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Grand Lodge Atium Son of Varg

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Cleric of Pharasma
Scarab Sages "Brother Butterfly"

M Human Cleric of Desna Level 7 AC 19 w/shield. 18 W/O. +12 Perception (1,526 posts)
Atium of Varg
(449 posts)
Abra Lopati
Bronin Dohari

Male Human Ranger Level 13 -143 HP/ AC 27 /F:+11 R:+12 W:+5 / Init: +6. Perception: +16--+20 (324 posts)
Jolis Raffles
Caprio Tuggabut
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Lord Bronin Dohari
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Sanvil Trett
The Zane

Zane doesn't need a scientist (732 posts)