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In my campaign the PC's have just re christened the vessel from Rickety's. The captain wants to begin setting up crew in battle stations so when they enter combat NPC's already know their assigned roles. None of the pirate templates have Knowledge(siege engines) or proficiency with the Light Balista's. They want their Master Gunner to train the crew in groups to use the Balistas. I have developed a mechanic for them to do so and would like some feed back. My thought was that the PC training them would be able to train 1 NPC for each rank in Siege Engineer they have or to use their INT Bonus.

Training NPC’s in Skills

To train a NPC in a specific skill such as Knowledge(Siege Engine) a NPC must have a minimum
of 3 days training. The NPC gains only a specific knowledge or skill that applies to one particular use.
ie. Knowledge( Light, Ballista) would not apply to Knowledge( Catapult). At the completion of the training the NPC gets to make a INT check with a DC 15. The NPC gets a +1 bonus to the roll for each day of consecutive training/ drilling in the skill. The number of days of training must be established before the training begins.

Jimmy Twothumbs is going to be trained in Knowledge( Balista, Light). He is going to be trained for 3 days. At the end of the 3 days Jimmy Twothumbs would get to make an INT check DC 15. He would get +3 for completing 3 days of training/drills. Jimmy has an INT of 10 so has a base of 0. Jimmy rolls a 12 which would be a total score of 15 allowing Jimmy to gain the desired skill. If the check was failed Jimmy would have to be trained again. There is no bonus for the already trained days since Jimmy failed the roll.

Pledged! I am getting an L.E. book and having a character designed! Now let have those NPC's. ;-p

Ok here is my arguement for why eidolon Do get augmented Summoning. If you read the first two sentences in summon monster 1 from Advanced player's guide page 56:

Summon Monster I (Sp): Starting at 1st level, a summoner
can cast summon monster I as a spell-like ability a number of
times per day equal to 3 + his Charisma modifier. Drawing
upon this ability uses up the same power as the summoner
uses to call his eidolon.

That right there tell you that your eidolon and other monsters you summon use the same powers to get summoned, that is why you can't summon a monster when your eidolon is there and that is why they both would get augmented summoning reguardless of how it is worded weather you use the word ritual or not it still does the same thing as summoning other monsters.

Nope. They are gonna have to finagle their way on this one.


Well our game, Now in book six after a year and a half of playing took a turn for worse.

The Party was talking to the Knurly Witch and they went to combat.

King casts Boneshatter on her and fails to bypass her spell resistance..Bad rolls. The Diplomat backs up and draws his weapon. And The Knurly witch casts Insanity on the King. He fails his save. They have no way to remove it from the King and he is permanently now confused. They have several glades left and will have to roll for his actions each round. With hours of travel time between glades it will be interesting.

Can't wait to see if they can Bring home the finale now!!!

With the release of ultimate Magic and the influx of Eastern weaponry and class styles,I have been working on a conversion of a 1st Ed Ad&d module that could be Tian Xia related.

I am currently working on converting OA3 Ochimo The Spirit Warrior for our group as we all like Asian themed adventures and such.

No Problem Black Dow,

Send email to blackhand_oracle at yahoo

Like I said It may be a week or so depending on work!!! Yeah Real life interupts things :>

Almost done. Maybee by next week I we have to add rivers and tags then we have it. I can send it via png file when done if ya want PJ. Send email to blackhand_oracle at yahoo

Yes I love this!!!! Keep it up Paizo!!

I used just such a thing in my game.

10 - 15BP seemed right to me also.

I gave them +2 Economy for each Lock they built.

I got the 20 hexes from the War of the River kings thread. James said that Pitax would have the bottom two rows without Forest in them. That came to 12 hexes. It didn't make sense that they wouldn't have The 8 hexes above them because it includes Rushlight and Littletown( Which even though the wyverns have it, he controls them. I made Pitax using the Write up on it and then adapted the Populace down due to unrest. I did not give Pitax a black market because it alludes that Irovetti controlled everything. I only stated out the 4 major houses. I gave them Guildhalls.

Someone here said something about Liberation points for the Trade houses, I used that. It worked well! Pitax is full of Resentful people both sympathizers to Irovetti and people who wanted his fall. I had the Strocale family continue to spy on the kingdom, they were caught though because my PC's have a spy network and monitored them closely. They are about to arrest the Family right up the chain of command. They have been building a case against them for 3 months. Including some spread misinformation.

Any more ? feel free to ask.

Well I have a few options for my game. However my Golarion is a bit different. In book 2 the PC's brokered the betrothal of Elana Lebebeda and King Noleski Surtova. Forcing Natalia's hand. She Murdered her brother and assumed the crown as Queen.

This obviously drove the Nobles in Brevoy into a frenzy. Medvyed Obstained action, Lodovka looked the other way. Garess waited. Lebeda held off decision. Orlovsky attempted to Draw Lebeda and Medvyed into a war with a coup falsely. It ended up with The other nobles and the Pc's recognizing her a legitimate Heir to the throne. Orlovsky was hanged.

