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If you've recently signed on as a banner company of Hammerfall, please pm me
either on guildlaunch or through the paizo website with members' character
names in game and their corresponding paizo/goblinworks names. If you wish to
be a part of Hammerfall, we're very happy to have you, but need a way to
communicate with you regarding settlement events/defense/policy/votes. Please
try to do this within the next 72 hours (by 6pm eastern time/11 pm UTC Friday the 30th).
If we don't receive contact information within that time, your company may be
removed from the banner companies list for security reasons. (Please feel free
to apply again once you're able to send the contact information if that
information was merely delayed for some reason.) Thank you!

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Settlement name: Hammerfall

Settlement alignment: NG

Motto: Threads of wood, gold and iron woven into one tapestry for all.

Settlement goals: This is a settlement formed by alliance of The Hearthguard and Marsh Wardens Chartered Companies. Our goal: To be a haven for non-evil PC craftsmen, explorers and warriors. Striving for individual excellence but working together to assist and protect our community and its allies.

Please come join us on GW land grab website if you feel you would like to be part of such a community!

Hammerfall Google Group

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I'm sorry, and please forgive me if this is obvious, but this will be the first time I've ever played an MMO, so please cut me some slack.

I pledged at the Guild Level in the kickstarter. Part of this level in the kickstarter was the ability to join early enrollment playing as a guild of 6 and to have our own guild name registered.

Later, the original landrush poll said that guilds who participated would get a guild house on a plot of land somewhere. It's now appears you meant just the winners would get a guild house, but that wasn't the way it was phrased at the time. I admit that was probably newbie naivite--but others seemed to have the same understanding. It's a big disappointment that we don't have a house of our own. Small as that would have been, I would have been happy with just that.

Now this new update (which, by the way, I didn't get an email for--is there a place to troubleshoot that problem) is saying that only the top 30 guilds with the most votes get any guildhouse or land at all. Suddenly all of the little 6/7 person guilds--who were supposedly guaranteed a name, at least, and the right to play as their own guild by the kickstarter--like us have no chance at all of getting land--unless we merge into larger guilds.

You mention federated guilds--but I'm not sure how that would work in this process at all? (again--totally new to this. sorry if it's obvious.) Would we still register our own guilds with our own members but vote for another group that we were "federated" with in order to get land? Is there a way to link the votes of two separate guilds together for the process-some way to indicate in the system that it's two separate guilds working together to get one piece of land? Or would we not register our guild at all and register as members of the guild we "federated" with? And if the latter, what happens to our right to have our own guild with our own members and registered guild name as advertised on the kick starter page for the guild level? Do we just lose the right to have that guild and that name? ( If so, I'm not seeing how this is the game that will be just as fun for small groups of new, casual players as it is for big groups of experienced online gamers that was advertised and got me so excited in the kickstarter. If so, I have to say, that I'm really disappointed and that instead of becoming more excited as the time to play gets nearer as I should be, I'm just becoming disillusioned and frustrated. So I hope that's not the answer.) That doesn't seem really fair, since it WAS a promised reward for the guild level.

Please-somebody official-will you enlighten me about how this works? I'm hoping I'm misunderstanding at least part of the process.


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Okay-I received access yesterday for my second level ranger/first level fighter to an animal companion that's not on the normal ranger list. I know I could be a beastmaster ranger to get access to this animal, but doing so would really damage the entire concept this character was built around due to the loss of the 6th level bonus feat, so I'm hesitant to do it. I could dip into the maddog barbarian class without completely screwing up my character and this would also give access to the necessary animal as a companion---if the ranger levels stack with other classes that offer animal companions like the core rulebook indicates is supposed to happen. However, my GM told me that in PFS the ruling is that in order for them to stack, you'd have to use the most restrictive list (ie: ranger). I've searched for about half an hour and can't find anywhere in the FAQ or the general discussion boards for PFS that says this. The only thing I could find was from three years ago, from Joshua Frost, and it appears to say the exact opposite (says that if you were a ranger/druid you'd use the full druid list for your possible animal companion choices).

That ruling from Joshua here

Can someone point me to the more current ruling from Mike/Mark/John that says you use the most restrictive list instead? If I could take this option as my animal companion, it would be cool, but I don't want to cheat--so if it's not allowed, I'll just take the non-combat pet option. My search fu is obviously weak today.


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Looking at the fulfillment tool, it allows me to purchase add ons and designate who the guild memberships are for....but it says it will allow the guild members to purchase their own add ons later?

