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It's that they want to change things up. In another year or so, we'll lose Kitsune, Nagaji, and Wayangs, and get another set of races.

I am currently trying to figure out which dark god to make blood sacrifices to in order to make the new races be Skinwalkers, because those are awesome.

As much as I would like a Skinwalker, I believe I saw one at the GenCon charity auction. So that means there will only ever be that one skinwalker...

Grand Lodge 4/5 5/55/55/5

Congratulations Sean and Matt!

Also a big thanks to you Leslie and Emery, without help from you two there wouldn’t have been a PFS group in Decatur.

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For this scenario I recommend giving the players the faction missions, as many of them give the players an idea where to start talking (gives them a motive that helps them get into character).

For example the Grand Lodge mission is to talk to Nigal, and if I recall it says Nigal tries to avoid pathfinders, so I had him back away when he realizes pathfinders were coming to talk to him. It got the two players more involved as they worked together to corner Nigal on the ship to have a 'friendly' conversation...

Andoran, Grand Lodge, Taldor, and Silver Crusade all had missions for talking with the guest. A few others may have too but I remember those 4 did.

EDIT: Actually now that I think about it I remember Cheliax had a guest talking mission too, but it was a bit different then normal.

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Our local game store provides incentives for GMs (and players also get a minor incentive too).

For playing or GMing a RPG you get points, 10 points for playing and 20 points for GMing (you also get points for buying stuff, tournaments, playing demos and so forth). People with the most points earned get a store discount, and the points you earn through out the year can be used to get treats, drinks, dice, heck I cashed in 1100 points and got a copy of Munchkin. For players this is more on a side benefit but if you GM 3 or 4 times a month those points add up.

Also if you GM a RPG with 3 or more people at the table you get a free drink.

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Congrats Sir!