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7 posts. Alias of captain yesterday.


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Yup, I'm a wall.

Just stand real still, he'll never know you're there.

That a knee!

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lynora wrote:

The kind of day I’m having: I woke up with a dislocated thumb and a black eye. It sounds like a more exciting night than it was. My thumb popped when I reached for my alarm clock and I had to put it back to rights. (Ow!) And the eye is because my sinuses are so swollen I literally got a black eye from the inside. Pretty impressive shiner too. My husband keeps hovering because he’s afraid I’m going to faint again. (I made the mistake of trying to cook last night and just as finished clearing dirty dishes off the stove I turned around and hello, floor, we meet again). Pretty sick, very behind on my word count, and not able to manage basic chores. Kidlet is sick too which is brilliant because it’s the last week before exams so it’s basically all about helping him fake well well enough that he doesn’t get sent home as there is no time to make up work.

Argh! So tired of my body being all broken and out of order! >:(

Edit: well, of course, I was overheated from the fever.... :P

No, no, I get it, the floor's super popular these days.

I... I just thought we had something, you know.

But that's okay, I won't make a scene.

Turns away so no one can see him cry.

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It isn't mine, I swear!

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You make an alias to crack a rules joke and my phone decides it should be my default alias for some reason. :-\

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You clearly never swung a sword at me! Ayup, I've been jacking up my dexterity, even got a head band, just for this sort of thing! So go ahead! Take your best shot! I'll show you how real a wall I totally a...