My pledge amount already accounted for all of the add ons my guild members wanted---because at the time the kickstarter was running we were told there would be a survey where we would be able to designate which add ons went to which account. I know the survey isn't happening now, but I've already paid for all of the add ons--which would therefore have to be selected under my fulfillment selection tool---so how do I designate which guild member they go to? They're not all for me...and there are quite a few of them, including two print packs which need to go to different addresses....

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I know this has been asked before-but I haven't seen an answer. (please forgive me if I missed it!)

But how is this going to work for guilds?
Essentially, I have six different people who should be getting the pdfs, minis, etc. I know from experience that paizo can't send me six copies of the pdfs to distribute as I see fit. When paizo loads a second copy of a pdf you already own, it just overwrites the first one, but you still end up with one copy. So don't guilds need some sort of extra step in the process to identify who the other five people are who should be receiving the products and which of the six guild members is receiving each add on pledged for? We were told that would be handled in the survey after the kickstarter but since that's not happening, now--will that be part of the tool? When I go into the fulfillment tool on my account, am I going to need the paizo avatar name, email address, home address, of the other five members of my guild--none of these or all of these? Just trying to be prepared, since I know at least one of my guild members doesn't have a paizo account....

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Name: Currently the Marsh Wardens. May change prior to play.
Alignment: mostly NG but any good aligned characters welcome to apply
Preferred Alignments: LG/NG/CG
Role: cooperative exploration, gathering of knowledge, community support and protection
Player Roles Accepted: All
Stance on random pvp violence and griefing: We're against it and will do whatever we can to discourage it and to help other individuals and organizations to discourage it.
Purpose: We'd like to see more specifically what the game has to offer before constructing a detailed purpose for our guild.
Our general goal is to build a protected community that members can use as a home base for exploration and base of operations for their businesses. We won't start violence with other players but plan to defend ourselves (and seek retribution) when violence is forced upon us. We'd also like to offer the hand of friendship and whatever reasonable assistance we can to other groups/guilds/individuals who feel the same way.
Structure: There's also no real defined structure for the guild at this point, although one will be developed prior to actual play. New members will be approved by the original members of the guild.

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Hi, I asked about this in the society FAQ update thread, but didn't get a response. Is Magus going to be added to the question below in the FAQ or was it intentionally left out? I hope it's the former, but would really like to know for sure, since I was planning on starting a magus next weekend. (and certainly may not if they're the only spell scriber in the game who's going to be penalized by having to pay for scrolls on a chronicle before they can scribe them) It seems odd that a magus would have to pay for the same scrolls a wizard, witch, and alchemist can scribe for free off a chronicle, but due to the "no change is to be considered official until it appears either in the most recent update to the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play (this booklet) or in the
official campaign FAQ." in the new guide, I could definitely see a GM telling me that's the case because magus isn't listed in the FAQ response for the question below. Please respond? Thanks.

FAQ question: How can wizards, witches, and alchemists learn new spells or formulae?

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On page 16 of the current organized play document, under background, it still says "You may choose to worship an evil god, but keep in mind that
your alignment has to be within one step of your god’s alignment."

With the way this statement is worded, it would seem to apply the one step alignment restriction to all characters, even those of classes that don't normally have it--like fighters, barbarians, oracles, summoners, etc.

Is this really the intent? Do all characters, regardless of class, have to be within one step of their deity?

I asked about this wording a long time ago in the 2.2 update thread and Josh had said: "That line should read, "...but keep in mind that if your class requires it, your alignment must be within one step of your god's alignment."

That language has been in there for 19 months. No time like the present to change it. ;-)

I'll fix that in 2.3."

As far as I can see, this wording has never been changed--so I'm wondering if the intent has changed and that's why the correction was never made or if this is just an oversight? Could you please clarify? I actually do have a character whose class doesn't usually require her alignment to be within one step of her god (fighter)who is Neutral Good and worships Gorum (because she's a half orc fighter...it seemed appropriate), based on the past response from Josh, so for me this question is relevant. Thanks.

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I asked about getting this fixed many months ago and was told someone over in the tech dept would have to look into it. I never heard any more back on it and am wondering if it's possible to get it fixed?

The first time I reported a PFS event, there weren't yet any directions on how to enter your events online. When I entered my Society # without a -1, -2, etc. at the end into the GM field, I got an error saying that the "character #" wasn't recognized. So I thought I needed to put in a character # (-1, -2, -3, etc.) at the end. I put in the -1 and my name and number populated fine without errors at that point. Since the first way (which turns out to be the correct way) gave me an error and the second way didn't, I assumed the second way was the correct way to report the number. I went back in and checked and the reporting showed for player credit underneath all the player's accounts, so I assumed all was ok.

