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thanks guys.... she is very happy - one more convert to the PF2 coven!

I was trying to explain to a new player the changes to the action system...

So basically you can move, hit and move again, or any combination you can think off..

She then threw at me, so does that mean that if you have a single action spell you can cast 3 spells ?

I actually had to stop and think about my answer then. I said No. I would think that unless the spell was singular somatic, or verbal ? and I am not sure how many spells are just verbal or just somatic.

I did a quick search online - but didnt really find an answer - and I havent got my rulebook with me.

Am I right ?


So I thought I would have a crack at converting an upcoming monster, in case my group crosses to 2nd edition and I have to convert the current monster. happy to take suggestions?

here is the original:
Weaverworm (CR 8)

XP 4,800
NE Huge aberration
Init +18; Senses darkvision 60 ft., tremorsense 30 ft.; Perception +10

AC 20, touch 12, flat-footed 16 (+6 Dex, +8 natural, –2 size)
hp 95 (10d8+50)
Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +9

Speed 30 ft., burrow 10 ft., climb 30 ft.
Melee 1 bite +9 (2d6+7), 2 claw +9 (1d8+7 plus paralytic nails)
Space 15 ft.; Reach 15 ft.
Special Attacks drag, weaver’s song, paralytic nails, web (+11 ranged, DC 19, 10 hp)

Str 24, Dex 18, Con 18, Int 13, Wis 14, Cha 17
Base Atk +7; CMB +16; CMD 30 (can’t be tripped)
Feats Far Shot, Improved Initiative, Point-Blank Shot, Toughness, Weapon Finesse
Skills Bluff +8, Climb +19, Intimidate +16, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +7, Perception+10, Perform (string) +14, Spellcraft +13, Stealth +6 Languages Common

Drag (Ex)
A weaverworm that successfully entangles a victim with its web attack can retract the web, dragging the victim into its clutches. Each round, the entangled victim can attempt a CMD check to escape. Upon a failed check, the weaverworm forcibly drags its victim 20 feet toward it.

Paralytic Nails (Ex)
A weaverworm’s nails secrete a potent paralytic agent. Any creature damaged by its claw attacks must make a DC 19 Fortitude save or be paralyzed for 1 round. In addition, the weaverworm’s nails break off in the bodies of those it paralyzes. A paralyzed creature must make another save to avoid being paralyzed again at the beginning of its round, doing so every round until the nail is removed as a full-round action. A weaverworm’s nail can be removed with either a DC 12 Strength check, which removes the nail and deals 1d4 points of damage to the victim, or a DC 14 Heal check, which deals no damage. A weaverworm’s paralytic nails don’t affect any creature that is immune to poison. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Weaver’s Song (Su)
A weaverworm can play its webs like a grotesque musical instrument. When doing so, all non-weaverworms within 300 feet must make DC 18 Will saves. Those who make their saves are unaffected. Those who fail are fascinated, and on their turn, move toward the weaverworm by the most direct means available. If the path leads into a dangerous area, such as through fire or off a cliff, that creature receives a second saving throw to end the effect before moving into peril. A victim within 5 feet of the weaverworm simply stands and listens. This effect continues for as long as the weaverworm performs and for 1d4 rounds thereafter. This is a sonic mind-affecting charm effect. Whether or not the save is successful, the victim is immune to the same weaverworm’s song for 24 hours. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Here is my attempt...

Weaverworm Creature 8

NE Huge Aberration

Senses: Perception +18; Darkvision ; True Seeing, Tremor Sense
Languages: Common

Skills: Diplomacy +15, Acrobatics +19, Intimidation +19, Lore +14, Perform +14, Arcana +14, Stealth +12

AC 29, Fort +18, Ref +15, Will +14

HP 120

Speed 25feet, Burrow 20 Ft

Weavers Song [three-actions]

Melee [one-action] Jaws +20 2d12+9
Melee [one-action] claw +20 2d8+6 slashing plus paralytic nails
Melee [one-action] claw +20 2d8+6 slashing plus paralytic nails
Ranged [one-action] Web +17 (magical, Range Increment 30ft) Effect Web Tether

Web Tether A creature hit by the ether spider’s web attack is immobilized and stuck to the nearest surface (Escape DC 22)

Paralytic Nails (poison) Saving Throw DC22 Fortitude Effect Paralyzed for 1 round. The weaverworm's nail breaks off in those bodies and a paralyzed creature must make another save to avoid being paralyzed again at the beginning of its round, doing so until the nail is removed.
Removing the nail requires 3 actions

Weavers Song (Controlled) A weaverworm can play its webs like a grotesque musical instrument. When doing so, all non-weaverworms within 300 feet must make DC 22 Will saves. Affected creatures move toward the weaverworm by the most direct route possible. If the path leads through a dangerous area, then the creature gains a second saving throw. This affect continues for as long as the weaverworm performs and for 1d4 rounds after.

