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Ashardaldon Series - Unoptimized KK (Inactive)

Game Master Freddy Honeycutt

Hapless heroes fall into place, do these broken souls have the will to become heroes?

Temple of Pelor

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I love finishing touches! ;)

I hate leaving people out! :(

Will open an ooc thread right before selections......

Current Summary:

These characters are in!
Individual Concept Character
TarkXT: broodmaster summoner Berry Peelyblossom
Mark Sweetman: Halfling monk: Thedrin the Lotus
Roidrage : fallen Paladin/rogue: Sir Respin Bayleaf
Tangible Delusions: Oracle/sorcerer: Gurukk Pyreborn
Susan Richardson: antipaladin/possessed oracle: Triesta
Sunset: fighter: Xane

Link to OOC thread

I really liked some of these concepts but the characters never were fully developed......

Aardvark Barbarian – brawler monk : ?
Roger Gulbert: kobold gunslinger
Madclaw: half-orc bard:
Bilbo bang-bang: Gunslinger:
Vongonda: class?:

Others who dropped out I thank you for reading along, and hope to get a chance to play with you in the future....

Sorry about that. My infant ended up in the hospital with a bad staph infection. She is recovering now, but still have a bit ahead of us. I will enjoy following along. Have a good one, guys.

Sorry to hear about things like that....

RL always comes first.

Sent a pm to Bilbo bang-bang

Offered a spot to monkeygod.....

How about an ifreet that loves the natural world and wants to be a druid...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I have in mind a Cavalier/Alchemist(Chirurgeon). Something of a battlefield medic/arsonist. Kind of an eccentric to his fellow cavaliers, curious about potions and their effects.
Horribly unoptimised due to multiple stat requirements.
Perhaps able to use infusions to boost both himelf and his mount in the future...

Thanks for the interest I am waiting to hear back from mg.

If he doesn't let me know by Monday I will send one of you a private message.

No new submissions......

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