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Only 20 minutes left to get this real-leather (not faux) bound tome !!

Going Native: Warpath has another KS up and running:
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I backed their last KS, and I can tell you, the quality of these minis is amazing. Also, I got everything in a timely manner with no hassles whatsoever.

Take a minute and check it out- it's not likely you'll find anything like this anywhere else anytime soon!

So, I'll just leave this link here as a public service announcement.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with TPK Games, nor am I getting any kickbacks or freebies for sharing this (at least, none that I'm aware of), IANAL, etc etc etc.

EDIT: some funky wierdness with my link-fu.

In both the Dragon Empires Primer & Gazetteer it states that the non-human races presented therein (barring Tengu- see note below) can select "any human tongue" as a bonus language, provided their intelligence allows them to gain bonus languages. Would that then include languages not native to Tian Xia, such as Common, Hallit, and so on? Or are they limited to those human tongues (ie., ethnic languages) of their native continent?

I notice that Kitsune in particular are privvy to Gnome & Sylvan, both of which are languages not common to Tian Xia.

(I exclude Tengu because they can learn ANY language as a bonus language, and, as such, are a special case.)

In case anyone missed it, Slap Miniatures is offering some more Equine mayhem:
The Evil Ponies!!

C'mon, you know you want a necromancer that's just too cute for the PC's to slay... or a horde of bug-alien freak horses ravaging your table ! Heck, undead horses? heck yeah!


Is there any particular rule which would explicitly prohibit a paladin with a mount that they already have prior to gaining their Divine Bond from forming their bond with the mount that they have already been adventuring with, provided that the mount in question has established rules for advancement and such as an Animal Companion, Mount, etc.?

Osiyo everyone,
So the group is taking a breather from some of the more intense battling, and had the idea, "wouldn't it be cool to do some adventuring as one of the hirelings/tag-a-longs/soldiers/followers/etc.", lower-level background characters adventuring in the newly established haven behind enemy lines. At that point a couple people chimed in and stated that they wanted to play their 'buddies', the Mongrels who aided the (main) heroes in their assault on the Grey Garrison.

So, to keep a bit of uniqueness to each character, I allowed them to be 'rebuilt' instead of using the suggested stats (as outlined) in Book 1. And that is where I hit a bit of a snag.
In the Bestiary, no further information is given for using Mongrelmen as PC's, aside from the general information given here. There is, however, another Mongrelman- presented for use as a PC race as well- from the Tome of Horrors Complete. The main difference lies in Adding Class Levels, which would appear to give some considerable bonuses above and beyond what the ToHC seems to imply (in other words, it would appear that the ToHC creates a more 'balanced' PC, whereas going with the Mongrel as a 'Monster + Class Levels' creates a whopping powerhouse) When I compare that with the stats as presented in the AP, I'm somewhat at a loss to see exactly what points were used to 'buy' the characters, or even if a point-buy was used. Granted, my experience with point-buys is limited. I appreciate any help or input anyone could give!

Thanks in advance!

Under what circumstances (aside from building monsters and baddies and whatnot) do characters or their allies acquire templates? I know that a paladin's bonded mount gets the Celestial Template at a certain level; but aside from that...

And: is there any way for a character or their allies to acquire a type or subtype they didn't have before (such as an alignment subtype, or an element subtype)? Any spells or feats?

Thanks in advance!

So, after some perusal, I've come across various things regarding Legendary levels, items, etc., and what I am wondering is this:

How do these things mesh and/or synergize with the Mythic rules? Are they completely different animals, are they compatible, does it all work out in the end...?

I am a bit on the fence regarding purchases of some of these things, and I'd appreciate input from persons who have experience in these systems. Thanks!

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If a Feat contains a 'Special' entry which says, "_X_ may select this feat any time s/he would gain a feat", does this 'trump' the feat's prerequisites, or does the character still need to fulfill said prerequisites?

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So, with the heroes having liberated and essentially 'cleaned up the town', and with the Sword of Valor firmly in place, what is the actual status of the land within that 10-mile radius? Does it slowly recover from abyssal influence? Can you actually grow crops or foodstuffs in that area? I ask because one of the PC's had the idea of making Drezen somewhat self-sufficient, by converting some places to terraced gardens and such to provide food for the crusaders that wouldn't need to be imported. Are the powers of the Sword of Valor enough to keep the Worldwound's taint at bay in this regard? Or is the land itself still too defiled?

Hey y'all,

I googled around and searched, but wasn't able to find any comprehensive list of spells which certain deities grant their clerics or followers. I found a scattering of mentions here-and-there, but nothing comprehensive.

(and I'm not talking about the 'base' or 'core' cleric list, but rather extra spells or things added to the core list for clerics of specific deities, or special spells that only followers of X receive.)

Does anyone know if such a resource exists?

thanks in advance!


For a playtesting project, I'm needing a low level (1-3, or possibly 1-5) adventure or module for 3-5 characters, (assumed) all spellcasters (or pretty much everyone is SOME kind of spellcaster), arcane or divine irrelevant. It should have a fairly broad gamut of encounters and challenges spell-wielding characters would face. PFRPG system preferred, but 3.5 is also do-able. If anyone has any ideas or leads, I'd be greatly appreciative!

