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Most outsider groups are somewhat monolithic in nature (all kytons and devils are LE, all archons are LG, etc.), with the exception of angels, who can be LG, NG or CG, so it might be neat if couatls have a larger range as well, either being all three good alignments, or perhaps even good, neutral or evil alignments, depending on what role they serve (with the gods or agendas that they serve following all different alignments).

If there's an inclination towards basing new couatl types off of real-world mythology, the uktena/horned serpent might be an interesting sub-species of couatl (much larger, but still having an animal/serpent hybrid theme going on).

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Luthorne wrote:
There are actually templates like that from the Monster Summoner's Handbook, which contains the Aerial Creature (Elemental Plane of Air), Aqueous Creature (Elemental Plane of Water), Chthonic Creature (Elemental Plane of Earth), Dark Creature (Plane of Shadow), Fiery Creature (Elemental Plane of Fire), and Primordial Creature (First World) simple templates, though I certainly think it would be useful if they (along with the Counterpoised Creature template from Champions of Balance) would get republished in a Bestiary.

Ooh, good find! I didn't remember those at all. Thanks!

Dark Archive

Here was my notion on an ooze-humanoid.

Like you, I flinched away from the many powerful options that were baked into the Ooze creature type, and made the critter a humanoid with some ooze-like traits.

Dark Archive

Many moons ago, one of the April fool's issues of Dragon magazine, IIRC, had spells like 'Figby's Fondling Fingers' and 'Figby's Groping Paw.'

More useful and less joke-y variants might include spells like Bigby's Hindering Hand, that functions like spiritual weapon, but instead of attacking for regular damage, just attempts to slap and distract a target, causing them to have to make concentration checks to cast spells, or giving them a -2 to various rolls due to distraction.

A stronger version might make trip, disarm or steal attempts, or strike for 1d3 nonlethal damage, each round.

Dark Archive

Nutcase Entertainment wrote:
Elemental and/or Environmental themed Templates could be nice, might help avoid needing to write 20+ variants of the same monster.

Very true. Air, Earth, Fire and Water templates, at the minimum, if not also Metal, Wood and Void (to cover the 'eastern' elements), would allow us to strap those templates onto summoned creatures, or onto critters from other planes.

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Turns out my druid's +5 wild dragonhide full plate is *not* cruelty free... #level20problems

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Dragon78 wrote:
Also a dragon with a web based breath weapon and other web based abilities would be interesting.

Ooh, a half-dragon Aranea/Jorogumo or Phase Spider-Dragon critter could be fun, with a tweaked ability to breathe webbing, a poison bite, etc. If Phase Spider, the webbing could even be ethereal, as well as material, affecting incorporeal creatures...

Dark Archive

Kevin Mack wrote:
Yeah it feels a lot like they got rid of origonal Hawkeye and replaced him with Ultimate/movieverse Hawkeye.

It's such a weird thing. MCU Hawkeye is deadly dull, hyper-competent 'master assassin' or not. Comic book Hawkeye is funny, quippy enough to get in mid-battle quip-fights with Spider-Man and occasionally a bit of a hard-luck hero with an everyman sort of vibe.

MCU Black Widow is way more interesting, to me, than the comic book version, on the other hand. MCU Thor is just terribly gleepy and gormless and other words that might not mean what I think they do, belonging in a romantic comedy starring as the dimpled beefcake, not portraying an awe-inspiring millennia-old war god that even Captain America and Nick Fury look up to with a mixture of trepidation and respect.

MCU Hawkeye suffered from MCU Tony Stark being a quippy guy (little or nothing like comic-book Stark had been at the time, around the first Civil War and being more of a jerk), and so when Hawkeye appeared in the MCU, he had to be something else, and that 'something else' appears to be 'boring as hell.' And now, just as comic-book Tony is turning quippier and more 'Robert Downey, Jr.-ish,' comic-book Hawkeye seems doomed to become as lifeless and uninteresting as the Jeremey Renner-version of the character.

Still, it's not like characters haven't changed radically in characterization even before the MCU. Star-Lord and Drax, as Guardians of the Galaxy, are wildly different than those characters were before hand. I don't miss Star-Lord's romantic relationship with his sentient spaceship, 'cause that was a little bit weird, even for comics, but do miss Drax being a formerly-human flying energy blaster, instead of a musclebound 'funny alien misunderstanding' twit with a knife fetish.

Dark Archive

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A healing monk, who transfers his Wholeness of Body to others, and refuels it by destabilizing the chi of enemies with a stunning fist-like attack, or a healing bard with a fast-healing song could be fun.

Just to mix things up. Although a healing rogue, who skips the niche uses of Disable Device and Perception from Trapfinding, for niche uses of the Heal skill, allowing non-magical and *viable* healing, could be super-cool. Chirurgeon or (with some weak alchemical support, although not to the degree that it will turn into something less cost-effective than just buying more wands of cure light wounds...) Apothecary, perhaps (the apothecary option might be a better Investigator AT).

Dark Archive

They totally need a 'spectrum' of Flashes, too. Why just a Speed/Velocity Force, why not the other properties of an object, like a Mass Force and a Location Force?

Dark Archive

Kevin Mack wrote:
Also the visions are basically only a snippent of whats happening no context of why and how. So yeah they see Miles killing rogers no one thinks to maybe consider its that one or both are mind controlled (Hardly uncommon and technicly Steve is right now) Marvel just says arrest him.

