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Hey all,

I'm trying to see if I can get some clarification on this, as there doesn't seem to be a clear ruling.

I have a character that took the Elementalist Class Archetype, which means that he took the Dedication feat at lvl 2, as expected.

I'm now thinking about retraining out to choose a different (regular) Archetype instead, but I'm not sure how much time that I'll need to spend doing so.

Do I spend 7 days retraining out of the feat, and leave it at that? Or would the Class Archetype also be considered a "class feature that required a choice" and have to add 28 days onto the total?

Personally, I'd probably lean towards the latter, if only for this line from Secrets of Magic:

Class archetypes always alter or replace some of a class's static class features in addition to any new feats they offer.

I'm curious about what others think.

Thanks in advance! :)

Hey folks,

I just had an interesting interaction in my game tonight, and I wanted to see what people had to say about it.

My players were in the middle of a big fight, where the Wizard started off by casting Black Tentacles into a room full of enemies. One of the enemies that was grappled by the tentacles was an archer. Rather than worry about trying to escape, the archer just kept shooting, but here's where it gets weird (at least to me).

Every time the archer tries to attack, he has to Reload (which is part of the same action as the attack, according to the Reload action with a '0' value). Reload is an Interact Action, which requires a Flat Check DC 5, but the Attack action doesn't. So, based on all this, does the archer: a) lose the attack if he can't reload, or b) completely ignore the Flat Check, as it technically doesn't cost anything?

To keep the game going, I went with the former, but am curious what others think about this.


Hey all.

In a game that I'm running, my players just hit level 10, and the Investigator in the group decided to take the Dandy Archetype Dedication.

I like to keep track of the character's progression, so I always follow their leveling using Herolab, and I came up with a bit of an oddity.

The Dandy Archetype Dedication feat has the following line in it:

You become trained in Deception and Society; if you were already trained, you become an expert instead.

The Investigator was already Expert in Deception, and a Master in Society. But when I added the feat to his character in Herolab, it seemed to bump out the skill points that he spent in those skills and says he has 2 free skill upgrades for Expert.

So my question is, is this accurate? Does the feat effectively bump out the expert ranks that he trained in to redistribute to other skills?

Thanks for your help in this.

Hey all!

I'm looking to fill a spot in my RoW game that I'm running, as we lost one of our members. The group, as it currently stands is as follows:

Human Fighter (Aldori Defender)
Human Bloodrager (Crossblooded)
Human Acrtic Druid

They all just became level 2, and there are a few different options that could fit. But someone with at least some amount of healing would be helpful, if not a fully dedicated healer.

Build rules are fairly straight forward:

- 20 point buy.
- For Races/Classes/etc, if you can find it in the Archives of Nethys, then it’s good with me. Anything else will be on a case-by-case basis. Keep in mind that this AP goes places that would make characters that can't pass as human a hindrance.
- For now, just assume max gold for a level one character. There hasn't been a ton of loot yet, so it shouldn't over balance things too much.
- Two Traits, one of which must be Campaign.
- Background Skills
- Max HP at first level. Roll average after that (whichever is higher). I allow re-rolls, depending on your HP dice.

The ability to use Roll20 is a must, as that's what I use for combat and exploration maps. If you have issues in Roll20, I'd appreciate making room for those that don't. This is my tool of choice, and it's what I know.

Thanks in advance for your consideration. I'll be leaving recruitment open for at least a few days. Probably closing it at midnight on Feb. 19th (MST). If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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Hey fam.

So I've been tossing around the idea for some time of opening up the can of running Forgotten Realms using Pathfinder 1e. Specifically, I have the trio of adventures that starts with Cormyr: The Tearing of the Weave.

I've tried running this campaign at least a couple times, and it's always fallen through for one reason or another, so I'd like to see if it works any better then the great people here in the Paizo Forums.

So, first and foremost, I'm looking to see how many people might be interested in this endeavor.

Secondly, before running this series, I've been tossing around the idea of running something to fill the gap at the beginning (Cormyr starts the players at lvl 4).

