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DM Barcas - Kingmaker: Rivers Run Red

Game Master Isaac Duplechain

As Newhaven rises, threats besiege it from all directions. To the north, the news of the last heir of House Rogarvia threatens the start of a new war. To the south, an empire of trolls and monsters grows.

NG Size 21 Kingdom
Control DC 43
Economy 63 (27 to 31 BP/turn); Loyalty 32; Stability 45
Consumption 1; Income Modifier 10; Unrest 0; Unrest/Turn 0
Fame 5; Infamy 0
Population 12,250 (4750 rural, 7500 urban)
Ruler Jemini Lebeda, Human Female (22)
Councilor Svetlana Leveton, Human Female (31)
General Berrin Myrdal, Human Male (25)
Grand Dipolmat Kesten Garess, Human Male (32)
High Priest Verik Jarrow, Human Male (24)
Magister Jhod Kavken, Human Male
Marshal Akiros Ismort, Human Male (30)
Royal Enforcer Nikolai Rogarvia, Human Male (28)
Spymaster Halorouth Callmanov, Human Male (25)
Treasurer Oleg Leveton, Human Male (41)
Warden Zander Whitestag, Human Male (22)
Taisper Stosz, Human Male (21)
Sanctuary (05/4708) (Along Tuskwater Lake, Forest/River/Coast)
>>Improvements Road with Bridges, Settlement
Farmland (06/4708) (12 mi. NE of Sanctuary, Plains/River)
>>Improvements Irrigated Farm, Road with Bridges
Farmland (07/4708) (24 mi. NE of Sanctuary, Plains/River)
>>Improvements Irrigated Farm, Road with Bridges
Farmland (08/4708) (36 mi. NE of Sanctuary, Plains/River)
>>Improvements Irrigated Farm, Road with Bridges
Farmland (03/4709) (24 mi. SE of Olegsgrav, Plains)
>>Improvements Farm, Road
Sawmill (04/4709) (12 mi. SE of Olegsgrav, Forest)
>>Improvements Road, Lair, Mill
Olegsgrav (05/4709) (Along Brevoy's Border, Plains)
>>Improvements Road, Settlement
Farmland (06/4709) (12 mi. NW of Sanctuary, Plains/River/Coast)
>>Improvements Irrigated Farm, Road with Bridges
Sawmill (07/5709) (12 mi. SW of Olegsgrav, Forest)
>>Improvements Road, Mill
Gold Mine (08/4709) (24 mi. S/SW of Olegsgrav, Mountains)
>>Improvements Mine, Road
Farmland (09/4709) (24 mi. N of Sanctuary, Plains/River)
>>Improvements Irrigated Farm, Road with Bridges
Fishery (09/4709) (12 mi. SE of Sanctuary, Plains/River/Coast)
>>Improvements Fishery, Road with Bridges
Mine (03/4710) (36 mi. N/NE of Sanctuary, Hill/River)
>>Improvements Mine
Sawmill (03/4710) (24 mi. S of Olegsgrav)
>>Improvements Road, Sawmill
Mine (04/4710) (24 mi. SW of Olegsgrav, Hill/River)
>>Improvements Mine
Sawmill (04/4710) (36 mi. N/NW of Sanctuary, Forest/River)
>>Improvements Road with Bridges, Sawmill
Farmland (06/4710) (24 mi. E/NE of Sanctuary, Plains/River)
>>Improvements Irrigated Farm, Road with Bridges
Farmland (06/4710) (24 mi. E of Sanctuary, Plains/River)
>>Improvements Irrigated Farm
Sawmill (07/4710) (12 mi. E of Sanctuary, Forest)
>>Improvements Sawmill
Quarry (07/4710) (12 mi. E/SE of Sanctuary, Hills/River)
>>Improvements Quarry
Farmland (08/4710) (24 mi. SE of Sanctuary, Plains/River)
>>Improvements Irrigated Farm, Road with Bridges[/list]
Sanctuary (05/4708)
NG Large Town
Corruption +0; Crime +1; Law +1; Lore +3; Productivity +3; Society +1
Qualities Prosperous