Yeah, I noticed this with the Hulk vision, that it was clearly a Hulk, but *not* clearly Banner, or clear that the 'Iron Man' he'd discombobulated wasn't a doombot or Skrull or invader from another earth where Iron Man is an evil(er) jerk whose invasion of evil dimensional conquerors the Hulk has just stopped.

And her first reaction is 'Get Banner! Who, uh, isn't actually the Hulk anymore, but whatevs! Think it through later, overreact now! Go, go, go!'

Plus the whole precognition thing is so yesterday. The X-Men have two students with that power (Blindfold and Preview), and a half-dozen capable of time travel (Tempus, Ilyanna, Rachel, Nate, Negasonic, etc.). I'm sure it's all terribly exciting for the Inhumans, who have apparently never had a precog in the last 10,000 years of random Terrigenesis, but it's passé for the rest of the Marvel universe.

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DM Beckett wrote:
I really do not see the interest in Shelyn, to be honest, and if anything, she is the one I'd really question having paladins, or even being good. But I do agree, I find most of the Golarion deities kind of meh.

She's a good one for bards. Art, love and beauty. Sort of a fantasy Aphrodite.

But yeah, art, love and beauty. Not exactly something they have Domains for, so not something d20 was really set up for, being more adventuring-god focused. Then again, that's a common bug (or feature) of what was inherited from 3.X, a ton of Domains that were pretty tightly focused on adventuring-relevant gods, and not so much on the sorts of pantheistic goddesses we had in real-world history, covering stuff like love and beauty, or marriage, or hearth and home, or agriculture, or fertility or prophecy/fate/destiny. Even more manly god 'areas of concern' like trade, hunting or wealth, don't really play well with a list of domains like air, earth, fire, water, death, war, etc. At least the notion of sub-domains (or, as they were called back in 3.X, 'estates') opens up the option to have 'domains' that are more relevant to the areas of concern of the various gods of Golarion.

Designing a pantheon of gods based specifically on the 3.x domains available, on the other hand, would have missed out on too many neat options, like gods of greed and wealth, or goddesses of love and beauty.

That said, some of the gods seem more 'iconic' than others. The angelic sun god. The longsword-wielding crusader god. The old man / young woman nature/weather god. The brutish war god who lives for battle and blood. The coldly indifferent death-god. Same old, same old, whether classics from mythology, or very similar to what has come before in the pantheons of Greyhawk, the Realms or the Scarred Lands.

Others, like Desna, Nethys or Urgathoa, are just wildly new and different, and that's what piques my interest.

Dark Archive

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Duamatef wrote:

Something so horrific that our minds will refuse to see it.

(it'd be a heck of an excuse for a solid black cover)

Black Dogs and Obsidian Steeds and Onyx Raptors attacking under cover of deeper darkness!

Dark Archive

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Conspiracy Buff wrote:

Nirvana confirm that Kurt Cobain is dead, not on Peruvian TV

All the better to hide the truth: that he's actually been serving as our ambassador to an alien race who really liked his music.

I guess someone had to...

<ba dum tish>

Dark Archive

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Larkos wrote:

I vote for NE.

A Lawful character may do Evil because he is just following orders. It's often forgotten that alignment also describes the mooks. They are the guys on the ground who actually pushed the Jews (et al.) into the camps. They didn't get the idea to on their own; they only had the capacity to do it. They needed to orders to have Evil be done.

A Chaotic character might do Evil because he is outright insane. A man who could be described more as a beast than a human - a character like Sabretooth - does as he pleases without truly thinking it through. They could be therefore guided towards non-Evil things through appeals to simple desires like offering money, sex, or food in exchange for restricting kills towards specific undesirables like enemy combatants or criminals.

A Neutral character does Evil only because he wishes to. He may have orders but he can ignore them to do further evil. This can mean torturing or raping a prisoner with being told to. But since they are non-chaotic, they are more likely to forgo a kill to inflict non-lethal cruelties. They extend the Evil in this way.

That's pretty much my view on it.

A Lawful Evil character could think of himself as a necessary evil, or even a cruel, but fair, tyrant, saving the people from themselves, or making 'hard, but necessary' sacrifices to save his nation, his race, etc. from external threats. Someone's got to make the hard choices, or the *real* bad-guys will win. The Asmodeans in Cheliax think of themselves as a thin red-and-black line against anarchy and chaos and the sort of horrible stuff going on in Galt. Some are quite happy being bad-guys, and yet plenty of them are quite capable of the mental gymnastics required to think of themselves as the only sane option in a world full of stuff that literally eats people.

A Neutral Evil character has no 'greater good' excuse for their behavior. They aren't 'being a firm leader' or 'making the hard choices,' they are straight up doing what they do out of unalloyed greed, selfishness, etc. They aren't hurting or exploiting people in service to some greater agenda, or out of violent whim (like a more chaotic evil sort), but simply because it benefits them personally.

I feel the same way about Lawful Good, Chaotic Good and Neutral Good. A chaotic good individual might free a bunch of slaves, because 'slavery bad,' but leave the newly freed people in a worse state than they were before. A Lawful Good person might turn their head and be unwilling to act against laws that are cruel.

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
I'll be celebrating my twenty-first birthday in a few months,

Oh lord, it's going to be able to drink?!?

I mean, happy birthday!

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Matrix Dragon wrote:

Hmmm, Tengu Jinx Witch. Has there been anything in a Paizo product suggesting that a Jinx is different from a Hex?