Thanks for that.

1. You are right - I think she would be much more interactive with PF2 - because its simpler - her main comment is that she'd have to go back to pen and paper - as I wouldnt be spending the uber dollars on Herolab for the Ipad.

2. Treasure seems to be where I am getting stuck. +1 weapons are easy enough, but its things like wands. I guess I could just replace wands with scrolls or potions.

3. I like Carrion crown - it allows me to embellish the story a bit... they like the creepy nature. I am looking forward to the werewolves section.

4. At the end I really only want to be supporting 1 system at a time. I have another group that are staunch PF1 supporters and are not interested in having the conversation at the moment. .. .to be fair to that group - they have only just started Rise of the Runelords so I have about 2 years to turn them around.


Hi all,

Seeking some general advice for handling the move to PF2.

My partner who has only been playing PF1 for about a year plays in two games.

The first group is running Mummy's Mask in which we are nearing the end. She joined this group at 7th level (which is a struggle for any player to understand, not to mention a complete new player)

This group is seriously considering switching to PF2 going forward.

The second game she plays in with my kids and a couple of friends, has only just started playing Carrion Crown - and is only just finishing book 2 before we had to take a break.

She has raised a concern (and I think its a valid one) - that having to remember two different (albeit similiar) systems may be too hard for her to switch between them, and its one of the things we really do enjoy doing together.

So I sort of see we have a few options:

1. Stay on PF1 for Carrion crown and hope that she can learn both systems
2. Convert Carrion Crown to PF2. This would be a fair amount of work for me as the GM. Creatures not so much of the problem but things like haunts, traps, and treasure seem to be difficult to convert.
3. Stop Carrion Crown, and start afresh with something like Fall of Plaguestone.
4. Ask the Mummy's Mask group to stay on PF1 until Carrion Crown is complete - I dont feel thats fair as that group is keen on getting into PF2.

I honestly dont really know which way to go. The kids and my partner are enjoying Carrion Crown, as they love the intrigue and investigative parts.

Appreciate anybody's thoughts.


My group are currently playing ROTRL - but want to play Skulls and Shackles next.... I'd like to move them into 2nd edition then.

I have no idea how hard it will be yet. considering S&S is not a universally loved AP.

I have only just started organising the data as its about a year away... so hoping there will be guides sooner rather than later.

Question on the Harrowing...

I have never used these before, so was wondering how they actually work ?

At the moment, I am planning to record who draws what so that I can come back to it when those events happen ? is that right ?

Otherwise how do the players know when they will be used ? or do you just let them use them and only grant them the bonus for that encounter ?


Also I'd like to add another copy of the Dungeon Decor (Order 7595758)

How would the best way to update that order?



Would it be possible to combine these two orders into a single shipment and see if that reduces the cost of shipping.

Thank you.

Andy Hayes

Thanks I will retrain it out, its handy at the moment as we are only 3rd level, gives me a bit more usefulness after my other spells are out without resorting to "go Team" moral support.

I'm still looking through spells at higher levels - one of my friends keeps harping on about create pit... but its been done to death in our games and everybody now groans every time its cast.. .so I am avoiding it.

1/ mage armor, magic missile, burning disarm
2/ Mirror Image and Scorching Ray

I am thinking that next level I will probably dump burning disarm for a protection from evil, and add more buffs into 2nd level
3rd level will be all offensive (fireball, lightning bolts etc)

Loving the extra levels on the potent magic and I may end up dropping one of those feats for more reservoir.

so based on all the feedback I got... I have this:
Level 1 - Potent Magic and Extra Resevoir

Level 3 - Extra Exploit - I did end up taking lightning lance (I was in game and couldnt remember what I was SUPPOSED to take!)

Level 5 Improved Initative, Quick Study Exploit

Level 7 Cypher Magic

Level 9 Spell Penetration, Metamagic Knowledge exploit

Level 11 Quicken Spell

Level 13 Greater Spell Penetration, Metamixing exploit

Level 15 Intensified Spell,

Level 17 Heighten Spell.

Sorry its taken a while to post - been moving house!


Can you explain metamixing?