Danger +0
Demographics 90% human, 2% gnome, 3% dwarf, 5% other
Population 5250
Base Value
2000 gp; Purchase Limit 10000 gp; Spellcasting 5th
Minor Items 1 potion, scroll, or wondrous item; 2 items; Medium Items —; Major Items
Buildings: Castle, Garrison, House, House, Library, Mill, Noble Villa, Pier, Shop, Shrine (Lawful), Tannery, Temple (Lawful Neutral), Town Hall, Trade Shop

Olegsgrav (05/4709)
NG Small Town
Corruption +0; Crime +0; Law +0; Lore +1; Productivity +1; Society +2
Qualities Prosperous
Danger +0
Demographics 95% human, 5% other
Population 2250
Base Value
1300 gp; Purchase Limit 7500 gp; Spellcasting 4th
Minor Items 2 wondrous items; Medium Items —; Major Items
Buildings: Brewery, House, House, Inn, Market, Mint, Stable, Trade Shop
Varnhold Alliance +2 (Balanced), Embassy, Treaty +3 (Balanced)
First Army of Sanctuary XP 2400
NG Huge army of Human (500 Warrior 4, Sanctuary's Garrison)
hp 33/33; ACR 6; Morale +1 (+5 to change tactics during battle.)
DV 16; OM +6
Tactics Cautious Combat
Speed 2 Hex; Consumption 3 BP
Commander Berrin Myrdal
Charisma Modifier 1
Leadership 7
Profession (soldier) ranks 3
Commander Boons Bonus Tactic: Cautious Combat, Flexible Tactics

First Mounted of Sanctuary XP 600
LG Medium army of Human (100 Cavalier 3, Sanctuary's Castle)
hp 11/11; ACR 2; Morale +2
DV 13; OM +3
Tactics Charge (1/battle, +6 OM one attack), Cavalry Experts (+2 OM vs. non-mounted)
Special Challenge (1/battle; +2 OM/+1 DV vs. army, -1 DV to others), Mounts, Order, Tactician (Cavalry Experts)
Speed 2 Hex; Consumption 1 BP
Commander Kesten Garess
Charisma Modifier 2
Leadership 5
Profession (soldier) ranks 3
Commander Boons Bonus Tactic: Charge (Dirty Fighters)

Oleg Leveton, Human Male: The owner of Oleg's Trading Post, the point from which the expedition to tame the Stolen Lands was launched. Terse, but friendly. Lost an arm in the Battle of Stagfall. Currently serves as treasurer of the realm and mayor of Olegsgrav.
Svetlana Leveton, Human Female: Oleg's wife. Very friendly and maternal towards the members of the expedition. Currently serves as councilor, informing the others of the concerns of the population.
Jemini Leveton, Human Female: Oleg and Svetlana's daughter, born in the winter of 4708. Named after Jemini Lebeda.
Kesten Garess, Human Male: Disgraced noble who accepted a commission to protect Oleg's Trading Post. Assisted in the battle against the Stag Lord. Currently serves as Newhaven's diplomat because of his knowledge of noble affairs.
Jhod Kavken, Human Male: Cleric of Erastil, formerly of Mivon. Endorses a simpler style of life, but assists the development of Newhaven. Currently serves as magister.
Tandlara Errisen, Elf Female: Witch and former Spymaster of Newhaven. Bargained with dark powers to help defeat the Stag Lord, then to help uncover the doppelganger Malgorzata. Currently comatose.
Reggie, Blood Cougar Male: Animal tamed and kept as a pet by Berrin.
Kressle, Human Female: Captured bandit. Primary witness against Ioseph Sellimus. Currently held prisoner at Lord Lebeda's castle at Silverhall.