Halfling Jinx, from Halflings of Golarion. (I allow Tengu to take that as a house-rule, or to swap out swordtrained for Halfling Luck, since either fits them thematically.)

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Rysky wrote:
Yeah, it's illegal to go harpooning for whales in Ohio for one thing.

Pity they passed that law too late to save the Greater Ohio Plains Whale from extinction.

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Crystal Frasier wrote:
So, what's everybody's favorite class for playing gay characters? Trans characters?

[tangent]Samsaran's seem absolutely *made* to explore this, as a Samsaran of one gender could have just come off of a long life as the other gender, and, sort of like Dax, from Deep Space 9, perhaps still be more influenced by their long and storied previous life, than by their new and as yet undistinguished life. (Someone who spent decades as the matchmaking matriarch of a large merchant-family, now a teenaged male, the sort of person 'she' used to arrange marriages for and boss around, finding the 'fit' less than comfortable, since she's now taking her orders from one of her own daughters, who, in her previous life, she never really thought up to the task of taking over the family business...)

As for classes, some roles in fantasy fiction seem to get 'typed' as 'boy jobs' or 'girl jobs.' (The wise gentle healer is Goldmoon. The gruff tough fighter is Riverwind.) Just to play against type a little bit, I played a male cleric who was gay, for a fair bit, but it never really came up in gameplay, and so went mostly unnoticed. Rather than be the traditional battle-cleric that buffs himself and goes into melee, he was the type who stood back with a readied action to heal, while trusting in shield other on the tankiest fighter to reduce the amount of healing needed (and the fact that he was casting a spell every day to link his life-force to another dude fit the theme I was going for).

Historically, shamen have been occasionally tied to defying taboos, or even taking on the roles of another gender, and the shaman class, along with other classes that contact otherworldly forces, seems well-suited to this sort of concept. Clerics, Witches, Oracles, Shamen, Sorcerers, Summoners and Mediums all connect in some way with beings that may be strongly tied to one gender, or have some very different views on gender or 'gender roles,' which might sometimes lead to people with more open-minded views or fluid preferences becoming that female cleric of Gorum or Rovagug, or male cleric of Calistria or Lamashtu, or the Spiritualist or Medium who is more comfortable allowing a spirit of the opposite gender to take up residence in their own body, and possibly even influence their behavior. Those sorts of classes seem like they'd lend themselves well to this sort of exploration.[/tangent]

Dark Archive

DM Raltus wrote:
you could have your Merc's being paid by a Priest of Gorum to rile the Orcs up some and have them attack so there is reason for war.

That's a fairly common Star Trek theme, that when there's a peace on, some folks on both sides are always looking to stir stuff up (and possibly even working together, since they are each convinced that if only their side got into it, they'd wipe out the other side once and for all).

There's also those who profit from the war (such as an unscrupulous Kalistocratish Drumite arms-dealer), or expect to profit from victory and are sort of waiting for the war to turn hot (such as frontiers-folk who are eager to settle the newly conquered orcish lands, seizing as much land for themselves as they can and becoming major landholders and possible lordly types in the newly settled lands, after the orcs are gone). The arms-dealer might be attempting to smuggle in a rust monster to feast in the armory, so that the local military has to buy a bunch of new armor and weapons from him. The wanna-be settlers might have their wagons all ready, but have been waiting around for over a year for the 'big offensive' that they thought was just around the corner, and by this point, they are ready to stir things up and fake an orc attack on some outlying village just to 'move things along.'

Certain creatures might also find the constant ongoing conflict to be tasty. Big predators like will o wisps might haunt the sites of battles, to feast on the fear and despair of anyone left to die of some lingering wounds. Smaller murderous predators like redcap fey or ettercaps or derro or whatever might use the violence-inherent-to-the-system to keep anyone from noticing the higher-than-average amount of people mysteriously vanishing.

Given the nature of the region, and the shifty nature of some of the 'crusaders,' there'll likely be a fair amount of mundane crime, as well, ranging from people selling drugs to mercenaries, to fences happily taking in goods 'commandeered' from the locals by the visiting troops, etc. all stuff that the higher ranking people, all clerical and / or paladin-ly, would loathe, but perhaps be understaffed to deal with personally (or poorly situated to infiltrate or uncover, being that they all bear Shield-marks and possibly Sword-marks of loyalty* and are likely well-known to the scum they are attempting to root out).

*mentioned in Cities of Golarion, under the Vigil write up.

Visitors from nearby Ustalav (possibly tainted with lycanthropy or vampiric taints), Razmiran (with their own special agendas) or Lake Encartha itself (fish peeps, perhaps Skum, perhaps Deep Ones!) could also round things out, so it isn't just a repetitive orcapalooza.

While the army is dealing with orcs, a smaller unaffiliated group could be tasked to deal with other stuff, like the mysterious disappearances, or the drug-trade. Even other mercenary companies working with the Lastwall defenders might have very specific contractual duties, and not be subject to being assigned 'scut work' like this, since they only signed on to fight orcs, not Razmiri proselytizers or Deep One kidnappers.

This creates a sort of fuzzy area in which it makes sense for the PCs to get a job that's both more appropriate for their CR, and also a reason for why the military doesn't just send a dozen soldiers, some Iomedan clerics and paladins, and a few battle-mages to deal with it.

