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Not sure if it was mentioned above, but several people commented that you could have a Cackling Barbarian. When the dedications get released.

I want an iron hair feat giving the hair a high strength for grapple

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
There is not. If its Claw is agile and its Jaw isn't that would give you motivation to do Jaw/Claw instead, but it's not required.

I've never seen it mentioned but I assume Animal Companions use MAP too? Yeah the Claw is agile and that could be the motivation.

If my Animal Companion takes two Strikes, is there anything that says they both can't be Jaw/Jaw? If there is, where is it so I can see and plan accordingly.

As the title says, can a Ranger with Rogue Dedication combine a Twin Takedown with Sneak Attack if the target (Hunted Prey) is flat-footed?

I'm using my Animal Companion(Cat) as its Support action to make the target flat-footed. Sneak Attack says if the target is flat-footed to get some Precision Damage and Twin Takedown allows me to use one action for two Strikes.

Is the above situation plausible?

ofMars wrote:
for sure having a low int wizard really limits your effectiveness as a +1 to spell attacks or spell dc goes a long way even before considering not even having a bonus or even a penalty to that stat, but there is a short list of spells that don't have attack rolls or target a DC, namely buff spells, to say nothing of things that have a failure effect.

Man, I haven't heard of Harnmaster in about 2 decades. We tried it once, didn't know what we were doing, and I became a mason.

If I understand correctly, minions use your initiative (Edit: not true). If I am rolling Stealth (or Deception) to try and get a Surprise Attack to catch them flat-footed, are they flat-footed to my minion as well?

Edit: my statement of them "acting on my initiative" is not true, since they don't really act until I Command an Animal. So if they are flat footed to me and my actions, if I issue Command an Animal and tell it to Strike, are they flat footed to the Cat?

Several people have commented that since the state of being flat-footed is not absolute and is relative, they would not flat-footed to the Cat. However, minions (and Animal Companions) are not always treated as a separate entity. Indeed you have to give one of your three actions to Command an Animal.

Thanks for the heads up! And as I come back to read this thread, I see the March Availability thread is up, which also answers this question. :)

Thank you for some ideas

First off, I have a kind, wonderful, and simply amazing GM (in case he is reading this)...
But seriously, since he wants everyone to have fun, he usually allows a one-time character re-edit if you have a bunch of feats that you haven't really used. After our last session, he said that if I was going to change anything, now is the time to do it, before we get too deep into the storyline. So let me describe the setting, my character concept, my issues, and then what I have now.
We are starting the Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path. While I don't want to spoil anything (or have anything spoiled for me), we are into the second book, after having received a level of mythic power. I am currently a level 7 Dwarven Warpriest (of Torag)/1 Mythic (Guardian). Stats are: Str 20 Dex 15 Con 18 Int 14 Wisdom 20 Cha 11.
I cannot retcon my race(dwarf), class(warpriest), nor Mythic tier. I believe I can move the +2 ability score from Str to something else, as they picked it for me as I had to leave before we experienced ascension and they picked it for me.
Character/Party Concept: We have a paladin/champion, a slayer/trickster, an arcanist/archmage, and me, a warpriest/guardian. I believe we are all 7th level/1 tier.
When asked to play Wrath of the Righteous, I immediately imagined a fiesty dwarf. As we talked about classes, some recommended a warpriest, and without researching I said that sounds neat. I envisioned a heavily armored tin can. The immovable object upon which irresistible forces pushed on. I could hear him yelling out, "None shall pass!". I wanted him to be the tank. Granted, I was partially thinking a World of Warcraft tank...
It seems most tactics in Pathfinder revolve around the idea that a good defense is a good offense and try to dish out the most damage as possible and defense is really a second thought. I want to get in there and mix it up, but I wanted to be the heroic defender while everyone else gets their licks in. As such, I want to be hard to hit, but yet help my fellows. But I don't know what I am doing. I usually play mages. My only other melee character is a magus who is more of a dex based crit , bursty dmg, mage who hits with a sword (and I am having much fun with it).(Btw, these forums helped out tremendously with building my magus)
I am currently a sword and board taking a buttload of feats to try and get good with both dwarven waraxe and the shield. I see potential, but I need advice. It seems I am not going to be as useful as others. I don't need to be the "best" because roleplaying and concepts win out, but I just want to make sure I am on the right track.
Current Feats: Dodge, Dodge (Mythic), Double Slice, Improved Shield Bash, Two Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus - dwarven waraxe, Weapon Focus - heavy shield, Weapon Specialization - dwarven waraxe, (I need to pick one more for level 7)
Guardian Call Ability: Absorb Blow (although I was torn and almost picked Sudden Block)
I know in order to get Improved Two Weapon fighting I need to get my dex to 17.
Oh, just because he wanted to, our DM gave each of us a Legendary Item when we ascended into mythic. I have an adamantine full plate with the upgradeable option. It started +1 which I have upgraded so now it is +3. My waraxe is +1 cold iron. My shield is a heavy steel shield.
Any suggestions?

