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sadly with the release of 4e, my game is on hiatus while we digest the effects of how 4e works.

Its been great swaping ideas with you and if there is ever a day that I return the the SC either in 3.x or 4.x , this is the 1st place I will come.

I may have the same problem. The Psion in the party managed to rip some memories from Ike Iverson before he died and I accidentally dropped the name Fiery Sanctum. So I had to worry about them going there right away. Maybe useing the soulpillers to figure out its location.

Looking into it, I think that the party can only find the Fiery Sanctum from the clues left in house Vhalantru. The area is shielded so that divination to detect its location will fail. Clues left at House Vhalantru will let them know the general area to start searching.

I had the same reaction at my table save for one change. I had the Derro escape so when they remembered him one player declared the Beholder an illusion. The cleric then tries to cast a spell but the spell fails. not taking the hint the fighter then leaps on the Beholder in a grapple attempt again failing. The Beholders turn he shoots the fighter with charm monster and tells her to sit down. At this point the players are like ... maybe its not an illusion...

Jovan Vasiljevic wrote:
Actually, I'm more concerned on how will I, as a player, get my hands on some more expensive items. :D

As a Player you should not be searching the internet for answers to your problems, that should be done in game with your GM. You are cheating yourself, the GM, and the rest of the group by coming here and reading this board. This board is filled with spoilers that you are better off finding out in game.

My notes show that the GP limit of the town is 3000gp but that you should raise it 1000gp each chapter so thats 2000+(1000*chapter#)gp

Skies shop value should be similarly raised each chapter but By 10k gp.
she starts at 50K gp

p.s. my notes may not be what the book says

Frank Steven Gimenez wrote:
Breaking a soul pillar is not hard. But cracking one open releases a mob of dread wraiths.

Ouch, using the "Mob" rule that is not funny at any level.

Now maybe if you said a "swarm" of shadows.

For my game, I let it be know that all of the greatest assassins in the area are being offered contracts on the players heads. The party dodged the 1st set of assassins by not stopping in one place long enough for the bad guys to ambush them and then going to the Church of Wee Jas and grilling Ike over his involvement in the Plane of Spam. hostilities followed. Now the party is on the run for killing Ike for no reason.

They suffered some losses at the claws of Vittriss Bale and are licking their wounds but still have a bunch of encounters to face this chapter. Zark Dhor and the assassins this time backed up by Fetor and his undead.
not to mention there will be Wanted Dead or Alive posters all around town.

They are wanted men, but the people are on their sides.

At the risk of hijacking this thread, this was my take on the siege and what Shebelith did with it.

I couldn't see the CW's aligning them selves with Nabthatoron or the demons from the demonscar. It made no sense to me. Add to that the idea the the army marching on Redgorge is made up of mostly Cauldron citizens, well there will be no alliance with demons. But the idea that Nab wanted to see Redgorge fall makes perfect sense. Many of my players died at the hands of Nab, and were licking their wounds (and recruiting new members) when the siege started so they didn't take the bait. To sum up, the siege army and the citizens of Redgorge were driven back to Cauldron when the demons came from the jungle. Now you have 2 factions living in town. The people of Cauldron championed by the Church of St. Cuthbert who demands obedience to the laws of Cauldron and the homeless rebels of Redgorge championed by the Church of Kord. Wee Jas standing benevolently neutral in this civil dispute.

In this environment its easy for Shebelith to stir up armed conflict between recruits loyal to him and the Kordites. When the players leave for the Soul Pillers, Jenya will be locked in a cell and the church of Kord will be sacked and burned in the name of keeping the peace.

90% of this, everything but the demons actions, is the work of Shebelith and the CW's. The siege of Redgorge the evacuation of Redgorge. The hostilities between the churches and finally the open civil war is all a ploy to divert attention toward innocent parties as their plans near compleation.

If your player is scared soul, then the CWs want her as badly as they want Zenith. Maybe the mook doesn't realize this about her. Sadly there is no easy way to lock her up in a near future module. The party will not be interacting with the CW's until the assassins attack. Locking her up in the church on Wee Jas is a possibility but would require a stealth rescue. I don't know if you want the party to know that much info this early.

In the end I think the easiest out you have is to just have the mook teleport away without your PC.

Sounds great, my players killed the succubus in the 1st hit of the 1st round of combat.

Blakey wrote:

Is Shebeleth currently the High Priest of St. Cuthbert in Sasserine?

I ask that question as that is the impression I'm left with from these boards but have not read the whole thing yet so dont know if that is so, in the HC, or if some people have set that up in their campaigns.


