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Kim Christian Frandsen


Human, with Dwarf aspirations.






Næstved, Denmark


Danish, English, some French, some Spanish and some German. + Google Fu.

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Freelancer for Hire.

RPG Superstar Season 9:
Alternate from Open Call (Top 32+4): Brass Helmsman
Round 2: Create a map: Cabin in the woods

Here be Monsters 4: Out of the Primal World
Winner: Winner Announcement with Gravestone Dryad (Gravestone Dryad can be found here)

Current blogs:
Open Gaming Network: Creative Characters - Discontinued
Open Gaming Network: Reviews - Discontinued

As an author
Published Works for Dungeon Crawl Classics:
Fat Goblin Games:
Bride of the Darkened Rider

Published Works for Pathfinder Classic:
d20pfsrd.com Publishing
Affordable Arcana - Magic Rods (Co-author)
Journals of Dread Vol. II: Secrets of the Skeleton
Fat Goblin Games:
Astonishing Races: Samsaran
Astonishing Races: The Aasimar
Astonishing Races: Tiefling
Masters & Minions: Cult of the Mirrored King
Sidebar #31 - Non-Combat XP & Non-Monetary Rewards
Flaming Crab Games:
Letters from the Flaming Crab: World Tree (Co-author)
Outland Entertainment
Villain Codex IV: Monsters for Meddlesome Heroes (Specifically "Reyshu the Great", the faerie dragon villain)
Paizo Fans United
Wayfinder #18 (the Grave Dryad and Nymph's Visage).
Paizo Publishing
Pathfinder Player Companion: Wilderness Origins
Raging Swan Press
Languard Locations: Beyond the Walls (as a contributor)
Rusted Iron Games
Race Options: Dwarves
Deadly Gardens Collection (contributions to the natural items)
Deadly Gardens: Dream Weed (contributions to the natural items)
Deadly Gardens: Hungry Pit (contributions to the natural items)
Deadly Gardens: Wandering Sundew (contributions to the natural items)
Deadly Gardens: Cinder-Heart Treant (contributions to the natural items)
Zenith Games:
The Colossal Creatures Bestiary (Contributions of Fenrin, Lurker in the Depths, Manolinaw and Torthen).

Published Works for Pathfinder 2nd Edition:
Rising Phoenix Games:
Heaven & Hell: Aasimar & Tiefling Ancestries
d20pfsrd.com Publishing
“It’s a Trap” - Haunts, Hazards, and Traps

Published Works for Starfinder:
d20pfsrd.com Publishing:
Races of the Void Book 1 (Starfinder Edition) (Conversion from Starjammer system).
The Black Codex - Alien Catalog Entry 1
Fat Goblin Games:
Close Encounters: Onyx Station (Co-author)
Cosmic Odyssey: Pirates of the Starstream
Strange Worlds: Dead Planets
Strange Worlds: Desert Planets
Strange Worlds: Ice Planets
Paizo Fans United
Wayfinder #19 -Contributor
Paizo Publishing
Deceiver's Moon -Contributor
Unannounced Project
Unannounced Project
Destiny Horizons
Destiny Aurora Starfinder Campaign Setting

Published Works for Starjammer:
Fat Goblin Games:
Alien Evolution: Rhynans
D20PFSRD.com Publishing:
Black Codex - Alien Catalog - Entry 1

Published Works for 5e:
Dungeon Masters Guild:
Aurora's Whole Realms Summer Catalogue
Aurora's Whole Realms Autumn Catalogue
Aurora's Whole Realms Winter Catalogue
Keeping It Classy: The Barbarian
Keeping It Classy: The Bard
Keeping It Classy: The Cleric
Book of Races: Devurin
Book of Races: Gendarak
Book of Races: Ice Elves
Book of Races: Mirtana
Book of Races: Yuan-ti Halfblood
Villains & Lairs IV - the Dead, Damned, & Decaying

Systemless Publications:
Fat Goblin Games:
Marvellous Marketplaces - Card deck for random generation of shops around a fantasy town/setting.
Rising Phoenix Games
Character Models I - A selection of character models, to help you recreate your character visually.

As an editor
5th Edition
d20pfsrd.com Publishing
5-for-5e Book 2: 5 Backgrounds for 5th Edition
Forces of Nature, Book 1 - The Druid
Dungeon Master's Guild
Monsters of the Old World

Affordable Arcana - Magic Rings
Affordable Arcana - Magic Rings II
Affordable Arcana - Magic Rods
Affordable Arcana - Magic Tattoos
Affordable Arcana - Wands
Affordable Arcana - Wondrous Item Sets
Affordable Arcana - Wondrous Items
Blood and Broomsticks - Sorcerers & Witches
Blood & Steel, Book 2 - The Ninja
Blood & Steel, Book 3 - The Cavalier
Blood & Steel, Book 4 - The Monk
Blood & Steel, Book 5 - The Swashbuckler
Call of the Wild, Book 1 - The Druid
Manifest Destiny, Book 1 - Domains & Devotions
Manifest Destiny, Book 2 - Cults & Clergy
Monstrous Codex: Troops
Racial Profiles Expanded: Hungry Souls
Racial Profiles: The Arkhoons
Racial Profiles: The Maedu
Skinfin Murders
Steam Powered: Illustrated Catalogue & Guide
Steam Powered: Heroes of the Age of Steam
Technology Reference Guide
The Woe in Wealwood
Unspeakable Cults: Azathoth

Station on the Borderworlds (as a copy editor)