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HI everyone, this is our last update for the Widow's Tear Kickstarter. We have just over 24 hours to go! I've recently unlocked a stretch goal to get custom Pawns, so if you've been on the fence, this is a great time to back!

Thanks for your patience and support!

The Widows Tear Kickstarter

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Black Dow wrote:
Duly pledged :) - looking forward to this immensely

Thank you so much!

Just an update everyone. If we hit 13,000, I'm going to work with ArcKnight games to do custom Pawns!

Check out the most recent update for more information!


We've unlocked our first stretch goal: The cults of the Tear!

The Cults of the Tear is going to be a great supplement that provides you with more information about the secret groups operating in the Widow's Tear to further the dark agendas of the beings they worship.

Not just limited to Elder Gods, the secrets of the notorious Hellfire syndicate are revealed in this book as well. The Tieflings who make up the organization are known for their dealings with demons and other vile creatures from other planes of existence. Their influence throughout the nebula and to other parts of the galaxy is extensive.

Also, backers be able to get this book in print as a 5 dollar add-on! Thanks everyone, and keep spreading the word!

Louis Agresta wrote:
quindraco wrote:

The information on the pages linked to in this thread are relatively sparse on the nature of the Gliding Rim galaxy. Other than the very basic concept of there being a war on between extragalactic magic-loving definitely-not-invading aliens and definitely-not-xenophobic tech loving locals, what can you tell us about the setting, Jade?

A heroic marine defending us all against a magical terrorist.

Hi quindraco, Lou Agresta here. The Jade's partner-in-crime on Grimmerspace. I thought I'd pop in with a few answers as the Jade has low availability today (though he'll be back soon).

To start, I'm not sure if you saw the EN World article? The Jade got into it a little deeper there. EN World on Grimmerspace

But I'm thinking you want more on what you'll encounter in Grimmerspace, right? We're keeping most of those details close to the chest until nearer the Kickstarter so as not to get scooped, but let me drop what I can...

To begin, the Gliding Rim galaxy is shaped like a vortex and divided into three parts: the Crux, the Edge, and the Gyre.

The Crux lies at the top center and is where humanocentric civilization resides. Specifically, we're starting with five new and distinct star nations from which player characters can choose to originate. These include: the Thriftic Binary, the Netocracy, the Attien Combine, the Apostasy, and the Votigan Empire. The Votigans themselves consist of two different peoples: one from a water world, and one from a volcanic, heavy gravity planet. Generally speaking, in the Crux expect caper or political adventures; here’s where you’ll join or run afoul of powerful organizations; hunt or be hunted by bounty hunters; acquire...

This sounds awesome! I can't wait to back!

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Hi everyone, this is David Jarvis of Gun Metal Games, just letting you know about our kickstarter to fund The Widow's Tear, a Plug and Play setting for the Starfinder game system!

From the main page:

"The galaxy in which the Starfinder game is set is a vast, largely unexplored region of space, just waiting for intrepid adventurers to discover it's secrets.

Gun Metal Games brings Starfinder fans new, exotic locations for their characters to visit during a campaign in a new line of Starfinder-compatible products: Descent Engine: The Spacefarers Guide to the Cosmos!

Each product in this game line will reveal new regions filled with a multitude of star systems, strange phenomena, new creatures and much more! The flagship book in this line is The Widow's Tear!

A 160 page, full color, hard cover book, The Widow’s Tear will explore some of the inhabited star systems in the nebula and introduce you to the beings who live there. You’ll learn about their unique histories, their goals for the future and the challenges they face. You’ll read about new technologies, including special weapons and armor, new psionic abilities, magic items, spacecraft, and more!

Many of the creatures you'll find in The Widow's Tear are inspired by the works of H.P Lovecraft, whose Great Old Ones and their spawn are found not only in this book, but are also in the Starfinder pantheon. This book will also provide new, horrific grafts you can easily apply to any creature or race, new hazards for planets and space travel, and rules for insanity. We also have a limited pledge that allows some of you to create your own creatures and hazards!

