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Dark Archive

Spell prerequisites work well for GURPS, because it was designed with that assumption going in. I'm not sure d20/PF is quite as well suited to that sort of thing, without a lot more spells being added to fill out the trees.

The 'spell threads' concept from an old Dragon article and / or Green Ronin's Advanced Players Manual, was one way of working trees of spells into the game, and, I thought, a pretty decent setup.

Dark Archive

This thread has a few characters written up using classes (such as Death Mage, Time Thief and Vanguard) and other options (such as races, spells, feats and / or items) from Super Genius Games / Rogue Genius Games.

Dark Archive

Mark Seifter wrote:
I'm looking at an art sketch for something that might be dream-related right now. What could it be?

Random guess;

Illustration to go with an incarnate nightmare spell for The Big Little Book of Horrors.

Dark Archive

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Rosgakori wrote:
I think there was once a comic where Masque talked about her scarred features and that she hides "her true face" behind that mask. When she looks at her face, all she sees is horrific face. But when Moon Knight and later Hood took her mask off, she was beautiful as ever. I think it's part of her neurosis, and she also uses it to her advantage these days- if she tells everyone she is scarred, she can disguise better since they don't see her coming.

I always thought it would be funny if the same sort of thing would be true of Dr. Doom. Someone someday would see him with his mask off, and there'd be this *tiny* little scar, barely noticeable unless someone pointed it out, but to someone with Doom's monumental ego, it's a horrible disfigurement, and a sign of his failure back in his college days to rescue his mom from Hell (and, worse, a lasting reminder that Richards was right!).

Dark Archive

Sundakan wrote:
What mask?

The comic character she's based off of traditionally wears a mask.

Dark Archive

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Philo Pharynx wrote:
DM_Blake wrote:

Some prerequisites

Class features: continue progress in your own class AND get the following:
a few small beneficial class features that make you slightly better but not a lot better
Restrictions: optional, but maybe the PrC has a code of conduct or something that helps keep it balanced.
A code of conduct is a poor balancing mechanism. In some games it will be a huge restriction, in others it will be almost no restriction.

An RP restriction for a mechanical benefit is a wonky thing. Too often, in my experience, it doesn't penalize the player, as much as the other gamers at the table, who are forced to have *their* characters actions limited (or their game time punctuated by alignment / morality arguments...) by the code-of-conduct characters roleplay restrictions.

Much like the old 'flips out and attacks his allies' or 'destroys magic loot because he hates magic' drawback of some versions of the Barbarian, it's less of a penalty for the player choosing it, than a punishment for everyone else unfortunate enough to be stuck with his character in the party.

Dark Archive

I am definitely hoping that they don't bump off Katana in Arrow to 'make room' for Katana in Suicide Squad. Seeing her in this last episode made me think that this might be the case, but it looks like she and Nyssa might have come to an understanding instead.

Shado showing up in Ollie's flashback broke my head. I was like, "Doesn't anyone stay dead on this show?" Then it wasn't what I thought it was, and I was annoyed with myself for letting them bait me like that. :)

Really, really looking forward to seeing Vixen. She's easily one of my favorite League ladies (along with some versions of Black Canary and Hawkgirl/woman/She-Hawk). She's got a great dynamic powerset. Strength of an elephant! Fly like an eagle! Speed of a cheetah! Swim like a shark! Camouflage like a chameleon! Track like a bloodhound! Punch like a mantis shrimp! Cling to walls like a spider! Sell insurance like a gecko! (Okay, that one's less likely...)

Dark Archive

Greylurker wrote:

Idea I had just a couple of days ago.

The Moon shatters, raining firy death down on the world below. Looking up through the streaking rain of fire the PCs can see massive dark tentacle like shapes emerging from the hollow wreackage of the moon.

The Pcs must forge ahead in this new ruined land with an Elder god always looking down upon the world from above, birthing it's spawn to decend upon the land from a starless sky

Ooh, I had a similar idea for a far future sci-fi plot, where Pluto is literally a dark traveler from somewhere else in the universe, the egg of some Great Old Thing, waiting for people from further into the system to land on it and provide it with the heads up that it's time to wake up and eat everything between it and the sun...

And Pluto's moon, Charon, is something planted there by more benevolent forces, that keeps 'Pluto' slumbering by destroying anything that might make landing and wake it up.

Dark Archive

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Barachiel Shina wrote:
We'll also probably see more Curse spells that make it extremely hard to take off or cure with even high level magic.

Curse magic, particularly with the new curse subtype introduced in (IIRC) Ultimate Magic, is definitely an area that's wide open for further development. Much like haunts, or a Linnorm's death curse, there's some good potential for curses and cursing to be a built in motivation for adventure, and thanks to the Witch class and its hexes, there's a lot more room for PCs to get in on the action and for curses to be more than just the plot choo-choo/McGuffin used to spur the PCs into action and set the 'rules' of this particular scenario.

Some sort of infectious curse mechanic (making it function sort of like a disease), or large area affecting curses (dealt via Incantations or similar processes more involved than 'some 5th level d00d cast a spell), could also be useful for adventure-building.

Dark Archive

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CBDunkerson wrote:

I'd actually say a better case could be made for Aroden having pursued a 'master race' philosophy than Mengkare. Aroden promoted Azlanti descendants above all others. Mengkare accepts members of all ethnicities, and even some non-humans. Again, Promise strikes me as closer to the American 'melting pot' philosophy than 'master race' thinking.

