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Sharaya wrote:

Hi Anthony,

Are you wanting your subscription cancelled, or just suspended until you get moved? If it's short term (less than a month) we can just suspended it so that it won't generate new items until it get unsuspended. Then when it's unsuspended the order will get created and shipped. Just let me know which you would prefer to do.

I hope your move goes well! I just moved out here fairly recently myself, and I am loving Seattle.

However, our offices are not set up for people to be able to pick up order in person, so that won't be an option. Sorry :(

Just let me know if you would prefer to cancel or suspend the subscription, and I'll get it taken care of.


Please just suspend the shipping, i do intend to be in seattle by the end of the month, but if i do not have a mailing address i will cancel the suscription then, ok? Are there any openings in your warehouse by any chance?

As i am moving during your shipping schedule. As a side note i am moving to Seattle so maybe i can pick up the last adventure pack in person! Thank you, anthony talone

You double-shipped adventure pack 5, where do i send the extra back to? Please note that you did NOT double bill, just shipped 2 boxes instead of one. Sincerely CaptLudd

csouth154 wrote:
Perfectly correct.

WOW WAS THAT QWICK!!! Thank you very much

The henchman tyrant troll card states

Add 1d8 to checks to defeat the tyrant troll using the fire trait. If the check to defeat does not have either the fire or acid trait, the tyrant troll is undefeated.

I presume this to mean that you must 1st have the means to deliver damage with the fire trait and then you get to add the extra die, and that if you only have the acid trait you get no bonus, and if you have neither you can beat the troll and avoid damage but as usual the troll is shuffled back in the location deck. Am i correct?

As always thanks for any replies...

The scenario card says to pick a random open location and look at the top card each turn after advancing the blessings deck. I took this as being for each character (I play 4 characters). This made it quite easy as i did not have to use blessings so much to explore. Was this correct or did it mean to treat a turn like the poison cloud card which lasts until the casters next turn. Or am i playing that wrong? I ran into the villian the last card available, on the last card on the blessing deck, but as i said i could have speeded that up using blessings to explore more than i did. Anyway, a great time as always, this game is just awesome!!! Thanks in advance for all polite replies, flames get laughed at :-)))

Mike Selinker wrote:
PACG developer Paul Peterson, Cheapass Games's James Ernest, TableTop's Bo Radakovich, and other friends have joined me in making what is basically a documentary. Enjoy.

To quote my boss "that was really get back to work!"

Derca wrote:

Being focused on 2h weapons, I was looking foward to the magical trident in expansion 3.

Until I read it's abilities.

"Reveal this card AND discard another card to roll strength or Melee dice +1D8+3. You may discard this card to add another 1D8+3"
Plus whenever you use this weapon you take 1 force damage that cannot be reduced.

Is it just me or is this weapon not worth the cardboard it's printed on?

Or am I missing something?

But really, discarding a card AND taking 1 unreduceable card? So i home ruled it reveal 1d8+1, discard a card +2,that and take a point of damage +3, your choice......what do you all think?

I think that adventure pack 3 answers all the complaints i have read about this game. The game has gotten harder in villains, henchman, monsters, and barriers, the mechanic to close scenarios has been changed up in at least two cases, the back story continues to amuse! I just opened the box, read an amusing write up about merisal and the pig, and just happen to have the whole week off to send my 3 squads of adventurers to Hook Mountain. Just hope that it doesn't become a massacre after all :-)))

So after 5 business days my shipment is still in washington state? Where did you ship it from, china? I thought you guys were in the mid-west somewhere, but even if you were on the west coast it hasnt moved anywhere in a week! I ordered a different game from amazon, on a saturday, it shipped from Wisconsin and was delivered on the next wednesday, what gives? Sorry to vent but next time i am looking at the shipping choices a little closer, and you can be a little clearer that the cheapest option is REALLY SLOW!

I am just starting in pathfinder after buying the PACG. What exactly is the pathfinder society and what is its function? There also appears to be some sort of hierarchy involved as there are different forums below this one. :edit:what is the grand lodge? What do you have to do to join in and progress in theses groups? Oh obviously i understand that these are not in the card game but the RPG milieu. Everything else is unclear...thanks in advance

h4ppy wrote:

@Nathaniel - perhaps think of it like this: if your KNOWLEDGE is defined as "INT + 2" it means that things that boost your INT also boost your KNOWLEDGE.