Esmerelda Ludovan, Human Female: Sultry former lover to Steward Berrin Myrdal. Attempted to assassinate Nikolai, reportedly at Alexey Surtova's behest. Escaped during the chaos of Dragonshead and at large.
Aylene Myrdal, Human Female: Flame-haired, wild daughter of Maegar Varn. Married to Berrin in 4710.
Ilyana Stosz, Human Female: Former widow of Nicholas Flaxton and mother of Nicholas Jr. Fell in love and married Taisper Stosz in 4709.
Nicholas Flaxton, Jr., Human Male: Stepson of Taisper Stosz.
Bokken, Dwarf Male: Eccentric ale-brewer who lives in the mountains to the south of Oleg's. Fond of telling impressive tales about himself, which may or may not be true. Now owns a wildly popular tavern in Olegsgrav.
Gregary, Human Male: Enthusiastic former sellsword, voluntarily sworn to the Wardens; captured by harpies on Candlemere Island and rescued.
Demitir, Human Male: Former member of the Red Stag's gang; studious and shy; currently sworn to the Wardens for a ten year sentence in 4708. Survived imprisonment by a hag in 4710, escaping to warn others.
Jabber, Kobold Male: Prisoner turned guide. Very helpful. Weak grasp of Common.
Narthropple, Gnome Male: Leader of a trading expedition. Saved from a lizardfolk attack by the Founders.
Giergios Dumanov, Human Male: Captain of Sanctuary's guard. Promoted to the position after sticking to his duty by challening Akiros during the Malgorzata incident.
Lieutenant Grayson, Human Female: High-ranking subordinate of the Sanctuary City Guard.
Lieutenant Bennick, Human Male:High-ranking subordinate of the Sanctuary City Guard.
Captain Steffan, Human Male: Captain of the Army of Newhaven.
Anya Amitel, Human Female: Senior Clerk of Abadar. Was not-so-secretly in love with Verik, who did not return her feelings. Currently romantically tied to Willas Gunderson.
Thomas Quiss, Human Male: Senior Clerk of Abadar. Son of lesser nobility being groomed by Verik for leadership.
"Old" Eben, Human Male: Clerk of Abadar, having joined the Church at a late age.
Danniel LeVane, Human Male: Junior Clerk of Abadar. Failed revolutionary from Galt, having joined the Church after being driven out of Galt.
Casil Whitestag, Human Male: Junior Clerk of Abadar. Twin of Sulda. Orphan from Pitax. Clever but quiet.
Sulda Whitestag, Human Male: Junior Clerk of Abadar. Twin of Casil. Orphan from Pitax. Strong and charismatic.
Ethen Hoefurrow, Human Male: Initiate of Abadar.
Klaigen Gladcoin, Human Male: Tavern owner and former soldier who lost a hand in defense of the capital. Friend and herald of Nikolai.
Willas Gunderson, Half-elf Male: Pathfinder sent to examine Candlemere Tower and friend of Elsir Tel'ran. Romantically involved with Anya Amitel.
Elspeth Surtova Ismort, Human Female: Corwin's half-sister and Alexey's sister. Once married to the heir of House Garess, but now officially widowed. Eloped with Akiros in 4710.
Aleza Bellavieu, Human Female: Exile from Galt who was captured and tortured by Hargulka's troll empire before being rescued at Ghorraneaux's fortress.

Maegar Varn, Human Male: Ruler of nearby Varnhold. Garrulous and bombastic. Beloved by the people of both nations. Bannerman to House Orlovsky. Berrin's father-in-law.
Red Eyes, Warg Male: Druidic adviser to Nikolai regarding the worg and wolf pack he has laid claim to. Well-spoken, wise, and not evil.
Korak Kaag, Centaur Male: Leader of Rashkala tribe.
Erdija, Centaur Female: Scout of Rashkala tribe.

Noleski Surtova,Human Male: Regent of Brevoy in the absence of an heir to House Rogarvia.
Natala Surtova, Human Male: Noleski's ambitious and ruthless sister.