That said, Mengkare's belief that he can 'fix' humans is both arrogant and foolish. Setting himself up as an autocrat to enforce this impossible vision would eventually lead to either abandoning the inevitably failed project or ever more tyrannical levels of control.

The problem isn't 'master race' thinking (note: Promise continues to accept outsiders) or even controlled breeding (though there are elements of that)... it's the belief that human nature can be re-written.

The fiddly bits I see as problematic is with the base assumption that healthier and likely prettier people, 'better' physically and even intellectually, are necessarily going to be 'better' morally or ethically. It's the old 'if you're ugly/fat/old and wrinkly, you must be evil' fantasy trope, associating physical appearance and / or bad health with a person's morality (or lack thereof), writ large.

It could be intriguing if Mengkare is personally spreading the rumors that he's burning up dissidents and whatnot (since it's literally the stupidest thing he could actually be doing, given his superhuman Int, Wis and Cha scores, amazing magical powers, and skill ranks in stuff like Diplomacy better than any human on the planet), under the assumption that the best thing he can do for humanity is to encourage them to break free from even his own benevolent tyranny and shape their own future as a species, since, like democracy, a moral / ethical future can't be handed to someone by a third party (or, worse, imposed upon those who weren't seeking it), it has to be actively sought out and embraced and fought for by those who will carry it forward.

Mengkare setting himself up as the big villain that humanity has to overcome (he may or may not fake his death or allow himself to be slain, content to move on to the afterlife, having achieved his life's goal, at the big finale, depending on how it plays out) to flourish on it's own terms, free of machinations from Aboleths, 'Azlanti gods of Humanity' or dragons, could be an interesting endgame, and be a way to reconcile a good Mengkare, and the various shadier sounding things reputed to be going on (and questionable base assumptions about 'better people' being as simple as 'healthier prettier smarter people').

Dark Archive

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Kryzbyn wrote:

No problem. I still use this RP facet in my games to this day.

I thought it was brilliant.

Dragons Revisited also states that gold dragons police their own (and silver dragons as well) to keep each other from tarnishing or sliding into neutrality or evil behaviors. If that were still canon, then Mengkare, being pretty famous, would have to fight off every other gold dragon on the planet, all coming to 'set him straight.'

Since Hermea isn't littered with the corpses of dozens of other gold dragons, then this probably can't be canon anymore (and gold dragons generally don't give a crap about Mengkare and his 'great experiment'), or, shocking twist, the other gold dragons of Golarion have never been to Earth and have no idea that encouraging voluntary participation in a program to produce healthier children equals 'Nazi' (which, since they've never been to Earth, makes sense, since they'd never have heard of a Nazi), and so aren't rushing over to Hermea to concern troll Mengkare about how frought with purple prose slippery slope peril his plan to help humanity is.

(And, from a dragon perspective, it does seem like a pretty short-sighted and martyr-y/selfless idea, to help *another species* that competes with dragonkind for Golarion's finite resources...)

Dark Archive

Not just the Psychic and Spiritualist, but the Medium and Mesmerist would be thematically well suited to explore some horror/insanity themes.

Dark Archive

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Insane KillMaster wrote:
Or make a Blame-Cosmo-O-Thon (blame Cosmo marathon), people paying to blame Cosmo.

Cosmo would only greenlight this game if people paid Cosmo to blame Cosmo. Or paid Cosmo to shift blame to other people. Or just paid Cosmo, perhaps in a futile attempt to propitiate him. He's surprisingly flexible on this point, as long as the spice keeps flowing.

Dark Archive

Greylurker wrote:

Oh... Ma... God

Ma Hunkel is coming to TV

I know! It's like someone broke the seventh seal, and the apocalypse is *awesome.*

Dark Archive

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Incantations already go in that vein, a bit, with bad side-effects that can occur to the casters (and / or surroundings). They seem pretty much perfect for Mythos-style magical workings.

Dark Archive

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Ha, a locate city bomb. I love how Rich gloms onto the funky absurdities common to the WotC message boards.

Dark Archive

Kalshane wrote:
Yeah, I never understood separating universes and then preventing different universes from using the same characters because they don't want to "confuse the audience".

Ah yes, let's kill off all the extra versions of characters to 'make it less confusing.'

It's Crisis on Infinite Earth's all over again!

Watch out Barry and Kara!

Dark Archive

Aaron Goddard wrote:

I describe my cleric as being fair-skinned with beach blond hair - he needs a homeland to fill his character sheet slot...but it seems to me that everyone in Golarion is bronze!!!!!

it's more likely I'm not looking hard enough...

Any help will be appreciated.

Ulfen are fair-skinned and often blonde and 'blues eyes from the North.' Someone who'se not built (or wired) like a stereotypical Viking might be motivated to get the heck out of the Linnorm-King-Lands, since he's coming from a pretty judge-y culture that expects a lot of mead-swilling, pillaging and brawling from it's people. Not everybody wants to be Fighty McSmashBeardFist, and maybe he just wanted to be a dentist...

The Jadwiga of Irrisen are presented as pale-skinned (sometimes even practically albino), fair-haired and with light-colored eyes. Male Jadwiga, in particular, would be likely to travel, particularly when their particular family falls out of power at the end of each groups reign, when it becomes less 'fun' to be a member of the privileged elite, with the new family moving in and taking all the good jobs (and, being male, having less status anyway).