We’ll introduce new races available for play, including Angarri, the Defiled, Jendova, the Tieflings of the Hellfire Syndicate, and more! Each star system will come with its own map. We even have a limited pledge that will allow some of you to create your own unique star system for inclusion in the nebula!"

The kickstarter is funding now. We're close to our funding goal, with 26 days left! We have a bunch of cool stretch goals planned, so head on over and check it out!

The Widow's Tear

Hi everyone, this is David Jarvis of Gun Metal Games just letting you know about The Widow's Tear, a Starfinder-compatible kickstarter we’re running now through the 23rd of November!

Gun Metal Games brings Starfinder fans new, exotic locations for their characters to visit during a campaign in a new line of Starfinder-compatible products: Descent Engine: The Spacefarers Guide to the Cosmos!

The galaxy in which the Starfinder game is set is a vast, largely unexplored region of space, just waiting for intrepid adventurers to discover it. Each product in this game line will reveal new regions filled with a multitude of star systems, strange phenomena, new creatures and much more! The flagship books in this line are The Widow’s Tear, and Nightmares of the Void, a supplemental bestiary for this vast nebula.

The Widow’s Tear will explore some of the inhabited star systems in the nebula and introduce you to the beings who live there. You’ll learn about their unique histories, their goals for the future and the challenges they face. You’ll read about new technologies, including special weapons and armor, new psionic abilities, magic items, spacecraft, and more!

We’ll introduce new races available for play, including Angarri, the Defiled, Jendova, the Tieflings of the Hellfire Syndicate, and more! Each star system will come with its own map. We even have a limited pledge that will allow some of you to create your own unique star system for inclusion in the nebula!

Currently we have four miniatures as a part of this Kickstarter. These 28mm, pewter minis are samplings of some of the races and monstrous creatures you’ll find in the nebula, and stretch goals will unlock more of these miniatures, (some of which will be Starships!) so if we hit all of them, you'll get a ton of miniatures to choose from!

Please help us spread the word, and thanks so much for your support!

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Violet Hargrave wrote:

I picked up my copy of Starfinder over GenCon, and as I read through it, I'm pondering ways to throw characters around who aren't all cis and straight. Let's start with a quick look through the races!

Androids- Specific thought was given to the notion that a race that doesn't reproduce sexually is going to have a whole lot of agender, genderfluid, and non-binary people, and this is even reflected in the iconic operative. A

Humans- Eh, they're humans. Iconic is explicitly a lesbian though, so that's a good precedent. B+

Kasathas- Nothing really jumps out at me here since they're basically just humans-with-more-arms, but there is a note about barely perceivable gender differences which... none of the artists seem to have caught. C-

Lashuntas- If I am reading between the lines correctly, roughly half of all lashuntas are now explicitly trans, and there is specific language differentiating a given lashunta's actual gender vs. their dimorphic body type. I am absolutely delighted to see that, even if I don't necessarily think the designers meant to do it. A+

Shirrens- Between having 3 genders, and a culture explicitly based around celebrating individualism, this is hands down the race I'm most excited about in the specific context of making queer as hell characters, but also the one with the greatest need to clarify a hell of a lot of things first. Like, what is the whole pronoun situation here? If I had to guess, I'd say males go he/him, hosts go she/her (specific reference in the stat block to 'queens' and all), and females have their own pronoun set going on. This is something that really needs to be sorted out officially before anyone can really properly write about any non-male shirren NPCs.

Also having 3 genders calls for a lot of specialized terminology for attraction. If you're straight, or ace, that's fine. A certain percentage of them being trisexual is a given. If you're specifically only interested in others of your own gender, that's manageable. But, what if you're, say, a host who's...

I'd love for you to look at some material I'm writing for my cyberpunk game (The Pathfinder/Starfinder edition of Interface Zero).

Transhumanism is a major theme of cyberpunk, and I'm wanting to make sure transgender people are given the respect they deserve. Interface Zero isn't a magical setting, nor is it set so far into the future that transitioning between gender/species is an overnight process. I don't want to make light of the numerous issues transgender people face, so I think you (and anyone who might be transgender, or questioning) could give me (a white, male cis christian) some much-needed perspective.

