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Full Name

Avor Stelek


Hylki (human)


Envoy 7, soldier 1







Special Abilities

Icon (doctor)


Chaotic Good




Absalom Station


see statblock


Doctor, archaeologist, dancer

Strength 17
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16

About Avor Stelek

Avor Stelek is a proud son of Akiton, born in the year 277. He grew up near a city-state of Xenon, and had a fairly average Akitonian childhood; hiding from marauders and overtly curious beasts, riding with merchant caravans into larger towns and back, shooting at one raiding band of Shobhad in the day and trading with another in the evening. For a Hylki, Avor was fairly robust and therefore proud. Finally, one day, the shobhad turned out to be better shots and the caravan disbanded to flee. Young Avor found himself to be on foot in the desert with some other survivors. After a brief disagreement about leadership, he took control of the group and began to lead it to safety. About half of them survived the trip, and Avor realized most of them were still breathing because of a stranger who had been delicately guiding him and correcting his mistakes. Feeling humiliated, he challenged the stranger, got beat up, but also received an unexpected invitation. ”Come with me, and I'll teach you. You are young and stupid, but fearless and persistent. The Society has use for you if you are willing to learn.” And so in the year 300 Avor Stelek left Akiton and began his studies to join the Starfinder Society.

It took Avor years to condition his body to function in the triple gravity of Absalom Station, but he stubbornly refused to resort to cybernetic implants and powersuits. He also developed his mind. What fascinated him most was medicine, and eventually he served as a doctor and a field scientist in the Pact Worlds to expand his worldview. This significantly delayed his formal induction into the Society. Avor was provisionally assigned to a ship destined for the Scoured Stars, but his previous mission on Castrovel went awry, and his team was stranded for almost 200 days and missed the departure window. By the time they returned to Absalom, 80% of the Starfinder Society was missing and the remaining 20% was in total chaos.

From Avor Stelek's point of view Luwazi Elsebo is chiefly responsible for keeping the Society together, and he decided to support her by all means possible, especially after learning of her desire to rescue the missing Starfinders, including the man who hired Avor.

Avor is mostly known within the Society as a field medic, teacher, and an organizer, but on Absalom Station his chief fame comes from an entirely different source. While queuing for a Strawberry Machine Cake record for Zigvigix, he was singled out as an 'older fan' by the media, and the band's manager took an opportunity to show how their music inspired and attracted everyone, regardless of age or calling. Suddenly Avor found himself in every media, explaining his life choices and musical tastes in the middle of thousands of teenagers. He barely made it, but ever since that Elsebo has been using him mercilessly to grant the Society access to places that can only be reached by that certain type of reputation or fame. Such is life when you throw in your lot with the Starfinders.

Avor Stelek is a tall and straight red-skinned man who could be generously described as sinewy rather than thin. He is currently bald, with a pointy beard and long, narrow moustachios. Over his green-and-gold Skyfire armor he wears a traditional Akitonian war harness festooned with weapons and a medkit. Most of the time he yells Akitonian war cries or other encouragements at others, but every now and then he has to swing a sword or fire a gun. His early career as a ship crewmember was spent as a science officer, but recently he was assigned as a pilot on that flying brick the Society calls a warship. Avor knows he is but a part of a greater whole, and considers it a great honor to work alongside with Starfinders such as Evdaroko ”The Morning Star” Domeitash, Radok, 701 the android marksman, Nissa, and Boron. Without them, he would be nothing. Together, they can be unstoppable.

Male human (Akitonian) icon (doctor) envoy 7, soldier 1
CG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +2; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +11
SP 57 HP 53 RP 7
EAC 26; KAC 28
Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +9; +2 against spell and spell-like abilities
DR 6/—
Speed 25 ft.
Melee merciful tactical dueling sword +9 (1d6+11 S; analog)
Ranged tactical semi-auto pistol[ +8 (1d6+4 P; analog, 30 ft.)
OR called holy 12-notch plasma fork +8 (1d8+8 E&F; critical knockdown, boost 1d4, 60 ft)
OR flame pistol +8 (1d4 F; critical burn 1d4; 20 ft. line, unwieldy)
OR ominous tactical reaction cannon +8 (1d10+8 P; critical shaken 1d4 rounds FDC 12; 90 ft., penetrating 1)
OR smoke grenade +8 (explode [20 ft., smoke cloud 1 minute])
Str 17, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 16; Base Atk +6
Feats Enhanced Resistance (kinetic), Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Spellbane, Versatile Specialization
Skills Acrobatics +8, Athletics +11, Bluff +14, Computers +10 (3 ranks), Culture +16, Diplomacy +14, Disguise +7, Engineering +8 (+12 with traps, 1 rank), Intimidate +12, Life Science +10, Medicine +15, Mysticism +1 (+5 with traps), Perception +11, Physical Science +10, Piloting +13, Profession (archaeologist) +8, Profession (dancer) +9, Profession (doctor) +14, Sense Motive +11, Stealth +4, Survival +6 (+10 orienteering, +10 riding); (reduce the DCs of Profession/Culture check to recall knowledge about other icons of your profession or details about your profession's cultural aspects by 5)
Languages Abyssal, Akitonian, Aklo, Aquan, Auran, Azlanti, Brethadan, Castrovelian, Celestial, Common, Drow, Eoxian, Ghibran, Goblin, Ignan, Infernal, Jinsul, Morlamaw, Shobhad, Terran, Vesk, Ysoki
Other Abilities don't quit, expertise (1d6+1, Culture, Diplomacy, Medicine, Sense Motive), get'em, hurry, inspiring boost, expertise talent (additional skill expertise, skilled linguist), sharpshoot combat style (sniper's aim)
Augmentations mk4 Strength upgrade (biotech), mk 2 Dexterity upgrade (ability crystal)