Finally, the people of Brevoy have a eastern European / Slavic feel to them, and might be pale as well (although the art tends to depict them with dark hair, and the Surtova Regent seems pretty swarthy). Still, blonde hair and blue eyes seems to thematically fit the northern Brevic people, who live near the Lake of Mists and Veils. The aforementioned lake (and northern climate) sure sounds like the stereotypically mist-shrouded regions of northern Europe / Great Britain.

Bear in mind that there's been a *ton* of cultural cross-contamination in Golarion (thanks to ten thousand years of travel between cultures, unlike our world). The nominal leader of Andoran is black, as is the Iconic Investigator *from Galt* (fantasy mid-Terror France). And the Investigator's not the only figure from Galt to be black, if the picture of the Gralton council from River Kingdom's is any indication. These nations are pretty darn far away from the Mwangi Expanse, and it's presented as a non-issue, so it should be equally a non-issue for someone who was born in Qadira, surrounded by 'fantasy Persians,' to be blonde or a Varisian 'gypsy' to be have bronze skin and white hair (like Seoni).

Certain places are pretty much built around being communities of expatriates (such as Kaer Maga) or 'hives of scum and villainy' with all sorts of trash washing up in their communities (Riddleport) or just breathtakingly cosmopolitan (Absalom), making them also ideal starting points for people of no locally common coloration, language or culture.

Dark Archive

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Dragon78 wrote:
Maybe there will be feats that give any character draconic abilities/traits.

I'm definitely hoping for some options for classes other than bloodragers and sorcerers, such as perhaps some dragon-themed bardic masterpieces, or dragon-centric (sub)Domains, or dragon-themed barbarian rage powers or alchemist discoveries or ninja talents, etc. A 'dragoon' gunslinger Archetype that used some sort of dragon-head-shaped flame-spitting blunderbuss would be too hilarious for words.

But yeah, some feats involving unlocking possible dragonic heritage (or just acquired abilities, not necessarily tied to interspecies boinkage) for classes other than sorcerers/bloodragers could be cool as well, allowing a fighter or wizard or ranger or monk to unleash some dragon-themed coolness/whoopass on occasion.

Adam Daigle wrote:
Odraude wrote:
Adam Daigle wrote:
Unshocking data point: People with dragon avatars are really into dragons.
What does my avatar say about me?
Oh, I think you know.

Never trust the people with tentacles right there in their avatar.

EvenEspecially the flumphs.

Dark Archive

Brown bear definitely seems to fit the wanderer/solitary figure concept, being an animal that kind of meanders around it's range alone.

Dark Archive

Mr_Outsidevoice wrote:
I would like to see a Monasteries of Golarion/Inner Sea. Have it focus on Monks, Slayers, Brawlers. Have it be more of a stealth update for Unchained Monk Archetypes.

Fighting schools and military academies might be a neat off-growth of this idea.

Maybe a book of the Entertainer. The lone traveling entertainer, Troupe, or circus. Also, set play and opera houses in cities and towns. Maybe even gladiators.

Neat idea. Particularly adding something about gladiators. Something focusing not just on the obvious bards, but also on exhibitions of talent from various other classes, perhaps even displays of illusion or showcases of magical talent from Academae students or something similar. The more classes that could be involved in such a supplement, the more widely useful it should be.

Dark Archive

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The scary things from level one are fleeing the scary things from level two. Diseased rats fleeing an ooze-infested flood, for instance, or giant spiders fleeing awakened spider-eaters, or deformed mutated goblins fleeing a troll alchemist who has been experimenting (and snacking) upon them, or whatever. The nasty of one level is thus tied to the nasty of the next level, thematically.

Dark Archive

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So it must be Cosmo's fault that I keep getting junk mail flyers about the upcoming election. Ten out of twelve have been, somewhat creepily, for the exact person I was thinking of voting for, and since there are at least three people running from one of the parties, and thirty or so from the other party, I am extremely impressed that the other couple dozen candidates have somehow received my subtle signals that I'm not all that into them and not sent me any information on their positions.

Those other two, 'though, were both dire warnings about what a nightmare the *current* President has been for the country, and had not a single bit of information recommending any alternative candidate, making them, essentially, paid-for advertisements encouraging me *not* to vote for someone who *isn't running for President anyway.*

I mean, it's cool and all, that our political class has enough money to blow that they can counsel me not to do what I can't do anyway, but why not something less quixotic and more entertaining like, 'Don't vote for Kaiser Wilhelm! He's not even American (and also dead)!' or 'Don't eat the moon! It's not really made out of cheese!'

Dark Archive

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Rosgakori wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

I won't miss the guy, and I kind of wish she'd had something different to say at his death than 'Oh, I suddenly remembered loving him all those other lifetimes and I never got to tell him!' He was a condescending controlling overbearing ass to her, most of the time, and curmudgeonly me would laugh to hear her say, 'After 206 lifetimes of falling in love with that schmuck and then getting murdered, maybe it's time I have a life all to myself... Catch you on the reboot Carter.'