Thanks for your time.

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Gun Metal Games is doing a couple of things for Starfinder; Descent Engine, and Interface Zero.

Descent Engine will be a series of source books providing your with tons of new places to explore, new races, gear and much more.

The Starfinder conversion of Interface Zero is underway, and we hope to have that ready very soon. If you've purchased the Pathfinder edition, you'll get the updated Starfinder version automatically.

Gun Metal Games are going to be doing "Descent Engine;" a series of supplements that introduce new races and a huge variety of locations you can use in your Starfinder game.

We'll be launching a kickstarter in late September.

We're actually in the process of revising the PDF and adding some elements of the Starfinder rules now. The revision will incorporate some of the more easily ported Starfinder mechanics, and a conversion guide will tackle the tougher things.

Did you miss the kickstarter for Interface Zero: Cyberpunk Action for Pathfinder?

You can pre-order now!

Pre-order page

Hi everyone. Our kickstarter is very nearly finished, and I just want to take a moment of your time, and say thank you for your patience over the past thirty days. I know I've been posting a lot about the kickstarter, and you haven't complained once.

That was really cool of all of you. And for those of you who chose to back the project, thanks so much for trust and support! I look forward to giving you a great book!

Thanks again for your time.

Thank you!

We're nearing 23,000 with 5 days to go, and we just unlocked the stretch goal for Golemmech combat rules!

Update 19

Hi everyone! I've added a new pledge option to get miniatures! Check the latest update for more information!


Hi everyone. I just posted a big Datadump with a 14 page preview of the races you'll fin in Interface Zero: Cyberpunk Action for Pathfinder!

Update 13

For those of you who are interested, I've just posted a major update regarding stretch goals for the final 2 weeks of the Interface Zero: Cyberpunk Action for Pathfinder kickstarter.

Update 12

I've just posted another update. This one's about drones in 2090, written by Designer Robert Hudson. The update also has a link to the preview PDF for the Drone Jockey character class!

Update 10

Thanks sir!

I just posted an update discussing my thoughts on cyberpunk in general, and how they helped form the world in 2090. Check it out!

Update 9

Hi everyone! just an update on the Interface Zero kickstarter. I've posted an update, wherein Jeff Lee discusses the Hacker character class. Also, you'll be able to click on a link and download a PDF preview of the hacker class!

Thanks so much for your time.

Hacker Update!

Hi everyone! With just 7 bucks to go on our first stretch goal, I see no need to prolong the wait. I'm unlocking the Copenhagen Hot Spot, which will be written by Andreas Rönnqvist!

Oh, and here are a few of his thoughts on the development of the Psionics you'll find in this book!

Wow, talk about a difficult subject - psionics has always been a little on the side when it comes to D&D and this carried into Pathfinder when we first started writing the psionic rules for it. Yet in Interface Zero, psionics and zeeks are an integrated part of the setting, one that has pretty much always been there.

Now, moving the psionics rules from Pathfinder into Interface Zero takes a different view - IZ handles different "disciplines" of psionic power differently than Pathfinder does and at the same time, some of the world-altering powers of psionics (and magic for that matter), doesn't quite fit into a cyberpunk setting. So, we had to trim down the psionic powers available to the Telepath, but since there is no magic and very little psionics, it still interestingly means that the Telepath can do things that almost no-one else can. Psionics is a little bit like hacking, in that it adds a new dimension to the game - yet where tech is present everywhere, psionic powers aren't. I love this duality, this balance between a rare power, yet not being able to rewrite reality based on your will.

As Interface Zero expands, we might get a chance to do more with psionics, which is a journey that I'm looking forward to, because of the challenges. It is like painting a familiar painting, with different colors, or on a different medium. The same, yet still so very different.

- Andreas Rönnqvist, co-owner of Dreamscarred Press, co-author of Psionics Unleashed: Core Psionics Rules for Pathfinder

That's it for now. Thanks everyone for your support! Let's continue unlocking more goals! Up next: Moscow!