Thamas Surtova, Human Male: Noleski's brother, who married young and produced heirs.
Alexey Surtova, Human Male: Corwin's half-brother. Once murdered in a fit of rage by Berrin, but returned to life. Seeks revenge.
Oleksandro Lebeda, Human Male: Jemini's father and the Lord of Silverhall. Leader of the Rostlandic bloc of nobility.
Sarrona Lebeda, Human Female: Jemini's mother.
Ellana Lebeda, Human Female: Jemini's sister. Secretly in love with King Noleski Surtova.
Lander Lebeda, Human Male: Jemini's younger brother.
Poul Orlovsky, Human Male: Widowed Lord of New Orlovs. Has no siblings and only one heir. Extremely ambitious and ruthless.
Zander Orlovsky, Human Male: Heir to House Orlovsky. Unknowingly an imposter, as the true Zander Orlovsky is Zander Whitestag. Smitten with Jemini.
Phelix, Human Male: Killer of men masquerading as a servant to Zander Orlovsky.
Kozek Lodovka, Human Male: Lord of Port Ice and holder of the Lake of Mists.
Nadia Lodovka, Human Female: Daughter of Lord Lodovka. Rival to Ellana Lebeda for the King.
Sergei Lodovka, Human Male: Son of Lord Lodovka, trying to gain Natala Surtova's hand in a political alliance.
Gurev Medyved, Human Male: Aged and proud leader of House Medyved.
Ivahn Medvyed, Human Male: Heir to House Medvyed and Gurev's only son. Skilled warrior, but little skill or interest in politics.
Howlan Garess, Human Male: Paranoid ruler increasingly relying on House Surtova. Lost his only trueborn son years ago.
Toval Golka-Garess, Dwarf Male: Adopted dwarven son of Howlan Garess.
Archbanker Vinodragov, Human Male: Abadar's main representative in Brevoy. Has visited Newhaven several times to keep an eye out for its development. Previously quite hostile towards Verik, his counterpart in Newhaven, but less so since Dragonshead.
Ioseph Sellimus, Human Male: Lord Mayor of the Free City of Restov. According to Kressle, arranged for the bandits to kill the expedition so he could send in an army to occupy the Stolen Lands.
Grigori, Human Male: Antagonistic bard fomenting ill feelings towards the leadership of Newhaven. Assisted in the accusation of Nikolai in 4709.

Hargulka, Troll Male: The "king" of the nascent monstrous kingdom to the south.

Orlivanch, Human Male: Trapper who attacked them for trespassing. Executed by Taisper for his crimes without a trial.
Nicholas Flaxton, Human Male: Pressed into banditry to save his wife. Captured and turned against the Stag Lord. Died in battle.
Captain Walthon, Human Male: Knight in the service of Lord Lebeda. Along with Kesten, led the forces at the Battle of Stagfall. Killed saving Kesten's life.
Happs Bydon, Human Male: Kressle's co-conspirator. Killed attacking Oleg's Trading Post on the first night of the expedition.
Ghamont Jannsen, Human Male: Self-styled Red Stag, a bandit under the Stag Lord who did not repent and led a crime wave in Sanctuary in the winter of 4708. Hung for his crimes.
Corwin, Human Male: A bastard son of a Surtova nobleman. Nearly killed by the Stag Lord. Served as Sanctuary's Captain of the Guard until his death fighting Malgorzata.
Malgorzata, Doppelganger: Cultist of Gyronna. Shapeshifter. Intent on destroying Newhaven through paranoia and murder. Killed by Akiros after pretending to be his dead lover.
Sara, Human Female: Akiros's lover, killed accidentally by him while dueling her husband after the discovery of their affair. Pregnant with Akiros's child when killed.
Alexius Morai-Thrune, Human Male: Mysterious stranger from Cheliax and Hellknight signifer. Assisted Taisper on his Hunts. Killed by Taisper and Verik after failing to get Taisper to turn on Verik.
