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Hello friends,

I'm DMing a campaign for three friends, all of whom are new to tabletop (though we've been playing for ~a year). Because of their lack of system mastery, I homebrewed some mildly overpowered classes tailored to their tastes and usually throw in an NPC ally to balance the party out. We're also using the Automatic Bonus Progression rules from unchained (albeit slightly modified).

That said, I was hoping you could help me by suggesting fun/interesting items appropriate to a sixth-eighth level party. They're about to delve into a lich's tomb (said lich has already been slain), so bonus points if it's appropriate to a evil spellcaster's lair.

Their classes boil down to the following:

-Sneaky-stab rogue with 6th-level CHA divine casting based largely on Mesmerist list. Roguish social skills, but none of the trap stuff and less skill-monkey utility

-Full BAB monk with a resource system similar to Kineticist burn and a shapeshift mechanically similar to Alchemist Mutagen; demon theme

-Gunslinger meets Bloodrager meets Occultist; full BAB, 4th-level INT casting, with a rage analog and spells based on chosen schools. Provides the trapfinding/knowledge wonk stuff.

Weapons are largely taken care of, but any other suggestion for fun magic stuff is welcome. Could be consumable, wondrous item, whatever. I'm not super concerned about WBL because they don't know what they're doing, but I want to reward them for some awesome RP in the previous session.

Any and all suggestions appreciated :D

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Distilled essence of various sentient creatures, enemies of the lich etc. By consuming the essence, gain a +10 to a specific skill for 1 hour. During this time, the character also assumes some of the mannerisms of the person the essence was drawn from. An individual who drinks the essence can also be targeted by a Speak wth Dead to get information from the original victim.

Mummy wraps, while they are wrapped around the person it serves as a Hide from undead and can touch a creature to afflict them with Mummy Rot. Using the mummy rot ability destroys the wraps.

Cauldron of the Unseen Igor - using the cauldron to brew potions and poisons is faster due to invisible assistants who stir and aid in preparation. Craft checks get a +10 for determining the amount of progress made each day, though the base roll must still meet the DC. Once per week a potion can be brewed via Brew Potion feat in half the normal time.

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