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so those that are interested please pm me or post on other board, i got a perfect time to intro new crew after this event is over it only will be current crew open to be taken over.

well post in char thread your PC idea and I can work with you, the link is up above.

Cucumber you could take on the engineer already on the ship and change her personality to suit your needs.

Lost one of the players so 2

so its looking like 1 spot left, got some interesting apps coming off this board for sure

so 2 spots left

Yep still 3 spots left

BTW anyone taking on a crew member will get a share of the 8 million salvage job they just are starting so stating credits is 80k, if not its going got be alot less based on std d20 rules for level 4, which is what they are starting at.

So i got one person starting to make his PC so 3 more spots to take, its first come first go, so post in the char app thread if interested.

i wont have time to look at the pf conversion so for now yea its off the table

post in the char app thread so i can work on your char with you guys.

Gamma world has a d20 book if can find it online i can help you make a char from it if cant find it


Since the default pcs are d20 I would use d20 gamma world instead of home brew pf

Yep that the next setting am using next so you could be from the planet or found in space or use the d20 gamma world 6 ed I have found .

feel free to post in the OOC space area or make a new PC in the apps thread.

You can also see the NPC in the char thread to decide it want to remake one of them or add a new crewmember. Normally new crew have limited access to ship and profits until they become trusted, that is the bonus of taking on a NPC you get full cut of profits and trusted status instantly.

There is an event coming up where some of the NPCs will be changing races as the party enters into shadowrun galaxy so the following changes happen to the NPCS;

Pilot becomes a troll
Engineer becomes a ork
Gunner becomes a Shape changing bear

These can be reversed by the Captain so you can be changed back to human with a polymorph other spell so if don't want to be that race after the change can go back to human.

BTW I am using class LA rules so if you gain a template you will add the powers slowly to the LA max from Savage Species as there are options of becoming vampires and other undead on the table. To try to keep the party level with those that DONT choose to go that route it allows those that want to slow gain their powers next to the other crew members.

yep starfinder PCs are allow with 1 change, you only get the 3.5 feat allowance as it would be unfair to allow you more then the other PCs

it doesn't need to be d20, i can convert from other systems, there is a lot of fan based d20 converted out there, like Mass Effect.

I tend to allow the PC to use the system char creation rules then see how close they are to d20 and if there will be any problems allowing them to just use their base system.


I find this board is a bit too basic for my needs.

We also use rolld20 for combat maps, but can screen shoot for anyone that cant access it(which we have done in the past)

You find some of the players online there to chat with as well especially when there is combat which then is pasted onto the board if required.

This game wont be going away for a while it already been running about a year now and because the captain is a Character of mine in a off online game I will do everything in my power to continue to run this so I am looking for stable dedicated players that are in it for the long run.

This also means you can use old PCs from other sc fi games or even PF games, though taking a PF with no tech skills would be hard to be useful on the ship, there is a mix of ship/planet events I try to keep all PCs involved in both, some PCs are purely ship based (Nav and Robot expect) and some are both(Doc) and some are ground only(Security). You can make PCs that are both or specialize in one and I will try to keep you evolved.

O the posting rate is high, we post once a day weekdays and once over the weekend, some players have left cause they could not keep up with the posting rate, so if looking for a fast posting game you fit in nicely. Right now we got

Killjoy Ship gunner
F Human earth based security office
M Human Doc Mass Effect
M Human earth based Nav officer
M human earth based computer/robot expert

as active players, the earth based PCs are original PCs

We have lost players for

H M pilot
H F Engineer
H F Gunner
H M 1st officer(who will stay as NPC)

Which are also all original PCs

Because we keep losing players I rather new players remake the crew we have so there is no break in story when players leave, we just lost our first Alien player(From traveller) but going to kill him off.

It hard to believe the crew would keep accepting new members based on the way the ship is run by the captain( the ship has tech on it that cant be found anywhere else and if anyone found out what their ship could do would be hunted across the universes by any race below tech level of say Star gate's Thor's race to get it so they are paranoid as hell letting anyone on the ship or using said tech when new people on the ship)

Right now is a good point to add new crewmembers as they just found 8 pods in space so having new PCS be in them would work IF that is what I have to do to get more players, I would like 8 players with a mix of active and semi active posting.

Right now I got 2 very active(multiple posts a day) and 2 semi active(24-48 hours a post)

i prefer new players remake the crew already on board which is why the ad is for human


but i rather have new players so if that does not interest you I can accept a new a crewmember

well it ben running for a year now so its on another board.

well they are 5th level and the rules is based on what system your from.

