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wizard build cont. 11-20

str 10
dex 11 +1 lvl adv.
con 12 +1 lvl adv.
int 14 +2 racial +1 lvl adv.
wis 12 +2 lvl adv
chr 10

bonded item any bladed weapon
lvl 11 arcane discovery (time stutter)
lvl 13 vital strike
lvl 15 scale and skin, arcane discovery (knowledge is power)
lvl 17 spell mastery (time stop, teleport, shadow dagger)
lvl 19 arcane discovery (true name)
lvl 20 arcane discovery (immortality)

ac base 10 +4(mage armor)+6 dex(cats grace w/idealize)+3(combat expertise)+1 dodge(artful dodge single combat) +1 shield(sword play style) +6 natural armor(scale and skin) total ac 30/31 or more(base on any additional spells)

combat base +10 +1(weapon focus) +5(with cats grace going) no weapon penalty on first attack (with sword play)+ any weapon enhancements on weapons

weapon base dmg. + vital strike + any weapon enhancements + any additional bonuses (one attack only)

time stutter(stop time for 1rd obeys rules of time stop)
knowledge is power (used for str related tasks and cmb and cmd)
true name (locate a single true name of an plainer creature)

lvl 13 vital strike
lvl 15 scale and skin, arcane discovery(knowledge is power
lvl 17 greater spell pen

wizard build 10pt buy
dex 11 +1 level advancement
con 12
int 14 +2 racial +1 level advancement
wis 12

bonded item. any bladed weapon
lvl 1 weapon focus (dagger), scribe scroll, spell focus
lvl 3 combat expertise
lvl 5 artful dodge, arcane discovery(creative destruction)
lvl 7 sword play style
lvl 9 weapon finesse
lvl 10 arcane discovery (idealize)

spells needed: mage armor, bulls strength, cats grace, bears endurance, any evocation spells

ac 10 +4(mage armor) +4 dex( cats grace w/idealize) +2 (combat expertise) +1 dodge(artful dodge in single combat) +1 shield (sword play style)
total ac = 21 or 22

combat base +5 +1(weapon focus)+1(weapon Finesse) or +4(with cats grace going) no attack penalties on first attack (sword play style) + any weapon enhancement on weapon

Hp Base plus con plus temp hp based on bears endurance and creative destruction) ex.(base 35 + 10 con + idealize(bears endurance)30 + constructive destruction (fire ball)10 hp total hp 85)

mythic trials should be based on the type of party. i am in a game with 4 wizards that are very much different. with only one reaching mythic the other three are approaching power and fame differently. one is acting as a fighting mage, another is acting as a researcher, another is trying to reach fame and power through social manipulations and collecting favors for future use. So mythic test should be used to help all individuals to acquire power through there different means. mythic is not just arcane might. but, also helping characters to reach there over all goals.

I can't seem to find spells by school such as a complete list of divination spells by level