Time Bandits

Game Master Monkeygod

House Rules:

No more than 3 spells/powers/maneuvers etc per round. I want to keep this game at least semi not godmode.

Likewise, critical threat range is limited to 13-20(I’m not sure you can reasonably go lower than 13, but let’s cap there) and critical multiplier will be capped at x6.

No worrying about tracking mundane ammo or rations/food. I'll assume ya'll are smart enough to stock up before a mission.

No age limits, though affects of old age still apply. This more of a RP decision so please don't abuse it.

We'll also be using a neat concept I saw on Facebook: I Know a Guy.

Basically, in any situation where it makes sense, a PC can declare "I know a guy!(okay, not specifically that, but something similar, lol) and then quickly detail the NPC and their relationship. Less details the better.

Upon declaration, the NPC exists, and once the PC goes to interact with the NPC for the first time, they make a Charisma check to see how the NPC reacts. Modifiers will apply as befitting the situation/scene/roleplay.

You can use this ability a number of times throughout the game equal to your 1/2 you level+ Charisma modifier(minimum 1, as even utterly uncharismatic folk know at *least* one 'guy').

However, in between missions, you may spend a full week of downtime to cultivate new contacts up to your Cha mod(To the max allowed). Much like the actual ability, these should not be overly detailed.

One SUPER important rule I use for PCs is the Rule of Fun. What this means is, if at *any* point during the game, even 3 years and 8 levels from now(totally random numbers lol) you decide your character is no longer any fun to play, you're allowed to freely remake them, 100%, or alter as needed.

More house rules may added later.