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hmm... thanks.
I'll clarify with the person I was talking to about what they meant by talents.

What exactly are talents?
Feats and Skills have their own section, so they're pretty self explanatory, but what about talents?
Where in the main pathfinder rulebook does it explain what they are and how often your character gets them?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers. Looks like i'm gonna be buying me a harrow deck then.

Before I spring for a new Harrow Deck I thought i'd better check that it isn't being re-released anytime soon.

Can anybody confirm? Thanks.

Thanks for the reply. It's for a part of Golarion i'm making up myself so I might just shift Korvosa in it's entirety to the new location.
I don't think anybody in my group will care.

How difficult would it be for a GM of modest experience to move the campaign to a different part of the world?
Would it just be a question of changing the place names or would it be a bit more tricky than that?

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Thanks for the replies. I think I might play them as having British accents with a Byzantine love of intrigue and bureaucracy.

Many of the regions of the Inner Sea have countries that correspond to varying extents with real-world countries.

Taldor has this kind of empire-in-decline vibe, so how do people DM Taldorians? In terms of their accents, mannerisms etc.
I'm thinking maybe Byzantium, Russia, Britain or Spain?