Thanks in advance,

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(This is in reference to the Empyreal Lord detailed in Chronicle of the Righteous -PZO9255-, inside front cover & pg. 20)
((spoiler added to respect copyright))

In CotR, Pulura is listed as being an Angel Empyreal Lord of Constellations, homesickness, and the northern lights. Her alignment is given as Chaotic Good, and yet... is there anything about her that is truly 'Chaotic'? Granted, some (but hardly all) of her worshipers are travelers, but unlike Desna (Goddess of the Stars), Pulura is a Goddess of Constellations, the orderly (ahem, Lawful?) arrangement of the stars. There is nothing chaotic about constellations or following their patterns whatsoever, if anything, something much more inclined towards order/law. Also, she is consistently listed as one of the goddesses often worshiped and/or influential in Sarkoris (Now the Worldwound), which was by-and-large 'ruled' (in a religious sense) by Druids, ie., Neutral. If her popularity within a religious climate with strong leanings toward Neutrality is any indication towards her alignment, then I would say (based upon my above observations as well) that her proper alignment should, in fact, be Neutral Good.

On a similar note, Arshea (CotR pg.7), the "Spirit of Abandon" is listed as Neutral Good, and yet all of his/her description and areas of interest/influence indicate chaotic.

CotR pg.7 wrote:
Arshea espouses utter liberation of the soul and encourages mortals to abandon needlessly constraining beliefs.

... That sounds pretty darn close to the definition of Chaotic Good to me.

It would appear that for some reason the alignments for these two Empyreal Lords was switched or swapped.

Why does this matter?

For one thing, consistency with established guidelines regarding alignment in the Core Rulebook and with the other esteemed works published for Pathfinder. For another, Puluran Paladins would/should be a considerable asset to the Wrath of the Righteous AP, as they'd be fighting not just to eradicate the threat of the evil demons to the world, but also to regain their lost 'seat of power' in Avistan.

I welcome (respectful & polite) discourse and dialogue with my gamers!


Ok, so I'm referring to the Shakujo or Khakkhara or Xizhang - the staff topped with a ring and/or rings. How would that be statted out for PF? I mean, it's like, an incredibly stereotypical & historical monk's weapon/ implement, so... how did it get lost in the shuffle? Thoughts? Ideas? Advice?

Thanks in advance :)

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Actually not to me, but to a buddy of mine.
(this just happened within the past week)

So, he and his soon-to-be-ex-wife are in some of the final proceedings for their separation (after a year and a half of bickering they're calling it quits), and they're at the point if splitting the loot- ah - I mean, dividing up the marital assets. Now this buddy of mine has been gaming for 25+ years, and has been an avid comic collector for just as long, and his collection of books is nothing short of library-worthy. His ex, on the other hand, has not so much as touched a d20, let alone rolled one, and considers "Twilight Saga" to be the epitome of fine literature. The lawyers had already agreed that possessions obtained prior to their marriage were off-limits for divvying up, and only those things which they got during their time together would be considered marital assets. The mediator/judge guy was cool with this.

Somehow, she got it into her head that she should be entitled to half of his comic and RPG collection (since, after all, during their time of marriage he had continued to buy comics & game stuff), and tried arguing that she was 'just as involved' in those things as he was. (Our theory is that she read some article online about the value of Mint Condition comics & RPG stuff and wanted to try and get whatever extra goodies she could grab). He (my buddy) said no way, he's had most of those things since he was a kid. Lawyers give each other one of those "Oh crap" looks, which could just as likely be interpreted as "Hmm, maybe we can charge a few more hours for this case after all".

Judge steps in and says he's really not in a mood for long, drawn-out arguing, so he'll ask her a couple questions and make a ruling. Lawyers agree this is fair. His questions:

1) at what level do Pathfinder Monks gain their ultimate ability, "Fists of Fury"?
2) what DC comic character debuted and died in 'Giant-Size X-Men #1'?
3) the village of Hommlet adventure leads to the Temple of _(fill in the blank__?
4) what is 'Thac0' (he pronounced it like "Taco"), and where does it come from?
5) when Superman caught his arch-nemesis Riddler, he took him to what mental institution?


she gave some answers, none of which were correct. Judge ruled that the RPG stuff and Comics were "off-limits" and not subject to being divvied up.

Who coulda knew the Judge was a GamerGeek, too?

Hey there,

So, how do these two compare, balance- or power-wise? I've never played 3.x (in its original incarnation, only Pathfinder), but have read several of the novels for the Eberron setting. I'm using Tzizimine's Eberron as a basis - would Eberron classes imported into a typical Golarion be unbalancing?

Now, I know there is going to be those who immediately say, "The novels are fiction! They have nothing to do with the game rules!". Yeah, yeah, I know, so don't bother reminding me of that, and besides I'm posting on behalf of someone else who doesn't even own a computer. Comments like that don't really help or have any true bearing on the question, which is:

In chapter 16, "Phoenix Warrior", Radovan encounters a paladin on his travels that

can somehow split herself into two beings, one martial and one 'mystical'. And yet it is clear they are essentially the same person, given how the chapter ends.

Now, is there any actual way to do this and/or simulate this ability? Is there some archetype that I missed along the way?

So. Pretty much all races are referred to in Ultimate Campaign's Background Generator's table, 1-23 "Race of Adopted Sibling", but for those races themselves there is no mention of which table/ heading would be most appropriate to use (unless I've missed that somewhere in the book, but I kinda doubt that). So what's your take? Particularly, I've got a player making a Kitsune character who REALLY likes to get into detail about her background, siblings, cousins, etc etc. Which tables would you use for these "unusual" characters?

So, hit the FLGS after getting the SMS that the Ultimate Campaign book had arrived... probably delayed due to flooding. Of course, could hardly wait to get home and dive in. So my daughter sees the section on character background, and grabs her dice, eager to give 'em a throw. Being a good Dad, I'm happy to oblige.

So we get to "Circumstances of Birth" and she rolls... Reincarnated. Huh.

ok, so she's not middle class, not a noble or a peasant, but then what?

just kind of popped out of nowhere?

How do you run with this?