Dark Archive

Most of the people I game with are approaching 50, and have been playing games like D&D, AD&D, GURPS, Villain & Vigilantes, Gamma World, etc. since we were teens, so we're all grognards, and proud of it.

Ah, the old days when 'third-party products' included stuff like Arduin Grimoire, All the World's Monsters and Dark Tower...

Dark Archive

Rogues can use simple weapons, so the longspear, which has Reach, could be an option for allowing a Tiny Rogue to attack from an adjacent square, instead of having to enter a creature's space (and, with a Reach weapon, he'd threaten adjacent squares like a Small/Medium creature, and that should could for flanking).

Dark Archive

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SETI isn't listening for proof of alien intelligence. They've already gotten proof. They are just keeping an ear out for the next set of instructions.

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Bober wrote:


I'm building a level 4 character, being a Rogue of Tiny size. While on the role-play side is awesome, I'm concerned about combat utility.
I have a great score of Dexterity but low Strength (10), and using Tiny weapons would mean having a small dice for dmg.
Any suggestion on how to boost a bit my dmg output without multi classing?

Weapon size is less of an issue for Rogues than their sneak attack dice. A size Tiny longsword does 1d4, instead of 1d8, which is only an average of 2 less points of damage, but the sneak attack dice remain unaffected by weapon size, so, at the end of the day, it's not a huge loss for you.

Your size is going to give you an insane Stealth modifier, and if you have a way to reduce the light level in the area (and still get sneak attacks), or some other way of maximizing your ability to get sneak attacks, such as a ninja's vanish trick, or a feat or archetype ability that allows faster use of Bluff to feint, or good use of flanking / positioning, you should be good to go.

Focus on getting sneak attack on as many attacks as possible, and come up with some alternate tactics for when that isn't an option, like a tanglefoot bag or some alchemist's fire or something.

Things to consider;
Initiative may be key for getting into position for a sneak attack before foes can effectively respond by adjusting their own positioning (or attack of opportunity you while moving), as well as for throwing shuriken, daggers or other ranged weapons during the surprise round. A high Dex is great, but you may also want Improved Initiative (or at least one of the traits that gives you a +2 to initiative).

Bluff to feint. With the right feats, and a decent Charisma, this can help. At lower level it hardly matters if it's eating up your move action, since you might not see iterative attacks for awhile. (But see below!)

More attacks is more sneak attack dice. Two-Weapon Fighting and / or Rapid Shot are good feats to look at for these options. (Or the ninja talent that allows you to throw an extra shuriken.) Just bear in mind that your BAB isn't going to be great, so those -2's to attack rolls might make a difference, and there are times you may want to forgo an extra attack for a 10% better chance that one attack will land.

Mobility and / or Underfoot are handy feats to prevent attacks of opportunity provoked by movement from wrecking your day. You are going to be somewhat more dependent than most on getting into a good flanking position, and that can be tricky, particularly in a fight with multiple enemies , where getting into position to flank one, might result in you being flanked by two!

Check out some Rogue guides for more in-depth ideas on how to get reliable sneak (and what to do when you can't, or are facing foes that scoff at sneak attack).

Guides; e-eidolon-s-guide-to-rogues .html

Rub-Eta wrote:
Since you don't have a threat range while being tiny, you'll have a hard time flanking to get sneak attacks (or rather impossible).

Ooh, if that's true, that's going to be rough!

Dark Archive

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:

Man, I used to read Wellard's game! Holy crap, it feels like ages. Marak was always one of my favorites.

Anyways, while Set is one of the forum's veterans, he's also a skilled roleplayer and a really funny guy. He makes some truly awesome contributions to the Homebrew subforum. I'd love to play with him in a PbP sometime.

Aw! Thanks! My heart grew three sizes... Ow! OW! That really hurts!

Note to self; hearts are the size they are for a reason...

Dark Archive

Pick pretty much any other Craft skill, and have the spellcrafter make items that contain magic, to be released later, like temporary scrolls (instead of temporary crystals) or edible snacks or origami or paintings or calligraphy or tiny clockwork gizmos or some sort of woven doilies or beadwork. Instead of drinking the extract, read the koan or unravel the doily or activate the gizmo or whatever.

We had this as a 2nd edition AD&D wizard variant, that instead of preparing spells, spent a certain amount of the morning painting / writing / crafting / etc. to 'prepare' his spells. The one I played was a 'clockwork mage' who made little gadgets from a backpack full of gears and sprockets and whatnot (and when they fell apart after casting whatever spell they'd been assembled to produce, could be used the next day to assemble something new).

As long as the mechanics are unchanged (only work for you, unless you buy infusion, for example), there shouldn't be a problem. Some things will change, by nature. You can drink an elixir in the dark, for instance, but if you are using some sort of written 'temporary scrolls' or something, not so much...

Dark Archive

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Rei wrote:
My first language is Finnish, but I'm at a native-equivalent level in English, speak some French and rudimentary Swedish -

Kobold also speaks 'rudimentary Swedish,' if singing 'bork, bork, chicken!' along with the Swedish Chef counts...

Dark Archive

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Dragon78 wrote:
Rules for spellcasting in the fey realm, I don't remember anywhere stating that casting spells in that dimension has any limits or issues.

I suppose if the First World is sort of a planar opposite to the Plane of Shadow, it would make sense that there would be some effects on magic, particularly magic that creates energy or matter (or heals the living) being enhanced in some way.

