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You forgot to add Andreas Frederiksen from denmark, who also turned 5 star, around november, :D


First of all, I fracking LOVE the session tracker. Its so awesome and easy to use.

There is only one thing that i lack at the moment. Its not a real bug, more of a feature im missing.

I would realy love that in the players "progress and reporting" site, for the tiers to be shown in a paranthese after og maybe just as a mouse over info on each scenario.

That would ease a lot of picking.

Another feature i am missing is the button to choose whether or not, when finding a GM in the content site, the gm have runned the game before. It should look in his data the same way it look in the players to find a game noone have played, just in the GM data instead.

maybe as a search criteria, like:

Already GM'ed: []

Thanks. I think that would make it way easyer to find an relevant game.


Yay! Og US... More???

uhh.. an office you say

uhhh... look an office!

Xin xin moves in closer, rather causious of traps and more snakes/beetles.

perception: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (19) + 4 = 23

if nothing shows up, he then starts looking throug the various papers and draws and the likes.

Xin Knock's on the door, awaiting an answer before entering.

In there is no answer he will grab the handle and carefully open while speaking out.

Hallloooooo???? Anyone home???

[oov] i dont see any picture [ooc]


I don't get the initiative tracker, though...

I Will be afk for about a weekend or so... Have a festival to go to.

uhh... clever Venture Captain. You trick us. Xin Xin sais while looking at the other party members. Then starts the slowly walk into the room, watching for movement and inconsistencies.

perception: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (6) + 4 = 10

what we have here?? papir work, and more papir work. Pathfinders love papir work...

starts looking through the papirs.

Xin Xin recognizes the Sarenrae symbol, moves in close and introduces himself.

Hallo hallo. I Xin Xin. You like mother of sun? I like mother of sun. You here to shop? Great place, lots of small enterprises ready to negotiate right price. I sit?

Sits, before an answer is given.

Thank you. Whats your business? you holy man?

Oh, cool hadn't noticed that there where tabs. So.. What's the rules?

I'm not quite sure what is what yet, but I will try may way around.

Perception test: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 2 = 171d20 + 4 ⇒ (11) + 4 = 151d20 + 190 ⇒ (10) + 190 = 200

no one will ever know

what to do, what to do???


Well.. One could argument that is says "damage rolls" indicating all rolls aka dice in a roll.

Or is it just me misinterpreting the English language??

Her every one.

Im David, and ill tre Theis plat by post thingy i have heard you GM talk abort.

Im NOT quite sure hos to do it ydet, But i Will be playing a level 1 newly created character.

It will be a duel wielding unchained rogue with the scout Archetype.
Pfs number 39192-20

I'll finish him just after the weekend, but let's just start, whenever Skipper is ready, and I'll cope.

Oh, and sorry for miss-spellings and the likes. Eng is my second language, and when writing post like this I will try to do my best, but I'm not gonna bother with looking up all the words, so there might be some mistakes in between. Hope it's ok.


Ps, name will come... Give me the weekend and I'll introduce him :D


Welcome and Congrats, Tonya.

Just dinged, and now for the fun part. Looking forward to see your fantastic idea's.


I just (24. July 2014) downloaded this to run in the upcoming weekend. There still seem to be ALOT of misprints, left outs and stuff not explained properly.
First I will say that English is my second language, and therefore there might be some problem, both her in my text, but also in my understanding of the scenario.

Information/opinion problems:
1. I think there is missing some Knowledge(Lokal) on Nidal.
2. There is no explanation why the demiplane collapses? The former owner died as well and nothing happened, so why now? Why this time?
3. B3 is described as 10 feet wide, but on the map, only depicted as 5 feet wide?
4. The area B3a is not depicted anywhere.
5. As mentioned in another post, if players bypass it and don’t search the hole, the gold earning is reduced by 1/3 of the scenario gold. Shouldn’t we encourage cleaver trap bypassing?
6. B4 describes a room with opposed doors. On the map B4 has one map, but the unmarked room between B4 and B5 has 2 doors opposed. Is there something missing? Or is the first area (marked B4) meant as B3a?
7. On page 12 is mentioned the 2 areas C1a and C2a, but none of them are shown on the map? I figure this is the holes and the “climbing area” but has no real proof of this?
8. On page 13 in the bottom of the first column it says: “Hazards: Creatures adjacent to the pit in this room cover (+4 AC, +2 to Reflex saves) against those below.” Does it lack a “gains”?
9. On page 16 it says in the conclusion: “If the shadow obelisk is carried out of the demiplane, it fades away like smoke, and the cairn is destroyed forever.” How do the players success their primary condition if it is destroyed?
Primary success condition: “If the PCs obtain the shadow obelisk and get out of the Cairn of Shadows alive, the mission is a success, and each PC earns 1 Prestige Point.”
10. It is mentioned on page 7-8 that Andoran wants to join forces with Golbrier, but this is not a part of the faction mission. Why mention it if it doesn’t matter?

Language problems:
11. First line on page 7: ”… though she cagey and sober enough not to reveal where…” is there missing an ”is” between second and third word?
12. Page 7 second column line 19: ”They believed is was the burial mound of…” should the ”is” be ”it”.

Out right missing:
13. Golbrier’s initial attitude towards the pc. (page 7)
14. A few magical items are missing on the chronicle sheet for both tiers. The weapon found after the final confrontation.
15. In B1 the poison is referred to B3, but the poison is described in B2 or rather the top of page 10??


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I was asked a question i was unable to find the answer for, in the guide, field guide or on the message board.

If i play a game with a pregen, and grant the chronicle sheet to a charakter of mine, do i get a dayjob roll for that char on that chronicle sheet??

if so; is it my "real" charakter og the pregen that have to roll it?

if not; where is the rule that sais so??


Thank you bruno.

i was also given this link :http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2kr28?Greater-Grapple-feat-grappled-and-pinned -+in#1

where James Jacobs - Creative Director, confirmes my suspicion.