While there's a lot of Pathfinder modules that I could use and adapt, I'd like to keep the flavor very FR, and so I've been looking at Murder at Baldur's Gate (which is listed as levels 1-3. I've heard good things about it, but reading through it seems really daunting. I'm wondering if there is anyone that has experience with it that would be able to provide some insight as to whether it's worth it, or if I should look in another direction.

Needless to say, this is currently just exactly what it's labeled as: Interest and Info. How the thread plays out (and people's input) may dictate whether or not I'm even going to do this, or when.

Finally, thanks in advanced for taking the time to help me with this. :)

The weather has been warm, which is perfect weather for enjoying a warm bowl of Menander Garimos' hearty stew at The Silver Stoat, in Heldren.

The only tavern in the village is a little busier, being lunchtime, than it is during the rest of the day. At least until evening comes around. Kale Garimos is busily tending the bar, serving up the tavern's signature brew, Three Devil Ale, which she brews in-house using imported Chelish hops.

Aside from good food, the most prominent things to be found in the Silver Stoat are information and gossip. Anything that's worth knowing in Heldren gets talked about here, and talk is going around aplenty.

The sleepy village of Heldren has rarely seen so much excitement or concern. Hunters from the nearby Border Wood speak of unnaturally cold weather at the height of summer that descended on the forest just days ago. Heavy snow followed, and those who returned spoke of an uneasy presence in the woods, as well as new, dangerous predators. No one knows what this event means, but the town's soothsayer, Old Mother Theodora, claims dark times ahead.

As if in proof of that dire prophecy, a badly wounded mercenary arrived in town yesterday, claiming to be a bodyguard of Lady Argentea Malassene. He told the village council that the moblewoman's escort came under attack by bandits and strange, wintry creatures near the edge of the Border Wood. He alone escaped, and Lady Argentea was dragged away into the forest. Now the townsfolk cast fearful eyes toward the snowy forest, worried what else might emerge to threaten their peaceful village.

If you dig through the gossip, Gather Information or otherwise just learn more, you can roll a Diplomacy or Knowledge (Local). Otherwise, you can just shoot the breeze about the rumors either amunst yourselves, or with the locals.

Welcome to the Reign of Winter.

We’ll just jump right into things here, since I’m foregoing the application process.

A little bit about me:
I still consider myself a fledgling GM, but I have been getting a lot more experience in the last few years. I have some experience GMing in Pbp games, but it has been many years, and none of them were on the Paizo forums, or with the Pathfinder system in general, until recently. All that being said, after being involved in a few different games here and picking up a few idea and tricks, I think I have a good grasp on how I want to run this game. That being said, please feel free to provide (positive!) feedback if there is something that I have forgotten or could be doing better/more efficiently.

Keep in mind, I’m absent-minded and either miss information that I shouldn’t have, or forget to add bit of important information (sometimes). Other times, my information might be a little too specific, or not providing the important bits. Hopefully you don’t hold any of that against me. I’m still growing and learning as a GM. Above all, I try to have fun and do my best to provide an environment where others can too.

Here’s the rundown for character creation. Nothing too crazy:

- 20 point buy.
- For Races/Classes/etc, if you can find it in the Archives of Nethys, then it’s good with me. Anything else will be on a case-by-case basis.
- Roll for starting gold, or average, which ever is higher.
- Two Traits, one of which must be Campaign.
- Background Skills

I know that there are some alternate thoughts about this AP. I’m all about telling the story as it was written, but I’d like to know if you guys have an issue with that, or would prefer some modifications.

Posting: Standard 1/day minimum, and 1/weekend, I think is more than fair for most people. I highly encourage more, if you can. If you can’t please communicate openly with me. I currently work from home, and will be for the foreseeable future, so I generally post whenever I can.

Whenever possible, I will be using Roll20 for maps. It offers a lot of tools that you just don't get with any other medium, which I think lends a little more flavor to the game. There will be some items that will be tacked to the forums, as well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

I’ll be spending some time getting things together while you guys are sorting out your characters.