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

There's a previous thread devoted to this very topic.

Dark Archive

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Wept, because there were no more worlds to conquer. #level20problems

Dark Archive

SmiloDan wrote:
In late October or early November I will finally start running my "steampunk city on top of a giant beanstalk over a post-apocalyptic Stone Age/Bronze Age Cthuluesque jungle-and-glacier, pyramids-and-volcanos pulp sword & sorcery" campaign, so I'm going to use PSS as inspiration. At least for the city bits.

That sounds insanely cool! Gah, you had me at 'steampunk,' then went on to 'Cthuluesque jungle-and-glacier pyramids-and-volcanos pulp sword & sorcery!' I may swoon!

Dark Archive

Hayato Ken wrote:
YOu do realize there´s already books like Inner Sea Magic, Inner Sea Fighting Styles (or what´s it called, too lazy to look up right now) and Inner Sea Intrigue kinda covers the rogue stuff under the mantle of vigilantes.

I do, although I'm not sure if I have Inner Sea Intrigue yet, and I am pretty sure that Inner Sea Magic and Inner Sea Combat (IIRC) don't have the same sort of maps and layout that Inner Sea Temples has. (That said, I don't own Inner Sea Temples yet, so it may have nothing like the ad text suggests;

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Temples helps Game Masters and players explore six of the Inner Sea region's most iconic seats of faith. Each entry comes complete with a detailed map and gazetteer; profiles of the temple's notable members; a history of the structure and the organization of its clergy; and a wealth of magic items, occult rituals, and spells favored by the resident priests.

That's the sort of thing I'd want to see from an 'Inner Sea Academies' or whatever. Actual write-ups for Magaambya, or the Arcanamirium, or that conjuration-focused school in Korvosa. Six 'wizard's guilds,' in somewhat more detail than normal. (Although the one in Korvosa has already been detailed pretty well, it even appears in a module, so that's a bad example on my part...)

Dark Archive

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Hey, I once had a thread devoted to Oracle mysteries suitable for Golarion specifically! Here's something new that I'd be adding to it, if I wasn't abandoning it, to post stuff here instead!


Oracle Mystery
Shoanti Totem-Speaker
Dieties Desna, Gorum, Gozreh, Pharasma, ancestor spirits
...Class Skills:Climb, Ride, Knowledge (history), Survival
...Bonus Spells: calm animals (3rd), ancestral communion (Dwarves of Golarion) (5th), summon totem creature (Humans of Golarion) (7th), ancestral gift (summons a simple, martial or Shoanti weapon, Dwarves of Golarion) (9th), summon nature’s ally V (11th), geas/quest (13th), control weather (15th), moment of prescience (17th), elemental swarm (19th)
...Revelations: A Shoanti totem-speaker chooses (or is chosen by) a single quah’s totem spirit as her inspiration, and gains revelations accordingly.
...Battlefield Clarity (Ex): As the Battle revelation of the same name.
...Learning of the Quah (Su): You must choose one of the following quah when selecting this revelation; Lyrune (Moon), Shadde (Axe), Shriikirri (Hawk), Shundar (Spire), Sklar (Sun), Skoan (Skull), Tamiir (Wind). Each quah is associated with five clerical Domains, and when you first select this revelation, you gain the abilities granted by that domain to a 1st level cleric. Domain abilities using a cleric’s Wisdom, such as uses / day, are based on your Charisma score. You can select this revelation up to five times, each time gaining the first level domain abilities of another domain of your quah. Once you choose a quah, you must revelations from the same quah for all subsequent choices. You cannot choose a subdomain with this ability. The Domains available by quah are;
.Lyrune – Animal, Darkness, Strength, War, Weather
.Shadde – Animal, Destruction, Strength, Water, Weather
.Shriikirri – Air, Animal, Liberation, Strength, Weather
.Shundar – Animal, Knowledge, Protection, Rune, Weather
.Sklar – Animal, Fire, Strength, War, Weather
.Skoan – Animal, Darkness, Earth, Protection, Repose
.Tamiir – Air, Animal, Earth, Protection, War
...Manifest Totem (Su): You can summon an animal with the abilities of a wizard’s familiar (your oracle level is treated as your wizard level for determining it’s exact abilities) in a ritual that takes 10 minutes. This familiar must be a bat, beetle, cat, fox, hawk, owl, rat, snake, squid or vulture, and is a manifestation of your own connection to the spirits of your ancestors, tethered to your consciousness in the same manner as a summoner’s eidolon. As a result, the familiar weakens if it goes too far from your person, and vanishes if you lose consciousness, just like an eidolon. Also like an eidolon, you can summon it back at any time, although if it vanished from being reduced to zero hit points, it cannot be resummoned until the next day, and returns at half hit points. When you gain an oracle level, you can change the manifest totems form, from the choices available. This revelation qualifies you to take the Improved Familiar feat, but the manifest spirit can only appear in the form of one of the above animals with the celestial, fiendish, entropic or resolute template (according to your alignment) if you are 3rd level or higher, or as a small air, earth, fire or water elemental if you are 5th level or higher.
...Mastery of the Quah (Su): Pick one domain that you have chosen with learning of the quah, if that domain gains an additional power at 4th, 6th or 8th level, or a capstone power, such as the immunity to fire gained at 20th level from the Fire domain, you gain these abilities as well at the appropriate level. You must be at 4th level and have selected learning of the quah at least once to select this revelation. You may choose this revelation more than once, but not more than once per 4 levels, choosing a new domain that you have selected with learning of the quah each time.
...Natural Divination (Ex): As the Nature revelation of the same name.
...Nature’s Whispers (Ex): As the Nature revelation of the same name.
...Rites of the Quah (Ex): Pick one domain that you have chosen with learning of the quah. You add all spells on the domain list you have selected to both your class list and to your spells known. You do not gain additional spells per day. You can choose this revelation more than once, choosing a new domain that you have selected with learning of the quah each time.
...Thunderburst (Ex): As the Wind revelation of the same name.
...Shoanti Weaponmaster (Ex): You become proficient with the earthbreaker, klar and shoanti bola. If you are already proficient with one or more of them, you instead gain Weapon Focus with those weapons. You treat a hand wielding a klar as a free hand for the purposes of casting oracle spells.
...War Shaman (Ex): Spells that you cast that require an attack roll to hit, or require a saving throw from their target, do not provoke attacks of opportunity from their target(s).
...Final Revelation: Upon reaching 20th level you are a manifest ancestor, and no longer suffer any physical penalties for aging. In addition, you can call upon ancestral spirits for aid, casting any spell available to one of the five domains of your quah (whether learned through quah magic or as spells known) with increased efficacy (+2 caster level and to caster level or concentration checks, +1 to DC) or as a spell-like ability, at your discretion. Any member of your quah within 300 ft. who is aware of your presence operates as if under a bless spell, if you so wish it.

