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BobChuck wrote:

For your first campaign, stick to the Core Rulebook only.

Also, standard "first campaign with a new group/system" rules apply: Allow people to tweak (not overhaul) their characters, plan on 3-8 sessions max, start at level one, keep thing simple.

I am curious about any other 'rules' you might have here BobChuck...

The responses so far have been very helpful. i have been a long time lurker and gamer. But this has been my first post/question on Paizo. You guys have been great. Thanks so much.

BobChuck, you are right on the power creep and slew of splats for 3.5 ed. They were what partially made the game so great and also so broken in the hands of the a munchkin. It was what turned me away from 3.5 toward 4e at one point.

So I will take you advice and not allow the 3.5 materials without a very good justification from the player. It would be like opening Pandora's box for me.

Thanks guys. This is just what I am looking for. I do plan on an urban setting, Absolam.

Gives me a great starting point. Thinking of taking Beckett's advice and keeping it to:

PF Core Book
PF Advanced Player's Guide
Adventures Armory
Ultimate Combat
Ultimate Magic

In the process of writing this I already recieved an email from a player asking about his psionic healer. So, need to keep it tight for my sanity as DM.

Long story short... I am an experienced DM who enjoyed 4e, but the players in the group did not. I am familiar with 3.5, but have not DM'd it for 3 years.

Enter Pathfinder.

I am starting a new campaign and am digesting all the material. Giving the group a common thread for back story creation etc. The question that has come to me is what resource books am I allowing to be used or excluding, or any restrictions on character creation.

Was thinking about sticking to just the Pathfinder 'official' books and not all of the 3.5 materials. The group I play with are heavy min/max optimizers in general. I would like to steer away from the three or four presitige class, maximizing type situation that becamecommon in my last go around in 3.5 ed.

Not so in favor of the kitchen sink approach due to the groups abusing the bloated ruleset of 3.5. But also want to be fair and reasonable. The group will take everything to the limit, so I need to set firm boundries from the get go.

Any DM's out there have a word or two of advice?