Doctor Atago, Tengu Male: Traveling alchemist. Died saving Jemini from bleeding to death during the Dragonshead.
Viktor Rogarvia, Human Male: Leader of the draconic army during Dragonshead. Killed by unnamed master, believed to be Choral, by magic. Known only to Nikolai to be Viktor Rogarvia, a cousin of his house.
Travess, Human Male: Former member of the Red Stag's gang; moody and quiet. Sworn to the Wardens for a ten-year sentence in 4708. Tortured and killed by Ghorraneaux in 4710.
Yanna, Human Male: Former member of the Red Stag's gang; angry and defiant; Sworn to the Wardens for a twenty-five year sentence in 4708. Tortured and killed by Ghorraneaux in 4710.
Ghorraneaux, Hag Female: Fearsome witch and adherent of Gyronna. Killed in her elven fortress in 4710.
Tahngruun, Minotaur Male: Hargulka's enforcer. Slain by Nikolai in single combat in 4710.
Nagraundi, Two-headed Troll Male: Hargulka's primary advisor. Slain at the Battle of Hydra Bridge in 4710.


  • 22 Pharast 4708 Jemini Lebeda, Taisper Stosz, Verik Jarrow, Zander (secretly Orlovsky), Tandlara Esirrien, and Berrin Myrdal arrive at Oleg Leveton's trading post. They meet him and his wife, Svetlana. The trading post is attacked overnight by bandits, who the expedition members fight off.
  • 23 Pharast 4708 In the aftermath of the bandit attack, the expedition sets off to look for the bandit camp.
  • 24 Pharast 4708 The expedition finds the bandit camp and attacks, killing most of them and capturing their leader, Kressle.
  • 25 Pharast 4708 They return to Oleg's as quickly as possible.
  • 26 Pharast 4708 The group discovers a statue of Erastil in the wilderness.
  • 27 Pharast 4708 While following the statue's guidance, earth elementals rise up and attack them.
  • 28 Pharast 4708 They trudge through cold, wet rain and find the temple of Erastil and its cursed ursine guardian. They battle the bear and discover that it is a cursed man, who warns them of a fey queen.
  • 29 Pharast 4708 While camped at the temple of Erastil, they receive visions from their gods. While exploring the wilderness, they come across a crazed hermit, Orlivanch, who shoots at them with a musket and is eventually killed without trial by Taisper.
  • 30 Pharast 4708 The group deals with Taisper's actions. There is much recrimination and tension.
  • 31 Pharast 4708 The group discovers a boggard, but he is not hostile and cannot communicate with them.
  • 1 Gozran 4708 In the mountains, the group catches sight of the fey queen's terrifying entourage, including a giant and a dragon.
  • 2 Gozran 4708 The group saves a trapped thylacine and name it Reggie.
  • 3 Gozran 4708 Zander reveals himself to Berrin.
  • 4 Gozran 4708 The group discovers of cache of items long hidden beneath a tree.
  • 5 Gozran 4708 The group meets Ilyana Flaxton, whose husband Nicholas was kidnapped by the bandits. Verik falls in a tatzlwyrm pit and is nearly killed.
  • 6 Gozran 4708 The group, along with Ilyana Flaxton, returns to Oleg's.
  • 7 Gozran 4708 The spend a day of rest at Oleg's.
  • 8 Gozran 4708 The expedition returns to exploration, discovering a potential gold mine and fighting off an overnight attack by bugbears.
  • 9 Gozran 4708 They meet Bokken, a crazy dwarven ale brewer.
  • 10 Gozran 4708 Using magic, they speak with the boggard, Garuum.
  • 11 Gozran 4708 They return to Oleg's again.
  • 12 Gozran 4708 Archbanker Vinodragov arrives at Oleg's and demands that Verik stop adventuring to plan out Abadar's expansion into the region.
  • 13 Gozran 4708 Alexius Morai-Thrune and Corwin arrive and join the expedition.