A Knowledge check is still a Knowledge check, it's just that in some circumstances you can play things that boost either the sub-skill or the parent skill.

I had interpreted this as being that if you have knowledge + 2 you only get the bonus if the situation expressly mentions it, and if it is mentioned and you don't have it you then you use intelligence. Either that or you are just SOL.

If you PC has one blessing and 1 ally can he explore 3 times in the same turn ? If you fail to defeat a monster or aquire a boon and you can play a card to explore can you or is that turn over.? At the town square you can discard a card to explore, again can you do this multiple times on the same turn? Again common sense says yes to all of these, please correct me if i am wrong.

In the poison pill most of the location cards start with monsters 1st and barriers 2cd except for sandpoint cathedral and town square. My question is are just the titles inverted or the complete entry with how many of each also inverted. I am playing the cards exactly as written regardless of order until i hear different. mike said to use common sense after all.

CaptLudd wrote:
I ordered sleeves straight from mayday last weekend, and they collected up money, and have not sent any info on when or if it shipped, according to their website they ship orders and answer inquiries with 24 hours but they sure are ignoring me. Any one else have problems with this company?

What i din not get were answers to my email, the order shipped on time so that is definitely more important.

CaptLudd wrote:
And i really can't believe all the people who say it is too easy. Haven't made it thru the 1st scenario yet but after a try with 3 PC in which i did not use cards to explore enough i obviously ran of time. And the i tried to get the fighter thru solo and the barriers did thier job just too well. I also just rolled badly, working with 1D10 + 1D8 + 4 and stlill gettin only 8 or 9, well it was a frustrating debut. But i think i got the mechanics down, and am really glad that it is no cakewalk, i am really having fun with it. Tomorrow i will ho back to 3 PC and try to use more blessings to search more ans ee if that helps.

So now it begins,....kyra, ezren, valeros, and merisiel, having tracked down jubrayl vhiski to his waterfront lair an brought him to justice have formed a company to track down whatever is behind the evil that has started stalking the land.

h4ppy wrote:

I think it's hardest with 1 or 6 PCs (1 can get stuck, 6 have to really rush) but stick at it and you'll get there soon!

Regardless of how hard/easy it is... isn't it just so much FUN?!? :)

ABSOLUTELY!!! Between the official adventure path and the user content this game will be seeing the table only slightly less than the dinner plates!!

And i really can't believe all the people who say it is too easy. Haven't made it thru the 1st scenario yet but after a try with 3 PC in which i did not use cards to explore enough i obviously ran of time. And the i tried to get the fighter thru solo and the barriers did thier job just too well. I also just rolled badly, working with 1D10 + 1D8 + 4 and stlill gettin only 8 or 9, well it was a frustrating debut. But i think i got the mechanics down, and am really glad that it is no cakewalk, i am really having fun with it. Tomorrow i will ho back to 3 PC and try to use more blessings to search more ans ee if that helps.

I ordered sleeves straight from mayday last weekend, and they collected up money, and have not sent any info on when or if it shipped, according to their website they ship orders and answer inquiries with 24 hours but they sure are ignoring me. Any one else have problems with this company?

Man think the BGG is a great site but finding anything on it is like pulling teeth. Looked on the forums there and nothing is like any other site i have been on. Usually there is an area that says talk about games or something like that and then a list of games. I know that there is at least one forum over there discussing this game but i can not find it. Could someone provide a link to the beginning of it please?

Polyphemus wrote:

Okay, here's the tweaked version of the Adventure Path, with more feat rewards and an additional Adventure Path rule. Some playtesting will need to be done, to determine the balance, so if anyone chooses to play it, please let us know how it goes. Thanks!

Fan Compilation Adventure Path #1: The Rise of the Pathfinders

The lands of Varisia are full of danger, and its people are always looking for brave and bold adventurers to protect them from the evils that are everywhere. The adventurers who survive the longest are celebrated by the people as Heroes, and the best of them are recruited to the Pathfinders. Can you help make the Lost Coast a safer place for its citizens, and live long enough to prove your worth to the Pathfinder Society?

Complete the adventures/scenarios, in this order:

Adventure #1 – The Edited Jubrayl Vhiski Trilogy (Organized Crime (replaces Brigandoom!), Jail Break!, The Ransom) Add Adventure Reward: Skill Feat
Scenario #1 – Zombies? Replace Scenario Reward with Reward: Power Feat.