So have changed a few things

Cha to 15

1 potent magic, extra arcane reservoir
3 spell focus (abjuration)
5 quick study, cypher magic
7 metamagic feat
9 dimensional slide

Yeah I am starting to think illusion is the wrong path, I’ll start having a look at abjuration instead.

I really liked the idea of illusion, but may not so good as a first time wizard class

Feats I had planned
Spell penetration
Greater spell penetration
Spell focus (abjration (now was illusion)
Greater spell ficus
Maximized spell
Dazing spell

I am hoping this will go to about 16th level

There is also a feat,but I can’t remember it’s name, which allows you a skill point and hit point at each level

I wanted the character to be not just a blaster but a sage sort, something akin to elminster .. just because he can blast the world to smithereens doesn’t mean he should.

I was interested in the illusion path to give the melee characters the advantage in battle

Pits, illusionary walls etc.

His background is that he was charged by the cryptomages to find out as much about the runelords as possible, discover their secrets so that they can protect the world at large from destructive magic...

I’ll be spending a lot of downtime creating scrolls and maybe a few wands.

I had ideas of spells that simulate real spells eg lightning bolts and others that inflict non leathal damage... however if those don’t work then to follow them up with the real versions, if that’s even possible with illusion spells - I need to do some more research into the effects of illusion

I have also been looking at the shadow magic, but not sure yet.

Other Exploits I was considering were Dimensional slide, barriers, acid darts and the like.

Meirril wrote:
Diablo2970 wrote:

Level 3 feat - dazing metamagic spell
After that I haven’t thought about it

Anything to change.

You won't be able to use Dazing until you get 4th level spells...or 7th level at the absolute earliest. If your GM is cool with the retraining rules in Ultimate Campaign you can take a different feat you can use and retrain it to Dazing later if you want.

Instead think about feats you'll get a benefit from now, or need to make prerequisites later. One thing to consider is what school of spells you generally like the most. If you can plan on taking spells from a single school for several levels (enchantment, illusion, transmutation are all great schools) you can take Spell Focus (and Greater Spell Focus) to up the DC. Spell Specialization will add 2 levels to your favorite spell of the school, and you can change which spell you specialize in every even levels.

Some spell chains to consider:
Enchantment: sleep(1st), Hideous Laughter(2nd), Heroism(3rd), Confusion(4th)
Illusion: Color Spray(1st), Mirror Image(2nd), Displacement(3rd), Phantasmal Killer(4th), Greater Invisibility(4th)
Transmutation: Enlarge Person(1st), Bull Strength(2nd), Haste(3rd), Slow (3rd), Calcific Touch(4th)

Illusion is what my first choice was. I saw a post about using silent image to create obscuring mist and loved the idea of using illusion to recreate other spells

Thanks guys... decided on an exploiter wizard, and I’ll post the build below to get thoughts

Race: Catfolk
Str 10, dex 15, con 12, Int 18, Wis 8, Cha 10
Level 1

Arcane exploite: quick study

Feats: cypher magic ( I want to be able to use a lot of scrolls and this fits with the cyphermage group from adventurers guide - but waiting on GM approval) otherwise it will be improved initiative, it did consider toughness too.

Traits;: reactionary and self taught scholar

0 - daze, disrupt undead, detect magic,
1 - colour spray and Mage Armor

No weapons - chose cats claws as a alternative racial trait

Level 3 feat - dazing metamagic spell
After that I haven’t thought about it

Anything to change.

hi Fellow pathfinders
I am building a new character for upcoming return of the runelords campaign and looking for some advise

Here is the detail
20 point build
Role: ARCANE spellcaster.

I don’t just want to be just another spell hurling blaster that relies on freballs, magic missiles and god complexes.. that’s been done to death in our group over the years, I want more of a subtle character .. somebody who uses illusion, protection and some offence.

The idea is to keep those super powers in reserve so the group goes “where the **** did that come from?”

I’ve read all the guides I can find but I’m torn between sorcerer, magus, wizard and Arcanist.

Having never playing an arcane caster before I’m looking for some advice on those 4 and pros and cons, and maybe some feat suggestions.


Hi all,

I am looking to run a short campaign from 1st level to about 12th level with a bit of a Gothic horror feel, but I don't want to go full AP (aka Carrion Crown).

The reason for not going down the Carrion Crown route was that I believe it needs a fair bit of work to make enjoyable, and I just don't have the time at the moment (since I am running 3 other groups), since I am running this for a mate and his son, so I want to do as little prep as possible.

Can anybody suggest any module sequences / society play / 3pp products that are linked that might suit ?

