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People may be interested in the old British system, variants of which ran for about 1000 years.

It is loosely based on earlier Roman, and still earlier Babylonian and Sumerian systems. The Sumerian system is sexagesimal, in which the currency is donated in multiples or divisors of 60.

The reason this is good is that there are many factors that go into 60 - hence it is great for creating fractions, which people need in real trade (before computers).

It's easy to pack say 6 eggs, or 12 eggs, but not say 5 eggs. Thus the British system had 6 pence piece so you could swap 1 coin for half a dozen eggs.

The first main *silver* coin is the shilling. This is 12 pence (or twelve coppers if you prefer). The pence is donated by the symbol d (likely taken from the old Roman Denarius).

The gold unit of account is the pound. There are 240 pence in one pound, thus making 20 shillings (20 silver coins) in one pound. Again notice the multiples/divisors of 60.

Hence you have

12 copper = 1 silver
20 silver = 1 gold

I think 100 silver pieces for 1 gold coin in a bit too much and not that historically accurate. However, interestingly in the *very early* stages of the British system one pound actually donated 1 one pound of weight in gold, though nobody carried around a pound coin.

Today in 2018. The British "pound" is only worth about 1.30 USD. While a mere ounce of gold is about 1070!

By the way if you ever find old British Shillings (12 pence). They are worth 1.50 USD each for the silver content alone, in other words more than the current so called British "pound".

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I've used this app. Can't recommend it enough. It makes creating a PF2E character so much easier than ploughing through 200+pages and flipping forward 100 pages.

Actually using the app, I found that the PF2E character creation process is actually quite smooth when presented in a clear manner without the page flipping and fluff.

PF2E is in disparate need of a fast start PDF.

As far as I can see those are *untyped* bonuses. These bonuses stack.

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It seems that one of the major sticking points people have with PF2E is with the skill system. Knowing a little of DnD history, the reason the d20 was introduced into the original Chain Mail rules was to create more swingy combat. This made for more fun, could create sudden problems making the game more group than individual oriented etc.

However, when you think about it there is no a priori reason to use the d20 for skill checks at all. Maybe it should be scrapped in favour of a system with a better curve distribution and more flexibility.

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I mostly stop at level 10. I like to play Heros *not* SUPER-Heros!

At level 15-20 you are travelling planes, maybe attacking demi-gods or something. You teleport around the world, own several Castles, whatever. I just find it lame.

By level 10 you've still only just overcome the -4 and likely low stats of a non trained skill. Basically the PF2E does not really scale very well over level10 for what you are looking for.

For me it's not too much of an issue, since I don't enjoy the super hero playstyle anyway. However, on a more positive note for you one of the game designers said in a twitch they could release a supplement which strips out the level scaling.

The designers are aware of the issue. In the twich he said something along the lines of, do you want to be a hero who is still threatened by a mob of 8 bandits (heroic) or do you want to be so powerful that a mob of 8 represents no threat at all (super hero).

Don't some Powers allow casters to already cast 2 spells per turn? For example:

Sorcerer Imperial: Metamagicians Shortcut (Power 3)

It's a bloodline power so will use Focus Points.

"When you cast this spell, choose a metamagic feat you have.
The next time you trigger that feat, you don’t need to add a
Somatic Casting action to the spell you cast."

(Note Metamagicians shortcut can be pre-cast up to an hour before you need it.)

So I pick heighten spell Metamagic Feat. The spell I choose to lose it's somatic component is Flaming Sphere.

My flaming spear now only takes 1 action to cast. This means I can now cast a *second* flaming sphere in the same round. In following rounds I now have 2 sphere's I can concentrate on and still shoot my bow. If I take the viscious concentration feat I can even boost the sphere's damage by more each time I concentrate on them.

This is just one combo I found, I think Wizards can do something similar.

DEX is even more important than I thought before - this is on account of the whole ranged touch attack Touch Armor Class rigmarole.

Without 16 DEX as your secondary stat your caster's range touch attack spells are going to suck. As is we need the convoluted process of.

I'm not trained in unarmed? but I am in simple weapons.
Fist is a simple weapon - it is also a finesse weapon.
My ranged (touch) attack uses my DEX + my casting proficiency.
Thus my ranged touch attack is 4.
I target TAC - which as outlined in another thread, is 97% of the time 2 less than AC.

**The net result of all this is I'm hitting at the same rate as a fighter (+6) does on normal AC**.

What then at this point is the function of introducing this rigmarole for basically no net difference in about 97% of the cases?

They could scrap TAC, and just say casters make ranged attacks at their primary stat + training. For the 3% of monsters they want to make more vulnerable just put an entry into the Beastiary or something.

For a new player there are just currently too many "spinning plates" to manage as it were. Pazio really need to re-evaluate some of the old systems they are using and see if they are really brining anything to the table.