The town of Breachill is nestled in the foothills of the Five King Mountains in the wilds of eastern Isger, about 50 miles from the Druman border. Compared to the region’s other settlements, this small town is young—just shy of 170 years old—though it has a fascinating history that rivals those of many far older places. Breachill began with the humblest of origins, as a barely functional outpost of human amnesiacs, but the aid and mentorship of a powerful wizard led these shivering and dying unfortunates to found the hardy and thriving town that exists today.
Many of Breachill’s 1,300 residents are humans who trace their ancestry to one of these original pioneers, leading to the townsfolk’s identity as people who persevere and are self-sufficient by birthright. As a result, the residents of Breachill are brave and community minded. Unlike the insular inhabitants of many Isgeri towns, they welcome adventurers of all types. After all, the townspeople owe their existence to the benevolence of a powerful wizard and adventurer—Lamond Breachton—whose legacy is so beloved that it is almost a religion. Practically without exception, any harsh words spoken in town against Breachton are taken as a challenge to most residents’ honor.
Breachill’s townsfolk are hardy, and the town is focused on self-sufficiency and creature comforts. Residents are friendly and tend to help each other, and the town’s history makes them open-minded toward outsiders. Breachill’s citizens tend to play as hard as they work, so the town counts numerous taverns among its many businesses.

– --

Talina has learned this first-hand over the last couple weeks, as she has been interacting with some of the local people on a daily basis. Since her arrival a couple of weeks ago, she has been splitting her time between hunting for her fiance, working for Rorsk Axebane at Tuskhead Stoneworking, and getting what sleep she can at the Wizard’s Grace. When she first arrived in town and asked Rorsk about Bastion, the gruff dwarf offered her some work while she carried out her search, seeing as he was down a pair of hands. This turned out to be a welcome reprieve to her coin purse, as well.
Her time spent living out of the Grace also turned out to be something of a gods-send. The food & room are simple but well made, while the conversation provides a measure of human contact that the former guard hasn’t had in some months. Trinil Uskwold, the proprietress, is a friendly woman who seems at ease around everyone, but doesn’t take flack, either. This morning, while breaking her fast in a nearly empty tavern room (wasn’t there some cloaked individual here just the other night?), Trinil walks over to Talina’s table and sits down while drying off her hands on the towel hanging over her shoulder. ”Today’s the day. You’ve been looking forward to the Call for weeks now. How do you feel?”
Unsure how much you would have revealed regarding your reasons for being in town, but I can only assume that you are fairly forthcoming, since you’ve been gathering information openly.

– --

As per usual, Futin woke up early in his family’s barely-there home along the northern borders of town so that he can go spend some time in the Archives. He had to get in as much time as he could before noon. After all, it just wouldn’t do if he missed the Call of Heroes. He was sure that today was his time! The young catfolk was standing outside the doors, his attention wandering to various little distractions, when Jorrell Blacktusk showed up. The half-orc historian rolled his eyes briefly at seeing Futin, but it was quickly followed by a small smile at the young feline’s antics (and attention span). ”Getting in an early start, are ya, Futin? Are you still planning on going through with joining the Call today? Did you talk to your parents about it?”

– –

Since he arrived at the Great Dreamhouse late the previous evening, Cicero had been getting looks from the various priests of Desna that he crossed paths with. All, that is, save for head priest Kellen Carondil.
His funds were getting slim, and he wasn’t sure how long he was going to need to be here, but one of the town guard that he first ran into at the gates told him that the Desnan temple often took in travelers for the night. He wasn’t disappointed when the slim, blond head elven priest answered the door and offered him a bed with little more than a smile. But the looks never bothered Cicero much. He was quick to shrug them off and wrap himself in a deep sleep.
It really wasn’t much of a surprise when Kellen knocked politely on his door, though it was open, and smiled once more at him. ”Good morn,” the polite elf said to Cicero, softly. ”I trust that you were able to sleep. You’re name was Cicero, yes?” Kellen vaguely recalls mentioning his name in the few words that were exchanged the night before. ”I don’t mean to pry, but I trust that you have come to Breachill for the Call for Heroes? Call it instinct inspired by my goddess.” He smiles again at the remark, as if sharing quietly in a private joke. ”Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I thought you might want to know that it is being held this day, in the Town Hall, at noon. You have some time yet, but if you’re hungry I can recommend a place where you can break your fast. Unfortunately, we don’t have much to offer, in that capacity.”