Ideally I'd like short adventures that are between 2 and 3 sessions long.

So it appears to be a tie between the skald and the druid....

I hadn't considered the druid
I really like Kaouse's idea on the Skald...I might roll that up today.

Ryze Kuja wrote:
Bard would be an excellent addition to this group as well. Don't let the Paladin be your party face.

The paladin is a shy paladin, its been up to the sorcerer and my current cleric to be that face, or at times the ninja...

I think a bard could be a good fit. I found a thing called a Arcane Healer, which is like a archetype of bard... I lose versatile performance and lore master but gain limited channelling (channel as a cleric 1 level lower) and ability to use bardic performance to cast cure light wounds or cure moderate wounds.

What is not clear is that does everybody get the cure light wounds if they hear the performance or just one character as per spell

Ryze Kuja wrote:

Bugger I forgot to put the party make up on.

1 x paladin
1 x ninja
1 x sorcerer
1 x witch

Yes I know... another build advice thread...

ok I am looking to build a character that fills a role, not necessarily a particular class.

First the Rules:
Must be Paizo product, so no 3rd party stuff
Must be 12th Level
Must be non evil
20 Point build

Support type...I know your first thought!...CLERIC!... but lets go outside of the box.

I am sick of playing the cleric... something that sounds like a cleric but isn't...make sense ? or a pretend cleric.

Not really wanting to get into combat, would rather think his way out of situations and using what spells/feats/abilities he has to do so.

I am looking a class that can use healing wands, buffing and protection type spells/abilities, should be able to create wands, potions etc but is fun to play.

Options I have considered so far:
1. Inquisitor
2. Bard
3. Warpriest (but too combatty)
4. Alchemist


Davor wrote:

Well, as for analyzing your character, let me start with this right off the bat:

A 33 AC looks far more impressive than it really is. 15 above your level is generally considered decent, but being tanky requires at LEAST a 20+, which would be 37. You could achieve this relatively cheaply by spending one of your Spring Attack feats for Heavy Armor proficiency and picking up Mithral Full-Plate. That alone would bring your AC up to 36 for just a little extra investment. You also said you don't have a shield because you've been fighting giants, but what about all your other gear? Aren't you a new character?

Our group and GM has made it a policy for a long time that new characters can only use what the previous one had. We are nearing the end of this AP, and deep within the enemy's fortress, and because the previous character was a more militant cleric, he liked to go in with the warrior after doing as much buffing as possible, he also wielded a greatsword (story item), so he never had a shield.

Davor wrote:
I would completely get rid of those inflict spells you have prepared (except Harm, which is a REALLY good spell). Change your feats out to ones that will either A) Improve your Defenses, or B) Improve your spellcasting. Higher save DCs will go a long way. I also notice you only have a Cloak of Resistance +2. Your stats are okay, but you REALLY ought to consider changing some part of your gear out for a +5.

We didn't have enough money or time to create the high level cloaks before going into where we are, and there is no way out at the moment... hopefully what I have will keep him alive til the end. (which I don't think is very far, as we are in the last book of the AP)

I've already told the group, the next game after I finish my GM stint, I want the rogue. A plain simple, rogue. No spellcasting, no silly stuff, just a guy who likes to sneak ahead, scout and report...oh and collect shiny bits of gold.

Appreciate all the help guys, it seems like I have to modify my play style...oh and stay away from bloody clerics for a while!

blahpers wrote:

Welcome to the "I got one-shot by a big monster with a greataxe" club. Lost my favorite PC that way.

We should make T-shirts!

Definitely !

a second version -

Make a will save - you are confused...
Rolls..... attacks nearest creature... and its an archer.... oh dear.

Vidmaster7 wrote:
He might not of meant the game mechanic coup de grace and rather just the term for finish me off. (I didn't think you had to roll to coup de grace game mechnic wise it was treat as auto crit but I could be wrong. I haven't looked it up recently. )

It was a while ago, so I can't honestly remember the exact words...

but basically he finished me off.... we have only just since re-found that rule about total concealment.

Just like the stabilise check - we always assumed DC10, but its not its DC10 + how many negative hit points you have....