Oh wow, this oracle can have five different cleric Domains, and it will only cost her *fifteen* revelations! Woo? :)

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Kryzbyn wrote:
I wanna play a Herald of Xotli in pathfinder

Ooh, so many fun MMO classes I'd love to see adapted.

From Age of Conan, the Necromancer and Tempest of Set were both awesome, and while I didn't play them as much, the Demonologist and Priest of Mitra both seemed fun at lower levels.

From EverQuest/EverQuest 2, there's that Shadow Knight mentioned upthread. I love the idea of fighter-types that focus on a specific sort of magic to enhance their fighting, whether it be necromancy (like the Shadow Knight) or abjuration (like 3.X's Abjurant Champion). Versions focuses on transmutation or illusion or even divination could also be super-fun.

From Dark Ages of Camelot, there's a 'dark mage' called the Cabalist, who creates golems based on different gemstones, and fights with slow-acting damage over time spells and debuffs from behind his golem. It might be do-able as a Summoner archetype, but probably would be best as it's own class (since the summoner has a lot of stuff that the cabalist doesn't, like armor and better hit points than most cloth casters). The Paladin in DAoC is also very cool, with auras that heal themselves and their allies a tiny bit (chalice), or add to armor protection to allies (shield), or add to damage done by allies (sword). Got a Paladin in the group? Everyone is a little bit tougher, hits a little bit harder, and is slowly healing. That's a cool mechanic, and different from the sort of buffing that Bards do.

From Warcraft, the Druid and Shaman are both super-fun and versatile. I also loved the Hunter, although it's pretty much already doable, for the most part, with a Ranger/Trapper.

From City of Heroes/Villains, the Mastermind sounds like it would be super-fun to play, but probably too much of a pain in the butt for the other players and the GM, since there's no computer to instantly calculate and resolve all the pet's actions...

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Antariuk wrote:
Don't know if I read it somewhere or came up with it on my own, but I have been thinking about adding "if three of the final ability scores are below 10, or if the sum of all ability scores is below 65, you may roll a new array" to 3E's organic method. Should prevent players from being stuck with really s++~ty rolls, while preserving the randomness.

Because rolling 3d6 was pretty the gold standard in 1st edition AD&D, and because I was legendary for my crappy dice rolling, we had a house rule that I got to reroll if I didn't qualify for *any* character class. (You needed a 9+ Str to be a Fighter, 9+ Intelligence to be a Magic-User, 9+ Wisdom to be a Cleric or 9+ Dexterity to be a Thief, or higher stats to be any of the other classes, like Druid, Illusionist, Paladin, Ranger or Monk. I failed to get a 9 in any of those four stats *twice* before we decided to go with the 'mulligan' house rule.)

Later we went to 4d6, drop the lowest *and* roll seven times, and drop the lowest of those seven rolls for your six attributes.

I prefer point-buy. Twenty is good. Fifteen is a fun sort of 'hardmode.' Twenty five is also fun, if everyone has it, as the PCs become sort of like Doc Savage or James Bond; strong, smart, fast, tough *and* sexy! (And may be deserving of some more epic bad-guys!)

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The next three Dresden Files books were indeed better. Harry's actually making allies, if not exactly friends.

This week's book was Perdido Street Station, by China Mieville. I usually read a book a night, but this book took longer than normal. I loved the 'cantina' setting with khepri and garuda and vodyanoi (and cactus-peeps!). In addition to the presence of such interesting 'fantasy' races, I kind of love how the names evoke Egyptian, Indian and Russian entities, sort of poaching from all over in a way that sort of out-of-character hints to the cosmopolitan / eclectic / thrown-together nature of the city and it's clashing cultures and peoples.

The writing was fairly dense, 'though, with just about everything having at least six descriptive synonyms for 'decaying' or 'smelly' or 'foul.' The city's a polluted crapshow of excrement, rot and despair. I get it. Smoke another clove and move on!