– –

Despite the fact that he found a welcoming place to sleep in the Wizard’s Grace, Villar went out the back room, the small meal of bread, meat and cheese that Trinil Uskwold provided was hidden away within the folds of his deep cloak. Old habits died hard, even in an impossibly friendly place like Breachill. Besides, if word was to be believed, the famous Call for Heroes was supposed to be happening this very day, but until then, there was information to be gathered. Between the statue of the legendary Lamond Breachton, the book store known as the Reliant Book Company, and the Breachill Archives, there are a number of places where information could potentially be found.

You have time before thing get official. If there’s anything specific that you want to do, this will be a good time to get it done. Otherwise, just have some fun interacting with the town for a bit. Links has been added above for NPCs and the map of Breachill.

Discuss the game here, and other OOC subjects.


I jumped the gun a little and got this recruitment post officially off the ground a bit earlier than originally intended. So let's get this show on the road, already!

A bit about me:
I'm really looking forward to running this campaign with a new group. This will be my third group going through this AP, as I have one home group and one with my local PFS group. I tend to err on the side of being a bit rules-lawyer-ish, but try my best not to let that upset the flow of the game. I think that that has some benefits, though, when learning a new system.
I still consider myself a fledgling GM, but I have been getting a lot more experience in the last few years. I have some experience GMing in Pbp games, but it has been many years, and none of them were on the Paizo forums, or with the Pathfinder system in general. All that being said, after being involved in a few different games here and picking up a few idea and tricks, I think I have a good grasp on how I want to run this game. That being said, please feel free to provide (positive!) feedback if there is something that I have forgotten or could be doing better/more efficiently.

The Specifics:

For all entries, Official Paizo-only sources will be considered.

Level 1 start. I will be tracking XP, though at this point I've already got a fairly good idea as to when players should be gaining a level. Standard rules for building ability scores (Start at 10; ABC rule). Optional rule to trade 2 extra flaws for an extra boost is allowed (just let me know). Showing your math is always appreciated.

Race Ancestry: All Core/Common Ancestries are fine. Uncommon are allowed, but no more than one of each in the group at once. Rare will require a really good write up to be considered. Keep in mind that I may be a bit harsher with some ancestries more than others, as not all will fit easily into the setting. In the end, a well thought-out story will always help to sway me. Common ancestries will generally have an easier time fitting in, but Breachill is a fairly inclusive place, especially where their heroes are concerned. All this applies to Versatile Heritages, as well.

Classes: All classes are allowed. Archetypes during play will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but rarity will definitely be taken into account. For the most part, class-based Archetype feats will usually be allowed, but I always try to encourage story-based integration. Also, keep in mind that there are some exclusive options in this AP, so don't go planning your characters ahead too far.

Backgrounds: Backgrounds from the AoA Player's Guide would be preferred, but not required. Otherwise, should be fairly open ended, as long as it makes sense within the story. Being a local helps, but not required. The only real restriction will be on the Rare Backgrounds in the APG. After reading through them, I don't see any way that they could provide an advantage in this particular story. If you're dead set on trying, we can talk about it, but I wouldn't count it as likely.

Alignment: For this, I'll fall back on the Player's Guide: "There isn’t any restriction on PC alignments in the Age of Ashes Adventure Path, although the fight against an impending doom and the push against a mysterious organization of slavers works best for non-evil PCs.
As long as your PCs can get along and aren’t the type who want to raze and ruin the towns they visit instead of help the locals out (whether this is out of a sense of altruism and kindness or in the pursuit of fame and fortune), your PCs should fit in fine."

Everything else should follow standard rules. If there is something that you'd like me to consider, please let me know. I won't make any promises, but sometimes there are good reasons to make the odd exception.

What you should know:
While I would love to see everyone post 1/day minimum, I know that this is not always realistic (especially these days). Instead, I just want to encourage everyone to post as often as possible. I currently work from home, so I can usually post regularly, though sometimes I will hold off in order to respond to the whole group at once (especially in combat situations).

Whenever possible, I will be using Roll20 for maps. It offers a lot of tools that you just don't get with any other medium, which I think lends a little more flavor to the game. There will be some items that will be tacked to the forums, as well.

