Order 4470761 - Unwanted item appeared in order

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I'm contacting you about this order (#4470761) as a player character folio that I didn't order seems to have made its way into this shipment.

Looking at the comment that it was moved in from order 4400779, I suspect that what happened is as follows:

I picked up my Starfinder subscriptions at GenCon this year. At the same time, I also bought an additional hardcopy character folio and 2 packs of pathfinder pawn bases.
From the order 4400779 page it lists those 3 items as having been added to the sidecart.

And now that my next subscription shipment is processing, the available item has been added to the shipment.

I don't need a 3rd character folio, or 2 additional packs of pawn bases (still in sidecart based on my My Orders page), so could you please remove the folio from this order and the pawn bases from my side cart?


Customer Service Representative

Hi James,

I have cancelled the Starfinder Player Character Folio from you order. You should get an updated order confirmation email.

I have also cancelled the pawn bases from your sidecart.

If we can help with anything else, please let us know.


Hi Sharaya,

Thank you for taking care of this for me. I have received the updated email.


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