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Peter Big Time Gabriel wrote:
Mabel Pines wrote:
Mabel Pines, Sweater Enthusiast wrote:
Scintillae wrote:
I dare you to sprinkle glitter around the place.
Did somebody say "unicorn hair!"
gasp Imposter!
Phil Collins, is that you?!


You can't tell.

Phil Collins is a Master of Disguise, after all.

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Depends whether or not an Easy Lover is available.

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Peter Big Time Gabriel wrote:
You trying to Big Time me bro!

Can you feel it coming in the air tonight?

Is it griffon mating season again?

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Rock n' Roll Troll wrote:
I was originally going to make a joke about playing them all at the same time, but then I remembered Genesis.

Of course you did.

How could you forget Phil Collins?

I hope you didn't forget Phil Collins.

Phil Collins gets very angry when he's forgotten, which might make life very unpleasant for YOU!

Phil Collins met Sinister Stan backstage during Genesis' tour of Albanian meat-packing plants in 1986.

Stan attempted to recruit Phil Collins into his villainous cabal, promising wealth and power beyond his, Phil Collins', wildest dreams.

Stan did not know quite how wild Phil Collins's dreams actually are, otherwise he would not have made such a paltry, derisory offer.

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Tacticslion wrote:
... Collins?


Quite right.

Phil Collins is omnipresent

Phil Collins is omniscient.

You do not exist outside the dreams of Phil Collins, and were he to stop imagining you, and all you do, for a mere second, you would blink out entirely, and it would be as if you had never been at all.

So there.

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You can't.

Phil Collins has disarmed them all.

Your puny traps are useless against Phil Collins.

Neither mortal nor immortal can produce a snare, or lock, or puzzle, that Phil Collins cannot defeat.

Anyone who thinks that rogues are a weak class needs to talk to me, Phil Collins, and I will show them what-for.


Now that's over and done with, I shall wish my good friend, Captain Yesterday, a happy birthday, and play a drum solo.

Drum solo:

*Thump-a-thump-a-thump. Rubadubabadubababa Biddley Dump ting TISH wap bediddleydiddley thump rubbathump ting TISH ting TISH tishtishtish rubbadubbadubbadubbadubba BRANNNNGGGGGG*

That last bit was Phil Collins hitting a gong, by the way.

It's just another day in Paradise, trust me.

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Sharoth wrote:
This might describe me.

Happy to have been of service.

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captain yesterday wrote:
Treppa wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
...whatever band did Money for Nothing, those I cannot tolerate (to be fair Money for Nothing only pisses me off because such an awesome guitar riff was wasted on such a s+~&ty song)
You're down on Dire Straits plus Sting?
The 80s was not a good time for a growing up Captain Yesterday, my taste in music reflects that pain, I'm cool with Genesis, Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins tho, Land of Confusion is a classic. :-)

Mmmyeah. Woooh yeah. Say my name. Oooorgh. Mnmnmneeeh. No jacket required. Unghl. HUNH!

Sorry seems to be the hardest. Fnord.


oh lord


The next poster has mapped out my Healing Journey for me.

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Gated reverb makes me soggy

....down there


I'll teach you to come in the air tonight!

Wherever the next poster lays their [redacted], that's their home.