As might have been apparent from the grimy state of, well, everything, I probably should not have been holding out for a happy ending. :)

My current slate of book are all out of sequence (I have the eight and ninth Dresden Files books, but the seventh hasn't arrived yet), so I'll probably read The Aeronaut's Windlass next. It's a pretty big book, so I should be able to stretch it over two days (which I hope to, as otherwise I'll have nothing to read for four out of five weekdays!).

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It's Cosmo's fault that someone just asked me if I wanted bacon on my fried egg sandwich, or on the side.

Obvious answer is obvious. Yes.

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Plausible Pseudonym wrote:
I want a Solipsism discipline for Psychics. Discipline power that boosts self buffs, and Subjective Reality has to be a bonus spell.

There's a lot of room for new disciplines; Superiority (good at overpowering Spell Resistance), Materialist (object focused psi), Competitor (bonuses to opposed checks, caster level checks, concentration checks, etc.), Dualist (mind/body focus, perhaps able to use Somatic component in place of Emotion component when affected by a fear effect or something), Hedonism/Sensation (better able to handle concentration checks involving damage / distraction as she 'rides the wave'), Individualist/Solipsist (bonuses when not near another ally, or when using group abilities on herself alone), etc.

Berselius wrote:
I'd also like to see a Mesmerist archetype that gives access to Psychic class only spells. :D

Definitely. All the spells derived from 1st edition AD&D psionic attack/defense modes (Ego Whip, Mental Barrier, Tower of Iron Will, Id Insinuation, etc.) totally belong on the Mesmerist class list anyway, IMO!

DeciusNero wrote:
I'd like some more mesmerist tricks.

I'd love to see a Mesmerist Archetype that sacrifices some other stuff (less spells, perhaps? No touch treatment?) for a *much* more generous ability to apply Tricks (more tricks / day, ranged application of tricks on allies, reapply a trick as a swift action?, more tricks at once time, etc.).

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CorvusMask wrote:

I thought paganism is thing that American teenagers(based on tv shows featuring Wicca), hipsters and hippies do to revolt against mainstream religions (or because it sounds cooler to worship Thor in their mind)

Oh also people fascinated with keeping dead cultures alive, those too

England has 50,000-ish of them, so it's not just an 'American teenager' thing. Celtic paganism has ten different recognized churches, from what I've seen. Norse paganism/Asatru is pretty big, and, unfortunately, associated with white supremacists. Kemetics are into the Egyptian gods. There's pagan groups focused on the Greek gods, Romanized gods, etc. as well.

There's even a Jewish pagan group that worships Ashera, a Semetic goddess from before monotheism became a thing.

There's a lot of funky religion out there, and they aren't all 'hipsters.' (Then again, I remember 'hippie' being used to attempt to smear and discredit anyone opposed to the Vietnam War, which, decades later, even some conservatives agree was a bad idea, if only they hadn't been so busy mocking and putting down the people telling them that at the time...)

Read up on the Kurds (the people that are currently our allies against ISIS), and Melek Taus, the Peacock Angel. Stranger than fiction, and I'm pretty sure some would crap kittens if they knew that we were allied with 'devil-worshippers' against 'people of the book.'

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Ashiel wrote:

Perhaps amusingly still, according to Blood of Night, an undead creature that has some sort of hunger (such as ghouls and vampires) remains satisfied after feeding for 1 day per HD, which means that generic vampires only need to feed once every four days (vampire spawn in Pathfinder have 4HD, real vampires have 5+). The amount of blood that a vampire needs to live comfortably is actually really small. They deal 1d4 Con damage for a feeding, which means a single vampire can survive by feeding on a single person or animal indefinitely.

You recover a minimum of 1 Con/day, or 2/day if you're resting well or have someone with the Heal skill on hand. Even if you're not resting and have no aid, you'll still have recovered 100% of the maximum possible Con damage that the vampire would have inflicted on you by the time the vampire needs to feed again.

[tangent] Vampire the Masquerade was the same way. You did 1 HT level of damage feeding on a mortal, and that was your bare minimum to survive (you needed more to use some vampire powers, but entire clans of vampires didn't have any powers that cost blood to use). A person recovered 1 HT level overnight. So, technically, you could feed off of a single person, or even a dog, for as long as they lived. It would be a sucky life for the blood donor, since they'd always feel a bit run down (being a pint low), but still, not that big a deal, compared to vampires like Lestat, who would kill two or three people *a night* and was infamous for being able to drain someone dry in the blink of an eye. [/tangent]

Anywho, on topic, I love me some evil that's actually *evil.* Not just wearing an evil nametag that lets them be detected as such and smitten by Paladins, but actively doing evil things and *wanting* to do evil things. Musty old ghoul scholars sitting around an ancient burial site nibbling the bones of thousand-year-dead folk and arguing about experientalism versus the purity of objectivism? No. Flashy goth vampires who obsessively maintain a family tree and only feed from volunteers from their own worshipful blood cult? Boring. Mindless shambling skeletons who are incapable of malice aforethought, or any other kind of 'aforethought?' Not even close.

Give me bad-folk (and good-folk, for matter!) who make actual moral choices, not who are born (or made) with alignment descriptors, that just kind of squat over them, no matter what choices they make.

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Need Inner Sea Trade, with caravan and shipping routes (and what sort of products get shipped between countries, what is the Golarion equivalent of the slave/rum/sugar triangle?).

