if you'd like a drawing, please post a description of your character, as well as a piece of advice for someone trying to get better at this whole thing.

PS: my favourite class is wizard (I play one myself!), so generally, those are the most fun for me to draw. I'm open to anything, though!