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Bam! Pow! Elegantly tasteful, highly functional, and nicely tailored. Red is definitely your color, and it helps hide those "stabby-the-mage" stains. You've successfully brought haute couture to the murderhobo class! Bravo!

...But dahlink, what did I tell you about capes? ;)

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VixieMoondew wrote:
Troodos wrote:
BOOOOOO!!! Why would you give him a shirt1? This is unfair!
So that he can take it off, of course!

My unofficial head canon for 2e Sajan is he's like ShatnerKirk. Sure, officially he wears a shirt. But somehow it will always manage to get shredded, torn off, or taken off at the drop of a hat.

Any hat. Even a hat two towns over.

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Freehold DM wrote:
lisamarlene wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
lisamarlene wrote:
Captain ? wrote:
How many markers do I have to lick before gaining super powers.

All twelve Mr. Sketchies, but you have to lick them in the correct flavor sequence, blindfolded, on the first try.

Otherwise you will DIE!

challenge accepted.
Photos or it didn't happen.
me flying to your house wouldnt be proof enough? Ill even fly in with your favorite doctor in tow- or maybe just NH dressed as you favorite doctor. Or your favorite doctor dressed as NH! That would be best, I think.

Freehold, darlink, we all know if you get superpowers, you're not going to be a flyer. You're going to be a Frozone. So, ice slides.

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I am not a Paizo developer nor a Paizo document layout person, but if possible and when applicable, could the Skills each be broken out into subsections on how they work under each Mode? That organizational style in the book would seem a good way to help speed up play for players & GMs, old & new alike, until they've built up familiarity with the new rules.

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Arachnofiend wrote:
I notice the skill is called "Nature" rather than "Knowledge: Nature". Does it still key off of Intelligence or is it wisdom now (and therefore a more appropriate skill for Druids to have)?

Maybe Nature's still Intelligence-based for everyone else, but the wild empathy ability now also allows classes with it (wild empathy) to use it (the Nature skill) with Wisdom instead?

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(Fingers and toes crossed) Really hoping that hint means Monday's blog will be about the rogue.

Freehold DM wrote:
Treppa wrote:
** spoiler omitted ** We'll find out Friday morning.
heres hoping it's not necessary...I need you alive and whole for the prophecy.

You're going to give her Misty Knight's arm, aren't you Dr. Freeholdbotnik?

A pliny of catoblepas

A _________ of were-rats

DM Barcas wrote:
I suspect that the singularity was caused by the weight of the paradoxes, somewhat like the paradox-hunting creatures from Series 1 of the rebooted Doctor Who. Fixing the singularity will resolve the paradoxes somehow.

Ordinarily that'd be true, but you forget about the added spacetime distortion of an entire season's worth of plotholes. ;)

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