Shebeleth is not the High priest of Sasserine. The high Priest is a man named Father Ilthan Forn who is only named and not described anywhere that I know of. Father Ilthan Forn will soon die to be replaced by Father Ruphus Laro. No reason is given for the old clerics death.

May people have had the High Inquisitor of St. Cuthbert investigate the churchs in Cauldron after the death of the High Priest in Cauldron. Shebeleth is the perfect man to be this investigator. He has the skills and abilities to preform this job, To find the guilty, weed out the other church influences that are seeding unrest with the current government, and punish them with the full force of the church. He if fully willing to start a war to ensure the peace and if that means all of the Kordites must die then so be it.

All this is purely optional and the entire story line is just something we GM's do to entertain ourselves. See Shebeleth Regidin on the and thanks to Delves Deep.

In 3.5, I have replaced the -2 to charisma for half-orcs and Dwarves with a -2 to charisma skills. this seems like a good way to punish them for their social limitations without limiting their spellcasting.

Since you asked, some random ideas on starting out with only 2 players.

I would strongly recommend running a game session or even 2 in town before you even start the adventure, roll play with the shopkeepers and such, foreshadow the town politics and laws and adventures to come. level them to 2 by the time they get to Gelves locks.

The sneak attack of the Dark One Leader can be devastating against low level characters if he gets surprise. The Grell will be bad if it grabs your only ranged attacker. Prickles the howler will be devastating if you don't have someone to take it out, I would suggest replacing Prickles with a big dog or 3 unless your players picks up a bunch of NPCs.

Once they start investigating maybe Sergeant Kerwis can come by and assign them some guardsmen to help out and make them official investigators.
Have Fario and Fellian be really obvious when following them. Your Psion will likely rip their minds open only to find out that they are good guys.
Having Rufus tag along is a good idea and if the going gets tough then he can call in help from the church, maybe a monk.

Max hit points at 2nd level should be plenty. The Pathfinder RPG offers a number of ways to beef up your characters at 1st level but if they are 2nd then you should be good.

other than that it sounds like you have a good handle on your group. good luck.

Have Meerthan or another Striders tell them that all the assassins in the region will be in one place at one time in 2 days. Then ask them to postpone there dungeon crawl for a few days.


and good luck finding help with the end game. There is lots of help here for the 1st half of the AP, but not to much help for the 2nd half.

With the advent of 4th, My players are looking to end this AP by June so they can try out 4th. I've just finished TotSE and looking to how I can crush a year worth of AP in to 2 months. I think I can do it (maybe) but it will mean cutting out Asylum(no problem), shatterhorn(no problem), and maybe (and sadly) soulpillers. The players goal seem to be... lets find the persons in town that are up to no good and scold them to death. That means that soulpillers may have to go and that makes me sad. I like the soulpillers.

Cutting out Shatterhorn and Asylum and/or adding a 5 year gap seems like a good idea to me. I never liked the idea that "A" went missing only 50 years ago, make it 500 yeas ago.

Many of your enemies will know of your ability to see invisibility and change tactics to compensate. Such as using deeper darkness and hiding in the darkness (it has occurred to our group that the use of the term Shadowy Illumination allows for hide attempts even when being observed)

or line-of-site blocking spells like Solid Fog.

mmm, Acid fog... and a quickened Evards black tentacles on the same location.

and since he's forbidden conjuring (and therefore glitterdust), its not like his ability to tell his friends about the invisible character is helping them very much.

Lord Thasmudyan wrote:

Anyone have a link to or know if the players handout from the SCHC are availible for download haven't been able to find them. Also has anyone compiled a printable version of the npc statblock section of the SCHC, if not I can always copy it on a copy machine rather than flip back to it every five seconds during combat and such.


over at someone has been nice enough to write up by hand every monster that you will come across for the first 5 or so chapters. Pretty much the SRD info. If you want the persistent NPCs that level up over the AP, your going to have to do that yourself. I recommend getting a copy of Heroforge.

As for player handouts, the only official ones are some maps and such here in the download section although many people have contributed player handouts to the database at

For really long down times I charge the PC's 1-3 gp a day. depending on their living conditions. It doesn't take long for them to start looking for trouble to pay their bar tab.

On the other hand I only start the next adventure after at least one player complains about being board. I let them do their own thing until then.
Player: This town is boring, nothing ever happens here...
DM: OH? then as you approach a merchant cart to examine his selection of fresh produce... your attacked by an Umber Hulk.

