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Erik Mona wins the Heisman!

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Tad doesn't have any points worth mentioning.

I jest of course, the Dire Weasel bailed me out by taking on a table we knew would be very active and with a long enemy list.

Thanks, Tad! And if you run Second Darkness at home, make sure to give yourself full credit!

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If you've got a hole to fill in the game, I re-recommend Shane Cottom. Dude is pretty much constant fun. There's another guy I can ask, if you aren't being besieged with requests.

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Fiendish Dire Weasel wrote:

Hehe you know carbon's not a metal, right? I do like the barium one though. And the mercury one keeps giving me flashbacks to T2, but with a draconic bent. :)

Hey - take the hint.

Seriously, I am not sure where I heard it but I have somehow managed to always think carbon was a metal. Guess that's what I get for taking debate and stage choir instead of chemistry.