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To whom it may concern / whomever can help me out:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I can't afford to continue any of my subscriptions. While you guys (and gals!) make amazing products and I will certainly buy them again when I have the money, at the moment I need to cut back and unfortunately my gaming habit has to be one of the first to go.

As such, please cancel all my subscriptions. Thanks you.

I would like to request cancellation of my Adventure Path Ongoing Subscription.

As well, I purchased the Starfinder core book, but did receive a link to the pdf in my Downloads. Perhaps it's because I'm used to the Adventure Path Subscriptions, but I assumed the PDF would be available for any product I purchased. Could I add the pdf to my order and/or how would I go about making sure the pdf is included in products I order in the future?

Much like Pink Dragon implied, it would be using the scenarios as a weekly (or biweekly) session. The connecting filler I could fill in, especially as the scenarios would provide me with the bulk of the material already.

I know most seasons have levels of content from 1-12ish. Assuming level increases were dictated, rather than dependent on xp directly (ie, you've completed 3 scenarios, congrats, you gain a level), is that content spread out enough that a progressive campaign could be made out of them for the most part?

Thanks for all your help!

I'm going to be starting a new campaign in the near future and while I don't want to run an Adventure Path, some pre-made scenarios such as the PFS Scenarios sound like just what I'm looking for!

I know each season has it's own overarching theme, but does each season contain enough material to encompass a campaign? Or does it at least provide enough material that I'd have to do minimal work to fill in the gaps?

Thanks in advance!

Name: Martin Longbow
Race: Human
Origin: Trunau
Adventure: The Hill Giant's Pledge
Location: Outside of Redlake Fort
What Done it: Technically, gunpowder. Realistically? the Giant Gar.

The PC's had aerial surveillance due to Martin being a Sable Company Marine, and gunpowder from another PC being a gunslinger. Well, a few Craft: Alchemy rolls later, and they have a waterproof explosive. What's in the river? Oh probably a few gars. "Nothing I can't handle!"

..."Oh, did I mention the GIANT gar? No?" Swallowed whole, almost bitten in half, in negative hit points, he swam over to the dam and blew it up. Best character death I've caused in a long while.

Reading this thread got me thinking. What if "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" is meant to be taken literally. Perhaps the saying is a religious saying reminding his followers to remain in control of their hatred and not be feminine/chaotic and go into a "furious" rage.

Of course, it works just as well as a saying to remind her followers that Hell has nothing in comparison to the righteous "fury" of Sarenrae when she is opposed (like when Asmodeus killed Ihys).

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Squeakmaan wrote:
Could a mythic character with Divine Source and the proper alignment have a Paladin dedicated to them?

If yes, could a mythic Paladin with Divine Source be dedicated to himself?