The ad says they need the following:
1 communication officer
1 female Engineer
1 XO(which man be removed down to normal crew, i find that NPC OX works better than PC
1 pilot human male

The ship's mission, you travel to various Galaxies of the Universe to different Earths to collect billion year old artifacts. Each Earth will be a different setting, places like Star Wars, Star Gate, Traveller, Star Trek. The base system we will be using is d20, so everything has to be converted to that.

The PCs use d20 but can use PF if come from that setting, you use whatever setting you come for to make your PC(if too different from d20 I will convert it) SO for we got mas effect, traveler, and Killjoy PCs.

So some of the things that have happened already

While leaving Mars to leave the solar system, we blew up a defending battle cruiser killing 200 people on board. The Asgardian Thor was on the planet looking over the Jumpgate being constructed and took offense to us killing so many and attacked our ship, throwing his hammer through a ship from planetside while in orbit, killing our doctor.

We Picked up a Killjoy running from a kill squad sent after him after they found out he was taking a job on the side (from us)

Travelled to Nowhere Space Station to collect some info from THE COLLECTOR on the item the captain found on our earth, got involved with a zombie uprising as some entity known as Abyss who was turning everyone on station into Zombies, THE DOCTOR showed up to help solve what was going. When we got the info we needed from THE COLLECTOR we wiped his memory of our meeting so not reveal what we had, leaving him back on the station none the wiser(so we hope). We picked up a Mass Effect Medic on the station.

Using info from THE COLLECTOR, we traveled to a world run by a planet AI to test our potential New Wi Fi setup. He breaks through in 6 secs showing the crew that having wi fi access is not a good idea but the AI offers to trade spaceship tech for nanotech. We check out rest of Galaxy and find planets destroyed, society lost where all their tech just blew up.
This is where we have the first alien join our crew from Traveller setting. we next find a huge graveyard of ships that seem to have the same fate blown up tech.

With such a large salvage we look around to find it is guarded by a living Ghost ship sending back to the grave.

To make matters more interesting the Captain seems to be some sort of undead necromancer that has offered any of the crew that wishes it to become immortal by becoming undead of their choice either at their death or when they age so much they cannot function anymore. The mission is expected to taking hundreds of years so for the humans that join would never see the end of it.

i just re worked by rogue in PS PBP gameday so will see how it works for me :)I too dont see the connection of poison use but lets see how it works in game play.

thought it would have been posted automatically at midnight :( o well just got to wait i guess

am waiting to rebuild a PC for PS today but still dont see a link to any PDF yet :(

Male Half-Elf Rogue Chameleon 1 | AC 15 T 13 FF 12 | HP 8/8 | F +1 R +5 W +0 | Init +4 | Perc +

so there is no actually sheets on here ok so can i use the sheet on MW or do you want me to fill the rest of info on here?

Male Half-Elf Rogue Chameleon 1 | AC 15 T 13 FF 12 | HP 8/8 | F +1 R +5 W +0 | Init +4 | Perc +

ok i put my sheet on MW as my homepage, where do you keep sheets on here?

Male Half-Elf Rogue Chameleon 1 | AC 15 T 13 FF 12 | HP 8/8 | F +1 R +5 W +0 | Init +4 | Perc +

ok where is the game thread???

Male Half-Elf Rogue Chameleon 1 | AC 15 T 13 FF 12 | HP 8/8 | F +1 R +5 W +0 | Init +4 | Perc +

is there no notification of new posts on here? Yea i found that class but then i realized it was not legal

Male Half-Elf Rogue Chameleon 1 | AC 15 T 13 FF 12 | HP 8/8 | F +1 R +5 W +0 | Init +4 | Perc +

If i take the Chameleon alt class for rogue, it says

At 1st level, a chameleon begins her career knowing that the secret to disappearing lies in deceiving the senses of her observers. Every day she gains a pool of stealth points equal to her ranks in Bluff. These points refresh at the start of each day. Before making a Stealth check, she can choose to put stealth points into the roll, gaining a bonus on Stealth checks equal to the number of stealth points she puts into the roll.

If she gains a bonus on Bluff checks because of a feat (such as Skill Focus [Bluff ]), she adds a number of points to her stealth pool equal to the bonus the feat grants.
This ability replaces trapfinding.

if i got
Wary Many trait( half-elves have spent their long lives moving from place to place, often driven out by the hostility of others. Such experiences have made them wary of others' motivations. Half-elves with this trait gain a +1 racial bonus on Sense Motive and Bluff checks. This racial trait replaces the keen senses racial trait.)

Do i add the point to my pool or not?

man this board is so much more basic than i am used it, going to take some time to get use to it here.