Stretch Goals V2

Based on backer feedback, we've decided to restructure the Stretch goals. In this version, we focus more on on stretch goals dedicated to adding more content. You’ll see more Hot Spots, the Bestiary (Threats of 2090), Source Books, rules expansions, like archetypes, and rules for Golemmech combat, and even one or two more character classes.

12,000: Hot Spot: Andreas Rönnqvist brings you an insider look at the Walled city of Copenhagen!

14,000: Hot Spot: David Jarvis will flesh out Moscow!

18,000: Malmart catalog!: We’ll bring you more gear and equipment, including a detailed look at organized crime across the world and a new character class: The Weapon Specialist!

22,000: Archetypes!: We’ll design custom archetypes for the character classes!

28,000: Threats!: RPG superstar Mike Welham will write the Threats of 2090, bringing you new villians, bio-horrors, and NPCs to use in your game!

30,000: Hot Spot: Mr. Phillip Reed will write an orbital habitat for you to use in your game!

34,000: Golemmech Rules!: Robert Hudson will develop rules for mechanized combat in 2090. This book will also come with a new character class: The Gollemmech pilot.

40,000: Iconic Art! Ia Llanas will create artwork for each character class!

44,000: The Solar System!: We’ll adapt the Solar System source book for Pathfinder!

46,000: Hot Spot: David Jarvis will write Hong Kong!

52,000: Custom Dice!

72,000: Print Upgrade!: We'll improve the binding, the quality of the paper, add a UV spot gloss to the logos, and add a silk ribbon bookmark!

We're almost at the first Stretch goal, help us push through and then on to Moscow!

We hit our funding goal! Now it's on to the stretch goals! Thank you everyone!

Hi everyone. I just posted a new update for Interface Zero. in it, I discuss Hyper Reality and what it's like in 2090. There is also an embedded video which shows you what it is!

Update #4

We're now 84% funded! Just 1,569.00 left to go! Please spread the word!

Just 2,500 away from hitting our funding goal! Help push us over the top!

Interface Zero: Cyberpunk action for the Pathfinder role playing game

We're now 62% funded!

I'm excited to announce the launch of the Interface Zero: Cyberpunk Action for the Pathfinder RPG kickstarter! Please check out this kickstarter, and spread the word!

Click here to check it out!

T minus 3 hours, and then we launch the kickstarter to fund Interface Zero: Cyberpunk Action for the Pathfinder Role-playing game!

24 hours to go before we launch the kickstarter for Interface Zero: Cyberpunk Action for the Pathfinder rpg!

Please help spread the word!

Hello again everyone! I'm pleased to announce that we'll be launching the kickstarter on Monday the 12th of September!

The kickstarter page is nearly ready!


Please help us out by spreading the word!

Hi everyone, The Kickstarter for the Pathfinder Edition of Interface Zero is really close to launching now! The page is almost built. here's a preview! Check it out and let us know what you think!

Kickstarter preview page

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Gun Metal Games are absolutely supporting Starfinder! In fact, we're very close to launching a kickstarter for Interface Zero: Cyberpunk gaming with the Pathfinder Game System.

We have some great rules for cyberpunk games and gritty combat action, along with some 16 character classes and seven races. Once Starfinder comes out next year, we'll update everything to match the new rule set.

The book is already fully compatible with both Pathfinder Core and the Technology guide.

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Hi everyone, I just want to update ya on the development of this kickstarter project. here are the pledge levels we're offering.

We’re keeping this project very simple. To start, we’ll have four pledge levels you can choose from, but as the kickstarter progresses and we unlock more stretch goals, I’ll add special pledges which allow you to back for extra stuff and become a part of the setting!

Digital Gutter Punk (15.00): At this pledge level, you get the pdf! This is a great value, as we’ll be selling the digital version for 20.00. Additionally, you’ll get all digital stretch goals we unlock for free!

