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thenovalord wrote:
Click on the Starfinder tab to the left of the Paizo page, and when on the Starfinder page it's down the bottom right!

Thanks alot! I've found the rest of the legal stuff presented as an example in another product, so I'm set on what I need to do now.

I am really stoked about Starfinder, and there is a huge market for more setting material. I want to publish some smaller, inexpensive products, but I'm getting gummed up in the legalese. Can anyone point me to the resources needed to be officially Starfinder compatible as well as OGL compliant? An example wouldn't hurt, either. Thanks in advance.

Some fine individual created a tool to randomly generate all types of weapons for all levels and tiers ( What I want to know is how to price the weapons for use in my home game to give my players way more options for weapons at all levels. Any thoughts or input would be most appreciated.

I designed a tier 3 fighter for use by Grey aliens from Bestiary 5, whom I'm converting to Starfinder to use as the main villain for a one shot for my group. It's fast, tough, hard to hit, and powerful. It should be. Greys are an advanced civilization. I posted both the stat block and ship sheet. I've been hunting for inspirational artwork all day. Now I just have to design the PC ship. raft

I'm working on converting Grey aliens from Bestiary 5 for a one shot adventure to introduce my group to Starfinder. It's pretty easy. I'm giving them weapons and armor and adding appropriate skills (pilot being the main one for the space battle). The only thing that needs to be adjusted are the psychic powers, but that's easy enough.

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My daredevil operative reality star does unnecessary acrobatics to justify his trick attacks. He then fixes the video of the battle in post production to make them look even sweeter. He also adds sounds to laser blasts, sound tracks, and product placement. His agents are halfling mobsters.

For space maps, use , Hexographer, or any of the myriad of hex mapping tools available. It's useful for doing a full scale system map and encounter battle maps. Welsh piper has a ton of Hex templates in easy print format so you can lay stuff out with some sense of scale. NASA has a ton of high res space images for free download.

Try this: It's Donjon's random system generator for Traveler. Traveler has been out forever, and it has a huge online fanbase. It's a good source to pilfer from for Starfinder campaigns, especially if you want to play space games without dying during character creation.