White Canary seemed, to me, super out of character this episode (not that I don't prefer that to where they could have taken her, retreading Thea's 'came back wrong' arc). She acted more like the Sara who got on the boat with Oliver all those years ago, than the Sara who came back as a League assassin (to say nothing of the Sara who leaped out of a Lazarus Pit!). Apparently, whatever Thea's maladjustment 'murder addiction' thing was after being Lazurus'd didn't affect Sara nearly as much... She came back to party!

Rip's failing to interest me yet, as a character. I suspect that the rest of the team, with the artificially intelligent time-ship, Gideon/Waverider, handling the inevitable time-travel-Treknobabble/rulesposition, would make for a leaner cast.

I blame Guardians of the Galaxy for ruining the 'dead wife and child-as-motivation' trope for me. Rip mentions how Vandal Savage killed his family and all I hear is Rocket saying, 'Boo hoo, my wife and child are dead. Everybody's got dead people! That's no excuse to get everybody else dead, too!'

Dark Archive

Zhangar wrote:
Axial wrote:
It's probably too much to ask at this point because of the lore ramifications, but I thought it'd be really cool if there was a Hellknight order that specialized in taking down demons. Essentially, a faction of ruthless enforcers who crack down on Demons and their cultists with all the fervor of a 40k Inquisitor. They would probably be based near the Worldwound and nominally allied with the Mendev crusaders. After all, if the demons were victorious over the crusades and the Worldwound expanded, then it would result in extraplanar chaotic forces spreading across the Inner Sea like wildlife...which is probably something a Hellknight would want to prevent.
My understanding is that that is how the Order of the Godclaw actually got founded. IIRC, the Godclaw was fighting the Worldwound for decades before they withdrew (or got recalled?) to Isger.

Makes sense, since the Godclaw is composed of worshippers of Iomedae and Torag, Abadar and Irori, in addition to Asmodeus. Iomedae, in particular, is pretty strongly motivated to address the problem of the Worldwound, and *none* of those five gods are big fans of demons.

Whether or not it's Golarion canon or not, I'd be very much inclined to pit a Godclaw presence against the demons of the Worldwound, not out of a desire to 'redeem' the Hellknights involved, so much, as to play with the dramatic potential for a group of Iomedae worshippers stuck in the middle of two factions of Iomedaens on opposite sides of the probably inevitable resulting friction.

Dark Archive

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New year, new aasimar traits!


326. The Man Who Fell to Earth Your features are 'uncanny,' as if someone who doesn't really know much about how humans look or are made assembled one from a composite sketch of a thousand random people. Your features are an unattractive blend of male and female characteristics, your teeth are all identical in size and shape, and your voice sounds like multiple people are talking in monotone at the same time. Your features are all identical, from one side to the next, almost too perfect, and yet 'blend' poorly, so that someone looking at your face generally agrees that your nose and your eyes and your mouth and your chin and your forehead don't 'go together.' The sclera, irises and pupils of your eyes are all equally prominent, regardless of the current light level, somewhat creepy unresponsive. Your torso is perhaps a bit too long, with legs and arms of a more different size, as if you were meant to be taller, but never reached full growth (and, from a distance, people tend to assume that you'll be some combination of taller and more attractive, until you are face to face with them, and they find that neither case is true...). Most unusual, your racial daylight is a sickly yellowish color, with oily hints of green and purple, resembling nothing so much as a bruise. It shines directly up, when cast, like a well of bruise-colored light, so much so that it's been joked that they can probably see it on the moon. Indeed, on days when you have not used that ability, you've been known to sleepwalk at night, invoking your unwholesome light and muttering in an indistinct language as it blinks and pulses oddly, as if creating some sinister 'light signal' to entities living in the dark spaces between the stars.

327. Calendar Man Your traditionally golden metallic skin is covered with ornately curved lines etched deeply into the skin, and culminating in at seven sweeping swirl patterns (left bicep, right shoulder, right forearm opposite the wrist, left shoulderblade, navel (you otherwise have no bellybutton), left thigh, right rear calf), each containing a single hard node of tissue resembling a smooth gemstone, each of the seven colors of the rainbow. At different intervals, lights circle around the patterns and end at one of the spirals, resulting in the 'gemstone' lighting up with a bright flash and a sense of shuddering pleasure, varying in intensity based on how long it's been since that 'node' lit up. One lights up once a day, possibly originally at dawn or noon, at the time and place of your birth, but you've travelled since then and it's pretty much a random time spaced 24 hours apart (and it's the least intense, since it happens so frequently), another lights up once a month, originally at midnight of the full moon (but, again, now off-set by your travels), another once per year on the anniversary of the moment you first drew breath (and it also pulses weakly whenever you hold your breath or suffocate, a fact you discovered during a romantic encounter gone strange). You are not sure about the other four, but one 'goes off' whenever you gain (or lose, or retrain) a level of experience, and the indigo stone on your thigh, you have been told by a diviner of some repute is associated with death, and will probably only flare up at the moment of your death. She expressed a clinical interest in seeing that for herself and you promptly fled. Since she's a well-connected person, accustomed to satisfying her every momentary whim, you've found it necessary to flee not only that city, but, for your own safety, that entire continent...

328. Earth Angel Your body is covered with overlapping flat surfaces of earth and stone, overlapping each other and grating like continental plates. Moss grows across your back and the top of your head, and lichen all along the rest of your body, although you keep it scraped free from your face and it naturally stays clear of the palms of your hands and soles of your feet.