Digital Bounty Hunter (20.00): At this level, you get the PDF and the Introductory Adventure: Extraction with Extreme Prejudice. The adventure will retail for 7.00, which means you’re saving another two dollars. Coupled with the savings on the core book, that’s seven dollars in savings!

Hacker 40.00): At this level, you get the Pathfinder edition of Interface Zero 2.0 in print, plus the PDFs of the book and the adventure! The printed book will retail for 49.99, which means you’re getting the book at 10.00 off the regular price for a total of 17.00 in savings!

Ronin: (45.00): This pledge level will get you the PDFS, the printed book and the printed adventure. The print version of Extraction with Extreme Prejudice will retail for 9.99, which means your total savings is 22.00!

What is Interface Zero?

Interface Zero 2.0 (Tagline Full Metal Cyberpunk) is a cyberpunk setting…Sort of. Interface Zero owes its existence to a plethora of sources including novels such as Neuromancer, Mona Lisa Overdrive, Burning Chrome, Count Zero, Altered Carbon, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, and Snow Crash. Anime such as Akira, Cowboy Bebop, Psycho Pass, Ghost in the Shell, Battle Angel Alita and Appleseed help to round out a vision of our world, incorporating eastern and western influences on the genre.

The result is a setting that echoes other popular cyberpunk games, but focuses more on geopolitical intrigue and action rather than the familiar roles of megacorporations as the major antagonists. That doesn’t mean that corporations aren’t powers unto themselves, with their own agendas, both altruistic and nefarious.

Characters in Interface Zero take on a variety of roles; hackers, drone jockeys, government agents, bounty hunters (just to name a few) generally act as private operators; people with the skills, ability and will to do jobs nobody else can.

Alternately, characters might work exclusively for a corporate entity, a world government, or even as special operations teams similar to Ghost in the Shell’s Section 9, working to protect the citizens of the sprawl, or even corporate assets. For the military-minded player, characters might become mercenaries working in war zones with occupying armies or resistance movements.

Set in the year 2090, Interface Zero 2.0 peers into a dark future, imagining a world changed by Eco-terrorism, unimpeded global warming, and nuclear war. Chinese imperialism has erased national boundaries from Eastern Russia all the way down to Vietnam and Thailand. The world has seen the rise and fall of global super powers. China, Brazil and the Central African Union have risen to global prominence, while the United States has disintegrated, splitting into five new nations; Atlantica, the Great Lakes Union, the North American Coalition, the Republic of Cascadia, and the Republic of Texas.

The Solar System
In this grim reality, we have colonized the solar system and sold it to the highest bidder. Colonies and orbital habitats on other planets, while claimed by nations on earth, are in truth the property of massive, multi-planet corporations. Commonly known as “zeroes,” many people living in the reaches of space have seen their adventurous spirit, their hopes for an exciting life beyond the confines of Earth, crushed under the weight of indentured servitude after signing on with these corporations.

The corps promise to pay relocation expenses and living expenses, and then use technicalities and clauses in the contracts to recoup those expenses. The corporation owns everything; even the air zeroes breathe comes at a cost, deducted from their weekly paychecks. There are those, however, who have found ways to survive, and even thrive in the outer-reaches of space, living on the fringes of law and civilization.

Science has hacked the genome, unlocking the secrets of DNA to facilitate the creation of new breeds of human; genetic hybrids, human 2.0, and even simulacrum—a slave race grown in amniotic vats and sold on the open market. Cybernetic technology has reached the point where those with the credits and the will to do so, can become living machines. Computer science has grown rapidly as well.

Dubbed Interface Zero by those who created it, the Tendril Access Processor—or TAP—downloads the Global DataNet and Hyper Reality directly into the minds of billions of users across the solar system, bringing the world an unparalleled level of inter connectivity, and danger. Malware plagues the Deep, and black hat hackers manipulate the Tendril Access Processor to upload malicious Virii, steal secrets, and even the identities of the unwary.

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Hi everyone, this is David Jarvis, owner of Gun Metal Games. As some of you know, we're getting ready to run a kickstarter to fund the final development costs for the book.