Sometimes the crafters need extra time to finish certain items. I don't hold that against them and let them take all the time they want.
Even if poor Alec has to lay in that tomb for another month or more... poor Alec.

I rushed them into the TofSE but only by having a nervous NPC bugging them every day.

I would suggest you add a few things in before the Ruphus encounter.

1st, Let them find their Inn and do any shopping they need to do. Parade them around town meeting innkeepers, barmaids and shopkeepers. Introduce them to the people and the layout of the town. After they are hot on the heals of the kidnappers they will care much less about any shopkeepers except maybe Sky.

2nd I may want to have the church of St. Cuthbert make a general announcement that they are looking into the kidnappings before you run the Ruphus event. Maybe not, you need to make the call based on how aggressive your players are. While one group may take this as foreshadowing, another may take it as a call to action.

Good Luck

Command Undead is a 2nd level spell that lets you control 1 undead for 1 day per level. You could say that he cast that spell a few days earlier on each of them.

One that we tried for a time is instead of giving a stat point each level, give 1 build point per level.

it works out the same for high stats but low stats come up quickly.

Everything in the SCAP is about good citizens attempting to do right by there town. Until you get to the Test.
I tried to Foreshadow the test threw the Dream haunted trait but the player didn't get the message to the rest of the group.
So I temporarily replaced K with a PC that had died. He showed up and was all like "I died and now I need your help."
I sweetened the deal with the idea that the Cathedral of Feathers dialated time to enable crafting to happen more quickly. (Some of my players were claiming the need for 3 months down time.)
They went with him to 507 but after getting lost and beaten on by wondering monsters they began to suspect that this friend was not the same as he was before.
About the time they got to the cathedral they were ready to ditch their friend and head home, That's when I brought in K to be their charming tour guide. we shall see if they stay of go home. I don't look forward to running Soul Pillars with a group of level 10's.

I tried to foreshadow the madness that infests Cauldron by having madmen and women walking the streets. I would also recommend you add plenty of rumors of the increasing occurrence of madness and maybe the disappearance of madmen from the streets. Add an asylum under the temple of Wee Jas were the mad are kidnapped and hidden away. The CW's don't want people to know how big the problem is.

Read as much as you can about the town and the NPCs. Run a game session or a few before ch1 to get them famililiar with the town.

Pull all the information about the nobles from Foundation of Flame because the players will be looking for enimies as soon as you raise the taxes and you will want to have plenty of suspects.

If you decided to keep Ch2, many people have changed the purpose of Ch2 to relate to the story. Look for writeups here or on

Delvesdeep's forshadowing articals a critical. You may or may not do what he did but things need more forshadowing. Most Parties seems to choke on the Test of the Smokeing Eye even when told to go there by dead people and angels.

I will keep the angel angle in mind when they get to it. Hopefully my Lawfull Good party wont just wax him when they get there.

The party has been a bit more chaotic since they got to 507. As a hint I demoted a cohort to Nutural Good and the party sent him home. A LN cohort expressed discontent about the partys actions and she was sent home too.

At this rate they will all go chaotic nutural by the Test.

So the Monster that the party is to fight at the end on the test, You know who, lies dead by the Cathedral of Feathers.

Not a problem, I had intended to bring him back as a ghost anyway. My problem is this with the Font of negative energy nearby a ghost is nearly unbeatable. no one can grapple him out of the Font and he can just de-manifest if he gets into trouble.

Has anyone has this scenario, and what did you do.

p.s. also what good is a ghost for the last test? you cant get to his body.

Very nice, I'm going to save this for later.

The rescue of Terrim in Life's Bazaar is a complex web. K is kidnapping people but the LL has not taken action against him. That implies that K has permission to work in the city, when he kidnaps the wrong person. V works with the CW but is also their errand boy. V also wants to keep the LL in the dark so when the CW tells him to get Terrim back he doesn’t have time to go to the LL nor does he want the LL to know that there are people that are off limits and who they are. He find s out who took Terrim and goes directly there to get him back. He barely even notices the random adventurers standing around. He offers Terrim back to the CW but they don’t want to feed and house him until they are ready so they have him returned to the orphanage.

His explains why Orbits goes himself and why Terrim is returned.

The wands are not needed to stop the Flood, only to prevent damage caused by the Flood.

Invent some way that the wands can be use to control the flood but be vague about it uless the players investigate fully.

If you are looking for a 1 day dream sequence, you might just take one of the better fights from the SCAP like the Temple and Aushanna from Zenith, the 3 sisters from Demonscar or even Nabbie himself.