So meet Besh:

Half-Orc Cleric 17 of Mhar

Domains: Earth and Ash
Racial Abilities +2 Wisdom

Current AC: 33, Current HP: 159

STR: 10/14, Dex 16, Con 12/16, Int 10, Wis 20/24, Cha 12/16

Feats: Dodge, Mobility, Reach Spell, Selective Channel, Spell Penetration, Spring Attack, Toughness, Versatile Channel, Iron Will

Traits: Exalted of the Society, Disillusioned

Magic Items: Belt of Physical Might (Inherited from previous), Cloak of Resist +2, Headband of Mental Prowess +4 (WIS, CON), Ring of Protection +2, Ioun Stones (Pink and Green Sphere and Dusty Rose Prism), Ring of Sustenance, Amulet of Natural Armor +5

Armour: +5 Agile Breastplate (crafted)
He doesn't have a shield at the moment, because there aren't any his size ... we have been fighting giants!

Domain: Burning Hands, Soften Earth and Stone, Stone Shape, Wall of Fire, Fire Shield, Stoneskin, Elemental Body IV (Earth only), Incendiary Cloud

0 - Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Guidance, Resistance
1 - Bless, Burning Disarm, Detect Evil, Entropic Shield, Remove Fear, Shield of Faith
2 - Endure Elements - Communal, Healing Token, Hold Person, Inflict Moderate Wounds, Protection from Evil - Communal, Spiritual Weapon
3 - Agonize, dispel magic, Inflict Serious Wounds, Magic Vestment, Prayer, Resist Energy - Communal
4 - Aura of Doom, Curse of Unexpected death, Inflict critical wounds, poison, protection from energy - communal
5 - Breath of Life, Flame Strike, Life bubble, slay living, spell resistance
6 - Blade Barrier, Cold Ice Strike, Harm, Heal, Joyful Rapture
7 - Destruction, Jolting Portent, Repulsion
8 - Angelic Aspect, Greater, Stormbolts
9 - Scourge of the Horsemen.

I originally built her to do spring touch attacks but have changed my mind since then

Rathendar wrote:
it sounds like your group/DM is fairly unforgiving in playstyle, just by hearing those overall numbers. Some groups/players prefer it that way, others do not. If you and the other players are disheartened by it, perhaps mention it to the DM as food for thought on his side.

Our GM's have been to play creatures as intelligent, and never pull punches...

There was really only one death that ****** me off... I was invisible and got knocked unconscious by a spell I think, as I next to the creature, the GM rolled to see if it noticed me, he rolled a natural 20 and coup de grace'd me.

Davor wrote:
I'd be interested to know how Cleric #2 died from failing a Will Save when opening a sarcophagus. It seems like they may have been low level, and I'd be surprised if you sprung a 100% lethal trap at low levels.

After conferring with the GM who ran that, it wasn't actually on the sarcophagus, it was on an amulet that the body was wearing, I cast detect magic on it, and it glowed, but the GM determined that in order to get more detail I had to handle the item, that's when the trigger happened. Basically it was instant death, but your soul was replaced, so I had to wander around as a female cleric for a while...

Hence Baldric became Baldrina.

I’ve spoken with the GM so when I get home
I’ll post my current build and see where we can make improvements

Mathmuse wrote:
avr wrote:
It sounds like your party isn't good at working together to keep each other alive. It could be that they're the ones that would need to change.

The evidence:

  • Cleric 2 - killed when he opened a sarcophagus and rolled like. 1 or 2 on a will save
  • Cleric 4 - smothered by a lurker above
  • Number 5 - got backed into a corner and couldn’t get away
  • 6 - ... when somebody said check out these religious things I did and got attacked by 4 invisible rogue types with Armor piercing arrows... all with sneak damage
  • 7- rolled a 1 on a will save and was paralysed in front of a greater mummy

Situations 4, 5, and 7 should have had the party working desperately to save the cleric. Situation 2 should have had someone else open the sarcophagus with the cleric on standby to remove any cursed condition that resulted. Situation 6 was the party walking into an ambush and the cleric taking the brunt of it.

Do the other PCs die at a similar rate? I remember in my AD&D days that the tactics against an enemy group was to kill their healer first, since that made killing the rest of them easier. In our current Pathfinder games, no-one would be able to tell who is the healer, since Hero Points and good teamwork make combat healing almost never necessary. (The primary healer is the strix skald flying around with the lucerne hammer. The gunslinger with the medical kit and the bloodrager with the potions are the backups.)

Try playing another class to break you and the other players of whichever habits killed the clerics and the rogue.

The fighter has cheesed his character out (ok dwarf fighting giants - obvious choice) has died twice but he is very hard to hit, I think vs Giants his AC is like 40

The wizard has never died....
the archer has died once but he only shows up when he can (he is a bit of a part time player due to family reasons) and the rogue has died twice in this AP..