Adventure #2 – Monsters of the Lost Coast (The Satyr, The Xulgaths, The Ghoul, The Attic Whisperers, The Hell Hounds) Add Adventure Reward: Card Feat
Scenario#2 – The Return of the Chopper Replace Scenario Reward with Reward: Skill Feat.

Adventure #3 – The Dark Relic (Infiltrated, Dark Relic of the Osirion, O Father, Where Art Thou?, Ghostbusters) Add Adventure Reward: Power Feat
Scenario #3 –...

Okay 2 questions, 1) am i supposed to play adventure 1, then scenario 1, followed by adventure 2, etc. or are the scenarios for people who want the shortpath? I believe it is the former if i am reading it right. 2) the part where you are to add points as you go up the adventures i thought were tied up with the official released content. Will the equipment and player level from the official pack 1 be enough to win after adding points to the checks? Please clarify or oorrect me, but it seems to make things unbalanced.

Seem to be fantastic! The only concern i had was that i would get tired of the content coming out so spread apart. Now it looks like i will be running 1 group of characters thru the offical content and another thru all the fan generated content. I was going to skip the character pack until christmas but am thinking i will want it sooner.. I think self made cards are in order as well as at least one comes up with dopplegangers to fight! Here is a thank you in advance for all of your efforts. I intend to have a notebook to write down the particulars so i am not tied to the internet.

Nathaniel Gousset wrote:

Of course playing with House rules to make a solo game easier is a bit ...

Cheating when playing alone make playing totally useless... Just read a book, or better invent your own story. Oh, and dibs on your dices since you wont use them...

Seriously, this game is EASY, absolute cake walk mode right now... If you manage to die, you choose to die.

It seems that some think this game too easy, with others arguing differently, but few if any saying it is too hard. Fine with me, if i want to lose a valiant effort i play Pandemic ( which i have yet to win playing with 4 of the cards that trigger outbreaks) or elder scrolls omens which i only win 25%. The point of a RPG is the trip itself, and growing your character. If it is so hard you are constantly starting over with new PC you can't get invested in them. IMHO, YMMV

I would gladly pay for the $8 option, you should go for that. The pdf option should be so cheap for you that should also be available. The idea of either pre-printed labels or a pre- formatted pdf for labels should also be doable for those who use sleeves. But i think you were really floating the balloon to see how much we were willing to pay and whether we hated the slightly smaller card size. Again i say use that option

I agree that this is a good business model. You sign up early you get all the benefits of the program, and then it is not offered later. In the video game world publishers often charge 20 to 40% for exclusive deals on launch only to discount the content at a lower price shortly after. Now that really is wrong. Anyway everyone pity me, i looked briefly on this site only saw the retail price so ran down to my local outlet. None in stock have it in a week, paid on the spot. THEN came home and figured out if i had just subscribed i would have saved 15% and got the promos. < hangs his head in shame> still like the business model

kysmartman wrote:
As someone who actually asked this question a day or two later than the OP, they were verifying your card. The hold on the card will go away in a couple of weekdays unless they actually ship the game in which case it won't go away or it will and you'll have a 2nd charge for the game. It's nothing to get too worked up about as they have to put a hold for that much on the card to make sure it has that much money on it and is a valid card.

Okay, thank you for all the responses, now i know how they go about it no problems.

Fromper wrote:
I think it's just that they auth as soon as you subscribe, but they haven't actually billed you yet. They'll bill you when they ship, just like they say.

No if it shows on my bank statement they billed me. Now it is on hold but that is probably because it is saturday, but monday morning it will come out of my account. Ii guess i just expected to wait until the end of the list since i just signed up on the 10th so i was taken by surprise, and expected an email saying we shipped the product today and billed your account, enjoy and that sometime after the 18th. Just posted to see if anyone else was billed not getting upset or anything. It is a new company to deal with and i like to know what is going on.

So if i remember they said they would not bill until shipped. I signed up 2 days ago and the 1st charge already hot my account, i got no email mentioning that they billed me and when i could expect shipment, though i gather from other posts that some got emails saying shipping between the 18th and 25th. So what gives, they are going to bill me in the 12th and wait until the 25th to ship?