329. Serpent Fire Your golden skin is marked with seven exotic characters, perhaps Vudran or Tien in origin, each dark jade in hue. When you sleep, you do so in a meditating pose, and over the course of about ten minutes, the first glyph, located below your bellybutton, lights up. Perhaps ten minutes later, the second glyph lights up, and so on, until about an hour and a half into your 'sleep,' the last glyph, atop your brow, erupts in a green halo of cool flame that illuminates the area with a golden glow around your sleeping form like a torch. The whole effect is said to be quite striking, but you'll never see it, since you have to be asleep for an hour or so before it happens, and it winks out the moment you become conscious. Still, you practice meditation techniques at odd moments, hoping to someday master a form of moving meditation or waking trance that allows you to awaken enough to see this manifestation of your serpent fire.

Dark Archive

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Cosmo only shakes the earth when he laughs.

Given how many earthquakes we've been having lately, he's apparently having a good time.

But he moves the stars for no one.

Dark Archive

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The Beardinator wrote:
I'm developing an adventure right now about the players being tasked with assassinating Razmir and replacing him with an agent of a newly established mercantile nation. I'm thinking "Divine Commercialism". Wouldn't you buy goods from the merchant nation that is approved buy a god? : ^{ )

The cool thing about Razmir's mask fetish is that the rank and file have no idea who's really behind the masks of their superiors.

They're on their third 'Razmir.'

They got a good thing going on. Why stop just because L. Ron passed away?

Dark Archive

Herald wrote:
Sonic Kinetists

The word 'sonic' in a fantasy game seems a bit off-theme, so perhaps 'thunder' or 'song' would be suitable alternate names for the energy type, and something latin, like sonokinetic (sound-kinetic), brontekinetic (thunder-kinetic) or cantiokinetic (song-kinetic) could be an option.

But yeah, the 'visual' of someone gathering sound to them (causing sounds in the area to become muted, as local sound 'flows' to them) and then unleashing a thunderous blast is cool.

Light (photokinetics) would also have a cool visual, as colors dim and fade, and the area becomes more shadowy as she 'gathers' light before unleashing a dazzling blast of light.

Pure cold/ice/cryokinetics and electricity/lightning/fulgurakinetics, who aren't just specialized hydro/aerokineticists could also be neat.

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Something that goes a step beyond in dealing with skills, expanding the Unchained options for Skill Unlocks (perhaps even a skill-based class, like a Rogue variant that has greatly increased use of Heal, or Diplomacy, or Handle Animal, instead of Trapfinding and increased options for Disable Device/Perception), and the Occult Adventures options for Occult Skill Unlocks (such as a Heal skill occult unlock that allows for healing or inflicting ability damage, through some sort of chi manipulation or dim mak technique, or a Bluff option to fool a divination spell, or a Linguistics option to momentarily communicate through a 'universal language' to affect someone with a language-dependent spell (or just share a quick message or concept) even though you don't share a language with them).

Skills could totally use some focus. Every other book has new spells, magic items and / or feats, but new applications for skills, and ways to make them more relevant to various roles in the game (such as by empowering non-magical healer options), could be something new and interesting.

Dark Archive

Of the 'big 20,' Zon-Kuthon or Norgorber seem like good choices. The first is very disciplined, and the second has multiple factions, of which only the Skinsaw cultists are totally mad-slasher bonkers (as Blackfingers, Gray Master and Reaper of Reputation, he seems much more restrained).

Urgathoa is all about gluttony and self-interest, so might not be a great choice, since she's kind of all about giving in to her base instincts.

The CE gods, Lamashtu and Rovagug, seem very much the opposite of 'restrained' (him moreso than her).

Dark Archive

I did think it was odd that she had a name this episode. She's pretty much always been 'Felicity's Mom,' and now even Oliver is calling her 'Donna.'

Just like 'I thought his first name was 'Agent?'' Coulson became 'Phil' 45 minutes before he become shish-ke-bab.

I'm having Fight Club flashbacks. "In death, we have a name."

Dark Archive

Caineach wrote:
Seriously. She is more capable of taking care of herself than almost anyone else in team flash, and both of his last 2 girlfriends had issues with him maintaining his secret identity. Not to mention not knowing almost got Iris killed. This should be a no brainer for him, where they showed in the previous episode that he was willing to open up, and instead he plays relationship idiot ball and makes the same mistake a 3rd time.

Yeah, on this score, it's Smallville 2.0.

"I must keep my secret from Lana, even if it results in her stumbling into danger every week trying to figure out why everyone is lying to her, and it's messing with the relationships of everyone who is helping me lie to her, too!"

"Oh no, Lana knows! And the consequences were that she's no longer the damsel in distress every single Tuesday because she didn't know what to avoid or where to go to be safe! And lots of sex! Woe is me!"

"I must keep my secret from LanaLois, even if it results in her stumbling into danger every week trying to figure out why everyone is lying to her, and it's messing with the relationships of everyone who is helping me lie to her, too!"

Dark Archive

Harley looks interesting, as does this version of the Enchantress (which is pretty wildly different from the big-hatted comic book version!) and, of course, Katana, who looks to be more true to her comic book roots (complete with Soultaker katana) than what we've seen before on Arrow. I don't know the fire-guy, but I like that he's there, just because I like the idea of at least some of the people in this team of comic-book characters having actual super-powers (to make it feel more 'comic book' than 'he shoots people, she's crazy,' which I can get in a non-comic-book movie).