I should note that most of the deaths occurred during shatter star... that was just brutal on characters I think over all we lost at least 30 between 5 of us... I still remember one game . Opened a door.... make will save ... rolls a 1— instant death....disintegrate trap or something...

Leitner wrote:

Have they all been the same style of cleric? At this point I'd go probably go a full force tank paladin if you really need a divine caster/healer or something in your group.

Get fey foundling trait. Go for amazing saves. Possibly even grab iron will and improved to reroll a fatal crit fail. Throw on full plate, a heavy shield, and whatever natural armor, dodge, deflection, etc bonus you can get.

I didn’t start out playing clerics in the last AP first one was a rogue but then the guy who played the cleric left the group... and I had just died due to.....being hit by a giant with a great axe for a triple confirmed critical... There was no coming back from that

Very similar types of cleric I tried a few different flavours... holy vindicator... I think 10 was a dwarven cleric/holy vindicator/ stalwart defender with stupid AC of 40 something

2 deaths in the recent pile were because I was the back up healer (as the main healer couldn’t make every game and the GM decreed that if he wasn’t there we could let run his character as a npc)...

I have taken to wearing a red shirt at the game table (for those who get the Star Trek reference)

The current cleric I have built using the reach cleric build but doesn’t want to get within 30’ of any combat unless absolutely necessary and this time have taken iron will and greater iron will so my will save is like +25 and wanted to focus on touch type spells that rebuff and inflict... I took versatile channeller so I could harm or heal.... but we are near the end of this AP so hopefully he can survive long enough...

It’s my turn to GM after this one so I’ll have a break from character builds!

Ok fellow gamers... I’m looking for some advice here

The short story first - I keep dying. In the last 3 AP I have lost 19 characters

Admittedly they have all been clerics... so I either suck at playing a cleric or something else is going on

I don’t think it’s my builds as I pretty much religiously (no pun intended) follow the cl ric guides

Cleric 1 - bad build ... no question
Cleric 2 - killed when he opened a sarcophagus and rolled like. 1 or 2 on a will save
Cleric 3 - charmed by singing eel things jumped into
Water and drowned (no the party didn’t save me)
Cleric 4 - smothered by a lurker above
Number 5 - got backed into a corner and couldn’t get away
6 - my own fault, wasn’t really listening and when somebody said check out these religious things I did and got attacked by 4 invisible rogue types with Armor piercing arrows... all with sneak damage
7- rolled a 1 on a will save and was paralysed in front of a greater mummy
8 - I can’t remember
9 - fell or was pushed can’t remember into a endless hole
10 - I think he survived the end of the AP
.... most famous and best death was one of the last ones... failed a will save again.. panicked... in order to stop me from running too far away our valiant dwarf fighter with a warhammer threw it to try and knock me unconscious... rolled a natural 20 and then confirmed it.... let’s just say that a small thermonuclear warhead would leave more bits behind from the damage he did.

And so on... some have been the result of bad rolls, one or two have been because the GM was a ***********!

The rest have been the result of bad choices maybe in spells...

So I guess the question is... I’m looking for resources and tips for better play... or is it that I just totally suck at clerics and should go play a bard?

Hi All,

I've been looking at the magus class, and some of the abilities look pretty cool, but I was wondering if there was an equivalent in the divine caster area.

We like to have back up characters so game play isn't slowed down a lot, so we have a paladin, a ranger, a sorcerer and a ninja.... I am currently playing a cleric.

Just wondering if anybody has built one using the standard paizo rulebooks ?

I like the idea of delivering spells via weapons..

I thought about the reach cleric, but would prefer not to get that close.


Hi all,

so I have a player in my campaign who is a cavalier with the beast rider archetype, and in tonight's game his mount was killed by a lucky troll.

A couple of questions around cavaliers and their mount(s):

1. How does he gain a new mount. I think the rules state he can get a new one next level. Does he have to buy it, or quest for it, or does it just show up and does it start at 1st level?

*EDIT* 2. How much time does he need to take to find a new mount ? Is there any penalty for him losing his trusty steed ? I found the answer to the first bit (1 week)

I have another question, which is similar but around the other way, what happens to the players mount if the PC dies ? does it ride off into the sunset ? hang around ? hope and pray that party has a resurrection spell ?



Gisher wrote:
Vital Strike only doubles your weapon's dice, not any bonuses. So you would only get +2 from Arcane Strike.

this is the bit that confuses me:

When you use this ability with Vital Strike, Improved Vital Strike, or Greater Vital Strike, the bonus on damage rolls for Arcane Strike is multiplied by the number of times (two, three, or four) you roll damage dice for one of those feats.

