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I have "cheapest possible" set for my subscriptions, and so far, so good. shipping to Canada has been reasonable via standard postal delivery. But the alien archive pawn box is showing priority mail as the shipping method, and a shipping cost of $46 compared to the price of $38...

Can you please verify that this is 1) the cheapest possible method of shipping said pawn box to Canada (not including UPS), and 2) that the cost is correct?


Customer Service Representative

Hi James,

Because the Alien Archive Pawn Box is so heavy (about 4 and half pounds), it exceed the weight limit of 4 pounds per package for standard post for international orders. The only options we have to ship it internationally are UPS Ground or USPS Priority. Yours is currently set to the cheapest possible method.

If you want it to moved your sidecart so other items get combined with it later, to consolidate shipping costs, please let us know. I have suspended the order until we hear back from you to confirm what you would like to do.


Hi Sharaya,

Please move it to my sidecart to consolidate shipping costs.


Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello Atragon,

The box has been moved to your sidecart. It will be shipping out along with your next subscription order.

Thanks Diego!

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