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I'll go scout; probably won't have it up before the weekend though.

Choosing gear for an 8th level is particularly tricky/time-consuming! Need to minimise weight carried in order to get fast movement and skirmish though.

Ferah is the major muscle you've GMed, though Hawke as Master of Many Forms probably counts. You've also GMed Ignis and Jamarkis.

I will look through my books, I usually play PF when I can these days, so out of practice in looking at 3.5 builds. 8th is a level that Prestige Classes are very viable though, so may see if any of those grab my fancy.

Or maybe a scout or spellthief.

Absolutely West. I don't have any rogue types in my arsenal of the right level; though if you need muscle, I have a couple you've GMed before.

I'll hold to see about AGMMagiker before making any further plans though.

If you need someone else I could either resurrect one of the characters I have of the right level, or potentially create a new character.

Arcane types are about the one type I never really do in 3.5.

Hey West; trying to set up characters here, but as you've already set them up under your accounts, I can't set up aliases for my characters!

So not going to change my avatar name given this is a better name when not doing play by post type of stuff.

It looks good from what I can see. Rolling our own dice would be cool.

North Shore; Lane Cove in particular.

Current RP group fell apart. Willing to either GM or play; but heavily reliant on public transport. My playing I'm willing to play pretty much anything, GMing is a bit more conservative, as I need to know the system quite well.