  • 14 Gozran 4708 While hunting, the group is attacked by bandits.
  • 15 Gozran 4708 During a celebration of Taxfest, the Stag Lord personally arrives at Oleg's to demand their fealty. After a very tense evening, he returns to his fortress expecting their answer.
  • 16 Gozran 4708 The group refuses to swear loyalty to the Stag Lord and meet him in the Battle of Stagfall. Both the Stag Lord and Jemini Lebeda are killed in battle, and they enter into the afterlife together. Newhaven is founded.
  • 1 Erastus 4708 Lord Lebeda arrives in Sanctuary to resurrect Jemini. As acting Regent, Berrin manages to offend him but is beloved by the people.
  • 2 Erastus 4708 Travel to the site of Stagfall.
  • 3 Erastus 4708 Vinodragov unsuccessfully attempts to resurrect Jemini, who stays in the afterlife in order to assist Nikolai.
  • 5 Erastus 4708 Taisper, Zander, and Alexius arrive in Restov to send Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellimus a message. Berrin meets and falls for a Varisian temptress named Esmerelda Ludovan.
  • 1 Abadius 4709 The self-styled Red Stag is tried for banditry and hung. Grigori, a rabble-rouser, causes trouble until he is assaulted by Taisper, who is briefly exiled.
  • 16 Gozran 4709 Taisper and Alexius hunt the last of the deserters down.
  • 16 Gozran Jemini and Nikolai return to life during the first anniversary of Stagfall and the founding of Newhaven.
  • 17 Gozran 4709 Jemini, Verik, Nikolai, Berrin, Taisper, and Zander set off to explore the lands to the south. In rapid succession, they fight off a hydra while crossing the Gudrin River and save a gnomish trading caravan beset by lizardfolk and kobolds.
  • 18 Gozran 4708 With the captive kobold named Jabber as a guide, the Founders meet a hermit druid on the shore of Candlemere Lake.
  • 19 Gozran 4708 The Founders sail to Candlemere Island, which has been taken over by harpies who live in the abandoned and ruined tower in the center of the island. They kill the harpies and free several enthralled prisoners, including the missing Warden Gregary.
  • 20 Gozran 4708 A rainstorm traps them on the island for almost week, giving Verik the opportunity to consecrate the tower.
  • 22 Gozran 4709 In Sanctuary, Akiros discovers a cult of Gyronna bewitching guardsmen.
  • 25 Gozran 4709 Akiros, Corwin, and Tandlara follow the leads into a trap by the doppelganger Malgorzata. Malgorzata kills Corwin and is enervated by Tandlara while Akiros fights off the hag leading the coven of Gyronna.
  • 26 Gozran 4709 In the aftermath of Corwin's death, the city nearly tears itself apart with the news of a doppelganger in their midst. Tandlara's usage of dark magic drives her into a comatose state. Akiros sets a trap for Malgorzata using himself as bait.
  • 27 Gozran 4709 Malgorzata tries to kill Akiros, but is killed by him. The rest of the Founders return. Taisper and Berrin prevent Akiros from suicide in despair of his past.
  • 28 Gozran 4709 Verik completes overdue paperwork.
  • 10 Desnus 4709 Jemini is officially given the title of ruler of Newhaven. Ilyana Flaxton, aided by Grigori, brings forth a petition to try Nikolai for his crimes as the Stag Lord. Jemini demands that she be tried for his sins as well. Verik must act as their legal defense, while Vinodragov will act as the accuser. Zander Orlovsky - or at least an unknowing imposter - arrives in Sanctuary, as does Jemini's sister Elanna. Zander reveals his true parentage to Jhod and Taisper. Berrin is named General and Akiros is named Marshal. Taisper reveals his killings to Verik in his cabin. Verik is attacked by Alexius, who followed them, and Alexius nearly kills Verik. Taisper defends his cousin and kills Alexius. Akiros meets Elspeth Surtova, Corwin's half-sister, and immediately falls in love with her. Her brother, Alexey Surtova, is revealed to be the man who Berrin killed in a rage in New Stetven.
