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Valley of Mists

300 years ago there was a small but profitable princedom in the hills and mountains to the east of the river kingdoms. Not much is now known about it or why it has fallen in to the dustbin of history. Now documents have come to light that prove the rights of an energetic heir to the rulers of this land. She has gathered support and allies to attempt to resettle and revitalize the valley. You are among those supporters.

The Valley of Mists campaign aims to be somewhat similar to Kingmaker or Keep on the Borderslands. You and your party members are young adventurers that through various contacts have joined an expedition led by Anna Feldstrom, an orphaned noble from Taldor. She has, during a brief career as an adventurer, uncovered documents proving her claim to the lands of the Valley of Mists. She has convinced three prosperous merchants to supply her expedition to reclaim the lands in exchange for various concessions. Looking for 5-6 players for an online game on sundays. Using Roll20 and Discord.

-Anna Feldstom, still in her 20’s she is a charismatic and energetic leader that is at home in court as she is in the fields. She is the last of a minor noble house that fell during the recent civil war in Taldor. She is tall and lean, with fair skin and long black hair.

-Darksky, Anna’s handmaiden. Little is known about her, even what she looks like. She is swathed in thick black silk and rarely speaks. She is never far from Anna and even sleeps at the foot of her bed.

-Leftenant Guntermin Windrose, Dwarven mercenary. He leads a squad of ten mercenaries that have been contracted for one year to support and defend the expedition. He is more outgoing than your average dwarf and happily dances, accompanied by the bells woven in to his beard, given a bit of downtime.

-Einar and Tulla Greenburrow, Reluctant halfling guides. They traveled as tinkers through the valley and have been persuaded by some means to lead you to the few settlements that exist. Sullen and lazy they have been difficult to work with since the start.

-Antorin Glimmerkin, Half-elven merchant son. His father is a rich merchant specializing in textiles. Antorin was sent to represent his interests and to perhaps build a relationship with Anna. His father has provided the money for the mercenaries as well as a wagon of tools, seeds, tents and other materials. Antorin is very proud of his looks and his supposed ability with his dueling sword.

-Lyda Seheppen, apprentice potion maker. Lyda is a plump gnome woman with frizzy green hair. She has been sent by her uncle to represent his interests and assist with her potions and alchemy skills. Her uncle provided the expedition with a good deal of money, and a number of potions and minor magic items, a small library as well as an altar sanctified to Torag.

-Gavin Dorst, Young human smith. Gavin is the youngest son of Emeric Dorst a renowned mastersmith. Though he is only 16 he is already well over 6 ft tall with muscles to match. His father provided a portable smithy, a wagon full of good steel, two wagons of food and supplies and the contracts for 10 workers and teamsters. It is plain to anyone with eyes that Gavin is infatuated with Anna.

2nd level characters
150 gp start
25 point buy for attributes
No custom races, no androids or other sci-fi races
No swashbucklers, gunslingers, vigilante or mesmerists. Other occult classes are a maybe
Weapon focus, Weapon specilization and similar feats apply to all weapons.
Everyone has precise shot, and weapon finesse
I often use rules from other editions and systems to help smooth over rough spots in the system.

Rules lawyers need no apply

I'm interested. Is this going to be played live over Discord/Roll20 or play by post? If live, what time/day?

Scarab Sages

Going to basically say the same thing as Evangelion.

I'd be interested in PBP.

I would be interested in either.

I need to ask what your timezone is though, as I am in GMT+1.

I need to ask what your timezone is though, as I am in GMT+1.

I'm in Central, GMT-5/6 depending on the time of year.

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