I was never particularly invested in any of the interpretations of the Joker I've seen on-screen, so I've got no beef with what little I've seen of Leto's version.

Similarly, I thought the previous version of Deadshot I've seen on TV have been pretty awful (was there a Deadshot on Smallville, too? Some sort of cowboy? I might be repressing some trauma there...), so it's not like Will Smith is going to make any of my sacred cows into hamburger. I suppose that's damning with faint praise, to admit that Will Smith as Deadshot doesn't bug me, because I'm not a Deadshot fan anyway... At least this means he won't be Catman, assuming that character appears in a sequel someday. :)

Dark Archive

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Random pet/animal memories;

My grandmother helped raise big cats for an animal park in the next state over. They'd get them shipped up from breeders in Texas, generally too small to fend for themselves, and having a huge park with hundreds of animals, couldn't really give the kittens the 24/7 attention they needed, and ended up losing over half of them. Grandma freaked at that, and took the next batch (baby lions) home, and gave them that 24/7 attention. 100% lived. Next it was tigers. It was surreal to go visit grandma and see in the big wood box next for firewood next to the wood stove, a mewling pair of baby tigers or whatever, and get assigned the 'chore' of bottle feeding them every hour or so.

As a result of that wonky part of my teenage years, I've been bitten by an adult black panther, jumped on by a mountain lion (who was less tame than I thought, since boneheaded me entered the wrong enclosure...), and had a boisterous playful 25 lb. lion kit hanging by his teeth from my nipple, him having bitten me there when I leaned over to pet him. (That left a mark!) Still, much fun was had, including wrestling/playing with a fully grown jaguar that 'hated men' (raised by women, and only male interaction was with the veterinarian who gave him shots and stuff, of whom he was not a fan...), but considered me an exception and would eat out of my hand. My teenaged 'stupid things I did that could have gotten me killed' stories are less likely to involve cars or drinking than most. :)

Grandma also, in addition to the usual farm animals, had a llama, some miniature horses, and, my favorite, some pot-bellied pigs (which she named, in her usual random manner, after Soviet premiers. My favorite was Krushev.). They were hugely fun. You'd spray them with the hose on a hot day and they'd run around squealing like you were murdering them (always circling back to stay in range). If you stopped, they'd run up to you and grunt, like 'Why'd you stop? Do it again!' until you sprayed them again.

In college, there was a rat, for Learning/Behaviorism class, which my lab partner and I would sneak out and carry around in our sweatshirts (against all the rules). Her name was Wolfgang, and she accidentally figured out that pressing the bar delivers food supernaturally fast, and developed the apparently unique habit of pressing the bar a half dozen times before running over to eat up the half dozen pellets. (Every other rat, at best, would push the bar once, and run over to eat the one pellet, and then, for the smarter ones, run over and push the bar again.) A pair of students whose rat was less of a savant ended up stealing our rat one day to better their own results, and my lab partner and I couldn't figure out why 'Wolfgang' was so skittish and wouldn't come play with us, until the professor checked a number under her tail (which we didn't know about) and said, 'That's because this isn't your rat...' We got our rat back, and some other students might have been kicked from the class... Yikes.

Since then, it's mostly been dogs, although there was a few years where emperor scorpions and tarantulas and whatever were a thing. I was less of a fan than the roommate, since I grew up with the dangerous notion that pets were to be handled and petted and stuff (which was bad enough with big cats, let alone venomous arachnids...). Pets I can't pet or play with just don't connect / feel real to me. Obviously, I'm not a fish guy. :)

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Sundakan wrote:

I laughed my ass off when she shot Wells.

"Don't move."

"I'm gonna move."

"Seriously I'll shoot you."

"I don't believe you."



Ditto. I like that Cisco lists 'plus she shot Harry' as one of Patty's plus points, like it's a badge of honor.

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Liz Courts wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Ashley Kaprielian wrote:
Liz Courts wrote:
Ashley Kaprielian wrote:
1d4 Goblin Babies wrote:
{awestruck, whispers:} Ashley has levels in Doof Warrior? Woah.
A girl's gotta do something until her pyrokinesis powers kick in.
Our pact is still good, right? I mean, we signed it in triplicate and everything—you get pyrokinesis, you show me how you did it, and vice versa.
Of course! I can't very well take over the world by myself.
I believe a ritual needing a bucket of goat's blood is involved somehow. Definitely are kinda fuzzy.
No, the goat was fuzzy. >.>

To be fair, everything was fuzzy that night.

It must have been a heck of a party, when waking up in a wheelbarrow with runes drawn on your abdomen was not the oddest thing.

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Oh, that first snow. It's freaking New England people, why do you never remember how to drive on snow and end up in ditches every year?

It's Cosmo! His summer vacation is coming to New England and selectively stealing everyone's memories!

The foliage is a side-effect. Nothing in nature is that colorful without it being a warning of some deadly danger...

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Bjørn Røyrvik wrote:
Again I wonder why we cannot have Agent Carter replace AoS permanently.

I think 22 episode seasons of Agent Carter would wear thin.

Plus I wouldn't want Agent Carter to become tied to the latest MCU event. She's blessed by being stuck back in the past, and not likely to have random episodes that serve as backdoor advertisements for Winter Soldier or Age of Ultron or whatever.