I’m sure many of you are wondering why we’re translating Interface Zero to the Pathfinder RPG. Unsurprisingly, I’ve always considered Interface Zero (IZ for short) to be an innovative cyberpunk setting; something special that deserves a wider audience than any_one_system can provide. It was never my intention to marry Interface Zero to any one game system; there are just too many really killer games out there to decide on one. Indeed, IZ was originally written for the True20 system, then was ported over to RPGOBJECTS’ Modern20 game system, which was written by Charles Rice, one of the best D20 system writers out there. So IZ’s roots are firmly in the d20 system, at least it’s variants. At the time, there was a massive glut of d20 Modern third party supplements, and, not wanting to see Interface Zero get lost in a sea of products, I chose to avoid that game system.

When Pinnacle Entertainment Group made the wildly popular Savage Worlds game available for licensees, the choice to apply for a license and develop Interface Zero for Savage Worlds was a no brainer. Savage Worlds is an Award-winning, sleek “Fast Furious and Fun” game system, and it was pure joy to see how Interface Zero played in that format. So, six years down the road and a bunch of supplements later (with more coming!) Interface Zero has grown to the point where I’m confortable releasing the game in other formats.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Actually, I was already thinking of expanding the game to other systems in 2014. That’s really the genesis point for the Pathfinder version. I contacted Andreas Rönnqvist, Jeff Lee, Robert Hudson, and Mike Welham with the idea, and after they read the material, we excitedly moved forward. Two years later, after many revisions, playtests, and heavy editing by Savannah Broadway, we finally have a game faithful to both the setting and the Pathfinder game system, especially with the release of the very cool Technology Guide! Even more exciting is the recent news about Starfinder.

When the news broke that Paizo was developing Starfinder, I couldn’t help but think the stars had finally aligned. An already epic game was moving into the far-flung future, and I realized that I had a chance to make an impression on potential cyberpunk and science fiction enthusiasts with the Pathfinder edition of Interface Zero. Of course, the release of Starfinder won’t happen until next year, and that has informed my decisions about how Interface Zero will be released.

This book is going to be a living book, which will be updated each time Paizo releases content for Starfinder or any other science fiction/modern supplement. Getting the updated PDFs is easy enough, but some of you may be wondering how this will affect printed books. Thanks to Print on Demand, we can easily update existing print files and make them avaible to backers via print vouchers. Each time we update the printed book, I’ll send all print backers a voucher to get the newest version of the book at cost. You’ll also get the opportunity to back at a level which gets you the updated books for free!

I look forward to discussing this more with all of you as we move forward! Keep watching this thread for more information about the setting, and designer notes!

Thanks for your time.

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Hi everyone,

I'm pleased to announce that Interface Zero is out of the editing stage, and ready for final development!

We're going to be running a kickstarter within the next month or so to fund the final development of the book.

Once Starfinder comes out, we'll be updating the book to make sure Interface Zero is compatible with the new rules!

What would you like to see for pledge rewards and stretch goals?

Thanks for your time!

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I'd rather see a living campaign set in a different genre, actually. Perhaps cyberpunk, or Urban Fantasy/Supernatural Horror.

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I'm pleased to announce it's up now here on Paizo!


Update: I'm going through and redoing the layout. I want to show you what we're capable of at Gun Metal games. You deserve a document that is clean, and visually appealing. Once that's finished, I'll update the files.

Lurion Coravoss wrote:
Link says product is no longer available. XD Came here from the Shadowrun thread btw.

Hi sir, there was a snafu with the pdf, and I needed to take it down. I'm fixing the product, and will have it up later today. Hopefully it'll get approved and also get listed here as well.

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David Jarvis 182 wrote:
Hi everyone, this is David Jarvis of Gun Metal Games. I'm working on laying out the beta test documents for the Pathfinder version of Interface Zero 2.0: Full metal Cyberpunk. Once I'm finished, I'll make the beta test (just rules) available for a free download at my website.