Hero Points are a staple of PE2, and as such, I will be incorporating them into the game as much as I can. I will probably follow a similar, continuous method of providing HP like they used in the Paizo Oblivion Oath stream. There will be major points where players earn HP, as well as for good role-playing moments and epic combat moments. As always, a player can never have more than 3 HP at a time, and standard uses of HP will be in play (open to some modification).

Campaign Info:
Please read through the Player's Guide. It is fairly straight forward, and provides good input for character building, as well as information about the town of Breachill.

That being said, the current TL;DR version of the Players guide:
Your character should be in the town of Breachill. Either as a citizen or visitors. There will be a decent amount of traveling, but be ready to make Breachill your own. For those characters that are citizens of Breachill, I would encourage using one of the listed NPCs to tie your character to the town, but this certainly isn't required.

House Rules:
I will most likely be updating this as we go, as this is my first foray into GMing PF2 in a Pbp format, but for the time being, here are some things to keep in mind as we play:

- I would like people to include their Exploration Mode activity in their tagline stats. This allows me to be able to keep these things in mind throughout the game, seeing as this Mode probably takes up at least 50% of game time, if not more. For those that are still new to PF2, Exploration Mode activities can be found in the CRB pgs. 496-497.

- PF2 makes much more use of the concept of Secret rolls when regarding activities that players take part in. This can mean, in certain cases, that as players you won't roll as many checks. Hopefully, this will help to promote more thought into role-playing, rather than mechanics. This also means that, sometimes, information that I provide you based on a Secret roll, may sometimes be incorrect or misleading. I hope that people can keep themselves from peaking at any hidden GM rolls that I make, and I will try to keep them labelled well enough to make it obvious.
Overall, what I'm trying to say is, when making your posts, focus on the RP and use OCC text as needed to further explain your intentions. I will make any rolls that are necessary and let you know the outcome. If you feel the need to add a roll to your post, I don't want to outright discourage it, but I may ignore it and make one myself, depending on the type of roll it is. Otherwise, I will request for you to make any other rolls, as needed.

- Due to the continuous nature of Pbp, it's impossible to receive new Hero Points from sessions, and the current rate of achievement may be too slow, so here's what I suggest: Once per combat, everyone has the ability to gain a HP when they Critically Succeed at a check or attack. My only caveat being that the RP description of the Crit must be epic to receive the point. HP will still be limited to a maximum of 3, but hopefully this will provide more options. Also, HP should be tracked in your stat line, as well.

- Spinning off of that, I am considering using the Critical Hit and Critical Fumble decks for PF2. Assuming that everyone is in agreement of this, there are some special rules for this.
1) Critical Hit cards will only happen on a natural roll of 20, and the final result must be a crit (which is almost always). The same for Cricital Fumble cards on a natural roll of 1.
2) Critical Hit cards can either be used immediately, or can be held onto for later use to counter Critical Fumble cards (I will probably also limit these to a maximum of 3). These can be used for your own benefit, or for that of a team mate.
3) If the player received a HP for a Critical Hit, they do not also receive a Critical Hit card. Alternatively, you can choose to forgo a HP to gain a card.

I will be keeping recruitment open until the end of day, August 7, at the latest. I may close it earlier, depending on how things go, but this is my current goal. Once recruitment has closed, I'll give stragglers some time to finish their entries before making a final decision.
Unless something happens, I'll only be accepting 2 players, as I already have 2 others through private invite: GM Nayr and GM Dak. I know that Nayr is currently looking into some kind of Divine caster. Dak is currently up in the air and may look at building around everyone else. I'll have them check in to verify.

If I've left anything out, or something isn't clear, please ask question. I may not start responding until tomorrow morning at the latest, but I will respond. :)

Looking forward to seeing what people come up with.


I'm looking to run the Age of Ashes AP for a team of 4 players. For now, I'm just looking to see how many people are serious about joining up.

I currently have two people through private invite, and I'll be looking to flesh out the group with two more.

This is my first foray into GMing here in the Paizo forums, but I'm not new to this, and I've been spending the last couple years or so picking up some tips here and there along the way.