A year later Natalia Declared herself the Empress of Seven Spires which included Brevoy, Stolen lands, and an invasion of Iobaria. The Pc's brokered Marriages with Two Iobarian Princesses To secure the fealty of Kridorn and Veka. The Empress attacked and won in Orlov.

We are in end of book 5 now. PC's have taken down Pitax and have over 140 Hexes. All Party members are Baron's or Dukes paying fealty to The King which is Loyal to Natalia Surtova.

It gets more interesting as a powerful Taldoran Senator is courting Natalia for a bride.

The PC's hate Natalia but feel they can't take her. I plan on passing some time when they go to First World also and she could take over in their absence. Keeping their children as Wards.

Yeah there is an online map of Iobaria that has a scale on it....NOTE!! it is incorect. It does not match other maps. If you look at Brevoy map in PF#31 it shows big differnces to the Map in PF#33 also. Icerime peaks are way off too. The scale on the Iobaria map in PF#33 is 1" equals 110mi approximately.

Erik Freund wrote:
Turin the Mad wrote:

Iobaria looks like it encompasses 324 hexes in area.

Dominant races seem to be centaur, human and werecritters.

If you (or anyone else) were to try and map up Iobaria, and fit it to a hex-grid, you were be an amazing, amazing contributor to these forums.

Personally, I lack cartography skills, but if a map were provided, I could commit to helping fill out the hexes with encounters, create some plotlines, and write up city stat-blocks.

But for that we'd have to agree on a level-range. I'll suggest a range compatable with VV, plus maybe a little harder as you go further (so it can be run in parallel to book 4).

Funny you should say that. I took the Iobaria map and the Brevoy map. Since they both contain Skywatch and Restov, I measured the distance between them and extrapolated the math. I am using hexographer to map Iobaria and the entire River Kingdoms as we plan on going past the end of Ap with our campaign.

I have created a small army or orc/lycanthropes for an Iobarian army. Note!! Not an ally of party. He he he he.

Also have an army of Frost wights.

If you use a cleric to raise the general and have him make the leaders they are under his command. Then have the leaders make the troops. Command system is incorporated in their creation. at least untill the leaders die....again. lol

I am currently working up some details for the major powers. I will post them soon.

we are using Iobaria in our Kingmaker campaign. I was wondering if anyone has come up with army sizes for the major cities.( Kridorn, Mirnbay, Orlov, Etc)

I am doing some extensive add-on stuff in my Kingmaker game and was wondering what the different Iobarian titles would equate to in Brevoy.




I think that is the only ones I have found.

Tzakiv I think is Prince?

Koffar maybe Duke?

Ozra maybe Baron?


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Well I as well am disappointed to not see anymore ideas here. Here is my take on Pitax for my game.

Size 20 hex
Ruler Irrovetti
Councilor Annamede Belvarah
General Avinash Juurg
High Preist Drey Yarnes
Magister Englidis
Marshal Nunzio Arapaia
Spymaster Gedovious
Warden Villamor koth

I left vacancies in Grand Diplomat and Treasurer

Promotion Standard
Taxation Overwelming
Festivals 6

Cave 1
Farm 12
Landmark 1
Road 6
Special resource 1

Put in 3 cities:
academy 1
Cathedral 1
City Wall 6
Exotic craftsman 1
Guildhall 4
House 6
Inn 1
Market 1
Noble Villa 1
Piers 3
Tavern 1
Temple 1
Theater 1
Tradesman 1
Watchtower 4
Waterfront 1

Casters tower 1
Herbalist 1
House 2
Inn 1

Arena 1
Barracks 1
Exotic craftsman 1
Park 1

Control dc 40
Ecomomy 42
Loyalty 50
Stability 34

It comes out that it would have a poplutaio around 15,756 which I downgraded to 8,756 due to exodus of people.

Tell me what ya think.

I actually Ran this with 6 members in party and used the redcaps and it was awesome. Fit very well. I personally just dont care for Spiggans

Pendagast wrote:

Like the subject says:

So how do i fix this, the binding/cover is all but off the book although the pages are still bound together.

Can i send it back? get it rebound?

Duct tape? what?

Thereare some options in which to get it repaired. They are not quick fixes in any way. Check out book binding how too's on the net. There are a surprising amount of tutorials and methods. I recovered my bestiary with a faux leather cover and put it back together with moderate effort and it is solid.

Check out mrxdesigns dot com for some good how to's also. He made my core rulebook bound in red dragon hide leather and affixed my custom logo and he does do commission work.

I have been contemplating taking on rules like these also. I used the Council of theives #4 I beleive to get rules for kingdom guild but these look promisig. Kudos to you I will supply some feedback as we use them.

I thought this novel was great! It grabbed my attention span well and has great character development.

Must read!!

After just completing the Winter Witch novel I have to get by Buddy to run this thing.

Any cool modules that would set up to play in this?