Here's one of the races- Human 2.0

Human 2.0
(Nicknames: coded, elitist, Eugenic, gen-Xy'er, neo-human, savant)

With the secrets of the genome thoroughly hacked, humanity is now a blank canvas awaiting the artful hand of the geneticist. Design houses allow parents the option of improving their unborn child's potential, gracing them with looks, intelligence, athletic or artistic abilities, and providing their offspring with the best advantages rather than leaving it to nature or random chance.

Physical Description: While still truly human, humans 2.0 definitely stand out in a crowd. They have the best that human genome has to offer, and it shows. Height, muscles, good skin, good hair, perfect teeth, poise, posture, confidence, all these things and more are a testament to the work of the geneticist. A human 2.0 is the physical embodiment of the idealized human being.

Human 2.0s in Society: With the myriad benefits of their stacked deck of genetic benefits, human 2.0s are nearly always found in the upper echelons of society, reaping the rewards of their heredity fortunes. They are found in a variety of fields--the arts, business, entertainment, medicine, politics, technology--excelling as their talents allow. If they are found in the seedy underbelly of society, it is usually because they choose to be there. Thrill-seekers go where the action is, and there is plenty of it on the darker side of things.


+2 to all physical or mental ability scores, +4 to one other score, -2 to any one score other than Constitution: Human 2.0s are designed to be better than normal, served up DNA cocktails that greatly improve their abilities, whether it be an advanced mind, superior athletic ability, or prodigal talent. However, one can't have everything, and the genetic manipulation invariably produces unwanted abnormalities somewhere along the line. The health of a Human 2.0, however, never suffers.

Arrogant: You are the best at what you do, whatever that may be, and you know it. In any sort of competition, be it sporting event, criminal activity, or combat, you will go out of your way to flaunt your talent. Taunting opponents, using humiliating tactics, and drawing out the moment are all ways to do this. Should you be beaten by what you consider to be an obviously inferior opponent, you will be considered shaken until you are able to win against that opponent, or a similar one.

Beautiful People: Human 2.0s receive the Charming trait as a bonus trait.

Savant: Human 2.0s receive Skill Focus as a bonus feat. The chosen skill must be based on the ability that received the +4 increase.

Superior Immune System: Human 2.0s gain a +4 racial bonus to saving throws against disease.


Multi-talented: At 1st, 8th, and 16th level, human 2.0s gain Skill Focus in a skill of their choice as a bonus feat. This trait replaces the beautiful people and savant racial traits.

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Hi everyone, this is David Jarvis of Gun Metal Games. I'm working on laying out the beta test documents for the Pathfinder version of Interface Zero 2.0: Full metal Cyberpunk. Once I'm finished, I'll make the beta test (just rules) available for a free download at my website.

Just an update on the progress. Things are coming along very nicely. in the next week or so, I'm going to be creating a PDF document with the new races, and some of the equipment so you can see where things are going. This will be a free download. I'll provide the link to get it on my website.

Jason Nelson wrote:


With fall upon us in earnest (the foggy forest outside my window says so), it's time to start gearing up for the cold months of the year and looking ahead at what the fourth quarter of 2014 holds for Legendary Games. We'll be previewing new material just about every day, so check things out! Today's preview is for the upcoming Pirate Codex, a collection of over 30 detailed ready-to-use pirate stat blocks for adversaries from CR 1/2 to 16! Check it out!

That artist is brilliant. what's his/her name?

Okay. I've been thinking about this all weekend, and I've decided I'm not going to kickstart this book. I will release it as a regular product.

This is going to be a killer book (all of the developers have done some amazing work), but I've not proven that to you, yet. Once I have, and you've seen the PDF, I'll consider kickstarting a print run.

Thanks everyone for your understanding. I'll be doing regular updates on the progress of this book.

Malwing wrote:

I have a dumb question; What is a Interface Zero?

Related: Why would I want a Interface Zero?

Hiya, Thanks for your interest. Let’s see if I can’t answer your questions!

Now, I’m assuming you are wondering what the thing is, and why a character would want one, otherwise I’ve completely misunderstood your questions, and I apologize!