What I'll be looking for mostly is dedication (but who isn't, right?). Aside from that, I'm looking for people who are willing to learn the system and have fun doing it. You don't have to be a new to the system, but there's definitely lots to pick up. Even I'm still learning new things.

Players will be chosen based on needs of the group and quality of the submission.

Anyways, I'll get more into that later. As I said, I'm just looking for interest right now. If you don't feel like you can post regularly, please don't apply. I won't say that I'm perfect myself, but I like to keep things moving.

Age of Ashes is a fun, well-written (I think) adventure that delves into various locations and types of gameplay. This will be my third group that I'm running it with, so hopefully my experience comes through.

I plan on accepting applications starting next weekend, after the release of the Advanced Player's Guide.

Has anyone had a good read at this spell?

“Restorative magic counters the effects of toxins or conditions.”

I can’t find any reference to ‘toxins’ anywhere in the book. Was this not caught in the errata? Appreciate any help with this.

Hey folks.

Unfortunately, our DM has gone missing for about the past 3-4 weeks, and we have a group of 4 heroes that would love to continue on in this adventure.

Is there anyone who would like to take up the mantle and continue our story? If possible, we would like to get going again by next Friday at the latest (March 1st).

The Gameplay thread can be found here

Thanks for the help in advance.

Hey folks,

Sorry if this is listed somewhere else, but I couldn't find it for the life of me.

How in the world do you create Aliases for Pbp use? I know how to create them for PFS/SFS, but I may be missing a simple step here. Even the Core characters option asks for PFS Faction choice, so I'm assuming that that is not what we want to use.

Any and all help is appreciated.

1/5 ** Venture-Captain, Canada-Alberta

Hey folks!

Does anyone know if the Pre-gen character sheets for the Shifter class exists yet? If so where I can I find them? If not, does anyone know why and/or when? That seems like a bit of an oversight on Paizo's part.

Thanks in advance.

Hey all.

I know that this conversation has been done to death (possibly almost literally) but my favorite character of all time has always been a Bladesinger from the old 2e, and so I'm always looking to find new ways to bring out the best in this class (in as balanced a means as possible, of course).

I stumbled on a rendition that was done up in these forums by Gambit (http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/paizoPublishing/pathfinder/pathfinder RPG/conversions/pathfinderBladesingerPrestigeClass&page=1&source=se arch#0).
There was a couple things that I didn't quite agree with, so I went back to the versions they did for 3/3.5, and made some comparisons. A few tweaks here, a couple changes there, and this is what I've come up with, based on Gambit's model.

Let me know what you think. Friendly suggestions are always welcome. :)


Hit Die: d8

Race: Elf or Half-Elf.
Base Attack Bonus: +5.
Skills: Acrobatics 2 rank, Perform (dance) 2 rank
Feats: Combat Casting, Combat Expertise, Dodge, Weapon Focus (Any light or one-handed melee weapon), Still Spell.
Spells: Able to cast arcane spells of 1st level.

Class Skills
The Bladesinger's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Acrobatics (Dex), Knowledge (arcana) (Int), Perform (Cha), Spellcraft (Int)
Skill Points at Each Level: 2 + Int modifier.