I'm a little slow this morning, long gaming night,

so I am looking at blooded arcane strike as well, and trying to figure out the mechanics.

7th level Primalist bloodrager
just taken blooded arcane strike

my attack bonus is +11/+6 and damage is normally 2d6+11 (out of rage)
arcane strike is +2
I rage and turn on arcane strike becomes 2d6+14
I hit bbeg with vital strike on the first hit, so that's 4d6+16

so do I multiply the arcane strike +2 x 2 = +4
so my final damage output should be 4d6+18?

have I got that right ?

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
Rednal wrote:
Actually, they do. They're still working on the content market (which should be out soon, I think), but they got a Pathfinder license for Realm Works and I don't think that's expired or anything. XD The plan is, and I quote directly from a press release, "to produce and sell Adventure Paths, modules, campaign settings, player companions, and rulebooks from Paizo’s popular Pathfinder Roleplaying Game™ product line" through Realm Works, as they're applicable to the software.
As far as I know though, it's not been implemented, and may well be set back by 1.. the fact that the software isn't selling well, and 2. the shrinkage in staff.

Realmworks advised today that Paizo had changed the licencing agreement on how their digital products work, and its really annoyed a lot of people. See Link: http://www.wolflair.com/blog/2017/02/06/realm-works-content-market/

To be able to use Realmworks and a Paizo product, you must own the PDF copy of the product and then buy the package for Realmworks.

This has made a lot of people very unhappy, and I sincerely hope that this changes before final implementation, because as it stands (as I understand it), people will really think twice before having to buy the hardcover and the PDF and Realmworks. A case in point: Crimson Throne is $42 for the PDF (despite the fact that I already own the hard cover), and will need to buy a package for another $x (I am assuming it will be about $30... so that makes it a $70 purchase (as I understand the licence model right now...and it MAY change). This is only based on US dollars, and by the time you convert it to whatever currency you use (in my case AUD), it becomes an over $150 purchase).

I wouldn't mind too much if when you bought a hardcopy that it contained a single redeemable voucher to get the PDF as part of the purchase, as I do enjoy having the physical copy with me (plus its easier to read in bed than on a electronic device! :-) )

Unless it changes before go live, it will really really make me think about buying ANY hard cover AP.

Thanks for the help guys, I really like the suggestion on the two gloves thing.

I'll find the Jade Regent board too, admittedly I didn't consider looking if there was one.

Yeah, the caravan isn't a big item for the group, but it does give them something to do.

I throw in a few side adventures rather than just using the "you have been attacked by a......<rattle of die> Ogre.... again.

I have some of the society modules and pulled some stuff out of those, I have a plan for one, where the party need to go deal with a witch, which may spawn other side adventures (anybody played Witcher 3.....wink wink).

I'll post when I come up with the set.

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Yes, that's exactly what I was thinking...
I want to string it out over the coarse of each of the books.

My plan was to use the vision sequence given to them by the Amatatsu seal in the armour sets to see them dressed in such a manner, and give each one a special name.

Then when they go to Kalsgard in the next book they have the opportunity to investigate with the local sage, to find the next piece.

I did mention it at the beginning of the AP, but they didn't really give me any hints.

I am hoping it will encourage them to explore and RP a bit more than what they are used to.

Hi Fellow DM's and like minded associates!

I am DM'ing my first AP - Jade Regent AP.

The group are fast coming to the end of the first book and there is a provision to customize the treasure at the end.

So according to the book, it should be magic items, no more than 9000gp in value, and the players should feel that they are destined to find them.

I was thinking along the lines of like in Diablo that when you find the complete set of x it gives you a few bonus's only when all the items are combined.

So to give some context, here is the party:
Mounted Cavalier
Magus/Rogue (don't ask, I am still asking myself and the cleric this one)

I was thinking for the cavalier:
A cloak or banner, armour and lance

but I am kind of stuck on the others.

I'd be very interested in hearing what other people who have played Jade Regent did.

Appreciate the help.

Hi Guys,

My group have just started Jade Regent, and while they are going ok, I am trying to put some thought into the caravan trips...

I would like to make it more interesting than, a goblin raid, giants, etc etc... and was wondering what anybody else did ?

I am considering things like a ruined house, a fallen tower, a graveyard, without making it too challenging.

From what I have read after about Book 4 the caravan is pretty much finished, but I would like to give the guys somethings other to do, and help with RP.. .as this group have in the past been just throw monsters at them until they kill something... I want to help them move past that.