If you meant that you want them to level from 7 to 12 in a SCAP mod then you have more work then I could give advice on. that's Demonscar plus the Test.

If you want to start the SCAP at Soul Pillars then I agree with DD. you lose a lot of feel and foreshadowing not to mention the opportunities for the party to look back and smack their collective foreheads. But you don't lose a lot of the story. Soul Pillars is the first chance the party gets to see the inside info without a ton of red herrings.

I found that the 2 where not very effective in combat as compaired to the party so I didn't award them any xp or count it against the party. When the party asked Shensen to join the Party I did take 1 share of xp away for the 3 stirders as together they equal more than a party member. Otherwise I would just considder them like Cohorts that level when their leader levels.

I also had them hang back searching everywhere they went so that if the party could handle an encounter then they where not even there, only comming forward when the party needed help.

I saw a really nice one that someone else did.

After the fight with Nabby, the party got Alec's message and teleported away to do personal projects, craft, and sell loot. While doing this they where attacked by a vrock.A few hours later they where attacked by 2 vrock. After that a random party member made a will save every hour and if they failed 2 or more vrock and some other demons attacked.

Then K shows up and claims he has a place where you can rest in peace.

You see, back in the demonscar there is a scrying pool. It doesnt matter if Nabby lives or dies, someone is going to want to hunt down and punish the party.

I actually want to make death less of an obstacle. My players will make new characters at the drop of a hat. It makes it really difficult to have any running character centered subplots.

I am currently using the XP Debt version of death penalty and add to that, any spells cast in a shrine consecrated to the casters deity gets a discount based on the size of the shrine and the deity. Its complicated, sure, but it boils down to; Raise Dead cast by a Wee Jas cleric on the alter to Wee Jas cost only 10%gp

Even so, My players will only accept 1 rez, refusing the rez if they die a 2nd time.

Lisa Stevens wrote:

It's funny, my players have this theory that a) if any supposedly good creature offers to help you, it must be evil and they should try to destroy it and b) if any supposedly good creature tells the party that they would love to help, but can't because of (insert various reasons), then they must be truly good and can be trusted. So far in SCAP, this has been borne out 100%. :) Needless to say, the hags didn't stand a chance with my group! Easiest...battle...ever.


So, if they are good and want to help they are evil and if they are good but wont help they are good.

I guess that makes ... sence, somehow.

On the good side you ended the game session before all was lost. Luck truly does run in streaks and the bad rolls should be gone when next you meet.

since the PC are Dominated there are a number of things you can do. Order them to kill their friends will give them a 2nd save. One that they should be able to make. Also you could ask them to fetch a glass of water from the nearest clean well. A task that will send them walking into the jungle for days at a time.

If the other player rest before coming back, Protection from evil will eliminate the effects of the Dominate.

I use to run with the Crit fumble rule like yours but I found that a Duel wielding fighter of 6 level or higher was almost guarantied to drop his weapon in any combat. When he starts rolling 5 attacks a round it gets bad. The better he gets the more likely he is to fumble.

Good luck and don’t let Nabbie take them to school like I did.

Yah, looks like Nabies got a free point of AC somewhere.
Although he also has combat expertiese that can jack his AC up to 36.
Use that and maybe Alec will live thru one round of combat.

One thing you may have missed is that Nab carried a "shield" ring. Its a ring but he has to wield it like a shiled. This ups his AC but prevents him from useing one of his weaker claws.

Hrothgar Rannúlfr wrote:

OK. I found some info in chapter 4 and on page 29.

Does anyone know if there is any information on Ophellha's relatives in the area in the SCAP HC?

Also, do any of the adventures take place in Hollowsky?

none of the adventures deal directly with Hollowsky, the HC has only a littel information on the town.

The Knowlern family has extensive holding is Sasserine as detailed in the Savage Tide Players Pack

I'm dieing to see what you do with the magical properties of the walls. I have always treated them as quasi-magical with unspecified properties.

evilash wrote:

I'm about to start Asylum with my gaming group. After I'm done with the Shackled City AP, I plan on starting up a Savage Tide campaign with the same group.

** spoiler omitted **

So, I wonder if some friendly soul could supply me with the stats for Celeste from issue #149?

I don’t have #149 here with me but Celeste is an Eladrin with levels in some Bard-like prestege class that makes her a CR 20

At CR 20, she may be more than you would want.

freeclint wrote:

Try the

Web Enhancement for the draconomicon.

Good luck!

Very nice, thank you.