(Although, given the time period, she *could* tie in to Hank & Janet Pym adventures, or early Winter Soldier stuff. Thankfully they haven't gone there yet, or, hopefully, ever.)

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Vic Wertz wrote:
They couldn't get one of mine out so they had to pulverize it in place and remove the bits. I was totally knocked out, though, so it was no difference to me.

Same for me. I woke up when they crunched one of the teeth, which felt like an explosion in my head, and (being drugged out of my mind) attempted to have a conversation with the dentist who was elbow deep in my jaw. I head him shout for his assistant, and then saw his assistant reaching for a syringe taped to my arm that was already in the vein and waiting to go, and then woke up four hours later, in a dark room, all alone.

All my friends gave me horror stories about days of pain, but I felt nothing at all. Just an irritating flap of skin that broke free of the stitches and flopped about, before everything healed up. I ended up not using a single painkiller they gave me. (That was pure luck, not anything macho. I'm a big wimp when it comes to pain.)

As mentioned above, avoid things with seeds (like poppyseed muffins, one of my mistakes!) or 'jimmies' (chocolate sprinkles) or candy that includes coconut flakes (or just Mounds bars in general!). Avoid anything that has pieces or that gunks up your teeth and you'd need a toothpick afterwards. No nuts. No sticky candy or caramel or (mostly) cheeses. Absolutely no popcorn!

Might also be a good idea to avoid foods that are either too hot, or too cold. What can hurt like the dickens is hot coffer or ice cold soda (mmm, carbonation on an open wound, might as well gargle with hydrogen peroxide!) rushing across those areas!

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CapeCodRPGer wrote:
Winter Solider was the 2nd Captain America movie, not the first one. Winter Soldier was not set during WW2.

Ah, my bad. I did like how Black Widow was very much *not* 'Captain America's girlfriend' in that movie.

Or anyone's romantic focus in the first Avengers movie, for that matter.

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Kirth Gersen wrote:
So, you skipped "Fury Road"?

Ooh, good catch, Furiosa and Max had zero romantic subplot!

Hama wrote:
Or Jack Reacher?

Yup, totally skipped that one, so no idea.

Feros wrote:
Or Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

Was there a woman with speaking lines other than the woman Natalie Dormer played (who snogged Captain America) and Agent Peggy Carter (who was the romantic interest through the entire movie, complete with gleepy end-conversation about meeting up to go dancing after the war, in between being hit on by Howard Stark and jealous interactions ranging from her shooting at him to see if his shield works, and him totally not understanding what fondue was)?

'Cause I don't remember her, if so.

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I liked Cisco's 'Let's make a panda' T-shirt.

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Watching Person of Interest on Netflix, and it's pretty decent so far. The main character talks in a stage-whisper, which is kind of hilarious (like listening to the actor who plays Dean on Supernatural, who also talks ridiculously fake when in-character, so much that he almost seems to be mocking his own character), but otherwise, it's a fun ride.

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Hama wrote:
Oh for god's sake can't two men be friends and develop a bromance without everyone screaming GAAAAY? You know straight men exist. And they have friends. And they love each other.

Same complaint, but I'd love to see a hetero man and a hetero woman go through an entire movie as just friends, or equal partners, or maybe even with some sort of mutual respect, without it automatically becoming some sort of inevitable shipping event, where, because one has Tab A and the other has Slot B, it's some sort of biological imperative that they crush on each other and / or interlock naughty bits.

Male / male, female / female, male / female. All of these dynamics can exist *without* turning into romantic pairings. Rey didn't show much interest in Finn, and it might be a funky twist if she's just not all that into him (and it has nothing to do with Finn or Poe maybe being into each other, but everything to do with Rey having more important plans for her life than returning the unasked-for affections of someone who is just a little bit obsessed with her, to the point of following her across the galaxy to 'rescue' her, when she's made it *very* clear in their first meeting that she's not particularly in need of rescuing).

And that's not just a Star Wars thing. Pick pretty much any movie with guys and a girl, and who the girl 'ends up with' seems to be inevitably part of the story, as if, by dint of having girl-parts, she's obliged to share them with at least one of the dudes, because, why on earth would there be a girl in the movie at all, if some dude wasn't going to 'win' her?

Well, any movie where the woman isn't Ellen Ripley. 'Cause she's not having any of that nonsense (and was blessed with a female actor playing a part written for a man). :)

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I would have preferred if Clerics and Druids (and every other spellcasting class, for that matter) had two choices at 1st level for their spell acquisition;

A) They cast spontaneously, like a Sorcerer, getting a smallish fixed list of spells (buffed in the case of the cleric by spontaneous casting and domain lists).

B) They prepare spells, and acquire them like a Wizard, automatically gaining 2 per level after 1st, along with whatever other 'prayers' or 'rites' they can learn from other casters of their type, scrolls, Domains, etc. (unlike Wizards, clerics will automatically learn any spell from their Domains, and any spell they can cast spontaneously, in addition to the 'free' two spells per level). Maybe they keep these spells in a holy canon or sacred text (for a 'prepared' Cleric or Paladin), or sheaf of ogham-rune-marked birchbark or hide scrolls (for a 'prepared' Druid or Ranger), or songbook or hymnal (for a 'prepared' Bard).

*Nobody* would get 'every spell on my class list, automagically.'

