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I'm trying to parse the daze cantrip's stun effect when you critically fail the Will save. On one paw, it says 'stunned 1' in the text, which means you lose one action on your next turn. On the other paw, it has a duration of 1 round, which means you lose all actions on your next turn. Which one is it?

Stunned condition is supposed to have either a condition value or a duration, but daze has both, and its duration can't realistically apply for anything but stunning. Can it?

Automatic weapon property has the following text regarding range.
When you make a full attack with a weapon in automatic mode, you can attack in a cone with a range of half the weapon's range increment. snip Roll one attack against each target in the cone, snip

Assuming I have a squad machine gun (range increment 60 ft.) and decide to hose a critter horde with bullets, which of these happens?
1) attack at -4 against critters within 30 ft., critters beyond 30 feet are not attacked.
2) attack at -4 against critters within 30 ft., attack at -6 against critters within 60 ft., attack at -8 against critters within 90 ft., ...

In other words, can the automatic weapon affect targets beyond half its normal range increment?

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Page 6 notes it will take the players 8 hours to reach the city, with hourly Survival checks to reduce the travel time by 1 hour, to a minimum of 4 hours. This time also tracks how many lightning bolts hit, how much ash there is on an armor's faceplate, and how many hourly investigation checks to make. Once they reach the city, encounter B triggers.

If the players fail at the Survival checks, they each have eight opportunities to reach the investigation goals. A talented survivalist can cut these opportunities to half. Am I missing something, or should there be an upside at reaching the target area faster than anticipated? The only benefit for succeeding at the Survival checks seems to be avoiding lightning bolts and ash on your faceplate, and the Mysticism goals can provide cover from the lightning bolts.

I'm probably going to have the players preroll their eight faceplate Survival checks before the game starts. That way I can consult the results quickly when needed and avoid a situation where six people are yelling numbers at me.

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I am running this scenario on monday, and would like to ask a couple of clarifications.

1) Is it permissible to change the tactics of the living topiaries, especially on four-player low tier? With the young template they have 32 hp, and start using their assimilate ability after taking 2 hp damage, which pretty much guarantees they appear, self-heal for 1-2 rounds, then escape or die. Or should they use assimilate for one round only?

2) Do the high-tier assassin topiaries have the move through hedges and sculpt shape abilities? They are not included in their SQ line, but their tactics imply they have them.

3) Is it permissible to just give Nayeli a Will save bonus? Or is there a Tier-dependent bonus that should be used? She has no statistics, and enchantment magic is stated to be a valid solution against her.

Minor statblock notes:
Advanced Necrophidiuses on low tier are missing their increased Dex bonus to AC and CMD, and their melee damage bonus is slightly too low.
Blackjacket guards on low tier have a weird stat array and too few hp despite having too high hp bonus.

I am somewhat worried that the PCs will try to just fly to the rear entrance, bypassing guard/topiary encounters. It may be possible to dissuade them by stating that the compound guards are likely to see them, but I'm not sure I should do so. Creative solutions and all that, plus they are likely to trip an alarm that way.

Reminder to whoever happens to be reading this:
Product thread has a correction regarding the appearance of Amynta Irel and her entourage.

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From the department of small questions.
When purchasing ammunition made of special materials (adamantine alloy, cold iron, silver), can I convert individual cartridges into special materials by paying the per-cartridge cost, or do I pay the special material cost per magazine or per purchase lot of ammunition?

I have an autotarget rifle (capacity 10 rounds) and a box of longarm ammunition (75 credits for 25 cartridges). I need adamantine alloy cartridges. Do I...
A) pay +50 credits per adamantium alloy cartridge, and keep the remainder of the box as regular cartridges.
B) pay +500 credits to convert one magazine (10 cartridges) to adamantine alloy, and keep the remaining 15 as regular ammunition.
C) pay +1250 credits because adamantine alloy cartidges are only sold in regular ammunition box lots.

A would be simple. B is kind of weird. C is not ruled out, since ammo is sold in specific quantities.

Hi. How much stuff can you cram inside a rigid white shipping envelope? I am asking because those brown cardboard golem boxes have two problems. One, they are not delivered home, but instead go to a post office, and picking them up requires travel and time (I'm busy and/or lazy). Two, those clinging packaging peanuts are horrible (first world problems, yay).

I could ask for various combinations of books, but a more practical question might be this: If overseas Shipping & Handling costs stay under $10, does that mean the books come in an envelope?

Everything I have received thus far has been in expected condition, with nothing broken* or busted. So this is a question of convenience, not a problem with shipping or product condition.

*with the possible exception of my mind, after trying to clean up those peanuts.