Class Features
All of the following are class features of the Bladesinger prestige class.
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Bladesingers gain no proficiency with any weapon. They gain proficiency with light armor but not with shields.
Spells per day: At every level except 1st, 5th, and 9th the Bladesinger gains additional spellcasting level, spells per day, and spells known (if he is a spontaneous caster) as if he had also gained a level in one arcane spellcasting class he belonged to before adding levels in bladesinger. He does not gain any other benefits a character of that class would have gained upon reaching a new level.
Bladesong Combat Style: Starting at 1st level the Bladesinger can initiate the graceful and deadly dance known as the bladesong. He gains the following benefits while bladesinging, a +1 to attack, damage, and CMB with any melee attack using his chosen weapon, a +1 bonus to concentration checks made to cast defensively, and a +1 bonus to AC and CMD. At each odd level he gains an additional +1 to his attack, damage, CMB, and concentration checks made to cast defensively (to a maximum of +5 at 9th level; AC and CMD bonuses may not exceed Intelligence bonus). To initiate the bladesong, which costs a free action, the Bladesinger must have his chosen weapon in one hand and and nothing in the other and be wearing light or no armor. Starting at 1st level the bladesong can be used for a number of rounds per day equal to 4 + Dexterity modifier, each level after 1st he can use the bladesong for an additional 2 rounds per day. At the end of the bladesong he is fatigued for twice the number of rounds he spent bladesinging.
Weapon Mastery: A Bladesinger chooses to use one type of weapon (such as longsword, heavy mace, battle axe, etc) to the exclusion of all others. This must be a light or one-handed melee weapon in which he has the Weapon Focus feat (swords are most common, but any qualifying weapon type is allowed; see requirements above). A Bladesinger may treat this chosen weapon as if he had the Weapon Finesse feat, even if its weapon type wouldn't normally benefit from the feat. Once selected this cannot be changed, and from this point forward whenever he uses any other melee weapon than that of his chosen weapon type, he receives a -2 to attack rolls (spells are not affected).
Lesser Spellsong: Due to his intensive training with both sword and magic, the Bladesinger can wear light armor with no chance of arcane spell failure while using his Bladesong Combat Style.
Song of Channeling: While using his Bladsong Combat Style, a 2nd-level Bladesinger can use cast and deliver a touch spell spell through his chosen weapon as part of a standard attack action. Casting a spell in this manner does not provoke an attack of opportunity. At 5th-level he can cast a touch spell as part of a full attack action while bladesinging, the spell affects each target he hits in melee combat that round and is discharged at the end of the round.
Song of Celerity: At 3rd level, while in his bladesong and making an attack or full attack action, a Bladesinger may cast one spell of up to 2nd-level as a swift action, as if using the Quicken Spell feat, without increasing its effective level or casting time. At 7th-level he may use this ability to cast up to 4th-level spells, and at 10th-level he may use it on up to 6th-level spells. He can use this ability once per day at 3rd level and one additional time per day at levels 7 and 10, to a total of 3 times per day.
Bonus Feat: At 4th-level, and again at 8th, a Bladesinger gains a bonus feat that must be chosen from the list of Combat Feats.
Greater Spellsong: At 6th-level, the Bladesinger's ability to cast in light armor improves. He may do so at any time, not just while using the Bladesong Combat Style.
Song of Power: At 9th-level, the Bladesinger channel a touch spell through his weapon to more easily overcome the spell resistance of an opponent. When using the Song of Channeling ability, the Bladesinger may choose to recieve a +2 to attempt to overcome any spell resistance. If he succeeds, the spell cast does not have it's normal effect. Instead, any resistance of the creature's associated with the type of spell used (cold, fire, acid, etc) are temporarily disabled for as many rounds as half the level of the spell used, rounded down (minimum 1). Immunities to elements or magic in general are not effected in this way. This ability only works while using the Bladesong Combat Style.
Bladesong Mastery: A 10th-level Bladesinger becomes a master of his deadly artform. He is longer fatigued after his bladesong expires. Furthermore, while using the Bladesong Combat Style he may choose to make one additional attack each round at his highest base attack bonus, when using the full-attack action. This attack and all others are at a -2 to the attack roll, until the beginning of his next round.

Lvl BAB Fort Ref Will Special
1 +1 +0 +1 +1 Bladesong Combat Style, Weapon Mastery, Lesser Spellsong
2 +2 +1 +1 +1 Song of Channeling (+1 arcane caster)
3 +3 +1 +2 +2 Song of Celerity (2nd) (+1 arcane caster)
4 +4 +1 +2 +2 Bonus Feat (+1 arcane caster)
5 +5 +2 +3 +3 Song of Channeling (Full Attack)
6 +6 +2 +3 +3 Greater Spellsong (+1 arcane caster)
7 +7 +2 +4 +4 Song of Celerity (4th) (+1 arcane caster)
8 +8 +3 +4 +4 Bonus Feat (+1 arcane caster)
9 +9 +3 +5 +5 Song of Power
10 +10 +3 +5 +5 Song of Celerity (6th), Bladesong Mastery (+1 arcane caster)