On a similar vein, in another post i read where they said all the printing for all the sets are already done. They must really got a good idea of how much they are going to sell or they could either run out or get stuck with a warehouse full. They seem to have been in business for a long while so i am presuming that they know what they are doing.

Skull Angel wrote:

I am grateful that we have the printable character sheets, but I would love to see an app that held the exact same information. It would be so much more convenient and I saw Mike Selinker in an interview making a comment about carrying your character's deck with you like a "greaser" tucked away in the sleeve of your shirt. The app for your phone would help with that motif, well a more modern version of it at least.

I love the game by the way. Excellent job!


Firedale2002 wrote:

We've tried, but because the cards are a bit lighter than normal playing cards, they don't really have enough weight to push down against the spinners that fling the cards together to shuffle them.

We've resorted to pile shuffling or simple split and cut shuffling, that way, there's no card bending.

Now that was quick! Thanks for the response i will not be bending my cards. On the subject of sleeves, if i were to investigate prices what size or model type am i looking for?

I do not intend to sleeve the cards but neither do i want to wear them out quickly by bending them constantly shuffling them. Has anyone tried to use one of those card shufflers that poker players use?

OberonViking wrote:
Mike Selinker wrote:
Good catch. Will fix.
Best. Customer Service. Ever.

I agree 1000+. What has brought me back to board games is the great customer service i see compared to what i see from computer game companies. The harsh DRM policies in which you only buy the use of a game, DLC which you purchase but is available to you only as long as the game servers are there and supported have driven me away. Being the age i am when thinking board game i thought monopoly or risk or scrabble and had no interest, but after buying a ipad and finding what modern games had evolved to from now on my money is on them. After a month of research this is my was my first purchase though i do have a dozen or so ports on the ipad.

MIKE, i read your sticky and the honesty and integrity that you have shows through and i wish you all the success in the world.

Fromper wrote:

Or you could easily house rule that death isn't perma-, and just treat it like a lost scenario. Kinda like RPGs that way - handle death any way you like in your home game.

edit: Heh. Ninja's by Helaman saying the exact same thing, 6 seconds sooner.

It is true that house rules can be used, but i do not like to abuse the privilege,so to speak. I noted in one thread someone stated that at the end of a scenario he preferred to pick his prize rather than randomly picking it since he thought he never got any useful. Nobody tarred and feathered him or rAn him out of town. I do like the go down two modules limit, that mitigates the loss somewhat, perhaps i will probably not throw the table against the wall after all :-)))

So with my basic set not showing up until next friday i am looking at videos and reading forums so i can get a jump on the learning curve. I had been under the impression that you ended a scenario badly by either running out of time or your PC dying, in either case you shuffle the decks including the PC's and try again. BUT that only goes in the 1st adventure! After that if your PC dies, he is gone for good and you have to start with Burnt Offerings again. Wow, in 8 months, halfway thru the last adventure of the path, my fighter dies, 1, the table will be possibly be thrown against the wall, 2. I will get horribly drunk, and the entire family will be expected to attend the wake. 3' I will miss a day at work ( sorry boss, death in the family ).

Even back in the day when i played D & D, our group played modules of different degrees of levels, and either used the canned characters that came with them or rolled a new one for that module. I had 1 character, that i used from module to module if his current level was correct that was referred to as " the black cat" because he died 9 times before i stopped using him ( it was a running joke everytime he me made an appearance especially if he died).

This is going to be a long week.....

h4ppy wrote:

I often play six-character solitaire. It requires a lot of thinking since time is tight, but I've not failed a scenario yet (despite some VERY close calls).

For me it take 1.5 - 2 hours to play a single scenario, including about 30 mins set up time and probably about 10-15 mins tear down (even if you take 2 mins per character to sort out their deck, that's still 12 mins).

P.S. Solitaire 6-character is utterly awesome.

Thank you everyone for the replies, they were just what i wanted to hear. Even more stoked for next weekend now. I think it will be a couple of play thru's before i try a 6 character solitaire, but it will happen.

In a video one of the designers mentioned that scenarios do not take much longer with 4 players compared to s solo effort. So has anyone tried running 4 characters as a solo game and how did it work for them? Especially how long did it take? Next friday my base set will be in my hand and a subscription is set up for the expansions to be shipped on release. I will get the player pack for christmas. I haven't felt this much anticipation for anything in a long time