Male Half-Elf Rogue Chameleon 1 | AC 15 T 13 FF 12 | HP 8/8 | F +1 R +5 W +0 | Init +4 | Perc +

BTW my char is listed here


Male Half-Elf Rogue Chameleon 1 | AC 15 T 13 FF 12 | HP 8/8 | F +1 R +5 W +0 | Init +4 | Perc +

Hi guys i am the other player, i normally play on Mythweaver which has the best PBP support on the net IMO. I am looking at 1st level since i dont have any character. Right now looks like there is no sneaky guy so i will make a 1st level rogue that will dip into divine caster at some point.

Ok i looked over the Regenerate in PF and is it or can i just beat down a Troll to -10 and apply fire to stop it from regenerating next round killing it? Seems by RAW that is how it works since it stops the regeneration for 1 round and if it is at -10 without regeneration it dies.

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James Risner wrote:

Second, you are the DM. Rule Zero is in effect, you could take the stance "well regardless of how it really works, at my table it works this way" and the player will either respect that or not. If he doesn't respect that, he will find another GM and your problem is fixed.

i find it funny when someone states the obvious, Yes he is the DM and yes he can rule 0 it, if he wanted to do that then he wouldn't bother posting asking you all, so stating something like that(and the comment about kicking out the player in the case me) is counter protective. He wants your options on this then he will decide what he will do. i will abide on whatever ruling he gives.

The fact is, Energy weapons don't cause Environmental damage, you cant hold a icy weapon to a lock to freeze it unless you HIT it. You cant start fires with flame weapon even if put paper over it unless you HIT it

a flaming weapon is sheathed in fire that deals an extra 1d6 points of fire damage on a successful hit.

the reason IMO that they added the command word in is so can turn it off when fighting things that gain from the energy(heal from fire ect). I am said player, and since every other protection spell covers your equipment when it says protects you, why would a item that protects YOU for its effects be any different.

wow thanks guys for all this.

i still feel poisons are lacking something, i think i will have the higher DCs stay for the 1 base duration(be it round/min ect) of the poison even if they pass.

hmm ok thanks Jason but how can poisons be deadlier in PF then?

In 3.5 you got to make 2 saves pri and sen that did stat dmg and you had to make a save for each hit that did the same dmg again.

IN PF you take 1/2 the dmg over a many of rounds(which adds up to to a max dmg of the same but more min dmg IF you fail every save) but in most cases 1 save stops it. If you get hit twice you dont take dmg again

I dont see how this makes poisons more deadly maybe i am missing something

Does the DC go up if on 1st round get hit by say 3 spiders but pass check, then get hit once next round, are those 3 hits still in your system???

Beckett wrote:
I'm not saying there isn't a problem with the old monsters, there very likely is. But there is definetly a problem with some of the later and 3rd party 3.5 base classes just being outright more powerful than the originals.

yep that is what i am doing(well i am using good ideas from PF for a new d20 system of my own but thats another story heh, PF is OGL isnt it heh :P)

I took the time to class all the spells from the SC into Common, uncommon and rare, if anyone wants this list just send me a way to send you the details.

I am the only one that is bothered by the increased power up in the final? I mean yes some classes needed it but what PF has not done is giving anything to the monsters to balance it out, i look at the new classes and see them as LA+2 or +4. There is no way that you could run a 3.5 game as is with PF PCs at the listed level. Did PF forget they were to make this useable for 3.5 stuff?

no new info on this?

Daniel Simonson wrote:
Pathfinder X wrote:

I just made a 9th level Dwarf sword and axe Fighter for Beta test and he has a 29 AC, which is pretty impressive at 9th level.

The armor problem with movement was a neat idea, but it should just be dropped out of hand, and rolled into encumbrance.

See i have an 8th lvl fighter and i have AC 28, that is with regular old MW armor. now all i can do is throw money at it to make my AC go up another +5. This is with full plate. at 15-20th lvl is another +5 really gonna cut it? I got eatin' by a hydra tuesday in one turn. did't even get to within 10 feet of it. There has to be something to keep a fighter on his feet long enough to fight these brutal creations. My first choice is always mellee, ranged is ok, but there is no real damage being done. Thank god we had a soceror with max fireball.

And what about the non fighters? they are really SOL at high level. I don't even want to think about sending my monk in there to take a hit at 15th level. Scary.

Well running into battle against a 12 headed hydra alone what do you expect :)(i am his DM BTW)

i just got told by my players that any of them can check to see what the spell just cast was?? can someone explain to me WHY spellcraft was changed to untrained?? how is that possible. o look i am a peasant and that mage is waving his hands around, run he casting a fireball????????