Your site lists it as being available March 25th. Amazon lists it as being July. Which is it?

I think we have it all cleared up now. Thank you all again. My GM got back with me last night with his readings and now things are in synch.

Thanks all, this is a bit confusing to me.

Cost-wise, I think we are golden.

...And to some of your points, I always bow to the GM without too much arguing because PCs are squishy and crunchy in dragonflames so if it is that he is homebrewing it, so be it. But he doesn't homebrew too often, so I just want to make sure of The Way It Is Intended To Be.

I really think I can convince him that I only have to be able to cast Keen Blade (at my 7th level of ability) and it doesn't have to be at 9th level.

However, the real question becomes and is what Dave and Diego allude to :

is it a +3 equivalent weapon in terms of costs AND requirements meaning I have a +5 DC to skipping a prerequisite (not being 9th level)

or +3 for costs but a "+2 keen" meaning no additional DC?

Okay, my GM and I had a brief discussion over IM. He says since the weapon is a +3, and since I should be 9th level to craft it, (barring the additional +5 DC), I need to be able cast Keen Blade at the 9th level.

Since I am not 9th level, this would mean I need to hire an appropriate level mage to help me, or get a wand or a scroll with enough uses.

Is this correct?

Thank you all. I really do appreciate it.

I currently have a +2 sword. I want to add the keen property effectively making it cost as a +3 weapon. A +2 sword costs : bonus squared x 2000gp so it is 8000gp. A +3 weapon would cost 18000. The difference is 10,000gp. My material cost would be 5000gp.

Okay so far?

From the book on page 471 : "CL 10th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, keen edge; "

I have Craft Magic Arms and Armor (or else we wouldn't be talking about this) and assume I have Keen Edge. However, I am only a 7th level caster.

Does the CL of 10 mean I need to cast Keen Edge as a 10th level caster or just that the check at the end of my crafting has a 10 applied to it?

Since I am adding keen on top of +2, does this affect the CL?

Since "Creating a magic weapon has a special prerequisite: The creator's caster level must be at least three times the enhancement bonus of the weapon." Since it is effectively a +3 weapon, I cannot make it correct?

"If an item has both an enhancement bonus and a special ability, the higher of the two caster level requirements must be met. " Wait, does that mean I can make it since 3 times +2 is 6 and therefore I am high enough to create it?

Thank you folks. I assumed as much, but sought clarification.

I wholeheartily agree that I should pay to write it down at the least. Even a wizard has to do that.

While to some extent, I am circumventing research costs, odds of finding spells as treasure, excursions to magic bazaars, mostly I am circumventing time. As we are right now in a situation with what I think will prove to be little downtime, I won't be gaining much more than a couple of spells most likely.

Definitely going to talk to my GM as he trumps everything. Since I still have to pay to write it into my book and it's a fairly low money campaign, he may not have much of an issue. Scrolls are rarely found in treasure so spell learning is fairly low as well and he may wish to preserve spell scarcity. Just seeking an official ruling before the discussion.

I have searched forums and messageboards about this and am unsure if I am searching correctly.

If I apply two metamagic feats to my chosen spell (bet you didn't guess it was Shocking Grasp) is it -1 after all adjustments or -1 for each adjustment?

For example : Intensifying Spell (+1 spell slot) and Dazing Spell (+3 spell slot) applied to a Shocking Grasp. Is the Shocking Grasp now a 4th level slot (+4 feats - 1 magical lineage = +3 adjusted slot) or a 3st level (+1 feat -1 lineage +3 feat -1 lineage = +2 adjusted slot)?

Pardon me if this has been ruled on.

Edited: as Kestral pointed out that Dazing Spell is +3

i have a magus who just reached 7th level. I have been pouring over message boards looking for any official ruling before my GM and I have a discussion over what works for his campaign. Most posts seem a few years old but if I have missed something, please direct my reading.

Can the magus write down spells into his Spellbooks that he prepared via spending Arcane Pool points for his Knowledge Pool? Page 220 of the Core book seems to indicate that I can, but I know this has been discussed to death.