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GM kuey wrote:

With the various school deadlines, I haven't gotten round to GMing a game recently. This post is meant to correct that!

I have been sitting on the module Gallows of Madness for sometime and have decided that I would like to take it on. Played through it once and found it quite enjoyable, and hope that as a GM, I can make it so as well. So this is recruiting for a full run of this module, consisting of 3 semi-independent adventures.

This campaign sounds awesome! I've got a druid I would love to get in a longer campaign to really sink into the rpg aspect with.

Have a new idea for a bug style druid I want to roll up with the whole druid spell list bug flavored if there is room on the third table tomorrrow.

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Sweet! Thanks for holding the spot! Yeah I've played mostly pen and paper and deffinetly traditionally "rolled" this dude lol. I'll get on re working Uroon and be good to go here in a couple days. Thanks again!