Old Guy GM wrote:
cliff wrote:

Good post, Old Guy. You and I are totally on the same page.

You forgot to mention the most often opted for in my group: All that banging attracts more bad guys than the party was trying to avoid in the first place. Or that the foes that the tunneling party are trying to "sneak up on" hear the banging and use Stealth to sneak up on the party instead...from behind through their own tunnel!!! That one, with the strong guys at the wrong end of the line (presumably digging) will make sure they don't do it again. Digging through a wall and ending up opening into an underground stream or chasm works too. I hate the "path dictator" style of GMing, but some player don't realize that some really tough DCs are there to keep the alive and not just be a pain to get through.

I would also say that if the door has a DC40 lock, then it was chosen because the surrounding material (walls, etc.) are at least as hard to cut through. That's why such locks are chosen.

'preciate that Cliff. I had a whole mess of other examples, but that post was already long enough. The whole point is that we don't need a set of rules for this. There is no way Jason can write rules in for every potential thing the players may do. While it is certainly our right to ask him in these messageboards, I just think some things have to handled "in-house" so to speak. Meaning within the GM community.

Btw, maybe a good thread would be problems GMs are having with player "rules-lawyering" under the Beta and what to do about it. Not sure thats a game design issue, but it might lead to a look at some of the rules. It may also lead to a horrible message-board doom, but fortune favors the bold...

What is REALLY needed is a GOOD book writen by one of the great DMs working for this company on HOW TO BE A GOOD DM IN 3.5/PF. cause the crap in the DMG is useless. how many beginner DMS would pay good money for a book like this hmmm? if wrote by maybe The sage himself!. come on Jason that is what we need some direction for all these new DMs on how to deal with rules lawyers, and other stuff that us 2e and older DMs already know.

Crusader of Logic wrote:

In summary, every edition has had varying problems with idiots, the later ones more so as it becomes more accessible and thus less elitist. Elitism in this case is a good thing.

but you had less idiot DMs that i met in 2e compared to 3e+, though with the net being a bit part of 3e+ maybe its only now we can see the overall pic, but ur right its getting worst not better, but the rules are not helping that either as IMO the rules are promoting bad gaming and Dming

Crusader of Logic wrote:

I don't see having more DMs willing to run it as necessarily being a good thing. It can be, but probably isn't. It is necessary to implement 'idiot filters' on all things to minimize the time wasters. Stripping away these filters, by making it easy for just anyone to DM means that I (and every other player) have more bad DMs to sort through to get the things we want to get. I dunno about you, but I optimize life, which means I hate wasting time on suboptimal options. The more of those get checked at the door, the better. Therefore, a modest entry fee of time and effort keeps a fair number of the bad DMs out.

i agree 100%, there are TOO many BAD 3.5 dms already, making DMing idiot proof will just increase the number of bad dms that we get running games not decrease them, not saying either of you are Bad DMs but i have found that ones that grow up on 3.5 dont have the same ideals the 2e DMs have(which is what i grew up on)

thanks for everyone giving the good advice

Kirth Gersen wrote:

"Why can't a great rider learn great riding tricks?" Me: Well, because it's against the rules. Too bad!

you forgot the golden rule that not enough 3.5e DMs know about or use.

rules are guidelines meant to be bent or broken :) the DMG is not a bible that if you break a rule a pit fiend wont appear and take you to the nine hells.

yea i am glad so much good advice is coming out of here, this is the 2nd board i posted this on and both have generated very good responses, we do need more topics like that, helping DMs deal with problems that they really have no idea how so am happy this has got this much light(but i fear it will be lost in the topic wave the moment ppl stop posting it maybe we can make it a sticky heh)

PulpCruciFiction wrote:
In our group, if you want something that the group found, you basically have to buy everyone else out of it. You determine how much the group would get if the item were sold, then pay everyone else their share of that total. Everyone wins, since those not taking items still get paid and those taking them essentially get the items at half price.

thats the normal in alot of 3.5 games it seems.

Paz wrote:

The problem with trying to offer general advice that will help in all cases is that every case is different. Are the players and GM friends outside the game? Is the game held at this player's house? How old are the players? Could the group carry on with one player fewer? Are the rest of the party badly sub-optimal to the extent that there would be an instant TPK without this guy? etc.

Do you think those issues make a difference how you would deal with the problem? i dont think it matters if they are friends or not, if the PC is overshadowing the combat does it matter if they are strangers or friends? Again can the group continue with one less, so are you saying you would allow him to play this if you need this players house or body to fill the space? The other PCs are built as avg 1st lvl PCs and this one is more powerful you have let him into the game but didnt know how powerful until a few combats in, now what do you? that is the question.

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