So throw your ideas at me, I have access to a large supply of adventures so any tips would be appreciated.


Hi Guys

Our group just kicked this AP off the other night, and they are doing well so far.... but I thought I would throw some planning into the mix for the trip to Brinewall itself.

Given that its about 16 days right ? was thinking of throwing in some additional types of caravan encounters, and was wondering what other GM's did to keep that part of the story interesting.

Things I was considering, were, a small ruined manor house that they can explore, a tower, a graveyard, or bandit toll, or something sinister, that will make them really work for it.

I want to give them the chance to do some trading as well, so any advice in that department would be appreciated.

I don't want them to be bored with ...ho hum, its another goblin raid, or what ever, I would like at least the latter parts of the trip to build a bit of suspense, since the road gets worse, so they don't get too comfortable.

Thanks for your help

Appreciate all the great suggestions, even those unhelpful ones from my GM....

I have decided to keep the guy I have now and tweak him, so this is what I came up with.

I dropped a level of cleric and took a level of holy vindicator.

Half-Orc cleric of Ra (Fire/Heroism domain)
Str 17, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 9, Wis 19, Cha 18

Power Attack, Selective Channel, Improved Initiative, Heavy Armor proficiency, Martial Weapon Proficiency, Extra Channel, Alignment Channel

Exalted of the Society

Weapons: +2 battle axe
Armour: Full plate +2, Heacy Steel Shield +2

Some other minor magic items

Thanks everybody appreciate the help

An option that just occurred to me....while sitting on the train....
Archer cleric... We do lack archery backup...I tried it before but it didn't work out.... Got coup de graced by a mummy paralysis... Who would have figured I'd roll a 1 on a will save as a cleric......

Maybe drop the Str up con and Dex

Crossbow mastery, rapid reload, precise shot?


From memory
Str 17 (+2 racial)
Con 14
Dex 13
Int 9
Wis 15/19
Cha 14/ 18

He has a head band of mental prowess +4 (wis/Cha)
Great axe +2 but only uses it when he had to... Relied on the main fighters to do the majority of combat
+2 horn armour ( we had a run in with skulks firing armour piercing arrows)
Gm has given blessing to rework current class to be more melee based.
Or go full paladin

Current feats
Power attack, selective channel, extra channel, spell penetration, channeling force - cant remember the others will edit when I get home

I kinda like the current guy, he has survived a number of near death experiences

My Self wrote:

What are the classes and races of everybody else? And general other build things.

Human Invulnerable Rager Barbarians with Superstitious (boosted by favored class bonus) are excellent tanks and powerful anti-casters, but also are rather cookie-cutter ish and will get in the way of your Cleric or Wizard buffing/healing/saving him.

Regular Paladin sans Hospitaler archetype will be fairly difficult to kill. Heavy Armor + Lay on Hands is potent enough by itself. Oath of Vengeance gets you more smites per day, if necessary. Oath against Chaos opens up another 2 alignments that you can smite, increasing it to: LE, NE, CE, CN, CG.

Samurai is built to tank, although it is meant to be katana/wakizashi/nodachi-focused.

Sorry forgot that bit... We are still in shock from the departure...

Fighter/Samurai - Human
Sneaky b******rd - Kenku ninja
Cleric - currently half-Orc
Wizard - human
Departed player- dwarf fighter with all his stuff poured into defense

Currently thinking either remodel the half Orc into a paladin or go the full paladin aasimir
Only thing that worries me is the buffing spells for the paladin... Just wondering if full cleric with stalwart defender would be the best fit

Hi hive mind, our group has a quandary. One of our group has decided, shock horror to return to D&D 5E, and while we wish him well, this now gives us a bit of a problem in the party balance.

So our current make up
1. main Hitter - Katana wielding chainsaw
2. sneaky b****rd - dual wielding kukri
3. Wizard
4. Cleric, who is more about supporting the team than combat... he's combat shy
5. our departed dwarven axe wielder, near impossible to hit tank.

so our DM has said that as I am the cleric, we should probably rejig him.

So here are the rules:
20 point build
13 level
Focus should be on either being a meatshield with healing and buffing.

Option 1 - Full Cleric, but change his feats, slap some decent armour on him, get rid of the great axe, and give him a big shield and going down the stalwart defender path
Option 2 - A full paladin but going doing the Hospitaler archetype
Option 3 - something else? (suggestions open)

Happy for any advice here.

Will do...thanks for your help


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