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Quentin Coldwater wrote:

My newest PFS character could use a visual aid.

Malendyl Sarmaris is a human. He has a bright red mohawk, a black eye, and missing some teeth. Despite that, he has a big grin and is usually pretty cheerful. His favourite tactic in combat is the use of dirty tricks, where he pokes people in the eyes, pulls his pants down, kicks them in the groin, and so on. If that doesn't work, he always has a greatsword to fall back on.
I was sort of going for a punk/anarchist vibe with him, but when I described him to someone, he went "oh, so like an American Football player?", and I couldn't really disagree. I always pictured him in raggedy clothes, maybe a greatcoat, and muted leathers. Maybe vaguely piratical, like this, but with a few brightly coloured accessories here and there. He's raised by Gnomes (took it for a trait), hence the chipper attitude and coloured hair.

Thanks a lot!

I happened to finish this fella first! I tend to jump between projects so I don't burn out on one of them. And let me tell you, I had a TON of fun with this guy! It's not the type of design i'd have come up with myself, and that's partially why I had such a blast. A real breath of fresh air. I chose to go for just accenting certain places with colour, to keep both the sketch vibe and the bright red iconic mohawk.



Sweet, thanks so much! I'm gonna use this when I introduce my character. Love the use of colour!

Either is fine, whichever is easier or more fun for you :) .

Java Man wrote:

Would love to have an image for one of the PCs in the campaign I am running. Marrow Shroudsong is a gnoll dirge bard. A tall, broad shouldered, humanoid hyaene. Tan pelt with dark spots, and the beginnngs, couple inch long, of curling horns on her brows. Armored in matte black leather lamellar, and typically armed with a whip in one hand and battle axe in the other.

Bits of fur, scalps, feathers, and other trinkets hang from her armor and clothing.

Either sketch or painterly look good, which ever you feel more.

I like the painterly style.

Hey this is a great way to give to the community!

My character's name is Ryodei. He is an Aasimar priest of Milani. The Aasimar are essentially of angelic descent. They mostly look human except their eyes are pure white. And sometimes under the right lighting a faint halo is visible above their heads. My character has pure white hair but is a handsome 23 year old man. He wears clean but unadorned light colored vestments (ie. a priest's robe). He does wear leather bracers decorated with roses. The bracers magically glow a soft pink. In order to dissimulate his religious inclination (Milanites are illegal in this area of the inner sea) he places a fresh rose as a broach on his outer garment. Ryodei is a man of the people. He seeks only to heal and help. His heart is sincere and pure. It should be noted that Ryodei has taken a vow to never wield a weapon.

As for tips for the game, I would suggest if you are new to read Golarion lore. The Inner Sea Primer is good for this. It's good to learn about the rules of the game, but if you are playing in the official pathfinder setting, knowing about the setting will greatly enhance your imagination.

Best of luck!

I have a Tiefling Cleric/Wizard who is going to be a Mystic Theurge. Her name is Lauren Ipsum. She is a Cleric of Asmodeus. Her day job is Lawyer. I created her to take advantage of a briefly-existing rule that would allow spell-like abilities to count for early access to Prestige Classes. She was going to be a level 1 Cleric, level 2 Wizard, Level 1 Mystic Theurge. She's still quite playable even though they switched the rule back, but I haven't been as excited about playing her. Perhaps a sweet picture would stimulate me.

Scarab Sages

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Could use one for this character. An Osirioni Half-Orc whose goal in life has become collecting martial trophies: which takes the form of the clothing of vanquished foes. With a focus on how they look over any other considerations.

Pants: His pathfinder party ran into looters who were pillaging an ancient temple. When intimidation failed they were beaten. Dahren demanded the only conscious man to give up his pants.

Boots: Cultists ambushed his party. One of them had nice boots. Dahren liberated them.

Shirt: Thugs murdered a group of pathfinders. The party murdered them. I rolled an appraise check to see what the best clothing was and rolled a 1. He fel in love with one thug's shirt. When an annoyed party member stealthily cut holes in the shirt, Dahren went into a rage and began destroying the pathfinder lodge. A really high bluff check with the use of 'light' convinced him that the shirt was Holy. Dahren declared it "the holy shirt of Erastril" much to the chagrin of the party's actual Cleric of Erastril.

Hat: In the plane of Air a Sylph was working for the Duchess of the plane, who ordered the party dead. Dahren truly wanted her fancy hat. Luckily when the Sylph was eaten, her hat wasn't damaged.

Aside from these pieces of clothing he has a mithril breastplate and a falchion.

If this is still open, I'd love to get in on it.

Are you only doing Fantasy, or are other genres open?

Your answer determines my next post. :D

I'd like to get in on this of at all possible. I'm playing a 3rd party race with a unique set of features I've used in free-form RP and basic stories for a while now (so happy this race has these!), but haven't been able to find any art featuring them. I'd love to finally see it on paper.

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