London Sunday Pathfinders

Penderel's Oak, London, UK

Event # 83741

Pathfinder Society comes to central London on a Sunday! It's usually the second and fourth Sunday in the month.

11am - 5pm
Penderel’s Oak

283–288 High Holborn

All are welcome, especially those new to the Pathfinder Society!

The venue is a Wetherspoons pub, wheelchair accessible and child-friendly. There is WIFI, food available all day, and no piped music!

If you would like to play, please sign up on Warhorn and click "play" to secure a place. (Don't forget to click "Withdraw" if you can't make it or you will be very unpopular.)
You are invited to join the London Weekend Pathfinders group on Facebook, or contact the organizer directly.

We are registered for the Regional Support Program, which means that players and GMs have a chance to win exclusive boons that open up classes, races, mounts and items that are not normally available for play.

Also we will be implementing the new Paizo Retail Incentive Program! Show your food and drink receipts from the bar to earn benefits for your whole table. Drinks bought for the Organizer and GMs count double! :)

More tables will be listed when we have confirmation. If you would like to GM a table, please contact the organizer.

Wayne Stubbs

Where Penderel's Oak
283–288 High Holborn
London, UK WC1V 7HP
Great Britain

Experience required: None.

Sovereign Court

This is a very friendly group that is the perfect place to start playing Pathfinder, or for more experienced players to try their hand at GM'ing in a supportive group. Please sign up on Warhorn and click the "Play" button if you want to join a game. This helps us plan how many tables to organise. If you find you can't make it you can click the "Withdraw" button just as easily.

Sovereign Court

London calling. Pathfinders needed Sunday 25 June 2017. Adventures new and old. Penderel's Oak, Wetherspoons pub, High Holborn, London WC1V 7HP.
Check our Warhorn .

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