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I know it is probably WAY to early for this kind of talk, but will it be open for others to make stuff for?


I would absolutely love to write for Starfinder, but as always, I am held down by depression and fatigue. Fun times.

Starfinder is almost certainly going to be released under the OGL - or, well, parts of it are. XD I heard something about having at least part of the campaign setting in the CRB, and that's probably going to be Product Identity. However, I've already seen a number of third-party developers express an interest in producing content for it, and I suspect they'll be getting on that as soon as they can.

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Paizo has already said it will be OGL, there will be a license and Paizo is looking for compatible publishers to support it.

JBE hasn't committed to supporting it at this time. But if we are ... more than taking a serious look at it.

We at LPJ Design are definitely going to support Starfinder. LOTS of great ideas to explore.

President, Jon Brazer Enterprises

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LMPjr007 wrote:
We at LPJ Design are definitely going to support Starfinder.

The only thing really keeping us from saying we will definitely be supporting Starfinder at this point is the fact we haven't seen the license yet.

Mind you, its Paizo; I'm sure the license will be somewhere near identical to the Pathfinder license.

However, I said nearly those exact words earlier this year with the new edition of Traveller and ... well ... when we saw the license and had time to digest it, we were not thrilled. We considered walking away for a time. Ultimately we stuck with it, even if we are not happy. But I am looking before I leap this time.

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Gun Metal Games are absolutely supporting Starfinder! In fact, we're very close to launching a kickstarter for Interface Zero: Cyberpunk gaming with the Pathfinder Game System.

We have some great rules for cyberpunk games and gritty combat action, along with some 16 character classes and seven races. Once Starfinder comes out next year, we'll update everything to match the new rule set.

The book is already fully compatible with both Pathfinder Core and the Technology guide.

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