From a gaming perspective, the important factors would be which areas of a trade route or more susceptible to bandit attacks, monster raids, dragon turtles, etc. 'cause that's what will matter to a bunch of PCs either riding a ship, or travelling with a caravan!

Although, to continue the theme of Inner Sea Temples, books related to the other 'core four' classes of Cleric, Fighter, Magic-User and Thief would seem reasonable. Inner Sea Mercenary Companies (for Fighters). Inner Sea Guilds (for Rogues). Inner Sea Academies (for Wizards).

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
I found this pretty persuasive, honestly. I can dislike someone's politics while finding them personally likeable, sympathetic and/or relateable. I do not personally dislike Hillary Clinton.

An interesting read, and not something I, as a dude, would have thought much about.

And yeah, I love (sarcasm) how she's simultaneously a criminal mastermind who ruthlessly control everything behind the scenes, and too blitheringly incompetent to have not been caught red-handed by Glenn Beck.

But the same sort of things have been said about Obama, Bush Jr. and Trump himself. They're either Machievellian masterminds authoring all of our life's woes, or absolute morons who couldn't be trusted with a lit match, let alone the nuclear codes. No middle ground, it seems.

Hyperbole rules. Eleven is the new ten. No, did I say eleven? Too small, we're going to have only the biggest numbers, the best numbers! People will see the size of our numbers and be so impressed! You'll love them, believe me!

Dark Archive

Want more tengu! They are sort of iconic to this game, and not a carryover from a previous d20 game (like aasimar and tieflings, which will always carry their Planescape origins around with them, for me).

And maybe something more with nagaji (who I *want* to love, but don't yet, the naga connection is deeply cool, but the race itself seems to have few thematic ties to the naga, in mechanics or character...) and ratfolk.

The rest aren't my cup of tea, but I'm fine with fans of things I don't particularly love also getting cool stuff!

Oh, for a book of completely out-there PC options, like 0 HD centaurs, gnolls and lizardfolk!

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Ashiel wrote:
Something to point out is that negative energy is inherently less destructive to creatures powered by it.

Yup, and, weirdly, creatures nurtured or empowered by negative energy are less innately destructive than creatures healed by positive energy, since most living creatures have to kill and devour other living creatures (plants, animals, etc.) every single day, and still rot and fall apart from age, as if the mortal world is constantly eroding them away. Undead, on the other hand, can exist without killing anything forever, unchanging, as if the mortal world *didn't* consider them as unnatural as living creatures, whom it ages and destroys.

The fact that so many undead, like vampires, ghouls, wraiths, shadows, etc. *choose* to kill and destroy life, even though they don't actually need to (unlike humans, animals, etc. who will literally die if they don't devour other living creatures), is, IMO, what makes them evil. Not something they can't control. Something they *choose.*

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Rysky wrote:
On closer perusal I absolutely LOVE the coat the Changeling on p.10 is wearing.

It is a very cool coat, although I love the character on page 6, who, I think, is supposed to be a Pure Legion person, perhaps a Magus? (She seems to have a sword and a spellbook, although she's not wearing armor, which is a questionable tactic...)

Every book seems to have one or two pieces of art that make me want to write up characters based on them, they are so darn cool!

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claudekennilol wrote:
It could be worse. It could be like my GM where you kill a colossal dragon and can't even get 4 scales out of it.

Did you kill it with a sphere of annihilation?

'Cause, if so, that's your problem right there...

Dark Archive

Dragon78 wrote:
I would like to see more CR20-30 non-outsider type monsters.

Dune worms! Space monsters! Island turtles!

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Flamephoenix182 wrote:
The name is escaping me but I recall in 3.5 Eberron they had a template for some good undead who were kept alive with positive energy...

Equally annoying to me, since positive energy is not and has never been even a little bit 'good.' That plane will kill you just as dead as the negative energy plane, and there isn't even a spell to protect you from it!

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Java Man wrote:
I've always been confused by the low price, considering the difficulty in obtaining the raw materials.

Maybe Huge and larger dragons fall out of the sky like cherry blossoms every spring? :)

(I house rule that 'dragon' hide armor can be made from lesser creatures with the dragon type, like drakes and wyverns, and that *most* 'dragonhide' armor comes from these creatures. The CR 22 Great Wyrm Red Dragon one is supposed to kill for a single suit of dragonhide fullplate? Nah. He's not giving up that easy.)

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thejeff wrote:
Reminds me of the original Crisis in that sense.

Ditto, and since I ended up hating the results of Crisis, I don't really get warm fuzzies about this event either.

Heroes from other (now dead) universes having jumped ship and survived to join 'our' universe, while the millions, trillions, whatever people that they were supposed to be protecting all died screaming kind of bugs me. It bugged me in the '80s, when the only 'heroes' who went down with their ship was the Earth 3 Crime Syndicate, while Captain Marvel, Captain Atom, etc. skipped free of the destruction of their universes, and I'm not particularly fond of it happening again.

It took DC decades to undo pretty much all of the results of Crisis (some sooner than others, Supergirl was back almost immediately, the Multiverse later, first as 'Hypertime' and then, unapologetically, just back as the Multiverse, finally Barry Allen). I wonder how long it will take Marvel to undo the Incursions?

I'm not a fan of how it turned into a pissing match between the Black Panther and Namor, either, and how blowing up people's countries because you were pissed at them became a cool thing that super-heroes do, and then brag about.

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