That's pretty much always been my pet peeve with the Cleric (and, to a lesser extent, other divine casters like the Druid, Paladin, Ranger, etc.), them getting every single spell on their spell list (and quite possibly new spells and options every single time a new book comes out). Not every priest in the real world knows every single rite and ritual and catechism of their faith. IMO, not every cleric (or druid) should automatically know every single prayer their god will answer.

Other than that, I wouldn't change much about the Cleric class. Maybe bump skill points to 4+Int mod, but I'd do the same for every class that has 2+Int mod, so that's not a cleric-specific thing either...

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Bearing in mind that this is a gamist game, and not a simulationist game (like, say, GURPS attempts to be, with opinions differing on how successful it is at that);

Doomed Hero wrote:

5' adjusting is not altered a bit by size.

Totally this. A creatures '5 ft. step' should probably be based on it's Space, so that something with a 10 ft. space could 'step' 10 ft.

Your movement rate also doesn't have much to do with your 'step.' A merfolk with a ground move of 5 ft. and a quickling with a ground move of 120 ft. have the same 5 ft. step.

Poisons are pretty gamist, as well. In the real world, most poisons can take hours to kill you. Many game poisons, even from real world creatures like vipers, 'tick' over 24 to 36 seconds, and if you survive that, it's totally over and done with forever. Diseases go the other direction, and have damage intervals in days, and might linger for weeks before killing even someone with average ability scores (which is accurate for some diseases, but less so for others that can kill in days, or last a lifetime).

Nonabilities and 'creature intelligence.'

Insects and arachnids can communicate, be trained, learn, remember stuff, do math, experience emotions, perform threat displays (use the Intimidate skill) and even create (do Craft skills) and improvise if plan A isn't working. They might not be rocket scientists, but their 'Int score' should be at least 1. Animals having a generic '2' Intelligence score regardless of whether they are the dull lump of a toad, whose clever hunting tactic is 'attempt to eat anything that moves to within 2 inches of my mouth' to a raven or octopus, that can figure out how to open a jar or unlatch a gate, is also wonky. I'd put the toad down there with bugs, at 1, and chimps and dolphins (and ravens and octopi and orca) up around a 5 or even 6.

As for the Con nonability stuck onto trees, objects, etc., my *car* has a Con score. It can certainly be 'critically hit' (in that there are places a bullet can pass through it and not affect it's internal workings and there are places that are more 'vital' to it's function and where damage will lead to failure and 'death'), it can suffer all sorts of blockages and even be 'poisoned' (ye olde sugar in the gas tank trick...). I'm not a fan of objects, trees, robots, (corporeal) undead, etc. not having Con, since they have a physical body that has systems that can be tampered with just like a person or animal. If it was called 'Durability' or just 'Body' instead of 'Constitution' (which term, in itself, doesn't actually require something to be *alive,* merely to be constituted or composed or made up of something), perhaps there would be less knee-jerk attempt to make constructs, etc. have a Nonability in Con.

Hit points, obviously, starting out squiffy, and getting increasingly absurd as one becomes 'higher level' in Commoner or Expert, and becomes increasingly able to jump off a cliff and recover fully in a few weeks.

Which leads to healing. No matter who you are, even being reduced to zero hit points and left 'Dying,' once stabilized most injuries will heal in a week (equal to your HD per day) or less (with bedrest). No non-supernatural injury will have a lingering effect, like give you a limp or leave you paralyzed or disfigured unless it's a specific story element. After being swallowed whole and bathing in the stomach acids of chi-jaluud a purple worm, you'll cut your way free, and recover without any scars.

The Armor Class mechanic, to a lesser extent. A more simulationist attempt might use Armor-as-Damage-Reduction rules.

Still, much of this I think works fine, for a gamist game. I can deal with AC and Hit Points and healing wonkiness, since it's a necessary evil for smooth gameplay. d20 is not and need not ever be GURPS.

The Nonabilities, which end up requiring all sorts of 'this special race / NPC can train vermin anyway' or 'this mind-affecting spell can affect mindless constructs anyway' or 'these undead can be hungry, or need rest, or need their shriveled dead hearts for something anyway,' exceptions-to-the-exceptions which, IMO, is just stacking madness upon madness, are the main rule that I'd prefer to be dragged into an alley and knifed to death.

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Ice mephits can cast magic missile at CL 6 (3d4+3) once / summons, and a summon monster VI can summon 1d4+1 of them. It might require a bunch of them, but I used that tactic (as a Summoner) in a Kingmaker game to fight a group of will o' wisps.

Summon monster VII can summon 1d3 shadow demons, which can cast shadow evocation (to replicate magic missile) at CL 10 (5d4+5) three times per day.

I'm sure there are other options as well, but it depends on whether the target would be affected by fear (erinyes) or charm monster (succubus) or similar spells.

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You could create some specific Incantations / Rituals to do something like this, if there aren't any spells that fit the bill.

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Duergar have felt kind of like the boring stepcousins of the underdark/darklands in most games, far behind the sexy, sexy Drow, so it could be neat to see something to flavor them up a bit. They occasionally had a focus on psionics, so one way to take them into a newer direction would be to Occult them up with psychics and mesmerists, and leave the Drow more focused on divine and arcane magics...

Troglodytes and Vegepygmies also could use some fleshing out, for that matter.

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