  • 12 Sarenith 4709 Brevoy's lesser nobility arrives en masse in preparation for Nikolai's trial. Maegar Varn and his daughter Aylene spend time in Newhaven, with Maegar taking a real shine to Berrin. Esmerelda Ludovan, Berrin's lover, tries and fails to assassinate Nikolai. Upon her capture, she reveals that she is pregnant with Berrin's child.
  • 15 Sarenith 4709 Nikolai's trial begins, with dueling arguments between Verik and Vinodragov. The trial is interrupted by an attack on Sanctuary by several red dragons. The Founders fight them off and meet up with Varn's army on the outskirts of town. In a battle that comes to be known as Dragonshead, they rout the enemy army led by a dragonrider. As he mentions his master, he and the remaining prisoners are killed from afar by fire. Esmerelda escapes during the chaos.
  • 6 Neth 4709 In order to legalize a marriage alliance between Aylene and Berrin, he travels to New Stetven with Jemini and Zander to get King Noleski Surtova's consent to his elevation. The Pathfinder Willas Gunderson arrives to examine the tower in the island on Candlemere Lake. Akiros discovers a spy has been caught in the castle with unusual magic - and end up gaining his loyalty.
  • 16 Gozran 4710 The wedding of Berrin and Aylene, and the second anniversary of Stagfall.
  • 20 Gozran 4710 Hal and Zander present news that the Troll King Hargulka is attempting to make an alliance with the centaur tribes south of Varnhold.
  • 21 Gozran 4710 Jemini, Nikolai, Verik, Berrin, and Akiros set off to disrupt the summit between trolls and centaurs. They cross the ford at the Gudrin River without issue.
  • 22 Gozran 4710 In the evening, they are set upon by a pack of worgs. Nikolai slays their leader and lays claim to the pack's loyalty.
  • 23 Gozran 4710 They spend the day riding and arrive at Lake Silverstep.
  • 24 Gozran 4710 The Founders make contact with one of the tribes of Nomen centaurs, and forge an agreement with chieftain Korak Kaag. Berrin returns to Varnhold to broker a border agreement with the centaurs and Baron Varn.
  • 25 Gozran 4710 Elsir Tel'ran, Pathfinder agent and divination wizard, arrives in Newhaven to assist Willas Gunderson in investigating Candlemere Lake. They decide to start a new Pathfinder lodge called Harborage House in Sanctuary. A magical augury goes quite wrong and propels them into a dark future where Nikolai rules with an iron fist in the service of Choral.
  • 26 Gozran 4710 The Founders travel to the Linnorm's Grave to partake in the summit of the five centaur tribes and the troll king Hargulka.
  • 27-31 Gozran 4710 The Founders return from the centaur summit to Sanctuary. They discover that the abandoned village has a trail leading deep into the centaur lands.
  • 1 Desnus 4710 Elsir, Willas, and Borodin return to the present from the dark future with a warning.
  • 19 Rova 4710 After a peaceful and prosperous summer, the Warden Demitir arrives with a story of torture and imprisonment by a hag in an abandoned elven fortress deep in the Narlmarches to the west. The Founders pledge to hunt and destroy the hag, and to rescue her other prisoners.
  • 20 Rova 4710 Jemini, Nikolai, Zander, Akiros, Elsir, Borodin, and Verik start the journey to the elven keep, intent on rescuing the prisoners held there.
  • 25 Rova 4710 The Founders arrive at the elven fortress after several days of travel through harsh conditions. They defeat a gauntlet of protectors to gain access and discover an ancient elven cache inside. Ghorraneaux appears with a coven and a simulacrum, forcing the Founders to rescue the hostages from a nefarious trap. Ghorraneaux reveals that Hargulka plans to attack Sanctuary as she dies, which is confirmed by magic. Verik meets Aleza, a Galtan refugee.

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