But first, let’s address what an Interface Zero is.

Aside from being the name of my cyberpunk campaign setting (Interface Zero 2.0: Full Metal Cyberpunk), an Interface Zero is a colloquial term for a Tendril Access Processor, or TAP.

So, what is a Tendril Access Processor?

Good question.

A TAP, is a Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) implant—part cybertech, part biotech—which allows the user to interact (and communicate with) with the world around her in ways we’re only scratching the surface of in 2014. It’s often referred to “Interface Zero” because it has fundamentally changed the world and how people in 2090 interact with it. The term is a play on words, of course. When a disease spreads, it’s best to find the Index case, or “Patient Zero” to better understand certain aspects of said disease (see this entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Index_case).

But I digress…

A character with a Tendril Access Processor has instant, wireless access to Hyper Reality (I’ll explain this in a second), the Global DataNet (the Internet), and can even experience virtual reality by uploading her mind into a digital shell, commonly known as an avatar... and she can do it from anywhere in the solar system, which has been colonized in this campaign setting. Additionally, the TAP provides the character with all of the conveniences you might find in a smart phone, an IPAD, an IPOD a DVD player, a GPS unit, an Online Bank Account, a Facebook page, Twitter feed and Blog, all rolled into one single device. Perhaps most importantly, the TAP allows you to directly interact with the world around you via Hyper Reality.

Hyper Reality is basically what we know today as Augmented Reality (AR), only it's more prevalent by several orders of magnitude. For a definition (with pics) of what Augmented reality is go to this Wikipedia entry:


Right now, Augmented Reality is obviously limited in its real-world applications (smart phones, IPADS, and Google glasses being the most common), but in 2090, this technology is so advanced, that you are literally walking through a dreamlike world where anything and everything is interactive (and hackable).

As an example; That street sign your characters sees at the end of the block is not a physical thing anymore; it's a digital display that not only tells you where you are, but can give you a variety of information; directions to a location (like a store, a movie theater, etc.) on the street, any traffic jams or accidents on the street, crimes that have been committed in the area...the possibilities are endless. IF you know how to hack in this setting, well…you can change anything about that street sign you wish, as long as you can crack its firewall.

So, why do you want one?

Seems like a fairly simple question to answer…except it’s not, because we are talking about the subjective nature of a thing. Some people like IPhones, and some like Galaxy phones. Some people like MacOS and others are fine with Windows 8. Some people prefer PDFs, while others want dead tree books (me, I like both), or getting hand-written letters as opposed to email, and this last example probably has more relevancy than the others, because at the end of the day, having a TAP as opposed to a smart phone, IPad, IPod, etc. is THAT much of a jump in speed, convenience, and quite frankly, style….Everyone has a TAP. It’s fundamentally changed how people in 2090 communicate with each other, how they exchange information, how they go about our daily lives. Most people under the age of 25 had the thing implanted when they were 5 or 6…some parents even had the procedure done before their child was born! The simplest answer though, is that it’s a conceit of the game; roughly 99.5% of the some 10 billion people inhabiting the solar system are “TAPPed.”

I think the real question is, why wouldn’t you want one? There’s an answer to that, too; your brain can get hacked, and your identity stolen. Heck, you can even die. Truth is, the overwhelming majority of people in 2090 are fine with the risk, just as a vast majority of people today use credit cards for all their purchases without even thinking that their credit card information could be stolen (and it happens all the time).

Just an update, here.

So, the more I think about this kickstarter, the more I'm interested in doing an advanced Interface Zero players guide PDF, a Bestiary, and also an Adventure Path; all in addition to the Core PDF.

I'd create pledge levels that allow people to get some, or all of these books (In PDF Form), depending on what Pledge Level they choose.

Stretch goals might see these books in Print, with options to upgrade to a Print version, perhaps as an add-on.

I've noticed that other kickstarters are using custom tokens to represent money, and I might actually look for ways to create "Credit Wafers," or Bit coins. Not positive on that, yet.

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