My party didn't have much range and the wizard had all fire spells, but they did have crossbows.

Gotrod breathed on the party, the party spread out and pulled out the crossbows.
I was even rolling 1-2 for recharge time, but that still means that Gotrod spends 2 rounds doing nothing. He went down just after his 3rd breath. The crossbows where enough to do him in.

Your party has the advantage of knowing the fight is coming, as they can see the fight before they get there.

It makes no sense for Gotrod to hover at 30 feet unless he needs the full spread of his breath weapon. At 20 feet he kicks up a debris cloud that hinders ranged attacks.

The point of each test is announced by the proctor at the end of each test. The tests are a bit opposite of what you would normally see in fairytales and such. If your players have really good memory then nothing will help you. But if they don’t remember the point to each trial, it would be easy to replace the tests.

Use the Proctors statements as your guide to what the test need to accomplish.

Test one;
The demon/devil and the angel offer themselves as allies, you can only have one as an ally.
Or many doors with various good and evil behind each door.


Correct answer would be to choose the most powerful and intelligent evil and kill it.

Test 2; the proctor gives the party 20,000gp and plane shifts them to Broken Reach.

Correct answer is a plane shift rod to Occupitus cost 20,000gp in Broken Reach and if they spend that money on anything else, they fail.

Test 3, is a bit harder, perhaps the correct answer is the party must sacrifice all of their magic items, or one person must, or the most valuable item from each person
If you have good backgrounds for the characters you can make them sacrifice the person closest to them like their mother. K would still need to kill a party member because he has no friends or items.

Or no one may claim the Prize while his allies remain (there can be only one). K takes this as he must kill everyone to win but is that the real answer or not.

The continuity of party death is always a problem. especially in SCAP.

To insure continuity (assuming a reroll) you could have your old PCs hire the new PCs to help them clear the Temple. The Old PCs could the relate all that they know about the events leading up to this point. One down side is that the new PCs don’t have the clout with the town or nobles or even the Angels of the area.

If they are in Bhal Hanatung assuming no reroll, there is an NPC sorcerer imprisoned there that would make a great addition to the party. I found it silly that his only motivation was to harm the party, so I changed him to be more thankful.

One way to handle it would be to say that the Kingdoms of the north have quarantined the Gate town. Cauldron is gone but some of the NPCs have escaped imprisonment and made it to Sasserine. The Demodands in Cauldron may be actively trading in slaves in the area but the area has stabilized enough to let the PCs find their own way on the frontiers of Demodand controlled lands.

Advise you GM to add Demodand slavers to all wandering monster tabels and replace any demon thugs with demodand thugs.

open RPG is a great resource


but also remember that Gottrod has Hover so although the book says the he will go up to 30 feet and do flyby attacks, you should drop him down to 20 feet and stop all that ranged attacks with a cloud of debris.

also, concentrate all attacks on the warmage.

Frogs grow up fast and there is references in Bhal-Hamatugn of warriors leaping from the water and grabbing spears. But they are big for frogs. So I would say a year as fingerling/tadpoles then another year before they are large enough to be full fledged warriors.

So I would say 2 years maybe more.

This is not so much a question as a laugh out load situation

My player wants to hire an investigator to look into corruption in the Mayors office and who would be a good person to do that.
I say that Shensen and her friends would be your first thought or another adventuring group such as the Stormblades.
He doesn’t trust either of those groups so he asks Ike Iverson for advice. Ike sends him to find Jill.

Now what? Its going to be hard to keep a straight face this week.

I would recomend makeing the nobel a Vanderboren who are know for their work with the orphans adn for adopting orphans. Todd being one of them. It would be a good link between orphan PCs and the Nobel PC and would give the party a City Councel member that doesnt openly oppose them.

Yes, the Allybashers are written out of the game after Ch3 but this can be largely attributed to the Parties action in the Kapru Ruins.

If your Player is joining the Allybashers after Ch3 then he could be at the foundation of reforming the guild and at the forefront of the LL vs. AB war. That sounds like fun.

If before or during Ch3, then you have a choice, change the Allybashers in the Ruin to some other group ("Join the Allybashers or Die") or having the player fighting against is own Guild. The fighting against your own guild can be just as interesting but challenging. ("hey Bob, sorry I'm going to have to kill you")

Several people seem to have made Alakast into an item of legacy, but the ones I've seen so far have focused on the melee combat aspect of the weapon and not on the fact that it was given to a great wizard.

obviously the weapon needs to be restated somehow but to exactly what is based on your individual game.

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