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Can Musket Masters and Pistoleros apply their +Dex to damage when using melee attacks with Musket Axes and Pistol Daggers (respectively)?

The base gunslinger Gun Training specifically refers to firing them, but the archetypes do not.

"...increases her skill with [one- or two-handed as applicable] firearms. She gains a bonus on damage rolls equal to her Dexterity modifier,..."

I love the idea of PFS, but keep running into complications that have kept me from actually playing it. So, now that I've already booked my flight/hotel/badge, I realized I was assuming PaizoCon would be a great way to introduce myself to the Society.

Is there going to be some newbie tables I can get into, and actually get to start the career of one or more of my character ideas?

I've seen posts referring to lottery and non-lottery games. Should I be trying to network with folks before the con to make sure I can play (1) at all, or (2) with a character of my own design and not just pregens?

I was just planning on showing up and finding the n00b train to ride through the weekend, but just realized I might have to be a bit more proactive than that instead.

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If there's a thread on this stuff, my search-fu is too weak to find it.

PRD wrote:
Shield Pool (Ex): ... He may also use a touch attack or shield bash with his shield in conjunction with any pool strike magus arcana. ...

This "in conjunction with" confuses me. They already get the ability to use spellstrike with a shield or weapon, Pool Strike already says that it can be used with spellstrike. Is this just redundancy? Is it saying that the Pool Strike can be activated along with the shield attack instead of taking its own normal standard action? Or is it just adding the new option of delivering the strike as a touch with the shield instead of a hand?

Regarding the Pool Strike arcana, it looks to me like it doesn't work with Spell Combat. That makes me sad, am I reading that wrong?

PRD wrote:
Arcane Pool: At 1st level, a skirnir can use his arcane pool to grant an enhancement bonus to a weapon as normal, as well as to his shield, paying the arcane pool cost separately for each. ...

Does this just mean that when they use a swift action and 1 pool point to enhance something, they can do either the weapon or the shield? Or does it mean when they use a swift action to enhance something they can spend 1 point for either or 2 points to do both?

Lastly, is there a quicker way to get the Shield Master feat than ranger-6 or having a +11 BAB?

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I was thinking of a 1 level magus dip for my arcane duelist bard whipmaster.

Looking at spell combat, it says he can "cast any spell from the magus spell list" with it.
True Strike is on the magus list as well as bard.

Could I use my bard slots to spellcombat with true strike?

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I've been searching, and although I see plenty of people asking, haven't found any answers.
Is it deliberate that Perfect Strike is not usable with Unarmed Strikes?

Based on table entry and the unarmed strike prereq it seems more likely that the usual rule of text > table might be wrong here.