Flash forward, and the new system was put in place. This event still shows under my GM/event coordinator tab as an event that I reported. It shows if I hit the "sessions" button beside the specific PFS character I applied my GM credit to. It doesn't, however, show under the "SESSIONS" tab for either GM sessions or Player sessions. I'm told this is because I put the -1 at the end of the PFS # when entering my GM id. Normally, I'd be able to correct this by myself, but this module was #15, which is retired. I can't choose it again when editing the session, so I can't correct the problem.

Is there any way for this to be fixed by someone like Ross or Vic? I would really appreciate it if it's possible? The event # was # 1,738 and it was called "Play This Quick". Thanks.

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Hey, I posted this in the gunslinger 2.0 thread on March 9th but didn't get a response. It probably got lost in the thread. Wondering if I could get an official answer, as I have a friend who is starting a cavalier gunslinger and needs to know? Thanks!

Originally posted:
I also noticed the wording was changed from what Mark posted above about what guns are available and wonder if I could get a little clarification on something? Instead of saying "only early firearms are permitted in the campaign, as advanced firearms do not exist in Golarion." the update from today says "only muskets, pepperboxes, and pistols are permitted in the campaign, as
advanced firearms do not exist in Golarion."

My question is, does "only muskets, pepperboxes, and pistols are permitted in the campaign" refer to the specific weapon pistol, the specific weapon musket, and the specific weapon pepperbox, or are pepperboxes and all early firearms with the word pistol and musket in their names allowed? For example, are the dragon pistol, coat pistol and axe musket legal for PFS? (They are types of pistols and muskets, but not the specific weapon called "pistol" or the specific weapon called "musket".) Thanks!

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Hyrum/Mark-I noticed that some text has been added to the Bestiary section of the additional resources document: Feats: none of the feats are legal for play for PCs, animal companions, or familiars unless specifically granted by another legal source.

Does this mean what it appears to mean--that druid animal companions can now actually take improved natural armor and improved natural attack? Those feats are on the animal companion's feat list in the core rulebook, and I would think that would count as being "specifically granted by another legal source" but wanted to ask to make sure.

Inquiring druids would like to know....

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Hi, I’m sorry if someone has asked this before (and I’m sure they have) but I’m new to Pathfinder and am trying to make up a few possible characters prior to playing my first Pathfinder Society game next week. I tried to find an answer in search, but although there were a lot of posts on animal companions, I couldn’t find this addressed anywhere with regards to the Pathfinder Society games.

One of the characters I had made was originally a paladin, but I think would actually be much better as a cavalier. The cavalier gets, as a class feature, “a trusted and loyal mount to carry him into battle”. The mount is treated as a druid’s animal companion of the cavalier’s level. Most of the cavalier’s abilities and bonuses work “while on his mount” and/or “when charging on his mount”.

My question would be—the druid’s animal companion horse template isn’t combat riding trained—it gets combat trained as a special quality at 4th level, in fact. And the campaign guide for pathfinder society says animals don’t come trained with tricks unless specified. So from what I can tell, with the rules as they are written, the druid’s/ranger’s/cavalier’s animal companion/mount will just have the one “bonus trick” that the rules say doesn’t require any training at the start of the first pathfinder society game. I would guess you can only choose an individual trick for this and not a package such as combat riding trained. So if the cavalier’s “trusty mount to carry him into battle” is not combat riding trained, does the first level cavalier have to make a dc 20 riding check every round to take the “trusty mount to carry him into battle” actually into a fight? This would pretty much be impossible at first level—with scale armor—which is the best my PFS character can afford, starting, and no shield, the armor check penalty makes my cavalier’s ride check only a +2. Not to mention, this is a move action, so would keep the cavalier from being able to charge—which is what the class was built to do. I mean, sure, I could dismount and use a handle animal check to get the animal to attack. If that’s my bonus trick, I don’t even have to roll—but this negates most of my cavalier abilities because I’m not on my mount. This seems kind of counter to the purpose of the class? Are druid/ranger/cavalier’s mounts assumed to be willing to ride into battle without the once a round DC 20 ride check because they ARE loyal companions? I’d really like to know how this mechanic works before I play my first game with this character.

Again, sorry if this has already been addressed and I missed it.